Waiting for... Sagadi Manor

Today I made reservations to spend some days in Sagadi Manor with E. We are planning to go there on the last weekend of May.
The holiday package includes tickets to the Sagadi Manor House, 3-course dinner and buffet breakfast at the restaurant, accommodation in a double room at the Sagadi Hotel for one night. I love manors, so I'm totally waiting for our stay there and I absolutely need some vacation, even if it's a mini version of it.
You'll hear about our trip probably in the beginning of June.

All photos from here!


  1. Oo nii äge, kindlasti tuleb hea nädalavahetus :)

  2. peab tulema :) kolm ja pool nädalat veel oodata jäänud :P

  3. how cool.. I wanna go on vacation:(

  4. yeah, vacations are always a cool part of working. there are too few of these though..