Questions & Answers: part three + Oriflame haul

Finally I gave answers to the remaining questions, to be specific, fourteen questions in all. So, I hope everyone got their answers now and you find something interesting from the post.

I'm also posting rather old (from the end of February) photos of my latest Oriflame haul. I got:
* Milk & Honey Gold Shampoo and Milk & Honey Gold Conditioner - my review about those two is located here. By the way, I repurchase only the best products, so this was a direct hint ;)
* Pure Colour Floral Nail Polish in Cherry Red - I haven't tried this yet but it's for my toenails;
* My very first apron in perfect colour;
* Alexa Earrings - love those;
* Triple Core Lipstick Trend Edition in Coral Trend - inspired by wild flowers in nature and graphic petals on the catwalk alike, the limited edition of unique Triple Core Lipstick embraces spring trends with 5 new bold shades, each encased in an exclusively created floral design.
I haven't used it very often but I love the stylish package and the Coral Trend shade as well. In my opinion the lipstick could be slightly more moisturizing though. I guess we'll see what kind of relationship this precisely will be. By the way, I was wearing my Triple Core Lipstick Trend Edition and Alexa Earrings in the latest outfit post and I'm adding a photo here as well.
* Very Me Heartbreaker Eye Pencil in Turquoise Rocks - pencil in three gorgeous shades and packaging with attitude. Perfect for your inner and outer lash lines. It's too soon to say anything reliable about this since I've tryed it only twice but I do love the fierce colour.

Anyway, here are my answers to your questions, so jump right in!

How do I get a stomach like that?
I guess the correct answer is "crunch exercises" which are the most common abdominal exercises to tone your rectus abdominis muscle.
My so called training programme also contains a running machine, an elliptical trainer and exercises with dumbbells. When I don't feel like working out inside the house I'll take a long walk together with my mother and Elvis or with only one of them (+crunch exercises afterwards). Mostly in summer I roller-skate and run as well.

The most important thing is I work out when I want to, not because I have to! And I'm happy with my toned body and strength. I also enjoy manual work. By the way, I love good food as well!

Where do you find so affordable pieces?
I find affordable pieces from everywhere I shop, i.e. from completely random stores, online, outlets, shopping centres, thrift stores and so on. I have set rather strong borderlines and don't spend my money mindlessly. For example by rule of thumb I don't purchase full priced clothes from Lindex, New Yorker, Seppälä... it's just pointless in my opinion. Majority of my clothes are thrifted and from time to time I reward myself with something expensive and high-quality, something from Guess for an example. (Seasonal) discounts and thrift stores are my favourites though.

Would like to know more about where you live.
Jõgeva is a small town in Estonia, with a population of around 6000 people. It is the administrative centre of Jõgeva County and it's situated on the right shore of Pedja River which flows through the city from north to south. Parallel with the river is the Tallinn-Tartu railway line.

History. Jõgeva became a town in 1938 but during the Second World War nearly 60% of the town was destroyed. During the Soviet occupation in Estonia Jõgeva became an important administrative centre with several big industries. Many new administrative, commercial and residential buildings were erected at that time.

Interesting facts. Jõgeva is also known as the coldest place in Estonia with the lowest temperature of -43,5°C.
Jõgevatreff, an annual bikers reunion, takes place in July and the culmination of the event is the parade of the bikers through the town. In August, the annual Garlic Festival is held. Jõgeva is also regarded as the head quarters of the Estonian Santa Claus.
Jõgeva is twinned with Kaarina and Keuruu in Finland and Karlstad in Sweden.

What does a project manager do?
I wrote about my job here but one of the most important obligations is the lead-through of public procurements and all other types of procurements. Also putting together procurement plans and dealing with payments and accounting. I have to participate in various meetings as well. Honestly it is impossible to list everything I have to do.

What kind of camera do you use?
I use Olympus E-520 for my photos.

What's the craziest thing you ever done? Or would like to do?
I guess the craziest thing was getting my first tattoo in 2006 and also flying to Crete island for the first time in 2009 although I promised not to fly anywhere in my whole life (because the plane could fall down, you know).

