71 - life's too short to be sittin' round miserable

On the 24th of September I and E. decided to take some time off and therefore we headed to Viljandi which is a cosy little town and a municipality in southern Estonia with a population of 19 150 people. By the way, Viljandi is sometimes called the cultural capital of Estonia, partly due to the Viljandi Culture Academy being located there.

Anyhow, we visited several small stores and bigger shopping centres, slightly discovered the Old Town and finally (we were both so hungry!) had a delicious late dinner in a nice café called "Viljandi". It indeed was a lovely and relaxing Saturday and naturally I even managed to do some light shopping. So, I got a cool cookbook filled with muffin recipes and also two thrifted items: a leopard print waist-belt with huge studs and Levi's "Patty Anne" jeans which I LOVE since these simply are the perfect blue jeans for me.

ps. On the 27th of September I got some beyond awesome second hand clothes for free and I can't wait to start showing you my favourite finds!!
pps. Oh, and I've also received several new beauty products for example from Clinique, Escada and Oriflame. I really hope I can show you everything soon! ;)

I was wearing: jacket - Reflex (thrifted); body suit - thrifted; DIY denim shorts - Pepe Jeans London (thrifted); belt - Diesel (from my grandfather); sunglasses - Prada; flats - Jeffrey Campbell; scarf - got it with a random German magazine many years ago.


70 - Bad Alice

On the 23rd of September I got my very first pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes. And to be more specific, my brand-new sweeties are called Bad Alice and are patent leather flats with stud details. I love the fact that Bad Alice shoes are made of leather, both inside and outside. As a bonus my new lovlies were on sale (on needsupply.com these were 100,67 but I had to pay even considerably less than 40 !!), so you can only imagine how delighted I was.

And now on a completely different note: I and E. finally found the perfect footwear cupboard which includes a soft seat, just like we wanted in the first place. Therefore I guess I can show you at least the fragments of our renewed vestibule (or a huge hall) some day soon. Altogether I'm so excited when it comes to the reparation of our home and utterly pleased with everything that has already been done!

I was wearing: coat - Bastion; jacket - Bastion; dress - Seppälä; flats - Jeffrey Campbell; sunglasses - Prada; pearls - thrifted.


69 - The Body Shop exclusive

Since The Body Shop's "Love Your Body" member event took place in my nearest TBS store on the 16th and on the 17th of September, I surely had to drive to Tartu at least on the 17th. Everything was 20% off.. well, actually makeup products were 30% off but I didn't buy anything from that department. I bet you would love to know what I bought, so here it comes:

1.) Ice Blue Shampoo - this oh-so-cool invigorating shampoo cleanses and refreshes the hair to leave it feeling soft and healthy-looking.
An old favourite from The Body Shop, originally launched in 1980 - now improved with added Community Trade Aloe Vera and 100% post-consumer recycled packaging.
After I had smelled it, I knew I had to own it!
2.) Banana Conditioner - go bananas for this irresistible smelling conditioner that helps nourish the hair, leaving it soft, shiny and manageable.
Also an old favourite from The Body Shop, originally launched in 1988 - now improved with added Community Fair Trade banana puree and 100% post-consumer recycled packaging.
Once again, after I had sniffed it, I simply needed to buy it!
3.) Seaweed Clarifying Toner - a refreshing and purifying toner. Instantly and effectively conditions, purifies and refreshes the skin, removing excess traces of make-up and cleanser. Leaves skin feeling fresh, purified, looking shine-free, and better prepared to absorb moisturising products in the Seaweed range.
My first impression after two days of use is only positive!
4.) Earth Lovers Apricot & Basil Shower Gel - this 100% biodegradable shower gel is sulphate, paraben and colourant-free. Contains real apricot and basil extracts.
I got it as a free gift and the scent of it is simply heavenly (I love apricots)!
5.) A travel or gift package consisting of: * Love Etc... Body Lotion - a lightweight moisturiser that softens the skin and leaves it delicately scented with the warm and radiant LOVE ETC..., the first ever emotional-led fragrance at The Body Shop; * Love Etc... Body Wash - a soap-free cleansing gel, that lathers up in the shower to leave your skin feeling cleansed, refreshed and fragranced with warm and radiant LOVE ETC..., the first ever emotional-led fragrance at the Body Shop.

