58 - the hiking trail of Selli-Sillaotsa + Heat by Beyoncé

On the 6th of August we headed to Tartu right in the morning because our plan was to finally buy a new toilet bowl. Well, we actually didn't get it from the store I earlier mentioned here in my blog but it doesn't matter. The brand-new toilet bowl is cerise and we are really pleased with the colour. Now I would love to see the end of the reparation as soon as possible.

Of course we visited some other shops and I bought a new perfume deodorant called Heat by Beyoncé. I also got a free Beyoncé CD with the same name as the deodorant. Anyway, I'm definitely not good at describing perfumes but the top note consists of Red Vanilla Orchid (this rare and protected terrestrial orchid emits a highly distinct spicy-floral fragrance reminiscent of cocoa and vanilla; by the way, I adore orchids!), Neroli Orpur, Magnolia Delavayi and Blush Peach (well, I also love peaches). The heart note consists of Honeysuckle Nectar, Almond Macaroon and Crème de Musk. Finally, the base note consists of Giant Sequoia Milkwood, Tonka Bean and Modern Amber (adds luminosity to the fragrance). Guess I don't even have to say I really like the scent and if you find these ingredients as awesome as I do, you should definitely try this fragrance.

Actually I think I'm also going to buy Beyoncé's second fragrance called Heat Rush since I tryed it and absolutely loved it (consists of feminine Yellow Tiger Orchid, juicy sparkling Brazilian Cherry and sensual Rio Sunset Musk). Beyoncé definitely knows how to make perfumes!

In a completely different note, we also visited Alam-Pedja Nature Reserve where the main assets of the area are the versatility of wet habitats, different bog communities and rivers. Our aim was to cross the Selli-Sillaotsa educational trail and we absolutely achieved that goal although I had to do it mostly barefoot since my stupid shoes deceived me completely (in revenge I gave the bastards to my grandmother who wanted these anyway.. hope she threw the bastards away).

So, now about the educational trail: the trail is 4,6 kilometres long and it takes about 2 hours to complete.
The trail first leads along the Selli-Rehessaare winter road, through a heathy pine forest where blueberries and cowberries grow. The footpath then turns left from the winter road, going towards Maatskingu between the ancient trees marking the spot where the Suuretüki farmstead used to be. Passing through the pine grove, you will reach the swamp edge that is called Suuretüki Beach. The Suuretüki observation tower offers a spectacular view of the Laeva Swamp.

I was wearing: tank top - Guess Jeans; shirt - Outfitters Nation (second hand); denim shorts - Amisu (New Yorker); belt - Reserved (probably); shoes - second hand (don't own these anymore though).

The footpath becomes a convenient plank road as you reach a watery transitional swamp. In the peat moss that covers the swamp surface grow andromeda, leatherleaf, crowberry, heather, cottongrass and even cranberry on tufts. The plank road ends in Maatskingu. Btw, wolves regularly pass through the swamp island and we totally smelled a wet dog... or wolf somewhere, haha.

Having crossed a small swamp strip, you will reach Sillaotsa bog where vipers can be spotted. Another plank road section begins here to facilitate traversal of a transitional swamp that includes the string of swamp islands called the Jõhvi Islets. The plank road route terminates on the former Sillaotsa Farm land.

By the way, the weather was not that good and the main thing was this drizzling rain but luckily it didn't bother us and before going home we also discovered this really fascinating abandoned farmstead. It was mystic and creepy at the same time but in a cool way (it felt like someone moved and lived there, haha).
All in all we had some absolutely thrilling time there and once again made sure Estonian nature is simply stunning! Hope you enjoy the photos :)


  1. Amazing pictures and lovely outfit!

  2. Ilusad fotod (taaskord, ja ma ei v2si end kordamast!) - v2ga meeldib see Outfitter Nationsi s2rk :P

    Ja Beyonce'st siis.. Ohjah. Kahjuks mulle tema Heat absull ei meeldi ja Heat Rush on minu jaoks liiga sweet-fruity, aga! ma kujutan ette, et v2ga paljudele l2heb see peale, kuna tegemist ideaalse suvel6hnaga - siuke troopiline Escada suvekatele sarnanev l6hn.
    Mul pole kusjuures yhtegi v2ga kallist (parfyym)deodokat - k6ik on Dove'i omad :D
    V6ibolla peaks mingit kallimat proovima a la bodispreina aga samas ma ei tea, kas on m6tet, kuna ma kasutan parfyymi niigi iga p2ev. Hmm :/

