82 - standing on top with a killer view

This is what I wore to the cinema in Tartu on the 20th of November when I and E. went to see The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1. I just had to wear my vintage lace dress for the first time although the weather was slightly crispy (as you can probably see from the frozen grass).

We also visited several building supply stores because the finale of the incomplete reparation in our house is now really approaching. To be specific: we had a small break from the overhaul but now want to finish everything for rapidly arriving Christmas. Everything will be in right places soon and then I'm probably going to show you some fragments of what we have achieved.
Meanwhile I hope you do enjoy the photos of my quite grand outfit (I for sure felt awesome in it) and be sure to tell me what you think.

I was wearing: sunglasses - Haga Eyewear; scarf - /thrifted/; faux fur coat - Reflex /thrifted/; long cardigan - Reflex; lace dress - vintage /thrifted/; waist-belt - Friis & Company; boots - /thrifted/.


The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 (2011)

Kirjutasin siia blogisse filmipostituse viimati käesoleva aasta 9. augustil, ehk siis rohkem kui kolm kuud tagasi. Põhjus on väga lihtne: pole tõesti kahjuks olnud vaba aega, mida filmidele pühendada saanuks. Aga Videviku saaga neljas film oli muidugi piisav põhjus selle ahela murdmiseks ja lausa kinosaali suundumiseks ning seal peaaegu kahe tunni veetmiseks.

Niisiis, (The Twilight Saga:) Breaking Dawn on 2011/2012. aasta kaheosaline romantiline vampiirifilm, mille režissööriks Bill Condon ja mis põhineb samanimelisel Stephenie Meyeri romaanil. Eelnevalt mainitud "kaks osa" moodustavad neljanda ja ühtlasi ka viimase Videviku saaga väljalaske, kusjuures "osa nr 2" jõuab ekraanile 2012. aasta 16. novembril.

Natuke ka filmi sisust: Bella (Kristen Stewart) otsustab pärast Edwardiga (Robert Pattinson) abiellumist veel mõneks ajaks inimeseks jääda. Vastabiellunud veedavad oma mesinädalad erasaarel (Carlisle'i kingitus Esmele), kus ka Edward saab paanikat tekitamata päikese käes peesitada. Siis aga Bella tervis halveneb ja Edward toimetab tüdruku kiiresti tagasi Forksi.

Peagi taipavad Cullenid, et vaatamata kõigele on Bella rase ja laps kasvab nii kiiresti, et seab ohtu oma ema elu. Samuti kardetakse, et Bella ei elagi sünnitust üldse üle, kuid tüdruk ei ole nõus lapsest loobuma.

Ja kui Quileute libahundid rasedusest teada saavad, usuvad nad, et beebi on nagu värskelt muundunud verinoor vampiir - hullunud vereimeja, kes tapab süütuid inimesi. Niisiis tahavad libahundid beebi hävitada isegi vaatamata sellele, et võivad selle käigus tappa ka Bella.

Mina jäin filmiga vägagi rahule ning seekord ei tekkinud isegi nii-öelda häirivat võrdlusmomenti juba ammu ilmunud raamatuga. Kusjuures, järgmisel aastal välja tuleva filmi kohta käiv osa raamatust on mul endiselt lugemata ja ootan põnevusega seda aega, mil saan raamatu taas kätte võtta.
Filmis oli mu lemmikuks Jacob (Taylor Lautner), kes on ilmselgelt palju huvitavam ja särtsakam karakter kui Edward. Jacobi armastus Bella vastu on imetlusväärne ja mul on tegelikult siiralt kahju, et tüdruk siiski Edwardi valis. Minu meelest on Jacob end tunduvalt rohkem tõestanud.
Veel nautisin väga stseene sellel imeilusal saarekesel, kus Edward ja Bella oma mesinädalaid veetsid. Kaunis loodus, põnev interjöör, kõik pisikesed detailid olid peensusteni paigas. Pulmgi oli muidugi üpris muinasjutuline.

Kõige jubedam oli aga ilmselt see, milline nägi välja Bella oma raseduse ajal - ehtne surma vari, sekka ka mõned anoreksiahaige tunnused. Ja üldse, sünnituse stseenid olid lihtsalt rõvedad, kuid seda kindlasti taotluslikult.
Igatahes ootan huviga järgmist ja ühtlasi päris viimast Videviku saaga filmi ning proovin selleni jäänud aasta jooksul ka romaani viimase osa lõpuni lugeda (ei tohiks ju väga raske olla..) - uudishimu on vähemalt suur! 9,5/10

I and E. watched The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 in the cinema last weekend, and honestly I really enjoyed the film (although I had read the book earlier and therefore knew what will happen next). By the way, I haven't read the part of the book that concerns further actions and now I'm very excited to finish the last book of the Twilight Saga as soon as possible.