Name a designer/brand you would never ever wear and why?
There is no such designer/brand I would never ever wear. Never say never... for an example look what happened with my promise not to fly even once in my whole life!

What's your guilty pleasure?
My guilty pleasures are all things gorgeous, delicious food, photography, pleasurable workout, road trips, strawberries, sun, thrifting, travelling...

Who are your inspirations of blogging?
My inspirations of blogging are almost everybody whose blog I'm reading and enjoying. No-one specific.

What are your pet peeves?
My pet peeves are babblers, lack of education and annoying people.

A place where you would live if you had the opportunity to?
I honestly can't name such place right now because my home is here in Jõgeva, I have a car and the opportunities to travel and drive wherever I want to. I have lived elsewhere but it didn't actually work for me and I didn't enjoy the apartment life. It's just not meant for me.

Which products do you use to keep your hair in such a perfect condition?
I photographed the products I use to keep my hair in such condition. Don't know how perfect the condition is but mostly I'm quite happy with it.
So, I have two sets of products for washing my hair: one for the sauna and the other for using in the shower. The third photo stands for the products I use after washing my hair. I don't use hair-driers!! By the way, I comb my hair only after washing them, i.e. usually after every two days and while it's still moist.

What fashion decade is your favourite and why?
I don't have a certain favourite fashion decade, I don't follow trends and I wear absolutely everything I want to, whenever I want to. I'm sure every decade has something interesting and timeless to offer.

What is The Lying Game like?
You can read about The Lying Game here. Unfortunately the first season ended and ABC Family hasn't announced anything specific about starting the second one. I really wish there will be a second season as well. You should definitely give The Lying Game a try because it's enchanting!


  1. Was fun getting to know more about you and oh I would like to visit your city someday. I'm currently studying business management I think I can work as a project manager too it seems interesting. What qualifications do you have?
    Btw could you send me an email with maximum 12 photos of your choice?

    1. My email address manessa16@gmail.com

  2. Great Q&A!!! I love your leopard paired with light blue - so fab!


  3. Anonymous19/3/12 13:24

    I absolutely love and look very forward to your work always beautiful Maiken! Kisses, Barbie xxx

  4. That lipstick is such a pretty color, I'm loving coral right now for spring :)

  5. it's fun to read all your answers. You are so adventurous to use such a wide range of products, I am very boring, I stick to only one or two brands. I like your sparkly earrings too. It's nice to know more about your country, such a beautiful place ..always enjoy the pictures on your blog. Now I know how you get such a flat stomach...haha...you're so disciplined!


  6. Nice answers dear. I love your lipstick color, RED is totally awesome..
    And I do really want to visit your place, Jõgeva sounds lovely, I wanna experience living in a cold weathered country since mine are kinda hot and humid.. :(

    .Le Reveur.

  7. Aw I love this post, such great questions, and lovely interesting answers. I love your answer to 'what fashion decade is your favourite and why?' Its great your so unique, and have your own style and identity, not following trends, wearing what you like and makeing your own trends.

    Loved reading this.I hope you are well and are having a lovely Monday :)

  8. omg dear im drooling over your leopard top and sunnies! i used oriflame for lipgloss and nail polish , they are awesomee. nice revieww <3


  9. we have the same guilty pleasure ;p thanks for your caring on my post ;)

  10. maiken, this post makes me smile. you sound very healthy. i like how you wear whatever you want. i didn't realize how cold it is in your town. i chuckled when you said the plane might fall down, & so much for saying never. ;)

  11. Is Triple Core Lipstick nice? I intend to buy it, but I don't know why I hesitated...
    Those Oriflame goodies are amazing :)



  12. oh, ma olen alati mõelnud et kuidas sa niihead figuuri hoiad :)
    aga miks sa lennata ei tahtnud kunagi? :P

  13. I always enjoy reading these types of posts Maikeni :) I am glad you got on a plane to go to Italy, and here's to many more trips because I know you must enjoy traveleing! You got some great items to replenish your beauty supply!