Oh, by the way, after buying that travel package I actually received some quite promising news from E, so it was a bit like a charm. Anyway, since I just bought the products I can't add any proper reviews yet but I guess if you want me to, I can do it in the future.

In addition to all those TBS goodies I bought a cute black & white dress with bow-print and also a heart shaped cake tin made in Italy. I must say I truly enjoyed my day since wise shopping simply is a great exhilarator, although.. I fell in love with a stunning pair of shoes.. once again! And I'm still thinking about those cutiepies...
Of course I hope you like the photos and be sure to tell me what you think! :)

I was wearing: sunnies - Prada; dress - H&M (second hand); jacket - Eriikka (second hand); waist-belt - Friis & Company; handbag - second hand; shoes - Bullboxer.


68 - some new entrants

On the 10th of September I and E. had to spend some "quality" time in Tartu (for me it was over a surprisingly long time) since once again we were in great need of several new building materials like laminate parquet and white paint. You probably can't even imagine how madly am I waiting for the end of our undergoing reparation. Unfortunately Erik's basic work hijacks most of his time and decelerates the reparation. Of course I'm still hoping for the best since so much has already been done!

the vinyl coin purse
Now on a completely different note: I finally treated myself with a brand-new wallet from Hello Kitty, or to be specific, from the Japanese company Sanrio. By the way, did you know the character's first appearance on an item, a vinyl coin purse, was introduced in Japan in 1974 and brought to the United States in 1976?
Anyway, since I had some gift vouchers I got the wallet for only approximately 10.- euros instead of almost 50.- euros. Oh, and in addition to that they gave me a free notebook which also looks adorable (you can see both in the 4-photo collage I made about my new love).

Also I'd like to introduce you to my new bright and light handbag from Kvoll. I think I'm not going to use it during winter but right now I've been wearing it since the day I got it and even E. said it's beautiful. Oh, by the way, I found the bag through Facebook where an Estonian girl was selling it.
Last but not least I hope you enjoy my outfit photos and of course be sure to tell me what you think! :)

I was wearing: denim shirt - Halens; top - Killah; pants - Reserved; belt - Diesel; wedges - Pearlz; sunglasses - Prada; handbag - Kvoll; silk scarf - Guess; earrings - probably from some random supermarket.


67 - Sanus Per Aqua - day 3, 30th of August + some sweet news

In the first place I'll give you a really short review of our third and at the same time last day in Pärnu, Viiking Spa Hotel.
Once again, my day began with a refreshing morning swim, continued in the buffet-restaurant of our hotel and last but not least we both had our final treatment. Erik's was strawberry hand treatment and mine was peppermint magic for feet. I was astonished when in addition to feet treatment Jelena also gave me some more massage for my back, hands and feet. She was such a lovely lady!
After our last treatments we unfortunately had to leave that beyond awesome spa hotel and return to Jõgeva but I guess and hope we'll be back there some day in the future.

I was wearing: studded tank top - second hand; DIY denim shorts - Pepe Jeans London (second hand); studded belt - Seppälä; shoes - Tamaris.
got those two from Põltsamaa on our way home :)

Secondly, I would like to sincerely thank Kiki from Kiki's Book of Dreams, who has given me and my blog the Sunshine Award. She's such a sweetheart!

The Rules:
* thank the person who gave you this award, write a post about it;
* answer the questions;
* pass it on to 10 bloggers who you think really deserve it and send them a message to let them know.

