10 - the botanical garden of the university of tartu

Saturday, 5th of March - we visited the Botanical Garden of the University of Tartu. The botanical garden was founded already in 1803 and in 1806 the garden was relocated to more suitable site, on the ruins of the ancient city wall and fortifications near the river and ponds.
Actually we went there to see the exhibition of orchids. It contained photos, many many beautiful orchids and also the sale of different orchids, fertilizers, flowerpots and other stuff like that. Erik bought me a fierce Phalaenopsis called Black Mamba for the International Women's Day. Both of us loved the exhibition, marvelous orchids and the botanical garden in general. Of course we took lots of photos and you can enjoy some of these here :)

Finally the sun came up and it felt like spring even for some moments.
Before visiting the botanical garden we actually bought some more corner laths and tiles mentioned in the last post. Did some food shopping too and bought a birthday present (a dried trotter) for Elvis's first big birthday (he will be one year old on the International Women's Day he is one year old now!).
Later we did a quick drive in and visited some more shops, but there was absolutely nothing to buy, which was quite depressing if I can say so. On the other hand the money stayed in my wallet.
Anyway, we also visited Erik's parents' house, saw my grandparents and parents too. It was a busy day filled with awesome orchids.

What I Wore 05.03: black cardigan - Reflex; green blouse - Stockmann Silk, second hand; leggings - DIVIDED; boots - Tamaris; coat - PTA; belt - Accessorize, from Crete; bag - Valentino; necklace - Seppälä; scarf - Halens; earrings - Tamberi TÜ.


  1. Anonymous8/3/11 22:38

    põhjalik fotosessioon botaanikaaias :D nii armas!

  2. mõnus vaheldus, sest seal on ju nii soe ja roheline :) ega ma niisama ei räägi siis, et kevadet/suve tahan.. ja kui kevad ikka ei tule, pean lihtsalt tagasi minema! :D

  3. Anonymous8/3/11 23:32

    olen nõus, botaanikaaed on hea võimalus mõneks tunniks sellest koledast ilmast põgenemiseks..

  4. ega ei olekski üldse nii kole, kui ainult seda tobedat ja tüütut lund enam poleks.. maailma kõige tüütum asi praegu ilmselt :D

  5. maiken, this just be one of my favorite outfits! was it humid where they kept the orchids? it looks freezing cold outside on that day.