  14. Really like those fabulous earrings! Your new header is looking great!
    hugs from New York,
    Ask Erena
    P.S. See what is new in my shop:-)

  15. I love the colour of your new lipstick and nail polish! Your workout regime sounds similar to mine but I don't have such a great stomach as you!

  16. It was great learning more about you! I am loving that color of lipstick you got!


  17. I use tipi products too and they are so good for my hair :) kisses sweetie! :X

  18. Red is my favorite nail color ever!


  19. nice facts, my dear <3 i also like what i wear, no trend.
    only the things i love to wear.
    in these pictures i can see your blue blazer again,
    it's fantastic.
    lovely greets and kisses
    maren anita

    Please have a look at my GIVEAWAY:

    YSL lipstick & Nelly leather bracelet

  20. lovely post! great selection :) would u maybe like to follow each other? this would be awesome :)

  21. Im interested in getting a turquoise eye pencil, will have to try that one!!

  22. I like those ba-blings ba-blings, they shine! Haha! OMG I don't think I can last long doing morning crunches. That's why you have flat stomach and I don't. Haha! Nice job :)

  23. Anonymous20/3/12 18:12

    This not only targets muscles that you would never use in forward motion but again, it will make the body work harder, as it is a much harder exercise to perform. For those lucky enough to have abdominal exercise machines with an incline setting, this can be the killer of all exercises to lose weight quickly.

  24. Hello dear! It was really really fun to read about you, to get to know you better! I think it was a great idea of yours to make this " questions-answers" post! I got the feeling now that we sat together with a cup of tea and was bubbling for a few hours!Wouldn't it be nice?!:)hehe
    And thanks for asking my question about your hair routine. It was definitely useful and nice to read! And wow! You don't blow dry your hair! That's very healthy! I'm just tooo lazy for this;))hehe




  25. Anonymous20/3/12 22:14

    i like your sunglasses

    would you like to follow each other?

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  27. I've enjoyed all of these question and answer posts so much, it's wonderful to get to more about you in this way - Jogeva has similar temperatures to the city where I grew up, and I have to say I admire you for being able to take so many outfit photos in such cold weather!

  28. great read, thanks for sharing!

    Long time I haven't stopped by, hope all is well my dear!

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  30. Maiken, this is such an amazing post! It was a great opportunity to learn something more about you :) I love Oriflame as well, I always want to order the entire catalogue :)

    Have a wonderful day!

    xx Ivana
    Macarons and Pearls

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    Love your sunglasses and your jacket ;)

    I really like your style and your blog!

    Maybe you want to follow each other? I'll follow you back for sure :)

    Have a fab day!


    "Dicas de saúde, beleza, e exercício físico"

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    love learning more about my fellow bloggers. :) you look beautiful in that blue, and hope you're doing well. have a great day!

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    and I have the same taste when buying shampoo.. the honey one is the best! your hair smells perfect later :)


  38. Ahhhhh Maiken. I feel like I know you a bit better now! And what a pleasure. Although being from LA and now living in Australia, the idea of a temperature like -43.5C simply does NOT compute!!! Seriously, makes NO sense to me. It got down to 11C last night and I whined, bitched, moaned and complained and actually thought I was going to freeze to death.... HA!
    much love,
    Dressology HQ

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    We want to see the entire look!!! The turquesa and the animal print remains wonderful
    kisses Saleem

  40. thanks for sharing darling! <3 i loved learning more about you! something that i found especially interesting was that your home town is the home town of the Estonian Santa Claus haha! and i cant believe it's the coldest place in Estonia! man!
    also, i love that last picture of you! so cute!:)

  41. Anonymous24/3/12 11:18

    Oh gosh, loving that eye pencil! I love that bold color. I definitely need to look for a similar one here in the States.

    Anyways, I enjoyed reading about you! I usually like hitting outlet stores as well for inexpensive items. If you have the patience, you'll certainly find fabulous pieces everywhere! I also love 'The Lying Game'. The season finale was a shocker, wasn't it? I want another season too! :)

    Lots of love, B
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  42. Great Q&A and thank you for sharing gorgeous.

    <3 Marina