My first blog award

I would sincerely like to thank Sabrina from Freaky Friday who has given me my first blog award ever. So, here are the rules:
* Say thank you with a linking post;
* Write 7 things about yourself;
* Give the award to 15 other blogs;
* Inform them about it.

Firstly, here are 7 things about me:
1. When I clean my home, assort my clothes, accessories etc., I'm an absolute perfectionist.
2. Handbags from Guess are my favourite and right now I own 5 of those beauties (check out the photo).
3. I usually enjoy cooking because I have a habit to succeed in that.
4. I absolutely love driving my car and I also tend to love driving fast which is slightly a bad thing to do.
5. Most of my clothes are from second hand stores or even gotten for free, so that's why I own so many of those.
6. I have 7 separately made tattoos.
7. I'm a huge fan of nature photography and sports (cycling, walking, gym training at my home and so on).

And secondly, here are the blogs I've chosen to give the award to (well, I actually chose 10 instead of 15):
* Beauty Boudoir
* Fashion styling my Alejandra
* Fashion Herbal Soup
* Kristina - Everyday Blog
* Lucy and The Runaways
* muffin monsters ♥. // m is for muffin !
* Sequin Magazine
* The House of Shoes
* Viva La Breee
* WonkaWorld


  1. congrats honey! :D Always having an award is fabulous



  2. ooh, palju õnne selle awardi puhul ja ohh, aitäääh niiväga omapoolse awardi poolt mulle :P ma teen selle postituse kohe homme ära :)
    Huvitavad faktid ka, nt see koristamise ja asjade organiseerimise punkt, imetlen perfektsioniste, sest ma ise teen kõike kuidagi...poolikult ja suva järgi, aga ma üritan paraneda :)
    ja mis sporti sulle kõige rohkem meeldib teha/vaadata?

  3. Anonymous31/8/11 16:49

    congratulations!! :)

  4. Congrats! Freaky Friday also gave me this award too:) Have a fabulous day!

    Fashion Cat

  5. Michelle - thank you!

    Sick by Trend - thanks.. and yes, it absolutely is! :D

    Usagi-Chan - aitäh ja võta heaks :)

    see perfektsionismi teema võib samas teinekord üpris raske olla, kuna ma pean kõigega totaalselt rahule jääma, muidu on jama majas :P

    nii.. ja spordi koha pealt: ma sõidan rattaga, käin kõndimas, sörkimas, vahel rulluisutamas, ujumas ning kui väljas midagi teha ei anna, siis kodus on olemas hantlid, elliptiline trenažöör ja jooksulint :)

    Sharon - thanks! :)

    Kate - congrats to you too then! ;) and thank you :)

  6. I'm happy :) I gave you your first award! :)


  7. thanks on the award <3 :) I've already done this 7 things about me- thing but I might do it again!

  8. Anonymous31/8/11 21:52


  9. thank you soooo much ♥ !
    http://muffinmonsters.blogspot.com/2011/08/there-aint-no-reason-for-you-to-declare.html :))

  10. hahaha Im perfectionist too! but thats a good thing right? ;)


  11. Sabrina - you're such a sweetheart for that! :)

    Kris - you're welcome :) and yeah, I would love to read your "new" 7 things :P

    Lottie - thanks!

    MuffinMonsters - you certainly deserved that award! ;)

    Maria - well, in some ways it absolutely is good :P but at the same time it can be really annoying :D

  12. Anonymous1/9/11 10:51

    Thank you so much for the award, girl! :)

    I'm a perfectionist too when it comes to cleaning and fixing my things. I also like vintage clothes, although most of my clothes are new. :)

    This is awesome! Thanks again. <3

    XoXo, Bree
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  13. OMG omg omg im soooo super excited, thank you so so so so much for the award ;) I'll certainly link it back to you! Will update the post asap probably in the next few days ;)


  14. Congrats!!!
    I follow you, too!
    Besos, desde España, Marcela

  15. Yay to those 7 tatts! Congratulations on the award too :)

  16. Bree - you're welcome :) and oh well, it's quite hard to be a perfectionist sometimes although it's good when everything's done properly :P

    Marella - thanks! :)

    Erika - and I'm glad you're excited! :) waiting for your 7 facts already ;)

    Marcela - thank you! :P

    Gianella - thanks :) we'll see if the number 7 grows or not ;)

  17. Beautiful bags! :)


  18. Beautiful bags! :)


  19. Thanks for your lovely comment x
    Congrats on the award!
    I love these awards,because of the getting to the blogger part,always an interesting read.
    Im very jelous of all your guess bags,there gorgoeus,Im lucky enough to own two :D but thats not enough!
    Hope you have a fab weekend x

  20. Suurimad t2nud awardi eest :-)

    Nendest Guessi kottidest meeldivad mulle pruun ja valge. Seda valget olen ma siin blogis ennemgi n2inud, eksole ;-)

    Ikka v2ga tahaks k6ik Su tattood yle chekata. Niiet ma requestion j2lle t2tode-teemalist postitust! :-D

    Ja muide, mul on just m6te autokooli minna millalgi, st j2rgneva paari kuu jooksul (kui tervis lubab). Ma jumaldan autosporti, aga ise ei oska autot juhtida :-D


  21. Liberty Walk Sara - thank you :)

    Kayleigh - thank you too! and I do agree with you when it comes to blog awards. oh, and I also need (actually just want :D) more bags from Guess! ;)

    Miss A - aga palun :)

    muide, see pruun on tegelikult vanaroosa (st kui Sa ikka mõtlesid vasakult esimest :P)
    ja mul on endal ka veits paha, et pole seda postitust teinud, aga no tõesti ei ole jõudnud üldse. kui suudan kõikide kohta pildid kokku koguda, siis saan teha :) (muide, mul on isegi lõhnapostituse pildid olemas/ootamas!)

    huh, siis mine kindlasti autokooli! ma tegin 17selt lube ja 18ndaks sünnaks sain kätte täpselt, nii-et üle 7 aasta juba rooli keeranud :P

  22. Anonymous3/9/11 08:41

    Congrats for the award :D you deserve for it since your posts are interesting..


  23. thanks for the award, i'm so touched! and its very sweet of you. definitely loving your blog :)


  24. Hello there sweetie! Thanks for the lovely comment over my blog, it means a lot to me! And yes, I think pink is my color 2!
    Congrats on the blog award and nice to know you better! I'm opening a new blog, cooking blog. Hope you'll be part of it!
    Hope you're having a great day!
    xoxo Kiki

  25. congrats for the award, u deserve it


  26. oh my goodness thank you so much girl!! this is so sweet. I really appreciate it!

  27. ps. I saw you posted somewhere you like Vampire Diaires! Me too, love TVD!

  28. Anonymous - thank you! :)

    Natalie - you totally deserved that :) and thanks for the sweet words :)

    Kiki - thank you so much! :) and of course I'm part of your cooking blog! I really like those recipes ;)

    mariska - thanks! :)

    Sara - you're absolutely welcome! :)

    Jacquii Lie - oh yeah, I love that show and am totally waiting for the new episodes (ps. Damon is my favourite ;)

  29. Oh for the record, I love Guess bags too :) I have them in really really big sizes.