67 - Sanus Per Aqua - day 3, 30th of August + some sweet news

In the first place I'll give you a really short review of our third and at the same time last day in Pärnu, Viiking Spa Hotel.
Once again, my day began with a refreshing morning swim, continued in the buffet-restaurant of our hotel and last but not least we both had our final treatment. Erik's was strawberry hand treatment and mine was peppermint magic for feet. I was astonished when in addition to feet treatment Jelena also gave me some more massage for my back, hands and feet. She was such a lovely lady!
After our last treatments we unfortunately had to leave that beyond awesome spa hotel and return to Jõgeva but I guess and hope we'll be back there some day in the future.

I was wearing: studded tank top - second hand; DIY denim shorts - Pepe Jeans London (second hand); studded belt - Seppälä; shoes - Tamaris.
got those two from Põltsamaa on our way home :)

Secondly, I would like to sincerely thank Kiki from Kiki's Book of Dreams, who has given me and my blog the Sunshine Award. She's such a sweetheart!

The Rules:
* thank the person who gave you this award, write a post about it;
* answer the questions;
* pass it on to 10 bloggers who you think really deserve it and send them a message to let them know.

My answers:
1. favourite colour? different variations of blue, lilac, pink, white, yellow... actually almost every colour.
2. favourite animal? of course my own Elvis :)
3. favourite number? 7; 23
4. favourite drink? (flavored) water
5. facebook/twitter? facebook
6. your passion? photography, sports, tattoos...
7. giving/getting presents? both
8. favourite pattern? floral
9. favourite day? Friday
10. favourite flower? without a doubt orchid.. I have a whole collection of those beauties :)

And the award goes to:
1. Beauty Boudoir
2. Fashion Bridge
3. Freaky Friday
4. Kiki's Cooking Time
5. Kristina - Everyday Blog
6. Of Great and the Greatest
7. Rose's Turn
8. the young and the wild
9. WonkaWorld
10. Y'amour

And finally, in the third place I would also like to thank Miss A from Beauty Boudoir for an absolutely amazing post she wrote about me and my blog. She is such a talented writer and I'm ravished about that article! You can read the story and check out her blog when you click on the photo below.

Actually I'd like to thank you all for reading and giving me some amazing feedback. That truly means a lot to me!


  1. thank you that is sooo nice :*

  2. ooh aitääh veel :P ma pean selle awardi posti ikka ära tegema nüüd :)
    aga see top on supeer! Muarust secondhandist leiabki kõige huvitavamaid asju...peaks ise ka külastama mõnd nüüd :P
    ohh, orhideed...mul on kaa üks, samasugune valge aga ma olen kohutav lillepidaja XD pean nüüd hoolega vaatama et ma seda nunnukest siin välja ei sureta...

  3. Ait2h awardi eest. Peaks vist ikka ka mingi awardi-teemalise postituse tegema :P

    Ja see, I like that screenshot of my blog :D - n2eb v2ga kihvt v2lja (ja muide, ma loodan, et Sulle meeldisid need pildid, mis ma Su blogist v2lja valisin :)).

    Muide, Elvis n2eb sel pildil eriti nunnu v2lja. Ohjah, v6id vabalt puhtalt Elvise-teemalise postituse teha - I don't mind :D

    See 'studded tank top' on ilus. Ja orhideed on ka ilusad. Mul, muide, seisab yks siin potis. Ainuke mure sellega: ei tea, millal kasta. Vahel n2eb v2lja nagu hakkaks surema, vahel j2llegi okei. Ma pole lilleekspert ja ei tea, kuidas neid hooldada (aga no kuidagimoodi on ta juba kuu aega vastu pidanud :P)


  4. cute!!!

    xoxo from rome

  5. It looks like you really enjoyed your time! And Congrats on your blog award doll.

    <3 Marina

  6. appi kui maailma armas, et keegi pmst võõras on võtnud vaevaks/viitsinud/tahtnud midagi sellist valmis kirjutada ja selle veel nii kenasti sõnadesse pannud :) tõesti armas lugeda!

  7. wowww you rock in these pictures :D
    PS. check my latest post if u wanna see the teenvogue fashion show! ;)


  8. congrats on your sunshine award! you totally deserve it =)


  9. Thanks so much for your lovely comment! Means so much that you liked it <3
    Those masarges sound amazing and yummy :D Love those second hand DIY shorts too,you look super stylish and summery x
    Sounds like you've had an amazing time,im so jelous and in desperate need for a holiday.
    Congradulations on your award,I like how you put photo's with your answer,these awards are a nice way of getting to know the blogger a little more,and your dog is so adorable :)
    Congradulations too for the featured article,how amazing,Im definately going to have to check out her blog!
    Hope your having a fabulous day,Happy Blogging <3

  10. You look so pretty in all of your photos. I love your style it's very unique.

    Congrats on your blog award you deserve it pretty girl.


