72 - new in beauty products and accessories

I promised to show you my new (...or actually not so new anymore) beauty products and finally, here they come:
1. Oriflame Milk & Honey Gold shampoo and conditioner for shiny & nourished hair
I must admit I was shocked after using those two Milk & Honey Gold products for the first time. But fortunately it was a positive shock in every way! Milk & Honey Gold shampoo and conditioner contain nourishing milk protein and moisturizing honey extract which both are organic ingredients.
The shampoo lathers very well and after using the conditioner as well I don't have to apply any hair mask or leave-in conditioner and this truly is a genuine miracle when it comes to me and my long wavy hair. Those two Milk & Honey Gold products from Oriflame clean and nourish my hair, leaving it all healthy and shiny. I simply love those two and besides each was only 3,19€.

2. Escada S Precious body moisturizer
I have used that only once, so it's far too early to decide about the product but the scent of it is absolutely fresh and luxurious. Oh, and the texture seemed to be really gentle and light, so this is definitely a promising beginning!

3. Scooby-Doo! liquid soap with bubblegum flavour
As you can see, my taste is quite versatile and I bought that liquid soap from a local supermarket because sometimes I adore childish and really yummy scents. Since I just got it I haven't gotten a chance to use it yet but as I already mentioned before the smell is like a bubblegum dream! (sidenote: I don't eat bubblegum, chewing gum nor other similar things)

4. Clinique High Impact mascara
This is my all-time favourite mascara in the whole wide world and I wouldn't trade it for any other mascara (although once I've tried since my favourite is pointlessly overpriced in Estonia). Anyway, High Impact mascara kicks up the volume and length of each and every lash for a look that's lusher, plusher, bolder. Pure, deep colour only adds to the impact. Wear it once and you'll feel naked without it! - this is so true!

It's volumizing and thickening and now about the most important thing: High Impact mascara comes off with just warm water, actually it even runs off so lightly and leaves absolutely no smudges on your face. I'm a girl who doesn't use make up remover, so this is crucial.
Oh well, Clinique High Impact mascara is my perfect match and finally I found an awesome website where I can buy it for less than 20(it usually costs at least 30 in Estonian beauty stores!!).

Last but not least you can see some of my new jewellery which cost 0,75 each in my local supermarket and the two golden Milk & Honey hair claws I got together with the shampoo and the conditioner.
I really do hope you found this post at least slightly useful for yourself and actually I even have a new outfit waiting for being published here! ;)


  1. Ohoh, sellest Escadast pole ma kuulnudki. V2ga huvitav.. Peaks vaatama, kas leian kuskilt ja saan nuusutada :-P

    Oriflame'ilt kasutasin kunagi milk & honey kehatooteid. Eriti m6nus oli nende kehakreem - siiamaani m2letan selle l6hna (very honey-like indeed!).

    Ja see Scooby Doo vedelseep (?) on nii cooli disainiga. Mul endal pole yhtki siukest fun'i toodet - I should lighten up really :-P


  2. Hi hun! of course i would like to follow each other! i already followed you!!! :)
    AMAZING new beauty products, i love CLinique, thats the only one of these that ive tried before and i give it a thumbs up!
    i love the Scooby soap as well, cute!!! :)
    XOXO Kasia

  3. Wow I love Scooby Doo liquid soap!!jajaja!
    Fantastic beauty products!!
    Have a wonderful day!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela

  4. Thanks beauty :D
    and btw love the scooby doo shampoo!!hahahah


  5. Clinique is best for mascara eh? That's good to know, it's so hard to know which one really is the best when everyone claims to be the best. There's So many different mascaras out right now it's overwhelming. and oh haha I love how you got that scooby doo stuff!! thanks for your sweet comment :)

  6. Miss A - Oriflame on üleüldse üks väga positiivne leid ja mul on selle üle muidugi ainult hea meel :)
    ning mulle meeldib, kui käed hästi lõhnavad :P Scooby peaks siinkohal töötama küll. ja tegelikult oli Selkus kokku kolm erinevat varianti sellest vedelseebist ;)

    Kasia - hey! thanks so much for such a positive comment :) and yeah, I absolutely do agree with you when it comes to Clinique and Scooby ;)

    Marcela - thank you very much, dear :)

    CutestPrincess - it indeed is good! ;)

    Maria - hehe, me too! ;)

    Sara - I know.. it's sometimes so confusing but you can believe me when I recommend that Clinique mascara since it really is THE BEST I have ever used :) definitely give it a go when you're searching for a new mascara! ;)

  7. Hey,

    Great blog, will be following you. Follow me if you like?

    Looking forward to some upcoming posts.

  8. Yay! Another product reviews from you! I've enjoyed the last one you did, really informative :)
    I love that milk honey combined product, glad to hear that u have positive reviews on it! I'm so consider trying em now :)


  9. I have to try them.. nice things! ;)

  10. wow, those accesories are gorgeous,wanna try that liquid soap. nice post! x

  11. they're all cool, gotta try them really.
    and you've got a nice blog (:

  12. Ofiflame products are really good :)

  13. Sapun lichid cu miros de guma de mestecat ? N-am incercat dar TREBUIE ! :X

  14. i really like Oriflame, they are so affordable & working so nice, also no worries - I'm buying those kind of Disney's and cartoons stuff for my bath too :P

  15. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy Maikeni Ive been waiting on this post love the new products ESP the scobby :)

    I really want to try clinique mascara everyone says it really good I can't wait to try it.

