22 - lock and key

23rd of April
Early in the morning I drove to Tartu and met my friend Heigo there. Overlooked his new rental which was quite nice and in a little while headed to the Old Town. We walked around in the Botanical Garden of the University of Tartu. The Park is located on the top and slopes of the former bastion and covers the biggest area in the Garden and it is absolutely beautiful. I love it! Not to mention the weather was so sunny and warm.

Anyhow, we got to visit a Chinese restaurant called Žen Žen and after that simply sat in the sunny park near the Old Town because soon I had to go to the tattoo saloon. I spent three hours there and while getting my newest tattoo got to read Kat Von D's second book "The Tattoo Chronicles", an illustrated diary following a year in her life. Since the tattoo is not complete I didn't take photos of it, but I guess in some weeks you'll see the outcome! Meanwhile enjoy these photos :)

What I Wore 23.04: sunglasses - D&G; jacket - Only; cardigan - kaffe, second hand; blouse - Finnsön, second hand; belt - H&M; jeans - Cherokee, second hand; wedges - Pearlz.

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  1. what a nice day with a friend! :) in that photo of you on the bench with the field of flowers behinds you, are those tattoos on your legs? i like your layered outfit & those wedges!