Questions & Answers: part two

This time you have the chance to read my answers to entirely fourteen questions. Advancement, I know. So, I hope you find this post at least somewhat interesting.
The photos, by the way, descend from last weekend and are highly random (I still have to write a non-random post about last weekend which was quite gripping actually). And there will be a part three to answer the remaining questions.

But before you start reading my answers I want to thank lovely Marianne who has featured me and my blog in her recent blog post. Click here to read the post and browse her fashion blog Lure of the dark side.

Now go ahead and start exploring my answers.
Tiffany's or Pandora?
Neither. Right now I don't own anything from Tiffany's nor Pandora but I would definitely love to, someday.

Who inspires your current look this season?/Who is your fashion role model?
No-one specific. I scoop my inspiration from my own head and it gets there from everything around me: blogs, nature, people, (thrift) stores, TV series etc.

If you could live any celebrity's life for one day, who would you be?
I would be Nina Dobrev and meet Ian Somerhalder meanwhile, as a bonus, haha.

Your favourite hair trend/style?
I don't have one certain favourite hair trend/style. I like braids, buns, loose wavy hair, ponytails...

What is your old faithful accessory that spruces up any outfit?
My once upon a time thrifted Rolex wrist watch and also a Diesel belt which I got from my grandfather many years ago.

Louis Vuitton or Chanel?
I have a surprisingly high-quality Louis Vuitton replica bag (my one and only replica bag at the same time) but to be honest I would love to own an original Chanel bag one day (there is no such thing here in Estonia though).

Icicles (and Elvis) around our home. I like icicles by the way, at least as long as they're not attached to our house.
 Something delicious I baked last Sunday - brownies.
 My tiny early-spring agriculture.
Latest TV addiction?
My latest TV addiction is definitely The Lying Game.

Your ultimate dream job?
I don't have an ultimate dream job. What matters to me is the fact I have to be satisfied with my current being and I don't do things that are unpleasant. I have to be the owner of my own happiness and I'm not a dreamer anyway.

5 bloggers who have inspired your work?
I think it's not accurate to name only 5 bloggers because it's possible to detect inspiration from almost every blog I follow/read.

5 words that best describe you?
Dangerous (often to myself because for an example some days ago I fell off the stairs (again!) and got a scratched hip and leg - not great..), intelligent, responsible, straightforward, strict.

What cities have you visited in Europe?
I guess it's easier to also name what countries I have visited in Europe because I can't remember the names of all the cities in any case, so the countries and some of the cities are Greece (Chania, Heraklion, Rethymno), Finland (Helsinki, Kuopio, Oulu, Rovaniemi, Tampere, Turku), Latvia (Riga), Norway (Alta, Tromsø), Russia, Sweden (Stockholm). The seventh country will be added in the end of May.

Do you have a thrift store nearby, or where do you find these gorgeous things?
I have many thrift stores in my hometown Jõgeva and I actually visit thrift stores here, there and everywhere while taking road trips in my country. I also have a wonderful opportunity to free-thrift now and then thanks to a family friend. Thrifting definitely is an addiction!

I see you're a project manager and I would love to know what this includes in terms of projects.
In these terms this includes the projects which are financed from the Cohesion Fund through Environmental Investment Centre in Estonia. The current Cohesion Fund project in my hometown concerns wastewater treatment and conformity of drinking water.

In the area of wastewater treatment are supported activities to bring the existing sewerage systems into conformity with applicable requirements and to cover all wastewater collection areas with sewerage systems.

In connection with ensuring drinking water supply that meets the relevant requirements are supported activities to reconstruct and construct new drinking water systems with drinking water purification equipment and to maintain the good condition of ground water.

A pile of my freshest free-thrifted items. Rather gentle colours for the presently arriving spring.
My fresh-fallen thrifted winter coats - the faux fur one was 10.- euros and the woollen one cost nothing. You'll see the colours when I start wearing my new beauties, so maybe next winter?


  1. your job sounds like very important work. i want that brownie! fun thrifted finds. i watch the lying game too. your plants are hope for spring. i am most impressed with how you get inspiration from your own head, yet know we are influenced with everything we come into contact with. maiken, you really have seen the world in your travels. :)

  2. Such pretty thrifted items! But why some free, from a friend or..? :) YUM, brownies look really good aswell ^^

    Have a lovely weekend!

    - Indie by Heart

  3. it's always nice learning more about you! beautiful photos of the icicles... :) happy friday!

