A beautiful sunset in February

Time has ticked away incredibly fast (while keeping our home in order, visiting my manicurist at last over two long months, planning my holidays for 2012, attending a professional workshop in Tartu, celebrating Shrove Tuesday events with my colleagues, doing some planting work etc. etc.) and I have had no proper opportunities to tell you about my recent shopping (or actually any other) news. So, it has been all about accessories and thrifting (and several new beauty products too, mainly from Oriflame...) when it comes to shopping.

When I mention accessories I mean earrings, leggings, socks, tights etc. The end of the sales has offered me several pleasantly cheap necessary goodies (some you'll see in this post, some later) which I don't feel like purchasing while the prices are whole.
And when I'm talking about thrifting there are two different main sections: thrifting in my hometown and free thrifting. The last time I was thrift shopping in my hometown I ended up with even five great items (four of those cost 1.- euro each and my most incredible find cost 6,50.- euros but it was brand-new!). I forgot to mention E. bought me a pair of Esprit jeans for 3,50.- euros from Tartu and that pair is so perfect for the (hopefully) soon arriving spring.

I think I'm not going to show all my newcomers right now since it simply would be too much at once but for an example you can see the knitted jacket I thrifted from my hometown for 1.- euro. It's utterly warm and cushy, so ideal for the cold Estonian winter.

My photos were taken near Lähte on the 18th of February when I and E. took a quick trip to Tartu because I was searching for a new pair of winter boots and hoped for the best to find that mystical pair. Reality looked slightly different and I discovered something called "my dream boots" which obviously were not proper winter boots but oh well, I couldn't help myself... However, you're going to see the new booties later since I have some additional outfit photos taken together with those cuties.
So, right now I hope you like the photos I've chosen to show you this time, and as always, be sure to let me know what you think because I love hearing from you! :)

I was wearing: button up blouse - Woolworths /thrifted/; knitted jacket - /thrifted/; leggings - Amisu; boots - Pertti Palmroth; earrings - Monton; watch - Rolex /thrifted/.

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Amusement Park

I have recently (or to be entirely honest, not so recently any more...) received two new blog awards, and to show my massive gratitude I'm making this quite teeny post. By the way, both awards have the same rules, so obviously I'm not going to double these here.
Anyhow, for a start I need to thank Virgit from Preppy Fashionist for the award set she has given me. Thank you, sweetheart!

And here are the rules for this and also the next award:
- Thank the person who sent you the award and add the link to her/his blog (done!);
- Write seven random things about yourself;
- Give the award to other 15 bloggers you love and tell them.

I guess you have already read too many facts about me lately but oh well, here it comes again:
- I don't believe in such thing as "love at first sight", I'm a realist.
- My taste in music can be seen here (feel free to add me if you also have an account!).
- My favourite TV shows right now are Pretty Little Liars, The Lying Game, The Secret Circle and The Vampire Diaries but together with E. I also watch Jersey Shore (ironically of course) and The Walking Dead.
- I almost always watch Pretty Little Liars, The Lying Game, The Secret Circle and The Vampire Diaries only while working out on my running machine.
- When I start cleaning my house everything must be perfect and I don't stop until it actually is.
- I disliked sports when I was a child but now I'm in love with workout.
- I'm not a fan of too childish and naive people.

Additionally I want to thank sweet Lyosha from Inside and Outside who gave me The Versatile Blogger award some time ago. I'm very grateful and happy to have it.

This time I'm not going to write seven random things about myself but I am going to show you seven random photos of me and my life. These photos originate from year 2006 and are chronologized (I - 16.03; II - 13.04, with American cocker spaniel Jenny who lives with my parents; III - 16.04; IV - 05.06; V - 15.07, in beautiful Norway; VI - 20.08; VII - 23.12, in front of my previous car). Enjoy! :)

And here are some (even exactly 15!) great blogs which receive The Versatile Blogger award from me... 
and guess what, guys?
I'm actually passing you both awards mentioned in this post!

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Glambox: veebruar

This post is about glambox which is a quite fresh Estonian subscription service where members receive a beautifully packaged gift box containing a mix of make-up, skincare, haircare, nail products and fragrance samples, based on their beauty profile. Each month's contents is a lovely surprise and will be a mix of various beauty items.
My review is in Estonian but you, dear foreign readers, can still browse the photos and definitely let me know if you have something similar in your country. And if you have, are you a fan and a subscriber?

19. veebruari õhtul saabus kauaoodatud sõnum uue glamboxi minuni jõudmise kohta. Läbi ülitiheda tuisuse lumesaju rühkisime Erikuga kesklinna, kuna ma lihtsalt pidin oma karbikese kohe kätte saama ja selle sisu avastama hakkama. Võin täiesti siiralt öelda, et areng võrreldes eelmise glamboxiga on silmnähtav, ja ma olin (ning olen endiselt) meeldivalt üllatunud ja põnevil.
Need, kes veel glamboxiga kursis ei ole, võivad lisaks uurida ka kodulehte ja minu jaanuarikuu glamboxi ülevaadet.