  11. thanks for your comment on my blog! so sweet! i love your denim short here, and the cute puppy...

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  12. You deserve everything you're currently receiving because you're such a sweetheart too :) Congratulations, and here's wishing you'll have more to come. Thank you so very much too for awarding me :)

  13. Amazing post dear and congrats! <3

  14. Hello there sweetie! Great pics and thanks for the kind words and for passing the award on my cooking blog! It means a lot to me!
    Hope you're having a great day!
    xoxo Kiki

  15. ooooh thank you so much for the award!!! :) in these days I will publish e post on my blog! thanx xoxo


  16. Thanks for the mention lovely :)


  17. yeah sure, following you now (:

  18. Congrats!!
    I have an award for you!! visit me.

    Besos, desde España, Marcela

  19. LOVEEE ur top ;) i love it how u edged up the whole outfit but top it off with a braided hairstyle, lovely!! u look amazing as always!


  20. I didn't realise you've just been given another award! I was commenting to say that I've just gave you a blog award too! You can look on my most recent post about it if you want to look :) Great photos!


  21. great blog !
    i just subcribed to your blog..please subcribe back i'd love to comment some more..
    take care

  22. Aww thanks so much for your sweet comment,glad you like my outfit,I dont like having my picture taken :D
    Thank you so much for helping me,look forward to your photo's. Dont worry if you forget,but if you do send me some,then Il be posting it in the next couple of days,when ive hopefully had a few more replies,and of course il link it back to your blog too,if thats ok x

  23. Paula - you're totally welcome :)

    Usagi-Chan - aga võta heaks siis jälle ;)
    ja muide, kui ma aastaid tagasi veel vanemate juures elasin, ei tulnud mul ka ühegi lille kasvatamisest midagi välja. aga kui oma majja kolisin, siis lihtsalt sain lilleässaks :D

    Miss A - muidugi tee awardi-teemaline postitus! vaatasin, et oled varemgi neid teinud ;)
    ja väljavalitud piltide vastu pole mul küll midagi :)

    kui mul videokaamera oleks, siis võiksin Eldurist mõne video teha :P
    ja edu orhideega! (dont't kill it!! :D) kasta võib vabalt kas või korra nädalas, aga väetada võiks siiski ka :)

    K. - thanks!

    Marina - thank you :) and I really did enjoy everything!
    btw, hope you are feeling better now :)

    Norah - tõeliselt armas üllatus ka mu meelest :)

    Maria - hehe, thanks! :D I'll definitely check out that post of yours ;)

    Hayley - thanks, sweetheart :)

    Kayleigh - once again thank you so much for your super sweet comment and good words :) hope you liked Miss A's blog too ;)

    Rocker Chic - thank you very much! :)

    CutestPrincess - thanks for your nice words! :)

    Gianella - huge thanks, that's so sweet of you! :) and you absolutely deserved that award too!!

  24. You look cool and great! and if that top happens to be Express, then i have the same one in black, love it!

    BTW: it's very nice to read your answers to the questions, your dog is very very cute ;)


  25. Marella - thank you :)

    Kiki - hey sweetheart! thank you too :) I simply had to mention your cooking blog since I truly like it ;)

    Sabrina - you're absolutely welcome and I'm looking forward to your post about it ;)

    Y. - you're welcome, dear :)

    tasneem - thanks! ;)

    Marcela - oh my, what a lovely surprise! thank you so much :)

    Erika - I always love your bright and interesting comments! thank you very much :)

    BattleGnomes - wow, that's so sweet of you! :) I'm definitely going to check out that post of yours ;)

    BlueVanilla - thank you!

    DreamYourStyle - thanks! I'm going to check it out soon ;)

    Kayleigh - oh, I hope you'll post more of your outfits since those photos were really cute! :)
    and I'll give my best to send you some photos tomorrow ;)

    Isabel.L - actually I don't even know if it's Express since there's no label.. but thank you so much for the lovely comment! :)

    CHARI T (Deep fried stilettos)

    CHARI T (Deep fried stilettos)

  28. Congrats on the blog award. :)

    You look awesome in your studded top, and how adorable is Elvis! <3

    The Cat Hag

  29. Loooove your tattoos! Congrats on your award!
    Ask Erena

  30. Anonymous14/9/11 04:18

    Congratulations. Lovely post, love your tee and short outfit.

  31. I like your outfit. please visit my blog and share some comments.


  32. Great outfit. I love those shoes. <3

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog. Check it out.