My answers:
1. favourite colour? different variations of blue, lilac, pink, white, yellow... actually almost every colour.
2. favourite animal? of course my own Elvis :)
3. favourite number? 7; 23
4. favourite drink? (flavored) water
5. facebook/twitter? facebook
6. your passion? photography, sports, tattoos...
7. giving/getting presents? both
8. favourite pattern? floral
9. favourite day? Friday
10. favourite flower? without a doubt orchid.. I have a whole collection of those beauties :)

And the award goes to:
1. Beauty Boudoir
2. Fashion Bridge
3. Freaky Friday
4. Kiki's Cooking Time
5. Kristina - Everyday Blog
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And finally, in the third place I would also like to thank Miss A from Beauty Boudoir for an absolutely amazing post she wrote about me and my blog. She is such a talented writer and I'm ravished about that article! You can read the story and check out her blog when you click on the photo below.

Actually I'd like to thank you all for reading and giving me some amazing feedback. That truly means a lot to me!


66 - Sanus Per Aqua - day 2, 29th of August

Our second day in Pärnu, Viiking Spa Hotel started off super early (around 6 o'clock) because we headed to the sauna centre to enjoy a decent morning swim and afterwards relax in the jacuzzi.
After breakfast we both had two treatments. Mine were romantic rose bath treatment with bath muffin and manual massage for 40 minutes. I must say that Jelena, my masseur, was the best female masseur I have ever met! That massage was truly heavenly. At the same time Erik's treatments were health capsule and massage chair.

So, after our treatments we walked to the Old Town to do some shopping (I was waiting for that so tensely!). I bought a Morgan de Toi imitation leather skirt (from a second hand store but it even has the original price tag on, so it's new and cost only 1,60.- euros), Diesel leather belt (was on sale and cost only 17.- euros), a military bra from New Yorker (was also on sale), L'Oréal Paris Double Extension Beauty Tubes mascara (surprise-surprise, it was on sale, haha; also read my review in the end of the post!!) and a vintage handbag made in Norway (got it from a second hand store for only 1,20.- euros).

In addition to shopping we had lunch at Frens Café and everything there was utterly delicious (I miss that place and it's such a shame Frens Café is situated only in Pärnu).
Well, our evening included a lovely dinner in the buffet-restaurant of our hotel and later a proper stroll to see the sea. Since the weather was extremely windy and even slightly stormy, we rushed back between the houses in a little while.
That lovely day ended with champagne, Lay's Oven Baked chips and delicious grapes from our own garden.

I was wearing (during the day): cardigan - Halens; top - Planet (second hand); pants - Lindex (second hand); shoes - Tamaris; handbag - Guess; sunglasses - Prada; necklace - O'Neill.
my purchases
I was wearing (in the evening): denim shirt - Halens; top - Guess; jeans - Crocker (second hand); leather shoes - from my grandmother; clutch - Clinique; sunglasses - Prada.

L'Oréal Paris Double Extension Beauty Tubes mascara review
L'Oréal promises this new lash extension effect mascara visibly lengthens your lashes up to an astonishing 80%.
Step 1: Ultra nourishing base coat infused with Ceramide R and D-Panthenol protects and strengthens lashes creating the perfect base for tube application.
Step 2: Ultra-lengthening tube top coat sets to form lash-extending beauty tubes that visibly lengthen lashes to amazing new heights. Beauty tubes will not run, clump, flake or smudge and will stay on all-day.
Step 3: Beauty tubes remove easily with just warm water - no makeup remover or rubbing required!
It's fragrance-free, ophthalmologist and allergy tested, also suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

I'm not thrilled about my Double Extension Beauty Tubes mascara but still it's quite good. When it comes to following steps 1 and 2, you have to be utterly quick because otherwise the base coat dries and then it's hard to apply the top coat. Also I can't agree to the fact that removing the mascara needs no rubbing because it does need at least some light rubbing but that's actually okay. On the positive side Double Extension Beauty Tubes mascara really doesn't smudge and it lengthens my lashes evidently.

Anyway, I think both brushes are a bit massive for such tiny tubes and probably (never say never!) I will not buy that mascara again in the future.. even though I got it for only approximately 10.- euros since it was on sale. But the fact it comes off with just warm water is still pretty valid!