A day without sunshine is like, you know, night - Steve Martin

Hello! In my previous, rather gloomy post I promised to show you genuine springlike photographs and the ones you're going to see descend mostly from last Sunday. Our little family had a barbecue at my grandparents' place and it's safe to say it was the warmest day this year. And of course the yummy food tasted oh so good! If I had the chance I would eat outside all spring and summer long because I just love fresh salads and barbecued chicken, potatoes, sausages, shashlik, even bread and zucchini. Obviously summer is my all-time favourite season and to be honest I would liquidate our cold Estonian winter if I only had the chance. What is your favourite season and why?

Now on a completely different subject: on the 26th I did some thrifting together with my workmate during our lunch break and I was quite successful, to be honest. So, my catch included a beautiful Italian shawl (0,50.- euros), pastel pink pants from Pimkie (1.- euro; and there is a possibility I'm going to transform them into shorts but we'll see..) and a summery polka dotted short dress/tunic from atmosphere (1,75.- euros; you're going to see it when I wear it). All in all I got three items for only 3,25.- euros and I'm SO ready for some time-proof warm weather! Well, and I'm still in love with thrifting which is a good thing, I guess.

Anyhow, I hope you like the sunny photos, and as you can see, the long-awaited sunshine has finally arrived in Estonia, yay!


Nobody gets justice. People only get good luck or bad luck - Orson Welles

This time I'm going to tell you about three separate thematics from last weekend in a nutshell and I'll start with the 20th of April. First and foremost I did some thrifting in my hometown and purchased a brand-new blazer from xoxo for 3,50.- euros, also a lightly striped sweater from GAP for E. Usually men's clothes remind me of rags when I'm at a thrift store but it was 2,50.- euros and looked unbelievably decent.

Anyway, after my thrifting round I and E. got the opportunity to visit the biggest and renowned agricultural exhibition in the Baltic States. It was called Maamess and it took place in Tartu already for the 20th time. I was tickled pink because I love animals and there were quite many of them. For an example I completely fell in love with the most adorable pink little piglets and wanted to take them home with us. Too bad I couldn't actually do it... By the way, all the photos of the sweet animals were taken with E.'s cell phone because I didn't have my own camera with me.

Oh, Friday the 20th was also the day when I got my sequent injury. To be more specific this time I hit my foot and damaged the teeniest of my toes which changed colour, became purplish and I started to limp.. which I'm slightly doing even today, so no heels for me until it recovers. But I do have an outfit ready for you and it originates from the 21st of April when I and E. visited a recycling market in Põltsamaa with my grandparents. The market was quite nominal but I was a successful thrifter anyway and managed to find a beautiful floral blazer from KappAhl and a light pink top from New Look. Both items were only 2.- euros and they make a perfect match together, probably coming to Prague with me as well. And of course I'm utterly curious to know what is your best thrifted find so far?

Anyhow, now I wrote about thrifting, agricultural exhibition and my latest injury as well but I do still recommend you to read this article. I'm one of the five guest bloggers who shared their blogging tips with Hayley from Hailes Hearts Fashion.
And of course I hope you like the photos even though they're rather gloomy again. I actually have lots of proper springlike photos waiting for being shared with you, guys, so definitely stay tuned!

I was wearing: knitwear - Hagenfeldt /thrifted/; blazer - Number One by KAPPAHL /thrifted/; pants - Fornarina; sneakers - Bullboxer; necklace - from my high school graduation day; purple+black earrings - Lindex.


...like nothing can save you.

Sveiks, my lovely readers! This time my greetings are in Latvian because before travelling to Czech Republic I and E. will possibly take a trip to one of the adjoining states of Estonia - Latvia. But this is enough exposure for only one post and we'll see everything when the right time comes.

So, my gloomy photos originate from the 14th of April when after all I came across a decent folding bed for the (hopefully one fine day) arriving sunbathing season. Luckily hopelessness didn't hit me and now I'm more than ready for all the hot sunshine sneaking towards Estonia.
Anyway, I also found fabulous new curtains for our kitchen which means I can finally give up the old ones descending from the holy Christmas time, so yay! Oh, and while grocery shopping I obviously got Teen Vogue April 2012 which has Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson sparkling on the cover. Now I can't wait for the spare time to have my breezy magazine minutes. When I feel like purchasing a magazine I almost all the time choose Teen Vogue because it's small enough to read through (and place in my handbag). Unfortunately finding time for full-size magazines seems not far from impossible.

