55 - roll up

On Monday, the 25th of July, which was also the first day of my week long vacation, I and Erik drove to Tartu. Our goal was to find and buy a miniature heater and a lamp for the restroom, also a package of rock wool. Besides I discovered this really cool table lamp with the pattern of green leaves and of course had to buy it (moreover it was totally on sale). In addition I found the cutest pair of pink shoes from Vans (these are my first Vans' shoes), which cost less than 14.- euros (well, these used to cost almost 60.- euros originally).

Before going home we also visited my grandparents and took some photos there. I absolutely love my grandmother's sunflowers!
Anyway, I'm going back to work tomorrow, but luckily have two more weeks of vacation to come :) Enjoy the photos and be sure to tell me what you think!

I was wearing: top - butterfly by Matthew Williamson (second hand); knitwear - second hand; skirt - Etienne Rigner (second hand); belt - second hand; wedges - Adelante (second hand); sunglasses - Prada.


54 - we're going to Karepa

On last Saturday, the 23rd of July I and Erik decided to spend some time near the sea (and of course in the sea). So we drove to the northeastern Estonia and to be specific, our destination was Karepa - a small village in Vihula Parish, Lääne-Viru County. Since the weather turned rather bad we soon had to move on and then we spent some time near Sagadi manor where it was so sunny and warm and picturesque. I would definitely love to go back there for a picnic or something like that. At least we got to swim in the Gulf of Finland although the water was kind of chilly or simply very refreshing.

Before going home we also did some shopping in Rakvere and I found this awesome khaki-coloured studded jacket from Amisu (New Yorker). It was totally on sale: in the beginning it had cost 59,95.- euros and now I got it for only 9,95.- euros!! I absolutely love it and I think it's perfect for autumn. Obviously I'm a little bit obsessed with studded things. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the photos taken that day and be sure to tell me what you think!

I was wearing: bikini - New Yorker; DIY denim shorts - Pepe Jeans London (second hand); yellow shirt - Pierre Cavallo (second hand); leather belt - Chevignon (second hand); DIY gladiators - Tamaris (from Crete island); sunnies - D&G; yellow earrings - expressions.


53 - from your manicured nails to your pedicured toes

On last Thursday, the 21st of July I finally visited my manicurist. To be honest it was already two months from my previous manicure and during those two months I only cut my nails shorter (my nails tend to grow so fast!) to hold on until the proper manicure. Oh, and it felt so good to finally be back there, haha. Anyway, of course I'm absolutely pleased with the outcome which is all about glitter, hot summer and pink.

I guess I will not visit my manicurist before autumn now. By the way, I also bought a lovely nails' kit from Alessandro International and it consists of the creamy and fragrant moisturising hand cream Nice Day and the hip summer colour "Strawberry Daiquiry" (from Alessandro International's summer 2011 collection "Beach Beauty"). I'll give these a try as soon as possible. Oh, and this cute little bag is simply perfect for travelling or going to the beach.


52 - the light blue connecting link

Hey! Just wanted to share these two outfits with you. Connecting link between the outfits is this light blue lace blouse from H&M and as a matter of fact most of the items shown here are thrifted (as you can see from the outfit info).
Since there is a huge reparation going on in our home most of my clothes are upstairs but we are currently living downstairs. This is the reason why I have to combine limited amount of clothes with each other but I'm not complaining.
On a different note, my second (a week long) vacation this year will start after less than two hours and I'm oh-so-happy about that!
Have a lovely Friday and be sure to tell me what you think of the outfits! :)

I was wearing (on the 19th of July): blazer - Dorothy Perkins (second hand); lace blouse - H&M (second hand); shorts - M.O.S (second hand); belt - second hand; heels - Divided by H&M; necklace - New Yorker; sunglasses - D&G.
I was wearing (on the 20th of July): knitwear - second hand; lace blouse - H&M (second hand); faux leather skirt - Amisu; leather shoes - Gabor; earrings - expressions.


The Clinic (2010)

The truth lies within.
The Clinic on intrigeeriv thriller James Rabbitts'ilt, kelle jaoks oli tegemist nii tema esimese stsenaariumiga kui ka esimese režissööritööga. Film uurib naiste ürgseid instinkte ja seda, kui kaugele on nad valmis minema, kaitsmaks oma lapse elu. The Clinic on inspireeritud tõsielusündmustest ning filmivõtted toimusid Austraalias, Deniliquin'i linnakeses. Peaosades näitlevad Tabrett Bethell, Freya Stafford, Andy Whitfield, Clare Bowen, Sophie Lowe.