My favourite character was and is Jacob Black (played by Taylor Lautner) who is patently more interesting and a lot spunkier than Edward. It's astonishing how much Jacob loves Bella and I'm sorry that those two aren't together since Jacob has done so much for Bella.
I also enjoyed the beauty (nature, interior, every little detail was simply perfect!) of the small island near Brazil where Edward and Bella spent their honeymoon. And of course the wedding was picturesque.

Now, when it comes to the creepy part, then Bella looked dreadful during the pregnancy - like a mix of a shadow of the death and some anorexic person. And the delivery of her and Edward's baby was quite awful and disturbing.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the next and at the same time last Twilight Saga film and will try to end the last book as well because I'm utterly curious. Oh, and I would love to read about your impressions and opinions when it comes to the Twilight Saga!


81 - new in beauty products (and more)

I would like to present you my newest beauty products which are GUNRY Facial Scrub with strawberry, Garnier Youthful Radiance Caffeine Anti-dark Circles 2 in 1 Tinted Eye Roll-on (gosh, how utterly long is the name of that small product!), Dermosil Christmas Kit with Oats and Clinique High Impact Lashes Set. I have already tryed the first and the second product but the last two sets are waiting for the future (actually I have previously used every product from the Clinique set and obviously this is the reason why I repurchased those three tiny heroes). Anyway, here are some further details about the products:
  • GUNRY Home Spa Facial Scrub with real strawberry extract - my first impression is definitely positive and I even can't name any flaws right now. I love the delicious fragrance of ripe strawberries since the smell really is very natural. In addition to tender scrubbing it also moisturizes my face and it's easy to wash it off. Oh, and it's not irritating in the eye area. I'll definitely keep using it!
  • Garnier Youthful Radiance Caffeine Anti-dark Circles 2 in 1 Tinted Eye Roll-on - combines a roll-on massage application with a hydrating formula and mineral pigments. Double-action formula promises to refresh and hydrate, also cover dark circles in a flash. To fight dark circles and bags, Garnier specially selected caffeine known for its stimulating action and lemon extract known for its clarifying properties. I haven't used it much but the first impression is quite promising: it does cover pretty well and I also really enjoy the cooling effect, especially in the morning. But I'm not too ravished about the product - at least not yet.
  • Dermosil Christmas Kit with Oats - contains Oat Soap and Body Lotion Oats, of which Oat Soap is packaged in a genuine wooden box (the lovely box is decorated with an image of an oat plant and a bird and the image has been applied on the lid with burning technique).
  • Oat Soap is based on plant components and contains crumbs produced of oat bran (the outer husks of oat grains) as a lightly peeling component of the soap. The soap contains glycerine that has a moisturizing effect on skin and it has a delicate and mild flower aroma.
  • Body Lotion Oats is a perfect light moisturizer after showering. It contains plant oils like sunflower seed oil, components derived from oats and vitamin E, and their combined effect makes the cream moisturizing and skin protective.
  • Clinique High Impact Lashes Set - contains High Impact Mascara (the best mascara in the whole world; I wrote about it here), Cream Shaper for Eyes, All About Eyes Serum and a cute pink bag.
  • Cream Shaper for Eyes (in Black Diamond) is a creamy-smooth eyeliner pencil with a hint of shimmer. Shapes and defines with intense, stay-put colour. Non-smudging, water- and transfer-resistant. Easy to sharpen, too.
  • All About Eyes Serum with instantly cooling rollerball helps massage away bags, refreshes and hydrates puffy eyes on contact. Brightens eye area immediately and over time. Combats dark circles, too. With caffeine, potent antioxidants and soothing botanicals. Oil-free, non-irritating.
And if you have any extra questions, then simply ask!

By the way, additionally you can see my other recent purchases:
in the first photo - snowflake earrings, classic flats and leopard dress from New Yorker and a Christmas present for Erik from Levi's store;
in the second photo (all things thrifted) - patent leather boots for winter, Esprit skirt, H&M Young dress and Rinascimento corset-like blouse.


