28 - Who's gonna save the world tonight?

On the 17th of May I drove to Tartu (again!), because had to visit an information day event about Environmental investment centre's environmental programme. The event started at 11 o'clock (before that I enjoyed my tiny hamburger and strawberry ice cream from McDonald's) and lasted till 3 o'clock. To be honest it felt like I was back in some lecture during university time (the room and presentations totally reminded me of schooltime), but it was quite interesting and definitely broadened my mind (well.. there were only some moments, when I found myself fighting with sleep, haha).

You can also see me wearing the new cardigan bought from Lindex: the first outfit is from the 16th of May and the second one from the 17th of May.

On the 16th of May I was wearing: dress from Halens; waist-belt from Seppälä; cardigan from Lindex, shoes from sixtyseven.
On the 17th of May I was wearing: dress from H&M (second hand); cardigan from Lindex; jacket from Dorothy Perkins (second hand); waist-belt from Reserved and shoes from sixtyseven.


  1. Anonymous25/5/11 18:32

    eriti diip pealkiri :D aga tegelt tahtsin seda öelda, et esimene outfit meeldib st lilled on toredad :)

  2. see pealkiri pole niisama :D üks hea laul on see ja tolle video on ka tõsiselt vinge ;)
    aga aitäh ka! olen lillede suhtes samal arvamusel :)

  3. It definitely sounds like the event was good then :) & fab looks :)

    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva

  4. thank you! :) and yeah, the event was quite interesting :P

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