    Aga yay, nii tore on sinu blogist parfymmijuttu lugeda :-)


  3. woooow super cute outfit!!!!
    love the red details!! and i'm in lvoe with beyonce *_*

    Syriously in Fashion
    Syriously Facebook Page

  4. the photos look incredible - I have to say i'm pretty jealous of your retreat!

  5. Grace - thank you :)

    Miss A - aitäh :) ma ise ka õnnelik selle särgi üle (näeb välja nagu uus, aga maksis naeruväärse summa).

    kusjuures, ma ei oska lõhnadest nii mõeldagi, et on suve või talve omad :P aga eks ta ole maitse asi, mulle vist lähevadki taolised kõige paremini peale ning see on tegelikult mu esimene parfüümdeodokas tõenäoliselt..
    no ja ega see jutt ilmselt väga asjalik polnudki :D proovin millalgi oma parfüümidest äkki sellise pilt-postituse teha hoopis :)

    Syrious - thanks! :) and I agree with you about Beyoncé, she's lovely!

    jamie-lee - I'm glad you like the photos :) but it's just an abandoned old farmstead near the hiking trail :P

  6. Nice pictures! Looks relaxing :)


  7. Nice outfit! Photos taken are so nice.:)

  8. The pics are so lovely, I love the last one! and the place is so charming! I love it!


  9. Love your photos! I've always loved the countryside feel :) And oh, I've found out one more thing I want to have too, aside from being as thin as you! I want tattoo! :D If only my mom would let me. Haha!

  10. Marta - thank you! I loved being there :)

    Peiyinn - thanks! :)

    Alejandra - thank you so much for such a lovely comment! :)

    Gianella - thanks! actually my mom also didn't let me but when I turned 18 or 19 I did it anyway :D now I've done something every year :P

  11. chic outfit! and great pictures!!

  12. amazing place!!!!!... and you look amazing and your outfit too!!


  13. Great photos and you have beautiful tattoos !

  14. HAUSOFCHIC - thanks!

    Sabrina - thank you so much! I loved the place too :)

    lifeisamaze - it's lovely to hear that :)

    Sara - yeah, it was fun.. and wet :P thank you too!

  15. i've never bought a celebrity fragrance before but you're definitely making me think differently. I guess everything Beyonce does, she does well hey?

    Love your shots in the wilderness. So beautiful. What a serene way to spend some time. Jealous.
    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    talking closet camaraderie

  16. YOU OUTFIT IS SO LOVELY!!!! and as always the photos are STUNNING!!!!!
    Chari T (deep fried stilettos)

  17. Such a cute outfit and love the location!!!

    <3 Marina

  18. Kel - it was only my second celebrity fragrance actually and I really like it :)

    and yeah, I totally enjoy spending time in such picturesque places. thank you so much for the awesome comment! :)

    Chari T - thank you very much! :)

    Marina - I'm glad to hear that :)

  19. siinkohal mind hakkas täiega huvitama, et mis kingad need siis olid ometigi. nagu mainid ära ka wiw-is, aga ma ei suutnud ikkagi neid pildilt leida, mitu korda kontrollisin igaks juhuks :D

  20. haha, ups, ma ei lisanudki pilti nendest :D aga vaata siit lingi alt pilti siis ;)
    pahad kingad

  21. You always have the BEST photos!! What a great post! So interesting. You made me laugh tho about your shoes. I hope your grandmother gave them what they had coming!! ha ha!! Also, I've only ever bought Sarah Jessica Parker fragrance, it felt weird to me to buy celebrity perfume, but you made me want to try Beyonce.
    Dressology HQ

  22. and your comments are always superb!! :)
    btw, I think my grandmother threw these stupid shoes away ;) and yeah, I absolutely recommend you those fragrances by Beyoncé!