    80 - call me a perfectionist, addicted to immaculate

    Yesterday I finally transported these photos from my digital SLR and the date of the photos is actually the 5th of November, so that's quite a lot of time ago. Anyhow, on the 5th of November I and Erik went to Rakvere which is a town in northern Estonia and the county seat of Lääne-Viru County, 20 km south of the Gulf of Finland. I always succeed in shopping when I go there and that time wasn't an exception either. My haul includes two new tops: the long sleeved one from Guess (yeah, once again! I simply love the delicate texture of the top) and the one with no sleeves at all from Amisu. Both are beautiful and I can't wait to wear them some time soon. 
    We also had a late dinner at Brezza where the food was unspeakably tasty, especially my yummy hamburger.

    Anyway, my new turquoise earrings come from a supermarket for only 1,90 and I bought those before my indoctrination at the Testing Centre of University of Tartu on the 4th of November. Actually quite many new thrifted and also brand-new entrants (clothes, shoes, cosmetics...) have gathered in my home but I don't have any photos yet, so I guess you'll see those some other time. Right now I hope you do like the photos I've chosen this time (these were taken in Kärde, a small village near my home town Jõgeva). Enjoy!

    I was wearing: earrings - from a supermarket; scarf - /thrifted/; coat - Bastion; blouse - ICHI /thrifted/; pants + belt - Lindex; bracelet - a gift from my grandfather; wedges - Pearlz.


    79 - my first "Occhiblu dog"

    In the first place I would sincerely like to thank you all for the lovely comments on my previous post! And I believe I promised to showcase you my newest dark blue (shopping) bag from Occhiblu.
    Occhiblu establishes itself as a world leader in fashion accessories by producing fashionable products of high-quality design but sold at competitive prices. The collections are distinguished by combining glamour and sensuality in the unique Italian style.

    I paid only 9,95 for my first "Occhiblu dog" but I surely have to point out that the quality of the bag really is worth mentioning! I love the bag since it's so special and I've already received several lovely compliments and many curious glances when I move around with my "Occhiblu dog" (and I do wear it everywhere right now).

    Additionally I would like to mention Occhiblu's Special Edition collections because their philosophy says: an accessory is the particularity that makes the difference between a common look and a sophisticated look. I absolutely do agree with their brilliant philosophy and want to show you some of my beautiful favourites from the Special Edition collections (all the photos of the collections are taken from Occhiblu's cool web page).

    By the way, the photos of my outfit were taken on the 29th of October by my boyfriend (the two nature photos were taken by me of course) and I hope you do like my selection.

    I was wearing: faux fur coat - Reflex /thrifted/; jeans - Spiced M by Monton; boots - Sempre; bag - Occhiblu; red jacket - Tiiatex FINLAND /thrifted/; scarf - my grandmother's; earrings - a gift from my grandparents; bracelet - unknown.


    78 - Võrtsjärv, the largest lake within the boundaries of Estonia

    On the 23rd of October I and Erik made a little trip to explore Lake Võrtsjärv. Not considering Lake Peipsi on the Russian border, it surpasses all other Estonian lakes together by the surface area. The few islands are mostly located in the southern part of the lake: Tondisaar and Pähksaar (by the way, "saar" means "island" in Estonian) are permanent islands while Ainsaar turns into a peninsula during low water, and Heinassaar is flooded in high water periods.

    Although the weather was a bit rainy and intensely gloomy, we absolutely enjoyed our time there since it was still quite warm outside. Also I was charmed by the stillness and the sight where the smooth water and the cloudy sky imperceptibly joined. I finally had to recognize the beauty of fall. And the nearness of a lake or the sea gives me some kind of special, peaceful feeling.

    So, for an example we visited the Centre for Limnology. This research centre was launched in 1954 and it focuses on Estonian inland waters, the main task being the elaboration of scientific bases for economic utilisation and protection of Estonian inland water bodies. The station has its own port and from there we saw Tondisaar (means "Ghost Island" in Estonian) which is the little islet with an area of less than a hectare and it stretches some metres above the level of Lake Võrtsjärv. Ghost Island has offered shelter to those looking for solitude. Erik by the way is interested in visiting the tiny islet in the future but we'll see about that.
    Last but not least, I'm very pleased with the photos and hope you do enjoy my favourites. Be sure to tell me what you think.

    I was wearing: sweater - Guess; scarf, waist-belt, pants (Lindex), coat - all thrifted; boots - Gebok; earrings - Seppälä.