    P.s. I love the scent of milk and honey.


  16. Lovely post!

  17. i love that you bought a scooby doo body soap =) so adorable!! i recently started washing my hair with Dove shampoo and conditioner and i love it! i love your jewelry and especially that it was super inexpensive ;) have a great day dear!

    x jamie

  18. Great blog! So interesting!!

    Wanna follow each other?


  19. That jewellery is beautiful and what a great price! I love that you use Scooby Doo soap- sometimes kids products are so much better (I still eat Flintstones for kids vitamins sometimes!)

  20. That Scooby Doo liquid soap is too cute, and the Oriflame shampoo sounds amazing! I'm going to have to check to see if it's available in Canada :)

  21. Lenara - thanks.. but actually I have been your follower for ages now :P

    Erika - thank you! :) and you certainly should try those when you can since both really are surprisingly effective!

    Sabrina - you do that! ;)

    Tasneem - thank you very much :)

    Bushra - thanks for the sweet words! :)

    My Daily Apparel - I completely do agree with you ;)

    Iulia Romana - I didn't understand a single word of your comment, haha :D

    Babe Jane - thanks :)

  22. Paula - hehe, thank you ;) some time ago I also bought a Hello Kitty nail file.. simply couldn't resist :D

    Rocker Chic - thank you so much, dear :) and yeah, if you're looking for a superb mascara, definitely give that one a try!! ;)

    Anita - thanks!

    jamie - hey :) I think I should also try Dove some day in the future ;) and thank you very much for the lovely comment!

    Juli Photo Diary - thanks! I'll check out your blog as soon as possible ;)

    Tinfoils Tiaras - hehe, products for kids really are the cutest :) and thank you! ;)

    Cee - thanks :) and I personally think you should at least be able to order Oriflame stuff from online.. definitely check it out ;)

  23. Anonymous6/10/11 09:35

    Yay, I love product sharing. <3

    The Oriflame Milk & Honey Gold shampoo and conditioner sounds fantastic. Milk & Honey always works great together. I need to try these. I hope they sell them here in LA!

    Yay for Scooby-Doo bubblegum liquid soap. :D

    I haven't really found the perfect mascara, but I'm glad you have a fave. Btw, how much is 20€ in dollars?

    P.S. Thanks for the super sweet comment on my NYX post. And thanks for reminding me about the hair post. Will work on it!

    XoXo, Bree
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  24. I've been looking for a good mascara for ages, might just give this one a try!


  25. minu meelest on ka see meil nii mõttetult kalliks tehtud, kui võrrelda Põhja-Ameerika hindadega. aga kus sa küll seda high impact mascarat šoppamas käid, et ta sul igal pool at least 30 euri maksab? :D just millalgi tuhlasin seal letis, mingi 26 sentidega vist oli. kaupsist ostes saab veel mingi euri alla ka selle 5-protsendise soodustusega. see ei tee teda küll odavaks, a võrreldes vähemalt kolmekümnega kõlab küll päris hästi. tho, mitte nii hästi kui mingi 19 :D või veel parem, 15 dollarit (!!)

  26. This stuff all looks gorgeous! That jewellery is lovely.

  27. Also, thank you for the lovely comment! Of course we can follow each other! I'm following you now :)

  28. I like that body lotion and cute jewelry. Also I am waiting for that new outfit to be published:-)
    hugs from New York,
    Ask Erena

  29. Escada moisturizer looks great! I'm your new follower!


  30. Thanks for sharing and I love your new purchases!

    Fashion Cat

  31. I love this ESCADA mousturizer!



  32. OH, i'm sorry darling ! On the liquid soap is written in romanian and I thought you speak my language :)) OUPS !

  33. oh, everything looks good! i like it- can i have all products?!?! ;) wish you a wonderful day.
    maren anita


  34. Bree - thanks for the awesome comment, dear :)
    btw, 20€ should be approximately 27 dollars. and yeah, I'm still waiting for the post about your hair ;)

    Marella - thank you!

    Ioana Liliana - you should definitely do that! :)

    Norah - ma ei mäleta nüüd 100% kindlalt, aga äkki kunagi Stockis nägin.. pärast seda, kui hinda järsult tõsteti (minu meelest juhtus see euro tulekuga), pole ma poodidest seda kordagi ostnud vist.. ainult laeva pealt ja nüüd siis läbi neti :)

    Whitney - thank you very much! :)

    Ask Erena - thanks :) and I'm doing my best to post that outfit as soon as possible ;)

    Mónica - thank you :)

  35. Kate - thank you too :)

    Juli Photo Diary - thanks ;)

    Polly - hehe, me too :P

    Iulia Romana - Estonian language probably reminded you of your own language then ;)

    Maren Anita - I guess you even can when you're able to find those, hehe :P

  36. Fantastic post! I also love the Clinique mascara.. On you found it for a good price, too! The bubble bath is so cute.. It reminds me of my childhood!


  37. Most definitely will be trying them out.

    <3 Marina

  38. Beautiful pictures. I love child like things too. Love the scooby doo soap. :) Following you now!

    Heel in Mint