Niisiis, ka sel korral ei hakka ma ümber kirjutama iga mulle saadetud ilutoote tutvustust, kuna vastavat teavet võite lugeda fotolt. Aga siin on minu esmased muljed toodete kohta:
  • Bourjois Mini Effect 3D Lipgloss, 1,7 ml, toon disco purple - üks tervelt kolmest Bourjois' minitootest. Huuleläike värvus tundub vähemalt pakendis üsna kena, seega ootan huviga hetke, mil jõuan esimese katsetamiseni, et saada aimu ka läike püsivusest ja tekstuurist.
  • Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash gel, 15 ml - näopuhastusgeele mul palju ei ole, nii-et kindlasti leiab see pisike tuubike rakendust, aga iseasi, kas raatsin kohe ära kasutada või võtan kevadel reisile kaasa.
  • Bourjois Mini Nail enamel, 3 ml, toon nr 13 - minu jaoks täiuslik suurus, sest sõrmeküüsi ma ise ei laki ning varbaküüntele on see kogus pikaks ajaks täiesti piisav. Ja roosakad toonid ilumaailmas on alati armsad.
  • TIGI Bed Head Colour Combat Dumb Blonde Shampoo + Conditioner, 7 ml + 7 ml - teraapia triibutatud juustele, võitleb katkemise ja elutu värviga. Blondeerimise (ja üldse juuste värvimise) hülgasin eelmise aasta alguses, aga kerge triibutamine mulle istub, kui seda näiteks paar korda aastas teha. Kusjuures, tegelikult olen TIGI Dumb Blonde šampooni ja palsamit kunagi kauges minevikus kasutanud, ja tegemist oli üpris asjaliku kombinatsiooniga, nii-et ka need minipakendid tulevad minuga koos reisile.
  • Bourjois Mini Eyeshadow, 1,5 g, toon nr 51 - kolmas ehk seekord viimane Bourjois' minitoode, mis on tegelikult taaskord täiuslikus suuruses näiteks reisile kaasa võtmiseks (kavatsen Eestist minnes oma kohvrit minimaalselt kurnata, et ikka korralikult koha peal shopata saaks). Samuti olen rahul pruunikas-kuldse tooniga, kuna olen midagi sarnast ka eelnevalt kasutanud ning mulle meeldib.
  • Naturals Handmade Natural Bath Salt - vanni mul (veel) pole, aga jalavann ei ole üldse halb mõte, nii-et võtan selle kindlasti lähiajaks plaani... kes teab, äkki juba varsti saabuvaks pikaks nädalavahetuseks? Ausalt öeldes on see minu kodus esimene vannisool.
  • Éminence Organic Skin Care Blueberry Shimmer Body Lotion - tõenäoliselt jätan selle toote katsetamise kevadesse, mil võib paljaste säärtega ringi käia, ning kõnealune sädelus on kindlasti siis efektsem. Praegu võin aga öelda, et vähemalt lõhn on meeletult hea.

Pean ka ära mainima, et nagu lubatud, peitus minu karbikeses sel korral kaks Geisha šokolaadi, mis on väga armas žest. Lubadustest kinnipidamine igas elu valdkonnas on minu jaoks tohutult oluline.
Aga oli ka üks veidi negatiivsema tooniga üllatus/uudis: nimelt on glamboxi hinnaks edaspidi 9,95.- eurot, ning põhjenduses on muu hulgas mainitud postikulude tõusu. Minu jaoks on see arusaamatu, kuna Post24 pakiautomaat mu kodulinnas puudub, ja pean niikuinii postikulu eest täiendavalt tasuma. Milles siis väljendub nende klientide, kellel pole võimalik Post24 teenuseid kasutada, postikulude hinnatõus glamboxi hinna sees?

Samas paremate toodete pakkumise soov on igati tervitatav ja põhjendatud. Märtsikuu glamboxi pole ma veel ära tellinud, aga oma otsuse langetan juba õige pea, ning tegelikult olen glamboxi suhtes vägagi positiivselt häälestatud ja suutsin isegi muude ilutoodete soetamise miinimumini kahandada. Olen endiselt rõõmus, et Eestis midagi sellist saadaval on, ning loeksin huviga ka teiste Eesti blogijate veebruari glamboxi muljeid, nii-et andke teada, kui keegi on samal teemal midagi postitanud.


Icy Jägala Waterfall

On the 11th of February I decided to go for a nice ride with my parents. E. was away and I didn't feel like sitting at home neither running errands. So, in the first place we (or actually only I and my mom since dad stayed in the car) visited and admired the icy Jägala Waterfall (Estonian: Jägala juga) in Northern Estonia on Jägala River. This is the highest natural waterfall in Estonia with height about 8 meters. Over thousands of years the falling water has worn out the edge of the limestone banks and as a result a steep-sided valley about 300 meters long and 12-14 meters deep has been created. The oldest written information about a water mill (the beginning of the 13th century) derives from this place.