By the way, the location for my photos was a creepy one...
many years ago a lumberman committed suicide in front of that fireplace. He shot himself. Luckily I'm not superstitious or chicken when it comes to scary incidents like that. What about you, guys?
But actually I only wanted to present some of my freshest thrifted finds: H&M leggings (possibly 1,75.- euros) and a sweater made of three different techniques (free!). So, after all that talk I hope you enjoy the photos and of course do share your interesting views with me!

I was wearing: jacket - Reflex /thrifted/; sweater - /thrifted/; button up blouse - Martinelli /thrifted/; leggings - H&M /thrifted/; boots - Sempre.


Blogger Appreciation Award and more...

I'm delighted to declare that Alexandra Marie from no fear of perfection has awarded me with the Blogger Appreciation Award which looks perfectly cute and pink. So, here are the rules:
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Thank you so much for the love, ladies!

On a completely different note, my photos are taken on the 6th of April when I and E. made a small "Good Friday trip" to Rakvere. We had lunch at Brezza which is one of my favourite restaurants in Estonia. Too bad it resides only in Rakvere and Tallinn since both are pretty far from my hometown.

On the 7th I and E.'s sister Elery did some thrifting here in Jõgeva (my catch - H&M leggings with faux leather details) and on the 8th I free-thrifted myself a quite decent pile of clothes which you're probably going to see the next time, of course if you want to. For the time being I hope you like the photos and naturally let me know what you think because your feedback means the world to me.

I was wearing: tunic/dress - VILA Clothes /thrifted/; lace top - Green Generation by GARDA /thrifted/; leggings - Seppälä; boots - /thrifted/.


First day of spring

Already last year I and E. were thinking about purchasing a decent lawn trimmer yet somehow that plan faded then. But since proper spring will hopefully arrive in the near future, our old plan became visible again and we had to go to Tartu anyway. So, now we are the proud owners of that useful tool and finally I don't have to use lawn scissors to trim the lawn around the bushes, trees, quarrystones, grill house, chainlink fence etc. My hands are happy and thankful as well.

Whereas E. was helping his father, I and E.'s sister Elery did some shopping and as usually, I found a few (at least in my opinion) necessary goodies: a thrifted top with birdie pattern, also a cute white faux fur vest and purple earrings' set from the kids' department of Lindex. I really love that place since the earrings were only 0,89.- euros and the vest was 4,49.- euros.

I also bought two sets of tiny colourful decorative Easter eggs which go perfectly together with some branches I brought home a few weeks ago. Those green little leaves are so promising and remind me of true spring and warm summer which seem too far away right now. Every time it snows again makes me utterly disappointed but there's always some hope left and I still believe in four seasons.

Anyway, besides shopping I and Elery made a quite long walk with Elvis (yeah, everyone's name starts with an E: Erik, Elery, Elvis...) and most of the photos were taken during that stroll. Although the wind was horrible we still managed to somehow enjoy that walk and even didn't freeze. So, as always I hope you like my photos and of course be sure to tell me what you think.

I was wearing: jacket - Paul's Boutique /thrifted/; pants - Lindex; boots - Gebok; scarf - pieces /belongs to E.'s sister Pillery/; sunnies - D&G; belt - Diesel; earrings - hand-made /from a fair/; sweater - H&M /thrifted/; pink top - Halens.


You got me slipping, tumbling, sinking, fumbling

Another outfit relying on pants, and all because of my supreme ability to hurt myself (not long time ago I slipped on the stairs). So, this time I was walking with my dog Elvis and all of a sudden our neighbours' pooch scared us both. The next moment I was on my knees and the material under my poor knees (and right palm) was hard asphalt. Everything felt unreal and quite painful to be honest but I continued our long walk like a true warrior. And the result of my tiny misfortune? A scratched palm, one bruised knee and one bloody knee. Pretty decent, I know. By the way, I'm still not completely sure about what happened but I guess I walked into Elvis who got scared and jumped in front of me when he saw the other dog. But enough of that now. At least you know why I'm into pants so frequently (no change in my next outfit as well). What do you, guys, think? Is this simply bad luck or what?

Anyhow, this outfit originates from the 25th of March when I and E. visited my great-aunt together with my grandparents in Viljandi. Lightsome shopping in Seppälä produced me a pair of turquoise leggings (3,17.- euros) and feather earrings (2,98.- euros). I also made a small collage of some other random March photos which I wanted to show you.
So, I hope you like what I've chosen and be sure to let me know what you think! :)

ps. Less than two months left until my first official vacation this year, yay!

I was wearing: cardigan - CNC convince /thrifted/; leather-like pants - Lindex /thrifted/; belt - Diesel; lace top - Lindex; boots - Sempre; pearl necklace - unknown.