23 - I feel lucky like a four leaf clover

On the 30th of April I and E were invited to E's grandparents' golden wedding. The grand event took place in a tavern called "Maeru trahter" and after the speeches and congratulations everybody had a pleasant long dinner with huge heaps of yummy food and drinks. Oh, and the tavern is located near Vasalemma boroughtown.

In the evening the party continued in E's grandparents' house. Although some of us were having a movie marathon at the same time (a bit of She's the Man, Sisters Act 2: Back in the Habit, The Sweetest Thing... the last one is simply priceless!!).

I was wearing:
skirt - Eddie Pen (second hand);
bluish jacket - Bastion;
lace top - H&M;
wedges - Pearlz;
green jacket - Only;
earrings - Guess, watch & sunglasses - D&G.

I'll show you the photos in two separate posts: right now the pictures from the 30th of April and next time from the first of May.


  1. looks like you had a good day:)

  2. yeah, I did :) if only the weather were warmer.. :P

  3. Anonymous6/5/11 23:20

    ilus pluus! ja erik ülikonnas on ka kena vaatepilt muidugi :)

  4. mulle ka meeldib see pluus, piltidele jääb kihvtilt :P ja Erik ülikonnas on harjumatu vaatepilt (ta hädaldas selle ülikonna pärast tükk aega :D)