88 - together on this Christmas Eve

I promised to write about my Christmas and the festive season generally... though I still do think a picture is worth a thousand words. Anyway, a promise is a promise! On Christmas Eve we stayed at home and arranged a festive dinner for my grandparents and parents. It was a three course dinner but unfortunately I didn't have enough time to take photos of the dishes since the finale of our intense cooking marathon was again rather hectic. For your information, almost everything was homemade (for example lemon liqueur, beer, bread with raisins and seeds, gingerbreads...). Happily everybody enjoyed the festive evening and of course we swapped presents too.

I'm not going to showcase you all my gifts because I don't find it essential. And to be honest, I didn't even photograph everything I got. Spending quality time with my loved ones is so much more meaningful. Nevertheless you can still see some of my presents from the photo collage below (Guess wallet, Evita Peroni hair band, Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Revitalize warming hand & foot scrub, Tigi Bed Head Urban Anti+Dotes Resurrection kit, Finnish marmalade candy with banana and strawberry). By the way, Elvis also received quite numerous presents and was a merry little guy.

As you can see I only wrote about the 24th of December but I do have some heaps of photos left from Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Those I'm going to show you in another post, so far enjoy the photos and collages below and of course let me know what you think.

I was wearing (on the 23rd of December): coat - ICON /thrifted/; blouse - vintage /thrifted/; vest - Pepe Jeans London; leggings - Guess; loafers - Alexandria /thrifted/.


87 - A to Z

Found this in my opinion quite cool and interesting questionary from another blog pretty long time ago and thought you would like to read my answers. And why not answer the same questions yourself?

By the way, I haven't forgotten to write about my Christmas and obviously I took plenty of photos to illustrate everything, so, stay tuned!

But for the time being I'm going to show you some of my latest free thrifted items: a dark blue cashmere coat + a pretty orange waist-belt (I combined those two while thrifting), MOSCHINO letters from an old and lonely shoe (there really was only one and quite unseasoned shoe), so I made a tiny DIY project with the letters. I also got a vintage rose patterned blouse and a Sunrise Avenue (a Finnish rock band originally formed in 1992) T-shirt which will be used in a DIY soon. All in all I'm highly pleased with my findings and I hope you do enjoy the questionary and of course let me know what you think.


86 - a speedy trip to Tallinn

In addition to everything else I and E. managed to take a quick trip to the capital of Estonia, Tallinn. Unfortunately during rainfalls there are the most awful sidewalks (and roads) in that city but we were lucky enough and didn't get splashed by any passing buses or cars. My sigh of relief was obvious and I'm happy I don't have to live there.

By the way, we visited only two shopping centres: Stockmann and Kristiine because shopping was not the main goal. But before I'll uncover this essential goal I give out what my purchases were. So, as a bit early Christmas present to myself I bought a beautiful classy handbag from Armani Jeans. Additionally I got wet N wild color icon eyeshadow trio in Knock On Wood (383B) and a lovely collection of candles from Marks & Spencer (those will scent our home with the classic floral fragrances of iris, sweet magnolia flowers, timeless English rose and traditional calming lavender), also Marks & Spencer Reduced Fat Rich Tea Biscuits and Ginger Snaps. As you can see I honestly was a reserved shopper for a change.

And I almost forgot to mention that we saw the notorious Christmas tree which had been felled twice in only three days, after being battered by rough winds. City officials trimmed the tree from 24 m tall to 17 m to give it a better chance of staying upright. I did feel sorry for the poor tree since it really looked like a shortie but at least a cute one. Anyhow, the Old Town was so shiny and luxurious!

Last but not least about the so called secret goal mentioned before...

E. received two teeny Chinese Fire Belly Newts (Cynops Orientalis), a boy and a girl. This is the reason why we had to take that trip in the first place.
Of course we spent a pleasant day which included appetizing food, reasonable shopping, lots of walking and meeting our new pets.
I hope you, my lovely readers, do enjoy the photos, and be sure to let me know what you think.
Oh, and Happy Christmas!


85 - it's beginning to look slightly like Christmas

Last week was insane: in addition to my ordinary job I had the laboratory work schooling in the Testing Centre of University of Tartu on Friday, the 9th of December (I also had to be in Tartu on Thursday evening). I didn't have the time for being even slightly ill... although the flu really gave its best and I probably was a bit feverous too for a while. I think the highly intense schedule is the most effective medicine, at least when it comes to me.

