45 - give me everything

On the 29th of June I rushed to Tartu where first of all I, Elery and Erik's father did some electricity cable shopping. By the way, that means we can proceed with the pending reparations.
Then I and Elery went roller-skating. I hadn't done it for almost a year so it was awesome (oh, we found two dead moles lying in the road... strangely there were no mole holes). Anyhow, after skating we visited some shops and I bought The Body Shop passion fruit shower gel (I adore that scent!) and The Color Workshop eyeshadow palette. Later, just before heading home I also got the most adorable (and the cheapest) earrings ever from Expressions.
Had a cool vacation day! Enjoy the photos :)

I was wearing: top - Betty Barclay, second hand; belt - H&M; denim shorts - Pepe Jeans London, second hand; sunglasses - Versace replica from Crete; skates - Fila.


  1. Appi kui armsad ja odavad k6rvar6ngad!

    Ma pole, kusjuures, seda TBSi Passionfruiti dushigeeli veel proovinudki. Hetkel kasutan vaid satsuma, maasika ja mango omi.
    Nyyd tuleb passionfruiti ka proovida :-P

    Sinu fotod on alati ideaalsed, ja sul on k6ige 'suvisem blogi'! :-))


  2. ahhh fuuun rollerblading and I really like that top a lot :)

  3. Miss A - kõrvakatega vedas jaa. ma tavaliselt isegi ei käi Expressionsis ja pole sealt ostnud ka.
    dušigeeli valimine oli aga üks vaevaline protsess :D ei suutnud otsustada, sest nii paljud lõhnasid jumalikult :P aga too mandariini oma oli minu jaoks kahjuks liiga magus :( tegelikult tahaks sealt veel jõhvika oma, sest too oli ka super!

    ja muidugi aitäh heade sõnade eest :)

    Freyja - it indeed was fun :) and thanks :)

  4. yes in Iceland I would just wear really good socks with them and use them when it's raining and when it's wet ;) :)

  5. then you obviously (and luckily) don't have minus thirty degrees and snow everywhere in Iceland like we do here in Estonia during winter :)

  6. Hi! I love your photos! And your tattoo is... fantastic!! :)


  7. thank you, Mandy! :)

  8. You look so great:) And TBS is amazing:)

  9. thanks for your lovely comment :) and yeah, TBS has some superb scents :P