Noor, peagi emaks saav Beth (T. Bethell - Legend of the Seeker - 2009-2010) reisib koos oma kihlatu Cameron'iga (A. Whitfield - McLeod's Daughters - 2008) läbi riigi, et sõita külla perekonnale. Ühel õhtul ärkab naine üksinda ja leiab end olevat teda piinanud õudusunenäo keskmes, seistes vastamisi tundmatu vaenlasega ja kahaneva tähtajaga elus püsimiseks. Beth'i laps on röövitud ja ta on koos kuue saatusekaaslasega hüljatud kliinikus lõksus. Mingisugusegi abi saamiseks on naistel võimalik pöörduda vaid üksteise poole (või siis vastu).

Minus tekitas The Clinic üpris vastakaid emotsioone. See on tõesti põnev film, aga nii mõneski kohas tahtsin küsida, miks just selline lahendus? Toon siinkohal paar näidet: miks oli Cameron'il vaja Beth üksinda sellesse kõhedasse motelli jätta, eriti kui naine nägi niigi pidevalt õudusunenägusid ja motellipidajaks oli nilbe pervert? Miks ei proovitud kordagi mõrtsuk-emaga kontakti saada, et oma elusid päästa ja veidi normaalsemal viisil oma lapsi tuvastada? Võiksin oma küsimustega jätkata, sest tundsingi pidevalt, et stsenaarium polnud just kõige tugevam... vähemalt minu silmis.

Kui see asjaolu nüüd korraks kõrvale jätta, oli teema ju tõesti parajalt šokeeriv ning tegelikult isegi realistlik, sest beebidega kaubitsemine on tänapäeval igati aktuaalne. Kindlasti ma ei kahetse, et filmi vaatasin, aga teist korda seda enam ei teeks, kuna oma küsimustele ma niikuinii vastuseid ei leia. Siiski, kokkuvõttes päris asjalik üllitis teemal, mille kohta mina hetkel rohkem filme nimetada ei oskakski. 6,5/10


51 - the sales of Tartu

I was wearing: blazer - Dorothy Perkins (second hand); top - Calvin Klein Jeans; shorts - Martinelli (second hand); belt - H&M; shoes - second hand; sunglasses - Prada; bracelet - New Yorker; earrings - unknown.

On the 15th of July we drove to Tartu because Erik's sister Elery had her 18th birthday the day before and of course we had to congratulate her. So, everybody had a delicious dinner together and later in the evening I and Elery went shopping. Since it was already too late, we only got to visit some shops but I still bought a pair of cute panda head earrings from Seppälä.

The next day I and Erik did some shopping in several home improvement centres since we are still dealing with the reparation on the first floor of our home. I discovered a fierce red toilet bowl from Rosenthal and now we are thinking about buying it because I'm really not into common white toilet bowls.
On a different note, I finally found myself a new gorgeous handbag from Guess and it was on sale with -50%. I absolutely love it! In addition I bought my very first faux leather skirt from New Yorker (originally it cost 24,95€ but I got it for only 4,95€). Also got a mil mil shower gel that smells exactly like tutti frutti (I've used it before and loved it!) and syoss professional performance moisture intensive care 1 minute treatment (earlier I used the smooth relax one that is lower in the photo but ran out of it some time ago).

Later, before going back to Jõgeva, I and Elery continued our previous day's shopping and I got more new items: dark blue pants from Reserved (on sale with -60%) and a pair of earring with fierce jungle pattern. After that we bought yummy McFlurry with Daim and walked back home because I, Erik and Elvis had to return to Jõgeva. All in all I have to say I simply adore sales and my new stuff! Hope you enjoy the photos!


50 - July 2005

Hello! I have decided to start making posts about the times when I was a tiny bit younger than now. It is so sweet and at the same time exciting to reminisce how everything was back then. Therefore I'm starting with the year of 2005 when I was nineteen years old and you can see seven photos here. Seven because it's July, the 7th month of the year and by the way all photos are also taken in July, with Kodak DX7590 Zoom Digital Camera (I still have it in addition to my Olympus E-520).
I really hope you like this idea as much as I do :) Enjoy the photos!

03.07.05_with my friend's dog Doora
09.07.05_my first car Toyota Camry
22.07.05_self-portrait, haha
27.07.05_I actually still have that light blue blouse!
29.07.05_photoshoot with my friend Mariann (oh, we had like tons of photoshoots all the time, hehe)
29.07.05_from the same shoot