24 - And its with in 30 seconds I'm leaving to Mars

On May Day, before heading home, we visited Vasalemma Quarry for a very short time (the weather was terribly chilly!!). I think that place is fierce and we definitely have to go there some other time in the summer. By the way, there is a former rally track in the quarry, so it's a cool thing for all the car lovers.

Later we got to do some free shopping and I found incredibly large heap of cool clothes, for example a cruise jacket from Paul's Boutique. Can't describe how happy I am!
I think I'll show you at least some of my newest findings as soon as I'm wearing something. In all there apparently are two skirts, three tops, a blouse, a sweater and three jackets... if I'm not forgetting something :) But now enjoy the photos from the first of May!

Estonian national stone - grey limestone
I would love to have this in my garden!


  1. the GIF image is so much fun:) JUMP!

  2. great photos, love the last one ! :D

  3. thank you, ladies! :) these two are actually my favourites too :P