The colour of springtime is in the flowers; the colour of winter is in the imagination - Terri Guillemets

Hello hey! Recently it has been all about the cold weather records here in Estonia and especially in my hometown Jõgeva. For a pretty "pleasant" example there were minus thirty five degrees Celsius on Sunday morning. Therefore I'm utterly happy I own a car which makes it possible to go shopping even on frosty days like that. Sitting at home simply ain't my thing and I love road trips, so we headed towards Viljandi on Saturday morning. For my foreign readers' information: Viljandi is a town and municipality in southern Estonia with a population of 19 150 (2011). It is the capital of Viljandi County.

Anyhow, the traffic was pretty thin and we only saw a few cars throughout our drive to Viljandi. And I was scouting around for a new pair of winter boots but ended up with two knitted tops from a cool thrift store. Now I need warmer weather to wear my cute newcomers but hey, spring will arrive already on the 20th of March!
On our way back we stopped in Põltsamaa to take my sunny photos and also to do some grocery shopping. To be honest with you, it was not that cold actually. There is no such thing as "bad weather", just the "wrong clothes", so dress warmly to stay cushy!

Oh, I also needed to purchase two new beauty products:
1. "Puhas Loodus" Cleansing and Toning Facial Toner Sea-buckthorn for normal and combined skin -
extracts of sea-buckthorn, celandine and calendula tone the facial skin with vitamins, stimulate natural renewal of skin cells and healing of micro-wounds; provide an anti-inflammatory effect. Menthol has a pleasant cooling effect on the skin and leaves it refreshed.

It's from an Estonian company called Orto and "Puhas Loodus" means "Pure Nature" in English. Key components of the "Puhas Loodus" cosmetic range are carefully selected herbs. I have previously used several of their face cleansing and toning products and also hair care products. The facial toner sea-buckthorn cost 2,68.- euros, so it's absolutely affordable too. I'm going to start using it straightaway after my current "Puhas Loodus" Toning and Balancing Non-Alcohol Facial Toner with apple extract and milk proteins For all skin types runs out (and this will probably happen already today).

2. Russian vitamin serum for hair to strengthen and improve growth -
vitamin B1 recovers hair structure, vitamin B6 decelerates the aging of cells, vitamin H strengthens and improves hair growth. Dog rose oil microlotion also accelerates hair growth.
I have used the product twice after washing and drying (not blow-drying) my hair. I have to admit the smell is so amazingly good and the spray adds nice shine to my hair. The vitamin serum cost 3,77.- euros and at least my first impression is utterly enthusiastic though initially I was pretty hesitant.
Have any of you tryed those two products?
Well, I hope you enjoy the photos (and everything else) and be always sure to let me know what you think! :)


  1. oh, your black & white photographs! nice detailing on your sweater, & pretty pink necklace. it's true about the wrong clothes & the weather.

  2. tõsi ta on, et kogu teema keerleb viimasel ajal ainult selle külma ümber. veits naljakas on see vingumine igal aastal - nagu esimest talve viibiksid Eestis :D minu jaoks isiklikult ei olegi vist ilusamat ilma, kui a'la miinus 30 + päike. no täiesti fantastiliselt ilus! linnas tunneb küll pigem külma, aga just kuskil metsa vahel jalutada on nii mõnus sellise ilmaga :)

  3. -35 degrees. o__O That is amazing. How do you guys survive? I find it pretty cool that theirs a town thats so small. Especially since I live in NYC which has one of if not the largest state in the U.S.

    BTW: Those white sweaters are really cute.

    Piksty :-)

  4. Aw those tops are so sweet,and I love the one your wearing,with the cute belt,so sweet.Beautiful details too.
    -35 what the?! My gosh I could not imagine being in such cold weather,least you can wrap up warm with those cute new tops :D
    Thanks so much for your sweet comment,always cheers me up when Im stressing about so much coursework! :D
    I hope your well and are having a lovely,relaxing week x

  5. OMG i am not sure i would be able to leave house under those circumstances, i mean that's not cold, that's freezing cold. and imagine that i complain about the weather we have here which is 5 degrees.

  6. Anonymous7/2/12 23:24

    You look absolutely stunning Miss. I am loving that inside ensemble! Particularly that cute pink scarf! Magnifique! Thank you for your lovely comments- btw I would really like your blog button so I can promote you! Kisses, Barbie xxx

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  8. beautiful photos :)


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  9. Thank You, for the lovely comment on my blog.
    -35c to cold Love the sweater. Love the photos. Beautiful winter photos.

