40 - ham and cheese nests

Here you can see something I cooked on the 19th of June when I and Erik had a little barbeque with champagne, berry cake, fresh salad and other yummy things. By the way, these ham and cheese nests are so delicious and easy to eat. Definitely give them a try!

You'll need:
- puff pastry (about 500 g)
- 150 g of ham
- 1/3 of a big paprika
- 50 g of (grated) cheese
- 1 dl of coffee cream
- 1/2 teaspoon of salt
- pizza spice

Roll the puff pastry and cut into square-shaped pieces. Put the pastry squares in a muffin pan (as you can see from the photo). Cut the ham and paprika into cubes and put inside the nests. Into each nest add some cheese and also 2 teaspoons of coffee cream mixed with salt. Sprinkle with pizza spice. Bake with 225 degrees until the nests are light brown. Bon appetit! *

* This recipe is from "Oma Maitse", an Estonian food magazine.

My breakfast that day.


  1. mmmmmmm yummy that looks SO good!!
    you got me hungry :D

    ♥, Peppie

  2. well, you should absolutely give it a try then! ;)

  3. Yum yum yum.

    Mulle Sinu retseptid v2ga meeldivad :-P

    Ham&cheese on mu absoluutne lemmik (v6ileib :D).
    Ja vahva hommikus88k sul :D Tahaks lausa kylla tulla Sulle (sink, juust, shokolaadiv6i...), hehee!


  4. tegelikult see on toorjuust, šokolaadivõid mul polegi :D ja juba mõtlesin, et võiks mingite muude komponentidega samu pirukaid teha. hea lihtne ja samas täidab kiiresti kõhtu.

    aga jah, päris pikk maa oleks Sul sealt külla tulla (ma elan isegi Tallinnast nii kaugel, et ei viitsi sinna üldse sõita, näiteks Helsingisse minekuks vms :D)

  5. the movie was okay i think but my friends looooved it so I am not sure :)

  6. this is looking delicious!!
    Thanks for your comment tho !

  7. and it totally was :P
    thank you! :)