76 - oh, this has gotta be the good life

Better late than never, so here comes a brief story about our trip to the European Capital of Culture 2011 (for your information, it's Tallinn) on the 15th of October.
We went by train which finally gave me an opportunity to read through the whole Teen Vogue's September 2011 issue (Emma Stone graces the cover by the way). And that means I can eventually get myself a new magazine, so great success! Anyhow, now about our very reserved shopping: first of all we visited Stockmann's Crazy Days event which was resulting only for Erik whose shopping ended with some good bargains.

I guess maybe I was too selective (which actually is a beneficial thing in my opinion) but I only got the blue (or purple.. I really can't tell but I'll show you soon) Helen sweater from Guess (to be specific, it's a stretch viscose sweater with V neckline and with sequined Guess logo customisation along the neckline). It randomly came into my mind that I was actually looking for a new sweater anyway, so lucky me.

On a completely different note we finally checked out the Monument to the War of Independence and unfortunately it was rather disappointing... well, I'm not a huge fan of Tallinn anyway, so case closed.
At least we got to eat some really good food: for example the basil pasta with olive oil, smoked chicken and parmesan in Amps Aura Café was simply delicious and Erik also loved his creamy seafood pasta.
Therefore I hope you do enjoy the very gloomy photos and be sure to tell me what you think!

I was wearing: imitation fur coat - Reflex (thrifted); silk scarf - thrifted; jeans - Crocker (thrifted); belt - unknown; wedges - Pearlz; red jacket - thrifted; black lace blouse - thrifted; bag - Valentino.


  1. ah, Tallinn ongi üks suhteliselt jama koht :D Käia võib aeg-ajalt, aga elada seal ei tahaks :(
    aga niinunnu jakk, näeb selline pehme ja soe välja :) ja üldse need püksid ja kingad kaa, supeer!
    ja pats sobib sulle ideaalselt :)

  2. Mmhhh the food looks so delicious! And your scarf is beautiful! ; )


  3. Such a fabulous posting bebe! You look as stylish as always! P.s. those food pics made me soo hungry :S
    Love Professor B

  4. Well I think the food looked so yummy! And your scarf is pretty too :) I can see you've made another purchase from Guess, additional to your collection ;)

  5. hungry!! :D love your scarf & shoes! :)

  6. Beautiful *


  7. Hiya! so sorry ive taken a while to reply.Thanks so much for your comment,im glad im not the only one,who struggles to find time to do posts. But your posts are always fabulous and packed full of gorgeous photo's and with something interesting to say x
    Looks like a fab day,but atleast you had the gorgeous food,and fantastic buys. Love your bag and that gorgeous scarf x

  8. Jah vabadusesammas ei ole oma raha väärt.
    Kuigi Tallinna enda kohta ma halvasti öelda ei saa kuna elan siin XD. Tartus ja Jõgeval tunnen aind seda, et kõik on nii uimane ja vaikne.

    Käisin ka läbi neilt hulludelt päevadel, aga niipea kui nägin milline trügimine seal oli ning tegelikult olid koledad kaltsud üle hinnatud... loobusin.

    Mõnikord anna teada kui siia kanti liigud, et äkki näeks vms.

  9. Usagi-Chan - minu arvamus Tallinna kohta on täpselt sama ;)
    ja see jakk ongi nii pehme kui ka soe, minu jahedate ilmade lemmikhilp :P

    Cinderella Alert - thank you! and it really was delicious :P

    Professor Barbie - thank you very much, dear :) oh, and I hope you found something yummy to eat! ;)

    Gianella - you're so correct about me and Guess, hehe :P and thanks! :)

    Paula - hehe :D thank you!

    Raquel - thanks!

    Kayleigh - thank you so much, dear! :) and yeah, I feel kind of bad when I have things to post but no time for making the actual posts..

    Mariann - ma võin ju Tallinnas paar korda aastas käia, aga mis mulle ei meeldi, on asjaolu, et linnavalitsus ei suuda oma linna eest piisavalt hoolitseda.. lihtsalt kurb ja masendav on vaadata! aga see on vaid minu arvamus.
    Hulludelt Päevadelt ostsin ka tervelt null asja, haha.
    aga jah, peab vaatama, sest hetkel pole Tallinn ilmselt lähituleviku plaanides enam ;)

  10. hey maikeniiii thanks for the comment. you're the one of my lovely blogger bcs of your kindness :)
    i love your hair color too, and the scenery of europe is really dope!