  4. hi :) that photo of treats look so yummy! i'm also pretty straight forward & strict ;-) i hope that youre doing well sweetie! have a great weekend!

    love, james

  5. hey thanks so much for mentioning me and my blog!!!!
    and thanks for your kind comment, i am feeling much better today :D
    loved the questions answers game, i've learnt so many things about you-
    i may have this question game one day featured in my blog as well

  6. :D peab tunnistama, et dangerous to myself käib täiesti ka minu kohta, jube lausa. ja on veel mõningaid kattuvaid vastuseid :)

  7. Anonymous10/3/12 03:49

    What a fabulous read! You are definitely a fashion icon leading an amazing life miss Maiken! Love Barbie xxx

  8. the brownies looks yummy!

  9. As usual I enjoy knowing more about the kind of person you are! I didn't even notice your love for thrift items, you got nice stuff can't wait to see you rock them :)

  10. Like the cute blouse with dots :)

    Ina :*

  11. very interesting post, i liked reading it.

    Style Diaries

  12. the brownie looks great also the dotted blouse:)kisses La Folie 

  13. omg the brownies look delicioussss, can you send it to my country pls? :p nice blue polcadot blouse ;D <3


  14. Lovely pictures!

    Nice blog! I'd be happy if you visited mine and became a follower! :)



  15. Really interesting post :) was happy to see that you also would like to meet Ian Somerhalder :) Me too! What is The Lying Game like?? Also, I know its late but can I ask you a question still? What fashion decade is your favourite and why (e.g 1920's, 1940's etc)????


  16. UUUuummmm brownies!! i like your post!! your clothing are wonderfull. Kisses Saleem

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  18. Great post!! Love the polka dot shirt!


  19. Nice to read this post...
    at least somehow I got an idea about you.
    I would love to have a CHanel bag too!

    Come visit my blog and let's follow each
    other on GFC!


  20. You thifted a Rolex! I think I am gonna scream.


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  22. Nice pics ;)

    I invite you to

  23. Your new purchases are great! The cream colour is super classy these days :)



  24. Such an amazing post, it´s lovely to find out all these things about you dear! I also would love to own a real Chanel bag, maybe some day I will!


  25. Your job sounds really interesting and the brownies that you baked look delicious. I found your view on 'what would be your dream job' refreshing. In the end, we are the makers of our own happiness and a job is what you make of it. xx


  26. i adore all your photos, the brownies looks so yummy!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  27. I always have to choose Tiffany's over Pandora. They take such great care of you at Tiffany's, and I lovelovelove the ring I bought from there.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  28. The project you're working on sounds very interesting and such a worthy cause! I love the photos of the icicles and mmm now I'm craving a moist brownie!

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  30. Maikeni, I need to be more like you. I should be more happy and thankful of the things in my life. This is a great post and I hope we get to see your high quality replica LV...I've seen some really well made ones I had to do a double take!

  31. Oh my, look at those ice caps freeze. I'm totally wishing for it to happen here too! Haha! Hmm, I think I'd like to be Nina Dobrev in a day too. Because of reasons just like yours :)

  32. it's great to get you know better :D
    ps. the pictures of the icicles is AMAZING!!!!!!


  33. It's great to know more about you Maiken. As usual your pictures are so lovely especially the icicles. I think you come from a country with beautiful sights. And I enjoy seeing your thrift store finds. It's interesting to hear of your water projects too. Have a great week!


  34. I love that!We get the chance to meet you more :)
    You've visited many places in Europe I'm amazed!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. There's a LARGE ad space giveaway until Friday in case you wanna enter.
    Have a great day :)

  35. The brownies look delicious!! Love your faux fur coat:)


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    It looks delicious.. Yumm
    Makes me wanna buy...

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  38. Awesome photos, love the icicles! And that blue polka-dot blouse is so cute!

  39. HI Maikeni! I just found your blog! Love it :)

  40. As always LOVE your photos. This was so fun to read. I know so much more about you now and your answers were intelligent, responsible and straightforward. Although not very dangerous or strict! HA!! Great post M!! xoxo
    Dressology HQ

  41. lovely post!!!kisses

  42. Hello darling!! What a great post. I LOVE Vampires Diaries too....I'm going to their convention when they're here! So far Jeremy and Taylor are coming :)

    I jut bought a Chanel in NYC, it was a dream. You'll get to see it soon hopefully! Tiffanys and Pandora you'll own one day I'm sure, I love them both!

    Kisses to you!

  43. I loved learning more about you darling

  44. Anonymous14/3/12 12:40

    Great Q&A, girly! I love sporting a loose braid hairstyle, I love watching 'The Lying Game', and I love thrifting as well! Thanks for these random photos. The brownies look utterly delicious. :)

    Lots of love, B
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  45. It's so interesting with your project manager job! woo! and how come you get to free-thrift items? thats really cool! i'd also like to see a picture of your LV replica! :)) I loved learning some new fun facts about you!!! :))

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