7 - we R who we R

Saturday, 12th of February
It was about 11 o'clock when I and Erik drove to Tartu. First of all we were searching for the perfect table - the one that fits in the living-room. Luckily we got it from my favourite furniture store Mööbliait and it really suits superbly in our living-room. I also bought a set of tiny ceramic jewellery boxes from that store.
And then we visited several building supply stores but didn't find what we were looking for, so better luck next time. Nevertheless I finally got myself a red kitchen scale and some other kitchen stuff.

As a matter of fact I had some kind of shopping mood but there was nothing special to buy. I had an achy joint, so I wanted to console myself (at least I could drink "the cocoa king" of Coffee In).
Finally we visited Erik's parents, ate delicious chicken with rice, afterwards grabbed some meals from McDonald's' drive in to enjoy them at home and I fell asleep unexpectedly early.

What I Wore 12.02: leggings - Amisu; waistbelt - Monton; tunic - Pink Woman; lace blouse - Green Generation by Garda, second hand; jacket - Pepe Jeans London; boots - Tamaris.

Sunday, 13th of February
I woke up even before 8 o'clock and started to operate in the house. By the way I even planted some herbs like thyme, celery, majoran, onion too. They fit perfectly on the window-sill of my workout(-office) room.
Later I spent some time doing my work stuff and then made a white chocolate cake.

250 g of cocoa cookies
75 g of melted butter
400 g of cottage cheese paste
300 g of white chocolate
200 ml of whipped cream
frozen strawberries

Mix the crushed cookies with melted butter and press the mixture on the bottom of a expandable cake pan (about 22 cm diameter). 
Melt the white chocolate. Beat up the whipped cream, mix it with the cottage cheese paste and with the melted chocolate.
Put the frozen strawberries on the cookie-bottom. Pour the chocolate-cottage cheese mixture on top of it.
Put it in the fridge for nychtemeron. Whilst the cake was for the Valentine's Day I made a heart-shaped decoration on top of it.

14th of February, Saint Valentine's Day
We arranged a small Valentine's Day get-together at our place and invited my mom and dad, grandfather and grandmother.
I served the white chocolate cake mentioned earlier, also self-made coconut cookies, compote from apples and plums and a cake brought us by my grandparents. The white chocolate cake was totally delicious and I even had to bring some of that to my coworkers (they insisted) who were very happy about it and said several good words.

Now about the presents I (we) got: Erik gave me two of my favourite flowers - orchids - and to be precise - two Phalaenopsis', one of them a cute pink mini. My grandfather gave me a self-made wooden sign with my name on it. I and Erik also got a box of chocolates, herbal tea and two glass mugs from my grandparents. Mom gifted me the Body Shop body butter and Erik got some candy.
Anyway, we all drank champagne together and just chatted while watching "The dinner for five" and "100 seconds".

15th of February


  1. Anonymous20/2/11 14:43

    mul on ka seda Love etc kreemi juba kena mitu eksamplari - ostsin kunagi ise neid ja nüüd, kui sõbrapäeval poes ostuga selle kingituseks kaasa sai, tuli jälle üks juurde. ma ei tea, millal need kõik kasutust leiavad :D aga see kingituse oma on vähemalt siukse nunnu TBSi lipsuga, eks, ilus vaadata :)

  2. Anonymous20/2/11 15:31

    muchas gracias!!
    las fotos estan genial y todo tiene un pinta deliciosa!!


  3. mul on see esimene taoline, nii-et ei oska üldse kommentaarida ja seda ka ei teadnud, et sõbrapäeval ostuga kaasa sai sellise.. aga mis sa ostsid siis sealt? :P
    ja lips on nunnu tõesti :)

    Elba, thanks for the comment! I even understood everything until "...todo tiene..." :P

  4. Anonymous20/2/11 18:08

    haha isegi mina sain aru, kuni nende sõnadeni :D
    aga näokreemi ostsin, sest vana on kohe läbi ja sõbranna tahtis minu sooduskaardiga omale ka üht asja osta ja siis tekkiski järjekordne siuke tegelinski mu "kollektsiooni"

  5. Anonymous20/2/11 18:09

    ja tasuta kvaliteetkaup kulub ju alati ära ka :)

  6. ma pakun, et see teine pool on toiduga seotud kuidagi :D
    ja sul on sooduskaart seal juba.. miks ma küll ei imesta? :D aga tõepoolest, kellele ei meeldiks sellist kraami tasuta saada :P

  7. Anonymous20/2/11 18:54

    minu pakkumine oleks, et kõik tundub maitsev vms :D

  8. google´i tõlge: kõik on maitsev pint :D :D :D

  9. muide, sa võiks ka vahel blogida!