My first blog award

I would sincerely like to thank Sabrina from Freaky Friday who has given me my first blog award ever. So, here are the rules:
* Say thank you with a linking post;
* Write 7 things about yourself;
* Give the award to 15 other blogs;
* Inform them about it.

Firstly, here are 7 things about me:
1. When I clean my home, assort my clothes, accessories etc., I'm an absolute perfectionist.
2. Handbags from Guess are my favourite and right now I own 5 of those beauties (check out the photo).
3. I usually enjoy cooking because I have a habit to succeed in that.
4. I absolutely love driving my car and I also tend to love driving fast which is slightly a bad thing to do.
5. Most of my clothes are from second hand stores or even gotten for free, so that's why I own so many of those.
6. I have 7 separately made tattoos.
7. I'm a huge fan of nature photography and sports (cycling, walking, gym training at my home and so on).

And secondly, here are the blogs I've chosen to give the award to (well, I actually chose 10 instead of 15):
* Beauty Boudoir
* Fashion styling my Alejandra
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* Lucy and The Runaways
* muffin monsters ♥. // m is for muffin !
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* WonkaWorld


64 - Järvakandi, the glass capital of Estonia, part 2

As I promised, here is the part 2 of "Järvakandi, the glass capital of Estonia" which consists mostly of photos (taken on the second day, the 21st of August). I and Elery had two walks that day: the first one was extremely long and the second one included a little photoshoot in some strange but at the same time cool building. We definitely had a lot of fun there! Anyway, not long after that we started packing our stuff and soon left the tiny lovely borough.

I really hope you enjoy the photos and be sure to tell me what you think!

ps. From the 28th of August (today) till the 30th of August (Tuesday) I and Erik will be relaxing in Pärnu, to be specific, in Viiking Spa-Hotel. I have a plan to take lots of photos, shop, enjoy the spa and everything else! :)


63 - Järvakandi, the glass capital of Estonia, part 1

As pointed out before, I spent last weekend in Järvakandi with Erik's family since his grandma celebrated her birthday there.
By the way, Järvakandi is a borough in central Estonia. The municipality has a population of 1417 (as of 1 January 2009) and an area of 4.83 km². Also rock music festival Rabarock is held in Järvakandi since 2005.

On Saturday, the 20th of August I and Erik visited Järvakandi glass museum. Glass museum is located in the first workmen's dwelling of Järvakandi glasswork that was constructed in 1879. The dwelling was removed from the territory of the factory to the centre of Järvakandi.
The permanent exposition of the museum is divided into two - the history of glass industry and the history of Järvakandi. The first part of the exposition of glass industry is designed as medieval glasswork where manual glass boiling and the making of glass objects are demonstrated. In the second hall the mechanical production of glass objects is introduced. The last room is furnished as a worker's apartment, the way it looked like in the 1920's.

The exposition was fascinating and the glass items were beautiful, so Erik bought me a necklace with gorgeous glass pendant from the museum before we left. In my opinion it's pretty awesome that a small borough like Järvakandi has a museum and a huge glass factory! Oh well, there is even a night-club called Club Cinema in Järvakandi.

Anyway, after visiting the museum we finally celebrated Erik's grandmother's birthday and of course ate way too much. Therefore I and Elery grabbed Elvis and went for a particularly long walk to explore the borough and take some photos. Actually the walk made us hungry again, so it was a hopeless case.

ps. There will be a part 2 of "Järvakandi, the glass capital of Estonia" and then you'll see photos from the second day when I and Elery had a small photoshoot.

For the time being I hope you like the photos and be sure to tell me what you think!

St. Paul's church
I was wearing: jacket - Amisu (New Yorker); sunglasses - Prada; scarf - I think I got this with some German magazine many years ago; dress - second hand; leggings - Amisu (New Yorker); sneakers - Bullboxer; handbag - Guess.


62 - OOTD - 16.8.11

I spent my weekend in a small borough called Järvakandi but you'll be able to read about that some day soon. Of course I also have tons of photos waiting for being published (had a mini photoshoot with Elery), so stay tuned!
Anyway, right now I'm going to show you another outfit from a regular working day on the 16th of August. Enjoy and be sure to tell me what you think!

I was wearing: top - Denim Co (second hand); pants & belt - Lindex; shoes - DinSko; sunglasses - Prada;  bracelet - from some fancy fair; earrings - a gift.


61 - Elistvere Animal Park

Elistvere Animal Park shows wild animals that live and used to live in Estonia in as natural conditions as possible. I have visited the place many times before (for example: 07.03.2009; 11.07.2009) and still I'm sure this particular trend will continue in the future. By the way, the last time I went there was on the 14th of August when I was home alone and had the perfect mood for taking photos.

The animal park which opened in 1997 is located in the territory of the former Elistvere manor park. Native wild animals - foxes, roe deer, brown bear, lynxes, elks, wild boars, European buffalos, reindeer, fallow deer, raccoon dog, common squirrel, pheasant and others - are settled in the conditions similar to those they experience in the nature. Those interested may also visit the small rodents' centre. In addition nature study trails introduce various plant species with the help of information signs.

I always enjoy being there and observing the lovely animals and birds. Of course I also love photographing them and therefore I'm showing you some of the pictures I took there recently (last weekend). After my relaxing walk in the animal park I ate yummy dinner in a luncheonette called "Lible juures" that is situated in Palamuse boroughtown.

I hope you enjoy the photos and be sure to tell me what you think.
Oh, by the way, I also have some recent outfits to show you and my two-week long vacation will start soon... only two more workdays and it's arrived!
ps. I made myself the FASHIOLISTA account and would love to find you, my dear readers, from the page! :)

Also, some after-the-rain nature photos from the 13th of August, taken in my yard:


60 - 'cause I don't have the time and I don't have the patience

On the 13th of August I had a brilliant idea to do some shopping in Tartu. So I drove there and started browsing the stores but there was nothing to buy because almost everything looked so boring and pointless and usual. I was searching for a new wallet and didn't even find that.. pretty strange, yeah?

Anyway, at last I still managed to find some cool new items: shoes with an awesome detailing from Bullboxer, a simple studded black dress from Blue Seven and also cool underwear from Sloggi. Everything I got was on sale, so for an example for the dress I payed less than 6.- euros. I'm really happy with my finds and can't wait to take some outfit photos with the flowy dress and colourful shoes!

Oh, by the way, the outfit photos in this post are from the 11th of August (another regular working day) because I took the trip to Tartu alone and therefore couldn't make any outfit photos. Hope you enjoy these photos anyway and be sure to tell me what you think! :)

I was wearing: blazer - Trendy Look (second hand); top - Alexia London (second hand); pants - Brooker; belt - Halens; leather shoes - Alpina (from my grandmother); watch - Moschino; silver bracelet - from Crete island.