Livin' my life like it's golden

So, another sort of old outfit from me, descending from the 17th of March but I promised to introduce you my freshest golden item from Mac Scott. I think next time I'm going to wear that blouse (or a light jacket, as I already called it here) without shoulder pads to see and feel the difference. Personally I don't mind wearing blazers or blouses with shoulder pads but I know there are some girls who rather dislike those soft pillow-like figures. Ladies, how do you feel about shoulder pads? What are your experiences so far?

Additionally you can see some of my most recent purchases. Those black leather-like pants from Lindex are thrifted and cost 2.- euros. Together with the pants I snatched a pair of vintage Diorella Ultra tights (colour: rosso) from Christian Dior which cost only 0,50.- euros (ridiculous, right?). The gorgeous green tank top is from Kids by Lindex and it was less than 4.- euros though it's not thrifted.

I also ordered from Dermoshop several weeks ago and you can see what I got:
* Gift Kit Sauna (Facial Mask, 60 ml + Hair Mask, 125 ml + Gift package);
* Moisturizing Hair Treatment, 200 ml;
* Leave-in Spray Conditioner, 150 ml - I forgot to photograph it this time but my review in Estonian and photo from the last time are located here;
* Skin Comfort Firming Mask, 60 ml;
* mini Aloe Gel, 40 ml;
+ free bonus products:
* Deo Roll-On Red Orange, 75 ml;
* Hand Cream Walnut, 50 ml.

If you're interested in any of those products, just let me know and I can write some reviews and share my opinion. For the time being I have to report my two bonus products for example are really efficient! I'm in love with that hand cream. The cream contains walnut extract that supports skin's natural protective functions and is working actively to protect against skin's premature aging and the onset of wrinkles. The other active ingredients of the cream include glycerine, vitamin E, allantoin and ginger extract. I love the smell and the texture, also that cute little tube.
During cold rainy windy autumn and freezing icy snowy winter I use my hand cream(s) almost every single day, so it's really important to own some effective little helpers to keep my hands silky smooth and healthy.

All in all I hope you like the photos, and as always, be sure to let me know what do you think because I love hearing from you!

I was wearing: golden blouse - Mac Scott; white top - Guess; DIY shorts - vintage Armani Jeans /thrifted/; heart tights - Lindex; boots - Tamaris; necklace - O'Neill.

ps. One of my best blogger friends Emmanuella has featured me in her awesome blog It's an ordinary girl's life. To check that post and Emma's blog out, click here!


  1. ooohhh supeer outfit, varsti on ilmad nii soojad ka juba, et saab ilma jopeta käia :)
    ma ise oman vist ainult üht shoulder padidega pluusi...mul pole väga laiad õlad, aga ma arvan et need sobivad ainult peenikestele inimestele, nagu sina...
    kui ma vb alla võtaks, siis kannaks toda pluusi :D

  2. i like those shoulder pads, they definitely give your blazer a nice lift, looks dressy and edgy with the rest of your outfit. It's a great idea to wear the long blazer with shorts and boots. Fabulous styling. Nice photos as always :-) I like the vintage effect on the photos.


  3. minul on siuke nii ja naa suhtumine. pluusidel mulle üldiselt ei meeldi. mingi tõeliselt erilise lõike puhul ehk ja muidugi siis, kui pluus on täpselt õige suurus, sest muidu teevad need lihtsalt õlad veits laiaks ja naistel pole eriti kena. samas pintsakut ei kujutaks eriti ettegi ilma, annab kohe sellise toekuse. aga jah, siis peab lõige enam-vähem taljesse olema mu meelest. siis mulle meeldib.
    lasteosakonnas shoppamine on parim, kas pole? :D saab ikka hoopis soodsamalt riideid soetada. oleks jalanumber ka veel 36, siis oleks super - ilusaid kingi saaks peaaegu tasuta. pisikesed jalad on üleüldse nunnud mu arvates.
    ja väga-väga armas soeng on sul! :)

  4. I so like the vintage effect on the photo's! they look truly amazing! Totally, totally love them!
    You look great as you always do dear Maiken!:) Love your beautiful necklace and the tights in the little hearts! they are so cute!




  5. Drift store finds - the best!


  6. maiken, how cute are you in your fun outfit with the shorts & polka dot tights! i adore it. fun necklace. i bet you're excited to wear your new things. congrats on the blog feature. i'll check it out. :)

  7. You know the greatest deals I swear! Your photos are as usual nice and the way you're wearing this blazer is very stylish, looking great on you!
    We'll sure gonna thrift together, I'm glad I met you and I'm happy to have put a smile on your face when you were having a tough day with this post, you don't need to thank me it was my pleasure, thank you for being true :)

  8. I love those shorts!!! The pyramid studs are awesome and shoulder pads...I don't know. They're a bit 80s for my taste but then again...vintage is always haute in the blog world! Those products are definitely not available in the US but I'm always interested in reading products available around the world :)

  9. Sometimes I can live with shoulder pads, other times, not so much. It usually depends on how big they are! I think that looks gorgeous on you and I love the golden color. I am also a big fan of he polka dot tights.


  10. Id love to see the featherd earrings you have just bought,sound lovely.
    Love the studs on your shorts,I love anything with studs on,super cool.
    You really have an eye for a bargain and gorgeous fashion,I cant believe the price of those Dior tights and those amazing leather trousers!
    That blouse is stunning,I love the fabric and the shape,so unusual and unique.

    I hope you are well and are having a lovely week x

  11. So pretty!

    PS. We’ve a Giveaway to Emerging Thoughts on our blog, check it out if you'd like! :)

    ox from NYC!