  10. Great layering! Love the sweater as well, cosy and stylish!

  11. ah love the top maiken! i love knitwear lately :3 and good sunnies! *kiss*

  12. No, I hadn't even heard of those products. Maybe they don't sell in the US? You look great by the way - really love the color of that scarf!


  13. I would like to be in place with snow at the moment i don't even know why maybe after looking at your pictures haha :D
    You look pretty in this simple/warm outfit and I think you're right everything in the clothes you wear!!
    I love the picture of the sunset btw :)

  14. Beautiful pics !!

    Great blog, would you like to follow each other :)?
    xxx -S.

  15. LOVE that top with the colorful striped collar! So cute!! :)

  16. Those products seem nice!

    You have a cute knit too, really nice look :)
    Thanks for the comment dear, I'll try to remember to let you know IF I ever sell the vest ;D

    Have a great day,

    - Indie by Heart

  17. I love your purchases especially the white top, and I love your outfit too, it looks so warm and comfy!

    -35 degrees is freezing! I don't think I've ever experienced that kind of cold before! xo


  18. Love it all. http://paquetevistasbien.blogspot.com

  19. I am amazed at how you managed to still look so gorgeous under this -35degrees freezing cold weather. We are like on the opposites of the earth. The weather yesterday was 33 degrees here. I like your pictures, always so beautiful, especially the outdoor ones. The first one looks awesome. I like your layering. It's not easy to look good with such thick clothing but I think you definitely did a fabulous job with the colors and textures! And thanks for the products review.


  20. Stunning photos (as always) and I love the shirt with the colourful collar- so cute!

  21. Great shots! Love the layering, so comfy and chic. The lavender pop color really suits the outfit.
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  22. today is snowing in NY too!! I hope to wake up tomorrow on a white morning so I wont get to work..haha:P
    and btw!! love the beige sweater !!! xx


  23. i cant imagine how cold it is there! road trips sound like an amazing way to distract yourself from the freezing cold :) hope you are well and are keeping warm :)

    love, jamie

  24. me too always love your post and your picture always lovely ;3 hopefully we can meet each other one day *whoops* hahaha ;p

  25. Hi sweetie,

    Thanks for your comment. You words make me happy, every single time <3

    It's been really cold here too, -30,9 degrees Celcius. I'm really happy to own a car too, I wouldn't move anywhere without it in the freezing cold !

    I love the sweater you're wearing, it looks gorgeous with the leather belt !

    I'm so happy to know that you use natural products, too. Have you tried Nuxe? It's a French brand (albeit a lot more expensive than the three euros you paid for the Puhas Loodus-product), their cleansing honey is my absolute favourite !

    Hope you're well,


  26. Love your white cardigan! Have a great day!


  27. hello dear. it's def too cold, -35...omg!
    at the moment here's only -7!
    beautiful pictures. the landscape is wonderful.
    and the sun-picture is my favourite!
    wish you a wonderful day. have fun.
    maren anita

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  28. I like you look!!
    You lives in a wonderful country!!
    Kisses Saleem

  29. Thank you Maiken! ^^
    I made myself hungry too, while answering to comments at the bottom of that post! :D

    That 1st, short sleeved white sweater looks really lovely too. Nice that you have so many photos in each post, that I can come back to reply and find new things to say ^^

    By the way: My stepfather is taking (this might go wrong but I'll try:) Eestin keele kursus !
    I don't have a clue what he says:D He's just learning basics, but he visits Estonia a lot and has friends there so it's useful. :)

    Indie by Heart

  30. Anonymous9/2/12 20:03

    I love the beauty products you've bought. And the knit you are wearing looks so good on you! So pretty you are!!

  31. pretty pieces!


  32. Always great. Wow, that photo is amazing !


  33. Negative anything sounds cold to md lol. I love your saying no such thing as bad weather just the wrong clothes and this is very true my friend.

    Amazing photos as usual I thing it's your talent and gift. I love,love,LOVE your knit sweater and your poses are always cute.

  34. superb pics!!! who took it? love the black and white effect on the other pics... you are as pretty as ever... love love love the knitted jacket so much!!! kisses!!!

  35. -35degrees!!! Omg, and you still manage to dress awesome, that's fabulous, dear! :)

    .Le Reveur.

  36. Anonymous10/2/12 11:43

    I am so jealous of your white winter! I wish it would snow here in LA haha. Anyways, I so agree with you. Having a car is such a good thing. I don't like staying at home either. I'd rather be outside having an adventure!

    I am a fan of knitted tops so I like the white one you bought and the Russian vitamin serum sounds amazing! If only I can find that product here in the States. Maybe I'll search for it. Once again, I am loving the belt you're rocking in these photos. <3

    P.S. I'm glad you enjoyed my book review! Your comment seriously made my day so thank you. I'll definitely do more of that. :)

    Lots of love, B
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee
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  37. gorgeous photos, m! your poses are awesome... love your long legs!

    that is a fabulous white jacket. you are such a pretty girl. :) enjoyy your wknd!