The waterfall is a peculiar sight to see in winter when the water mass frozen in cold weather becomes a glistening ice wall with large icicles. A tunnel surrounded in both sides by ice may be formed in between the ice hanging down from the edge of the waterfall and the wall of waterfall.
I also found some old photos taken in the same place in February 2006, now more than six years ago, so please don't mind my excessive Adidas admiration. At least I have always loved waterfalls.


   I was wearing: hat - Guess; sunnies - Prada; scarf - /thrifted/; coat - ICON /thrifted/; waist-belt - /thrifted/; gloves - random; jeans - Cherokee /thrifted/; boots - Pertti Palmroth; top - Next /thrifted/; sweater - Blend She.

Since the beautiful and picturesque Jägala Waterfall is situated not far from Tallinn, the capital and largest city of Estonia, we did some light shopping there. For an example I discovered a designer clothing brand called Karen Millen. It was founded in 1981 by Kevin Stanford and Karen Millen, and in 1983 they opened their first store in Kent. The company has continued to expand, and its global presence now stretches from the UK to Europe, Russia, Asia and Australia. Karen Millen produce 12 collections each season covering day, work, occasion and weekend wear.
My first Karen Millen item is a fierce pair of white wedges which used to cost 212.- euros but I got it for unbelievable 32.- euros. Now I just can't wait for the spring to wear those two fabulous beauties!

Additionally I bought a zoey m. light asymmetric denim blouse (originally it was 25,90.- euros but I payed 3,30.- euros) and a pretty fancy greenish dress from also zoey m. (it used to be 27,90.- euros but I payed 6,40.- euros) and a nice pair of classy gloves for 3,30.- euros as well. Now, I would call that a great success! By the way, the day before the trip I managed to do some quick thrifting in my hometown and got a sheer brown top and classy Zara pants for only 3.- euros. I also noticed all my freshest clothes are in colours very close to earth. It's probably a coincidence since I actually love bright colours as well!

Anyhow, I spent a great day with my mom and dad. We did some required shopping, ate at the Stockmann Café and I drank my favourite cocoa there - sometimes you don't need much to be happy.
I hope you like my photos, and as always, be sure to tell me what you think because I love hearing from you, my awesome followers and other readers :)

ps. How do you feel about a questions and answers post and the opportunity to ask me anything (i.e. more or less normal things of course)? You can leave your questions here in the comments if you're interested!


The colour of springtime is in the flowers; the colour of winter is in the imagination - Terri Guillemets

Hello hey! Recently it has been all about the cold weather records here in Estonia and especially in my hometown Jõgeva. For a pretty "pleasant" example there were minus thirty five degrees Celsius on Sunday morning. Therefore I'm utterly happy I own a car which makes it possible to go shopping even on frosty days like that. Sitting at home simply ain't my thing and I love road trips, so we headed towards Viljandi on Saturday morning. For my foreign readers' information: Viljandi is a town and municipality in southern Estonia with a population of 19 150 (2011). It is the capital of Viljandi County.

Anyhow, the traffic was pretty thin and we only saw a few cars throughout our drive to Viljandi. And I was scouting around for a new pair of winter boots but ended up with two knitted tops from a cool thrift store. Now I need warmer weather to wear my cute newcomers but hey, spring will arrive already on the 20th of March!
On our way back we stopped in Põltsamaa to take my sunny photos and also to do some grocery shopping. To be honest with you, it was not that cold actually. There is no such thing as "bad weather", just the "wrong clothes", so dress warmly to stay cushy!

Oh, I also needed to purchase two new beauty products:
1. "Puhas Loodus" Cleansing and Toning Facial Toner Sea-buckthorn for normal and combined skin -
extracts of sea-buckthorn, celandine and calendula tone the facial skin with vitamins, stimulate natural renewal of skin cells and healing of micro-wounds; provide an anti-inflammatory effect. Menthol has a pleasant cooling effect on the skin and leaves it refreshed.

It's from an Estonian company called Orto and "Puhas Loodus" means "Pure Nature" in English. Key components of the "Puhas Loodus" cosmetic range are carefully selected herbs. I have previously used several of their face cleansing and toning products and also hair care products. The facial toner sea-buckthorn cost 2,68.- euros, so it's absolutely affordable too. I'm going to start using it straightaway after my current "Puhas Loodus" Toning and Balancing Non-Alcohol Facial Toner with apple extract and milk proteins For all skin types runs out (and this will probably happen already today).

2. Russian vitamin serum for hair to strengthen and improve growth -
vitamin B1 recovers hair structure, vitamin B6 decelerates the aging of cells, vitamin H strengthens and improves hair growth. Dog rose oil microlotion also accelerates hair growth.
I have used the product twice after washing and drying (not blow-drying) my hair. I have to admit the smell is so amazingly good and the spray adds nice shine to my hair. The vitamin serum cost 3,77.- euros and at least my first impression is utterly enthusiastic though initially I was pretty hesitant.
Have any of you tryed those two products?
Well, I hope you enjoy the photos (and everything else) and be always sure to let me know what you think! :)