  12. I like your tights!! X

  13. I really love this blazer! I'm not a big fan of shoulder pads but sometimes they really give it a great shape. Have a great weekend!xoxo


  14. I love your new pair of jeans and your outfit is amazing! I love the studded shorts, polka dotted tights and funky necklace!

  15. Frankly I am neutral when it comes to anything with shoulder pads. I don't particularly hate them but at the same time I don't particularly like them either. xD You do pull them off quite well however. The tights and pants might as well have been robbery with those prices haha! Nice find!

  16. love those tights!


  17. I love shoulder pads on you. You pull this off beautifully. Great shorts. Dawn Suitcase vignettes xo

  18. love the detail of your shorts :)


  19. One of my favourite outfits you have worn, I love the colour of your blazer and the printed tights :)! Personally I have quite broad shoulders so I don't usually wear shoulder pads, but I like them on other people :) xx


  20. I agree with Sarah, this is one of my favourite outfits too ! The green blazer is gorgeous on you !

    Hope you're having the best weekend ever.

    Kisses !


    PS The dermosil products are soooo precious! I used to order them a lot too, the moisturizers are perfect.

  21. ahh! those tights are awesome ;-) and your golden jacket is driving me insane because it's so amazing and i want it! hope youre having a good weekend hun!

    x james

  22. Wow, aren't you cold? But whatever! I love your outfit!

  23. I LOVE that you are wearing shorts in the snow!!! You're such a hottie. LOVE the colour of your blazer (and nope, I ALWAYS take out shoulder pads). I've inherited broad shoulders (Olympian swimmers...seriously!) and I don't need any extra in that area!! Ha! REally love that necklace.
    Dressology HQ

  24. Love your outfit! Your tights are so cute!


  25. I love the picture effects that you use! I am now a follower btw :)


  26. I am loving your necklace..

    lovely outfit though..those shoulder pads were such necessity in my life, need to bring them back..
    lovely jacket..


  27. so pretty! I cant believe your standing on ice.. that is SO cool!! I love your necklace..so cute!! :) xkim

  28. Hey :)

    Really cute outfit! And I love shoulder pads - they are so perfectly 80's. I also adore your tights and your necklace. Love the bit on Emma's blog about you! Totally agree with everything she put - especially your beautiful photography! Hope you are having a great weekend!


  29. cute outfit, the shorts are really cool :)


  30. Cool purchases!
    I like your mustard blazer :D

    Kisses xx

  31. AMAZING shorts! Love love love them, you look amazing!


  32. In love with your look dear your jacket and tights are so pretty so gossip girl style I own the heart tights and I must say That I even bought 2 pair more as a back up cause they are so cute have a great week dear kisses

  33. that jacket looks awesome on you! you look great with shoulder pads. i on the other hand look terrible with shoulder pads because i have quite broad shoulders :)


  34. I love the jeans and studded shorts!


  35. I LOVE shoulder paddsss!! I even add them to jackets that aren't supposed to have them haha. You look stunning. LOVE the colour of that jacket/cardi!

    Couture Caddy

  36. love your jacket and necklace! very fun outfit! I don't know but it sooo put a smile my face on!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  37. Such a cute necklace! :D

  38. Cute! Love your necklace and tights. :)

  39. I had to take the shoulder pads off from one short jacket because they made me look wider, like Y-shaped. Or like I was a professional swimmer or something! They look nice on girls who don't have wide shoulders already (A or pear shaped), that way they become more "hour glass".

    Thank you so much for all the lovely comments :) Sorry I haven't had the chance / time to reply sooner. I'm feeling ok, only bit runny nose. I haven't had flue yet, so this was presumed to happen sometime during winter.. Yep it's snowing again here too! I was already looking forward to wearing shorts with tights, then without them - but no! :D

    I'm glad you like seeing / reading about my home. It's my constant "playground", just like my blog. Constantly work in progress, I might be never ready or satisfied. But that's just fun, too.

    I hope you had a great weekend! ^^ I put photos from my dad's place on the computer today and showing them soon.

    Have a lovely Monday,

    - Indie by Heart

  40. GOD!!! I'm in loooooove with your shorts!!!! really cool
    and paired with those tights is a great choice :D


  41. omg you look so adorable! thanks for commenting on my blog!


  42. Thank you for your lovely comments on my page! I love your pictures! I can see how much it has been snowing in Estonia!


  43. I love Dior products, and I love that blazer you are wearing!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  44. My mom, a child of the 80s, loved shoulder pads and lead me to hate them in my youth. But I think they're actually okay now. Just have to find the right place for them. (Obviously on your shoulders, but as a part of the right clothes.)

  45. Anonymous3/4/12 11:53

    Gahhh, I just love haul posts! You got awesome stuff. I'm really digging the red tights. I also agree with you when it comes to hand lotions. It's important to have one that works!

    As for the shoulder pads, I'm neutral. I think they can look fabulous depending on how you wear them. Lastly, congrats on the feature! :)

    P.S. Thanks for supporting my blog, love!

    Lots of love, B
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee
    Fox House Giveaway

  46. aaaa love the outfit!!!!! IM IN LOVE with your jacket!!!!!❤❤



  47. I love the photos black and white!!! beautiful outfit!!!
    Have a nice day!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  48. beautiful outfit as usual... i'll check Emma's blog!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  49. awwwwhhhh love your outfit !so cute!

    Emmy is so adorable, love her post!

  50. Hello, I just started a blog. I wonder if you have time to go and become a member if it pleases you.

  51. Thank youuu ♥

    Love this outfit, the short & tights are great !:D