  33. Nice post.

    It is always wonderful to read about other bloggers.

    Oh and a massage,
    I think I need to get one this coming weekend ♥

  34. Hello sweetie,
    Congratulations on your award! Well done!
    and thank you for visiting my blog too;) Surely we can follow each other - following now!
    Looking forward to seeing more updates from you!

  35. looks like you're having a blast! congrats on getting mentioned on another blog and on your blog award! wow!

    The House of Shoes

  36. Anonymous14/9/11 10:11

    Yay, more vacation pictures. :)

    My gosh, the treatments you get are so sweet. I probably won't want to leave!

    Congrats on the award and the feature. Omg, you so deserve it! <3

    XoXo, Bree
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  37. you have a great blog! please check out my blog and follow if you like, I promise to do the same for you! xx

  38. Thanks so much for your help,those photo's are gorgeous! I will post post about it on my blog tomorrow,hopefully when I ve got a couple more replies,and of course il link your photo back to your blog too.Thanks so much for your help,I really appreciate it x
    And Im getting more excited about my project!
    Hope your well and are having a lovely day :)

  39. Well Done on winning the award! Your blog is great so you definately deserved it :) Also, that Peppermint feet treatment sounds amazing! You can get a Peppermint Foot Cream at The Body Shop which is my favourite :)

    Thank you for visiting my Blog :D In reply to the comment you left on my blog: I was never a big fan of Red dresses in the past myself but it's nice to wear a colour I have never really worn before or accesorised with, just makes a change. I guess we all have a colour that doesn't suit us, mine has to be Pale colours because they make me look even more white than I already am :)


  40. I adore these photos, awesome outfit! :)

  41. congrats for the award :)
    we use the same brand for hair repair!
    Check our my new post about Clinique


  42. Chari T - thank you very much!

    Addie - thanks for your sweet words :) Elvis indeed is cute but sometimes an absolute devil too :P

    Ask Erena - thank you! :)

    Glam Fashionista - thanks, I'm glad you like it :)

    Clara Turbay - thank you!

    Jen - thanks! I'm going to check it out soon ;)

    Ann - thank you for the lovely comment :) and yeah, I know what you feel about massage.. I feel the same way :P

    Marusya V - thanks :) I love your blog too! ;)

    Sara - yeah, it was so enjoyable :) also thank you for the sweet words!

    Bree - unfortunately those were the last photos from that vacation.. looking forward to my next one.. some day in the future :P and of course thanks for your lovely comment :)

  43. A big congratulations on your win! you deserve it! a kiss

  44. Heya,just so you know I posted your photo's on my blog,hope you like,if not just let me know,if you want your photo taken down anytime just let me know x
    Hope your well x

  45. I adore your belt!

    Fashion Cat

  46. Great shorts! Love your tattoos!

    Thank you for your lovely comment, dear!



  47. love that sequined top :) its really pretty!


  48. Anonymous15/9/11 19:37

    cutee doggyy :)
    and nice tan haha!

  49. Your spa stay sounds wonderful--I would love a peppermint foot massage right now! Congrats to the winners!

    xo Mary Jo

  50. LOVE JOICE - thank you!

    amy b.s. - thanks!

    Kayleigh - you're welcome and I'm really glad I could help with the project :) and of course thanks for the feature ;) good luck!

    HailesHeartsFashion - thank you :) I think I should definitely check that peppermint foot cream out ;)
    btw, red is a beautiful colour but I simply own so few red items for some unknown reason :P

    Lidiya - thanks :)

    Sofie - thank you and I must say I'm the biggest Clinique fan ever :P

    Koltunovskaya - thanks!

  51. Great shorts, and congrats on the award!


  52. Congrats on your award.. Your dog is Elvis, my hamster was Elvis :)

  53. Babe Jane - thanks :)

    Saleem - and my big thanks ;)

    Kate L. - thank you! I also think it was a great find :)

    Rowan - thank you very much! :)

    Natalie - thanks! actually those are more like studs ;)

    Sharon - well, thanks :P

    Mary Jo - I totally miss my spa-time now.. LOVED it :)

    Ioana Liliana - thank you :)

    Marina - thanks! and what a cool coincidence :P my hamster was Beckham ;)

  54. Love this post! You are adorable.

    XO, Liza
    fashion over groceries

  55. Hi dear! thank you so much for your award! I'm so pleased that you choose me!:)))

    Sorry for a late reaction btw:))

    I totally liked your answers but mostly I fell in love with your Elvis! What a cute sweetheart he is!!!!

    And I adore your top! It's super stylish and is perfect both for a party and a daily look




    PS. thank you hun for all your comments!