63 - Järvakandi, the glass capital of Estonia, part 1

As pointed out before, I spent last weekend in Järvakandi with Erik's family since his grandma celebrated her birthday there.
By the way, Järvakandi is a borough in central Estonia. The municipality has a population of 1417 (as of 1 January 2009) and an area of 4.83 km². Also rock music festival Rabarock is held in Järvakandi since 2005.

On Saturday, the 20th of August I and Erik visited Järvakandi glass museum. Glass museum is located in the first workmen's dwelling of Järvakandi glasswork that was constructed in 1879. The dwelling was removed from the territory of the factory to the centre of Järvakandi.
The permanent exposition of the museum is divided into two - the history of glass industry and the history of Järvakandi. The first part of the exposition of glass industry is designed as medieval glasswork where manual glass boiling and the making of glass objects are demonstrated. In the second hall the mechanical production of glass objects is introduced. The last room is furnished as a worker's apartment, the way it looked like in the 1920's.

The exposition was fascinating and the glass items were beautiful, so Erik bought me a necklace with gorgeous glass pendant from the museum before we left. In my opinion it's pretty awesome that a small borough like Järvakandi has a museum and a huge glass factory! Oh well, there is even a night-club called Club Cinema in Järvakandi.

Anyway, after visiting the museum we finally celebrated Erik's grandmother's birthday and of course ate way too much. Therefore I and Elery grabbed Elvis and went for a particularly long walk to explore the borough and take some photos. Actually the walk made us hungry again, so it was a hopeless case.

ps. There will be a part 2 of "Järvakandi, the glass capital of Estonia" and then you'll see photos from the second day when I and Elery had a small photoshoot.

For the time being I hope you like the photos and be sure to tell me what you think!

St. Paul's church
I was wearing: jacket - Amisu (New Yorker); sunglasses - Prada; scarf - I think I got this with some German magazine many years ago; dress - second hand; leggings - Amisu (New Yorker); sneakers - Bullboxer; handbag - Guess.


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    Järvakandi looks so beautiful from the pictures you shared! It looks so peaceful and a glass museum sounds so rad! I want to see your gorgeous glass pendant! <3

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