Anyway, on Saturday (the 10th of December) I and E. visited the homemade handicraft fair in Põltsamaa with my parents. It was such a sweet and at the same time surprisingly wide event. We even got quite several articles of food (local cheese, my favourite Estonian spices from Tamme Farm Herb Garden) and other lovely goodies. For example I bought the most adorable muffin earrings and two Christmas scented candles made in a small Estonian town Võhma. Oh, and my dad bought me this beautiful blue glass bird (made by Hannele Rantanen) and mom gave me 1.- euro and commanded me to buy a handicraft lottery ticket. You can guess what I won...
patently a pair of woolen socks!
It really was a great way to celebrate the presently arriving Christmas.

And after the lovely fair I got a chance to visit the thrifting heaven! I found five items for myself and also something small for Elvis and Erik. You can see the fragments of my finds from the photos below. There are a light jacket-like blouse, two extraordinary sweaters and two pairs of black classic leather shoes - one pair from Stockmann and the other from Alexandria. The total cost of my awesome items was only 10.- euros. How great is that?

By the way, my outfit (from the 11th of December) was a really simple one since the weekend just flew by and I honestly didn't even have the time to think about putting together a proper or a bit more special ensemble. It just had to be comfortable. Oh, I bought that tunic-like thingy with a detachable necklace of pearls last Thursday from Seppälä's children's department and it cost only 2.- euros.
All in all I hope you do enjoy my fancy fair mini haul and of course other photos as well. And be sure to tell me what you think.

I was wearing: beanie - Hilfiger Denim; silk scarf - /thrifted/; tunic - Seppälä Girls; leggings - Guess; boots - /thrifted/.

ps. Moreover, I'd gladly like to thank one of my favourite bloggers, Bree from Viva La Breee, who has given me this cute One Lovely Blog Award. Thank you so much, sweetiepie!
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84 - yellow diamonds in the light

Since the long-awaited Christmas is now approaching without any warning, I and E. decided to go (to Tartu) and simply purchase all the presents we're going to need after a couple of weeks. I have to tell you it was a really tough job because I'm such a perfectionist and had to find the pick of the bunch for everyone. So, I truly hope the presentees do agree with me and Erik (he did actually help me). By the way, we also have the Christmas cards ready and now it's all about the finishing touch, i.e. wrapping the presents and doing some additional handicraft. Anyhow, I do hope everything will be wrapped up and closed in perfect time (right now most of the presents are overstuffed in the plastic bag you can see from one of the photos).

Enough Christmas talk! I got three things for myself too: December issue of GLAMOUR UK (Twilight star Kristen Stewart is on the issue... oh, and E. bought me the magazine actually), Candle Chandelle scented candles with strawberry shortcake, fresh baked cookies, caramel cream and peach preserves (those are simply heavenly, so do try them if you'll maybe get the chance), and finally Goldwell dualsenses hair kit which consists of Rich Repair shampoo (250 ml) and a conditioner (200 ml) with the same name. I have used the products only twice but the first impression is quite promising, nevertheless not magnificent but I do know it's almost impossible to find perfect products.

Anyway, brief words about the shampoo and the conditioner: Rich Repair shampoo provides cleansing with repair-effects and the conditioner serves daily care with repair-effects for improved combability. The repair system with pashmina-silk proteins works in combination with instant microfluid technology for quick and even distribution through hair. It straightens hair, calms hair structure and boosts moisture. Oh, and the shampoo and the conditioner smell like vanilla, jasmine, cedar and sandalwood. And even if I've used the products only twice, I can honestly say the usage gives my hair a healthy shine and a silky-smooth feel (although combing my hair could be a tiny bit easier than it is right now with those two products). Let's wait and see how it develops hereafter.

Last but not least, I hope you do like the photos. I'm wearing one of the three dresses I got from boohoo.com and the cardigan is a DIY project I had with my grandmother. To be precise, a fur collar (from an old jacket) and leather elbow details have been added to a regular thrifted cardigan (all the details are also thrifted). I'm really satisfied with the outcome! Let me know what you, my dear readers, think.

I was wearing: dress - New York Laundry /boohoo.com/; cardigan - DIY, originally from Vero Moda /thrifted/; leggings - Guess; boots - /thrifted/; sunglasses - Diesel.