51 - the sales of Tartu

I was wearing: blazer - Dorothy Perkins (second hand); top - Calvin Klein Jeans; shorts - Martinelli (second hand); belt - H&M; shoes - second hand; sunglasses - Prada; bracelet - New Yorker; earrings - unknown.

On the 15th of July we drove to Tartu because Erik's sister Elery had her 18th birthday the day before and of course we had to congratulate her. So, everybody had a delicious dinner together and later in the evening I and Elery went shopping. Since it was already too late, we only got to visit some shops but I still bought a pair of cute panda head earrings from Seppälä.

The next day I and Erik did some shopping in several home improvement centres since we are still dealing with the reparation on the first floor of our home. I discovered a fierce red toilet bowl from Rosenthal and now we are thinking about buying it because I'm really not into common white toilet bowls.
On a different note, I finally found myself a new gorgeous handbag from Guess and it was on sale with -50%. I absolutely love it! In addition I bought my very first faux leather skirt from New Yorker (originally it cost 24,95€ but I got it for only 4,95€). Also got a mil mil shower gel that smells exactly like tutti frutti (I've used it before and loved it!) and syoss professional performance moisture intensive care 1 minute treatment (earlier I used the smooth relax one that is lower in the photo but ran out of it some time ago).

Later, before going back to Jõgeva, I and Elery continued our previous day's shopping and I got more new items: dark blue pants from Reserved (on sale with -60%) and a pair of earring with fierce jungle pattern. After that we bought yummy McFlurry with Daim and walked back home because I, Erik and Elvis had to return to Jõgeva. All in all I have to say I simply adore sales and my new stuff! Hope you enjoy the photos!


  1. Kuule, siin postituses on liiga palju pilte -ei tea lausa, millist kommenteerida :D

    Dushigeel, mis l6hnab nagu tutti frutti? OMG, tahan kaaaaa!

    See Guessi kott on t6eline 'bargain' :-) Mul endal yhtegi valget k2ekotti pole, aga kindlasti tahan osta. Ma koguaeg kardan, et valge l2heb kohe mustaks ja siis puhasta kotti nagu mingi manjakk.

    Ja muide, I'm obsessed with your Dorothy Perkins blazer. No niiii sobib Sulle! Nii ilus (ausalt ka).

    Ma l2hen guugeldan nyyd Syoss-i :-P


  2. Mõnusad outfitid! :) Ja fotograafia pildid on ka imelised :)


  3. Miss A - Eestisse tuled, siis saad osta. 1 euro maksis see 400 ml dušikas ;)

    eks seda kotti tuleb üpris hoolikalt hoida tõesti, aga vaevalt see kõigist plekkidest päästab.. samamoodi on ju heledate riietega ka. lihtsalt kotti on õnneks kergem määrdumisest säästa.. vist :D igatahes, minu kott on õnneks sellisest materjalist, mille pealt saab märja lapiga puhastada :)

    aga ma tänan! ja vaata, mul siin postituses syoss'i koduka link ka olemas :P ja vau, et sa sellest kuulnud pole! :D

    Jelizaveta - suur aitäh! :)

  4. Kott ja seelik ruulivad muidu.

  5. i want everything!! love that skirt so much! i dont know why you cant see me :( i checked again and it says im following.. but i dont see me on your list either? ive seen the friends list glitch before.. not like this. but ill try again in a couple days. great post!!

  6. Mariann - I know ;)

    The Platinum Batch - yeah, I love it too :P

    actually I have seen similar problem once before.. but we'll see if it works out in some days or not :)

  7. Kuule, jah, t2itsa shokk et pole sellest firmast kuulnud. Ma nyyd nende saidil, uurin tooteid :P

    Vat mina eriti valgeid riideid ei kanna. Sinu seljas on nad ilusad ja sobivad ylih2sti, eriti veel, kuna sul blondid juuksed ja p2evitunud nahk.
    Mul on valge nahk (mis ei p2evitu, grrr!) ja valge lihtsalt ei sobi mulle.
    Aga mingit kotti tahaks kyll :P


  8. mina ostan syoss'i tooteid Maximast lõpumüügi ajal, kui hinnad on odavad :)

    aga valge on jah üks nendest värvidest, mis mulle vägagi meeldib. kahjuks suudan üpris tihti valged riided kiiresti ära mökerdada (ketšup, jäätis vms.. lihtsalt on selline anne vahepeal :D:D) igatahes edu Sulle koti leidmisel ja praegu on minu arvates õige aeg ostmiseks :)

  9. i like ur blog!
    Kisses from Barcelona!

  10. thanks for your comment!
    good to know that you like Crete
    I grew up there :)

  11. All of these items are so great - I love your blazer :)

  12. VAC - thanks! your blog is nice as well ;)

    Sofie - well, it's the most beautiful island in my opinion :)

    Lidiya - thank you! it's my favourite too :)

  13. Your tattoos are AMAZING!

    I adore them! Had a look through your blog and I love it. I'm now following so if you like follow mine back, I would really appreciate it as it's brand new :)

    Look forward to reading more of your posts <3


  14. thank you so much, Bianca :) and of course I love them too :P

    btw, your blog is awesome!!

  15. Nice outfit!


  16. I NEED to see this red toilet bowl!! Did you take a photo???? I LOVE the faux leather skirt, the colour is amazing and i like what you styled it with. Perfect. And how amazing is that half-off Guess bag?? You did good, girl!
    Dressology HQ

  17. t - thank you!

    Sada - left the link in your blog ;)
    and yeah, I'm so pleased with the skirt and Guess bag!! :)

  18. your tattoos are so awesome. i've been trying to get one but i'm such a scaredy cat. did it hurt for you? love your leather finish pencil skirt, very alexander wang i must say.:)

    hope you can come visit/follow me if you like?


  19. thanks, Eden! :) actually I'm not afraid of the pain, so it was cool. for an example I was reading a book while my latest tattoo was being done :P
    loved your blog too ;)

  20. me too! :P
    btw, thanks!