55 - roll up

On Monday, the 25th of July, which was also the first day of my week long vacation, I and Erik drove to Tartu. Our goal was to find and buy a miniature heater and a lamp for the restroom, also a package of rock wool. Besides I discovered this really cool table lamp with the pattern of green leaves and of course had to buy it (moreover it was totally on sale). In addition I found the cutest pair of pink shoes from Vans (these are my first Vans' shoes), which cost less than 14.- euros (well, these used to cost almost 60.- euros originally).

Before going home we also visited my grandparents and took some photos there. I absolutely love my grandmother's sunflowers!
Anyway, I'm going back to work tomorrow, but luckily have two more weeks of vacation to come :) Enjoy the photos and be sure to tell me what you think!

I was wearing: top - butterfly by Matthew Williamson (second hand); knitwear - second hand; skirt - Etienne Rigner (second hand); belt - second hand; wedges - Adelante (second hand); sunglasses - Prada.


  1. cute shoes :) Thanks for visiting

  2. üliäge lamp ja väganunnu outfit :)
    need roosad kingad/ketsid on kaa supeeerilusad :)

  3. Martina - thanks :)

    Ann - jaa, kui ma seda nägin, siis teadsin, et lihtsalt ei tohi poodi jätta nii ägedat (ja nii soodsa hinnaga) asja :)

    Usagi-Chan - aitäh aitäh! :)
    Vansid võinuks tegelikult pool numbrit suuremad olla, aga ma ei suutnud neist loobuda..
    ja õigesti tegin, sest isegi pikka maad kõndides on mugavad :P

  4. love the shoes! :)
    thanks for visiting :) im already followng you!


  5. Selle postituse algust lugedes tekkis kysimus, et kui suur see maja teil on? Ma kujutan, et remondi tegemine on v2sitav. Aga ma loodan ka, et puhkuse ajal Sa ainult remondiga ei tegele :D

    You should be a photographer - need esimesed kolm pilti on lihtsalt vau.

    Ja j2llegi, mulle meeldivad Su riided. See topi ja seeliku kombinatsioon rokib t2iega :D

    One of the best dressed bloggers in Eesti! ;)


  6. Sunflower!! Love it :)

  7. love the combination of the blue and the brown! i would never thought that the colors would look that amazing together! fabulous with the pink vans, never seen them before

  8. Jennifer - thanks :)

    Miss A - maja on kahekorruseline + siis veel lisaks saunaga keldrikorrus :P aga remonti teeb tegelikult mu elukaaslane. ma lihtsalt aitan, kui on vaja, ja muidugi koristan, koristan, koristan kõike seda tolmu, mis pidevalt tekib :D ning selle viimase puhkuse ajal tahaks juba reisile minna :)

    ja mis muud kui suur suur aitäh ilusate sõnade eest! :)
    ps. selle outfit'i riided on näiteks kõik sekkarikraam :P ja muide, kas Sa ka Inglismaal sekkareid külastad? :)

    Marina - me too :)

    Absolutely Mrs. K - I actually didn't think about the chemistry of those two colours at all :P
    oh, and thank you so much for the comment! :)

  9. Love the flowers ! I like your blog, keep up the good work, kisses


  10. I really like your nature's photos! :)

  11. Cute outfit! love the pictures!

    I love Vans, I didn't know they had the loafer style. Those are so cool!!


  12. Vale - thank you for the lovely comment! :)

    Sabrina - I'm really glad you like them :)

    Pau - thank you so much! and yeah, I was also surprised when I saw those :P

  13. LOVE your vans! Very unique!

    Thank you for your lovely comment, dear!



  14. beautiful pictures! did i ever end up following you on your list? it says i am but i dont see my pic. :( cute outfit though!

  15. Loving your cute shoes!

  16. Very cute outfit and absolutely love each and everyone of your photos.

    Thank you for you comment on my blog...couldn't find you on my followers but I'm following you now feel free to follow back if you like.

    <3 Marina

  17. Rowan - love them too :P
    and thank you! :)

    The Platinum Batch - thanks for your comment :)
    I guess there is something wrong with this following thing..

    Katie - thank you so much!

    Marina - thanks for your nice comment! I'm glad you like my photos :) and I'm definitely following you ;)

  18. beautiful photos, you are very talented! i lvoe your blog. i am following you now :)

    thanks for your sweet comment on my blog :)


  19. Thanks for the visit and the comment! I"m in love with those shoes!! The colour is so hot. Your top is also so pretty.....is it sequinned?

    Let's follow each other? I always follow back! :)



  20. Natalie - thank you so much for the sweet comment!! :) and it's very cool that you like my photos :)

    Jacquii Lie - you're welcome and big thanks! :) by the way, this top has both, sequins and beads.. mostly beads :)

  21. wow
    I love the shoes! a lot!