13 - now or never

Saturday, 19th of March - since we got two invitations from Erik's father, we simply had to visit two exhibitions in Tartu. Firstly "Summer 2011 - The best ideas for summer vacation!" - this is a holiday fair that introduces the possibilities how to spend your summer vacation in Estonia and abroad. And secondly "Motoexotika 2011 - no. 1 motorcycle exhibition in Estonia!". Motoexotika contains the variety of the newest motorcycle models, unique custom bikes, favourites from the past and of course you can meet with the most active motorcycle clubs. Also different demonstrations, competitions and tattoo shows are being held.
All in all I'm glad we didn't have to pay for the tickets, because the exhibitions were quite dull and I only got some magazines from a travel agency to plan our (expected) trip in August or September.

We also visited a clothes' fair called "Buduaari turg" in Eeden shopping centre, but it was uninteresting too and I didn't buy absolutely anything, because the stuff was rather expensive and many things looked way too old or washed-out.
After shopping in different stores we bought some things for our home and I found a super cute Guess tank top, which I of course bought for myself. Also got some pink Barbie goods (a ring, bracelets) from McDonald's.
Ultimately we stopped by at Erik's parents' house and stayed there for some time before heading to Jõgeva.

What I Wore 19.03: coat - Bastion; scarf - second hand; blouse - second hand; waist-belt - Reserved; leggings - Amisu; sneakers - Bullboxer.

Sunday, 20th of March - I got tired of my blonde hair and all of a sudden decided to colour them a bit darker. So I did and now have light brownish hair, some people say they are even a bit golden. Luckily I have no regrets and maybe I needed the change to celebrate the spring which started with a blizzard in Estonia. Do I have to say how much I'm waiting for the snow to dissapear? Probably not... I even decided not to wear winter boots anymore and took out my new Bullboxer sneakers. I'm wearing them on photos from Saturday and also on photos from Monday, 21th of March.
Also we visited my grandparents on Sunday and went for a walk with the dogs: Elvis, Laura and Astra. Elvis was a happy little guy and got a bag full of new toys to chew (he's brilliant in destroying his toys!).

What I Wore 21.03: scarf - second hand; tank top - Guess; bolero - Joelle by Ellos, second hand; jeans - Levi's; belt - H&M; sneakers - Bullboxer; pink jewellery - from McDonald's (didn't wear them at work, haha).


  1. Anonymous24/3/11 17:41

    mulle meeldib näha, et juba mõnd aega ei vaata sa kogu aeg kaamerat enam sellise pilguga, nagu tahaks seda mõrvata vms :D

  2. hmm.. :D eks kõik oleneb tujust, ilmast, kohast ja muudest teguritest, mis seda ilmet kujundada võivad (vahel olen ka tahtlikult selline "kuri" :D)