25 - A bad movie ends and the screen fades to black

Update: I really wanted to show you these boots and shoes from Dorothy Perkins' webpage. I seriously love them all and actually got a new pair of boots that are similar to these brown stud ankle boots seen here. Of course you'll see them some time soon :)

On the 5th of May I took part in an occupational training about a new webpage that will be opened presently. It was essentially about real estate and took place in Dorpat conference centre that is situated in the middle of Tartu.
After the indoctrination I strolled in some shopping centres and was convinced that Estonian shops are as boring as always. I only bought two lovely presents for Mother's Day and some food for myself.
Later I spent several hours in the tattoo salon but my newest tattoo is still incomplete (the tattoo is kind of tricky..) and I have to go back there this week. I'm already waiting for the outcome so much!

As I promised earlier, you can see three of my latest free second hand findings here: beige jacket from Paul's Boutique, pitch-black jacket from Dorothy Perkins (from now on my favourite classic black jacket) and a skirt with interesting pattern from unknown author. By the way, Dorothy Perkins was founded as early as in 1909 under the name H.P. Newman and it changed its trading name to Dorothy Perkins in 1919.

There are so many fabulous things on their website and large part of that fierce stuff is on sale too!! I would love to visit Dorothy Perkins' shop some day... or of course rather I would enjoy shopping there! Anyhow, I chose some very pretty dresses from their homepage to show you. These are my favourites :) Which one do you like the most?

Also you can see some delicious photos here (pasta with chicken fillet and grill sauce, Tosca cake with rhubarbs and some barbecued meat with fresh salad).


  1. Dorothy Perkins on mu absoluutne lemmik. Eriti just kleitide p2rast.
    Viimasel ajal ostangi neid ainult sealt.
    Sinu valikust meeldib v2ga see kirju (sini-roosa-lilla) kleit ja see alumine, vasakul pool (hallide t2ppidega :)).

  2. vaatasin kodulehelt, et nad saadavad Eestisse ka, aga kuna kogu see jutt tundus tol hetkel väga keeruline, ei jõudnudki täpsemalt süveneda.. aga nii väga tahaks neid kleite ju!! :D Sul veab ikka tohutult, et kõik sellised poed kohe lähedal on :)

  3. great outfit and the jacket is amazing !