  38. Haha! Pretty fun to see Russian products in a foreign blog:) I'm happy that you liked it! Cool to read about your hair products. I'm obsessed with my hair and maniacally collect all info and tips with reafrds to hair.
    Gosh -35!!! I'm barely coping with -10! Oh I HATE winter and NEVER ever could get all that fuss about "how much fun" winter is! nonsence!
    But you are a brave girl posting with your jacket open when it's -35!;)
    Hun, thanks for your comment! i've answered on your question on my blog:)




  39. my darling how are you outside in that weather!! we get -15 C here often but most of the time it's not a dry bone chilling cold. the air is really wet. and I still take my pictures inside! more power to you, girl. :D I LOVE your outfit. it's gorgeous. the cream sweater is great.
    I Can Be Many Things

  40. Thank you ♥!

    Love the knitwear with the belt, so cuute ! :)

  41. youre great- lovely look- your header is so nice ,)
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling
    visit <3

  42. i think the sweater with the leather belt over it looks great! i want to try it!
    oh and those product look awesome.


  43. Fantastic cover.

  44. Great find on those two tops! I really love the first one! It always amazes me how different the weather can be between areas of the world... love your boots!!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

    CAKED Vintage

  45. Love your belted cardigan! It looks so good!



  46. Love the boots! =)


  47. Gorgeous shots.
    I LOVE your cardi, it looks great belted too <3

  48. I'm liking your winter jacket and boots! Black and white really looks good :)

  49. hello dear.
    i've commentated this post before, but i want to say it again:
    i love your snow pictures!
    wish you a wonderful sunday.
    maren anita

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  50. In love with your snow pictures sweetie so glad you take them for uss when it is over there minus thirty five degrees Celsius love your beauty treatments as well only wish I could find them over here, Viljandi looks like an amazing place to visit love snow have a wonderful sunday sweetie

  51. Love your outfit! :) It looks really great! :) Best wishes from Germany

  52. Ok, so now I officially stop complaining about the weather in Slovakia, -15 still looks quite mild compared to what you are having :) I admire your ability to stay stylish in this freezing cold weather!
    Happy Monday!

    xx Ivana

    Stop by sometimes :)
    Macarons and Pearls

  53. Anonymous13/2/12 14:41

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  54. Really nice embroidery on your top - so delicate!

    Hope you're having a wonderful day!

  55. i love your boots and sweater dear, you look so adorable and beautiful! <3


  56. Thank you Maiken! ^^
    I think I've eaten at Carrolls restaurants only once or twice, since there isn't any in my hometown. I could also recommend chains like Memphis or Chico's for you & friend to visit! :) I miss Helsinki, my sister lives there. I've visited her 2 times this year already, but didn't have the chance to go shopping to the city centre or Ikea - too bad!

    Indie by Heart

  57. LOVE this sweater, you look amazing as always! Also the opening black & white shot is awesome!
    Dressology HQ

  58. You look amazing..love the sweater!! I hate staying home too but I feel cold all the time and can't take snowy weather.

    Heel in Mint



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  61. God! So cold! poor you! We had the tops this year with 29 and it was sooo crazy (it's still -19 so I'm still praying for warm). Love the products reveiw, thanks for sharing, dear!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  62. lovely pics and great post! enjoyed your blog...

    hope you could visit my blog too...



  63. lovely !

    have you seen my new blogpost ?

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    Happy Valentines Day

  65. Aww thank you!

    Happy Valentine's Day to you too!
    (Hyvää Ystävänpäivää!;)

    Oh no, that's really bad luck. Hmm one thing to do is to check the bracelets before using; I often notice that the hoops or rings of jewellery, that keep parts together, can be little bit "open".. Hard to ecplain, but easy to fix with tongs or something.

    Indie by Heart

  66. Happy Valentine's Day!


  67. Happy Valentines <3 Hope your both having a lovely day x

    Thanks for your comment,I really apreciate it,i know, though its hard to do so,its best to take as much out of the experience as possible and learn from it,instead of dwelling on not winning,easier said than done :D I have a great body of work to add to my portfolio so im happy anyways :D

    Look forward to your next lovely post x

  68. I wish it'd snow here!!! Or at least I hope I went to a place where it snows, just so I can have the same fun experiences as you did :P

  69. happy valentines day!
    xo jamie

  70. Great post, cute knitted jumper!


    Sophia X

  71. love that thrifted sweater! you put it together perfectly!