  11. maikeniiiiii issand see ajas mind praegu naerma siin :D ma kujutasin mingit hiinlast seda ütlemas. huh ma olen vist üleväsinud lihtsalt :D
    aga ma mõtlesin ikka, et sa tuled mõne guessi kotiga koju. seal oli neid tõsine hunnik. minu silma järgi vaadates isegi võinuks sulle täitsa meeldida. aga muidugi me käisime neljapäeval, siis olid need just välja pandud ka ja juba üks suur kärbseparv tiirles seal ümber nagu ikka :D

  12. Hei. Ma nüüd märkasin alles, et oled oma fotode allkirja muutnud vahepeal (vist pildid nii kenad, et pole märganud enam) ja ei märganud seda sp et sobib piltidele kordades rohkem kui eelmine allkiri. Ma ei taha küll halb olla, aga jah see on kordades parem! Pildid on su alati nii mõnusad ja eelmine allkiri kuidagi kisas tähelepanu pildil :P

    Annaksin nipiks (et veelgi puhtam mulje jätta piltidel), et see font on super Maikeni jaoks aga see varjund mis taga on võiks natuke sissepoole tõmmata ja näiteks sama pikalt kui Maiken kitjutada, blogi aadress.. jah, see ei paista küll kirjutisena välja aga võid proovida, see annab ehk veelgi parema tulemuse :)


  13. miamanson - I'm glad to hear that! and thanks for your cool comment also ;)

    Norah - :D ja ma naersin selle kärbseparve peale. meil oli töö juures ka üks kärbes täna ja kolleeg lubas teda hästi kohelda, et ta ikka homseni vastu peaks seal :D

    aga see kotihunnik oli seal laupäeval ka, jap. lihtsalt mitte ühtegi sellist, mis isegi natuke silma jääks ja uurima kutsuks. tegelikult olin juba peaaegu ostmas ühte Furla kotti, st valisin Marc Jacobs'i ja selle vahel, aga siis loobusin üldse.. st teinekord proovin parem ja kiirem otsustaja olla ;)

    Ann - allkiri oleneb ka sellest, millisest arvutist olen ta sinna lisanud, st erinevates arvutites on need mul erinevad (3-4 varianti siis). aga blogi nime pole mul plaanis küll vähemalt praegu piltidele lisada (ja kindlasti mitte nii-öelda kribukirjas), kuna ma kasutan neid pilte ka mujal, mitte ainult blogis, ja see "Maiken" on lihtsalt minule kuuluva pildimaterjali tunnus üleüldiselt.
    aga olen kindel, et allkiri kindlasti jõuab veel sada korda muutuda ja areneda, kui mul vaid vastav tahtmine tekib ;)

  14. very nice place and i really enjoyed your photos... the food photography is awesome!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  15. I love your scarf. Great color combination girly. Looking lovely.

    <3 Marina

  16. Tallinn looks like a really cool city! Love the scarf and pics of food!
    hugs from New York,
    Ask Erena

  17. The weather does look a bit gloomy, but these photos turned out beautifully even so, and I love all of the rich jewel tones in your outfit. Your scarf is just stunning!

  18. it looks like you had a great trip the food looks jamie and I'm so in love with your scarf love it seriously love it is the perfect scarf and love your fur jacket 2 so gorgeous u look splendid nice style kisses xXx

  19. -Super well-written entry! I enjoy reading your blog...A LOT!

    Please check out my blog when you get a chance.
    a fashion lawyer by day, fashion police by night...I play at red carpet events, shop all over town, and live life in the fab lane in LA!

  20. CutestPrincess - thank you very much!

    Marina - thank you, dear :)

    Ask Erena - I'm not a fan of Tallinn but it's nice to visit the place sometimes.. and of course thanks!

    Cee - luckily it wasn't that bad, yeah :P and thank you so much for the lovely comment :)

    Virgit - thank you very much, dear ;)

    goodbadnfab - thanks!

  21. I love wearing vintage style! that coat so beautiful!

  22. Love the fur coat! Adorable!!

    Fashion Cat

  23. Hi!!! Tnx for the commt, if I'll dress like corpse bride, I'll share it ofcourse...And lovely pics (hope that I'll visit Tallinn soon) and your outfit is awesome!!! Love the way you paired fur coat with scarf....

  24. anytime I see food, I'm like oh gosh it looks so yummy haha. I hope you had a great time and that fur coat is awesone! I also love what you did with you hair :)
    Kisses and have a nice day :)

  25. I love your look and all the pictures! Cool travel!


  26. It all looks so charming and increadebly old!Love your outfit! Especially the combination of rich colors: blue, red and dark green!Abslolutely gorgeous scarf btw!




  27. Hi lovely, I like your jacket!!
    Cool travel!:))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela

  28. Saleem - thank you!

    Kate - thanks ;)

    Anika - looking forward to seeing your Halloween pictures ;) and of course thank you very much!

    Emmanuella - haha, I know, always when I'm hungry I tend to see super yummy food photos in blogs :D
    and thank you, dear :)

    Mónica - thanks! ;)

    Alexandra - thank you so much for the awesome comment! :)

    Sofie - hehe, thanks ;)

    Marcela - thank you, dear! :)

  29. You really like guess!

  30. i love guess...beautful pics..kiss


  31. Very nice pics and I love your silk scarf so much, it has so beautiful colors ! Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies
    My Twitter

  32. yummyyy! I think I'm gonna make a sandwich like the one i your picture right now!!!! :D haha
    loving your scarf btw!! beautiful combination of colors!!


  33. Great pictures... the food looks great! love your scarf!

  34. im so glad that you are planning to buy the same camera! :) but then i wanna tell you that basically, all types are just the same (only the function is different). what is important is the lens - different lens produce different blurs. let me know if you had bought it. xx


  35. Love your bag and scarf!


  36. i think i have the same scarf. so funny. the food looks fantastic, i'm hungry now, honey! :)
    lovely greets to you :*
    maren anita


  37. Hello there sweetie! thanks for the lovely comment over my blog, it means a lot to me!
    Great post! Love the pics
    hope u're having a great day!

    my cooking blog, support me:

    xoxo Kiki

  38. I loved your photos!!! Your hair, your coat, your scarf and your shopping :-)

  39. ohh what lovely pics, i really fell in love with your bag!!! its awesome ^^

    xx, Rachel <3<3

  40. Absolutely loving all the travel photos uve posted as always :) And uve got one gorgeous scarf and jacket there!!!! looking absolutely gorgeous than ever :)


  41. the fooood looks sooo damn jummy!

  42. Hello!!! Thank you very much for compliments!!! Hope you like mines!!!

  43. Hey there!
    I just found your blog, and I love it!
    I followed you :)
    Check out my blog, It’s a Love Story and follow me! Please :)

  44. You know I always like your travel posts. :D Damn, you travel a lot, which is good! I absolutely love traveling because I get to go shopping in different places, eat different food, and take lots of pictures. <3

    Btw, thanks for always, always visiting my blog and commenting on my posts. I feel loved! ;)

    XoXo, Bree
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  45. YUMMY!!!!!!! the food looks so good love the guess sweater.
    Chari T (deep fried stilettos)

  46. That's such a great scarf and very complimentary of the whole outfit.

  47. What a lovely trip!!! that food looks sooo good and even looks pretty on the plate! beautiful scenery too. you always take such fun trips :)

    new post up!The House of Shoes

  48. Tallinn is so beautiful, I'll visit the city soon, I hope. Let me know when you have a vacation and maybe we can get together :) I'll show you the best flea markets and thrift stores in Helsinki, if you want ;)

    Loving the teddy jacket, it looks so warm and comfy..

    Kisses !


  49. really nice photos there... you seemed to really enjoyed your trip there... the food presentation is beautiful, foodie looks yum yum!!!! your outfit is great. and i so love the last photo, very heavenly... kissess!!!!


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  50. Sabrina - I really do ;)

    Vale - thank you, and I feel the same about Guess :)

    Vale ♥ - thanks for the lovely comment!

    Maria - I truly miss that sandwich right now, haha :D and I'm glad you like the scarf. I also love it quite much ;)

    Pau - thank you :)

    Mitha Komala - thanks for the information! I'm not going to buy it yet since I'm waiting for some kind of sales, haha, but we'll see how it goes eventually :)

    Bad Joan - thank you!

    Maren Anita - hehe, I feel the same way when I look at that yummy food :P oh, and nice to hear about our matching scarves ;)

    Kiki - thank you, dear :)

    Mary - thank you very much! :)

    Rachel - well, I'm happy to hear that since it's one of my favourites too ;)

  51. Erika - I'm glad you like the photos :) and thank you so much for always writing the sweetest comments!

    Marielle - and it indeed was the yummyest ;)

    Gabrielle - thanks!

    Anika - thank you too! and of course I do :)

    Rebekah Brielle - thank you very much! ;)

    Bree - hehe, I feel absolutely the same about travelling, even if it only concerns my own country (as it actually does lately, haha) :P
    btw, you're totally welcome and thank you too! ;)

    Chari T - thank you :)

    Alison - thank you very much for the lovely compliment :)

    Sara - thanks! :) and I totally miss that food right now.. yummy food photos are so evil, haha :P

    Ulrika - thank you for the sweetest comments :) and I really do hope this plan will succeed in the near future since I do love your plan very much ;)

    dina vanessa mercado - thank you very much for the lovely comment! :)

  52. food looks great and your outfit is gorgeous!! I love tallin, been there last month :D

  53. Pretty woman. (:

  54. that food looks absolutely incredible! and all the photos are just beautiful girl!
    xo TJ

  55. I always love your posts about your travels. And the photos are fab. As always, you look gorgeous.
    Dressology HQ

  56. Mulle hakkasid kohe silma Su kingad/saapad - kas on ka mugavad? Ma ei oskaks sellistest ringi liikuda (kuigi stiilsed on nad kyll)!

    Ja panin t2hele, et mainisid Teen Vogue'i. Mis ajakirju Sa muidu loed yldse? Huvitav oleks teada :-) Mulle saadeti Eestist mingi aeg paar ajakirja ja ainuke, mis natukenegi huvi pakkus oli Buduaar. Iluartikleid loen alati huviga.
    Muidu olen t2ielik ajakirjamaniakk ja loen enamusi UK omi (Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Elle, Marie Claire jne).

    Riided/outfit on Sul kenad. As always. See kasukas/jakk on eriti 2ge - I want. Meil on ilmad ka kylmemaks l2inud (well, mingi 13-14 kraadi oli eile nt) ja ma siiamaani lippan ringi kampsunites jms.


  57. the food looks so delicious!!