16 572 footsteps in Tallinn

Greetings from my finally sunny hometown! In my previous blog post I brought up our trip to Tallinn on the 14th of July.
So, we travelled 12,42 km, almost 3 hours and 16 572 steps on foot and consumed 718 calories on the basis of my Silva ex1 Plus pedometer. Additionally we used the train to arrive in Tallinn and my parents' car to get back to Jõgeva. Oh, our goal? Sale shopping of course! And my catch was fairly great:

- MICHAEL Michael Kors Kalle Sandal 149.- euros 65.- euros;
- Ted Baker East West Bow Ikon Bag 54,90.- euros 25.- euros;
- See by Chloé Key ring 82,90.- euros 12,70.- euros;
- VILA clothes top 34,90.- euros 4,30.- euros;
- MOHITO bracelet 7,95.- euros 1,49.- euros;
- Loveramics Intrepid Traveler Athens and Rome porcelain mugs. I told E. that if we buy those, we must certainly visit both cities in the future.

Honestly I was tickled pink because of the amazing prices and smashing bargains! Almost everything (except the MOHITO bracelet) originates from my favourite shopping centre Stockmann and Stockmann Outlet. But guys, what about your sale shopping? How has it been?

I was wearing: kimono blazer - H&M; rib dress - F&F; loafers - Vans; purse - Guess; sunnies - Emporio Armani; necklace - my grandmother's; earrings - Seppälä; horse belt - Seppälä; bow flats - Milanfashionfreaks.

Anyhow, I and E. had a great day which didn't only contain shopping and walking. Besides those we enjoyed delicious dishes at Stockmann Café and Brezza. At Brezza I had the best veggie burger ever with zucchini, cheese, paprika, onion, lettuce, tomato, sauce and potatoes (which I handed over to E. who otherwise had salmon and shrimp pasta with cream sauce). As a matter of fact I'm dreaming about that veggie burger even now... but enough of food talk! Enjoy the photos and of course let me know what you think about my purchases, the outfit and price slashing overall.


You want me down on earth but I am up in space

Hey! I have a lot of catching up to do but luckily my two week long vacation will begin tomorrow, after the working day is through, yay! By the way, dear sunny and warm Estonian summer, I need you during my holidays, so please keep that in mind!

I was wearing: knot shirt - Hilfiger Denim; floral shorts - M.O.S /thrifted/; wedges - Adelante /thrifted/; sunnies - Emporio Armani; earrings - Oasap; bracelets - various...

Anyhow, my photos originate from the 7th of July that I and E. spent in Tartu. E. had to work (on Saturday, yeah) which meant I actually was in possession of a real justification for (sale) shopping and I even happened to be in great need of several goods. Therefore I'm going to divide my purchases into two shares: I The things I was really searching for and II The goodies that randomly got in my way.

1. The Body Shop rounded handle facial brush, 1,40.- euros;

2. The Body Shop carrot moisture cream, 50 ml, 8.50.- euros 5.- euros. Contains carrot oil and almond oil which should enliven and take care of your skin. It was originally created in 1980 and now it's back with Community Trade beeswax from organic sources. The cream is for all skin types and I mainly bought it because I had run out of my previous carrot cream from Green Nature.

Anyway, I haven't used it for a very long time yet but my first impression tells TBS cream has a slightly heavier structure and my skin doesn't absorb it as quickly as it did when it came to my Green Nature carrot cream. Everything else seems to be all right so far but I guess our Estonian Green Nature cream simply suits me better and I do have their apricot cream waiting for me;

3. Ziaja tintin face gel scrub, 80 ml, 3,40.- euros in their online store. Gentle exfoliating gel scrub for face care. Delicately peels off and removes dead skin cells. Purifies the pores from excessive oil. Smoothes the skin and restores its healthy and radiant look.

I haven't tried it yet but I do use tintin toner daily and it suits me, which is why I now purchased the face gel scrub. I'll give it a go with a little help from my TBS facial brush when I have my vacation;

4. Miss Cop Vernis pop nails vernis a ongles nail polish N°06, 12 ml, 1,80.- euros. Finally I got myself a mint coloured nail polish and now only have to do my pedicure, using this pretty shade;

5. Silva ex1 Plus Pedometer, 27,42.- euros 16,45.- euros. It's such an amazing little device and I have already used it while walking with Elvis or with my mom and also when I and E. visited our capital town Tallinn on the 14th of July which was a pretty crazy shopping day. By the way, if any of you didn't know, it counts each step a person takes by detecting the motion of the person's hips. Do you own/use a pedometer?

1. Mastrad silicone muffin pan for small moist hearts and big melting hearts, 14,40.- euros 6,68.- euros. I will certainly give it a go during my holidays. Some mini sponge cakes with fresh berries would be perfect!;

2. Thrifted Endy Karan hooded vest, 2,10.- euros. Probably my first hooded vest ever.

All in all: 5 preplanned items against 2 "accidental" items. A job well done, right? Besides, I must thank you all for the wonderful comments! I appreciate it a lot and once again hope you enjoy the sunny photos (yeah, we used to have summer here in Estonia several weeks ago). And guys, let me know what you think because I always love hearing from you!


Another trip to Viljandi

On the last day of June we decided to take a breezy trip to Viljandi where we started off with an appetizing early lunch (the big plateful of meat belongs to E. of course; mine was the warm salad). We also did some sightseeing and discovered Viljandi old water tower.

Viljandi was one of the first towns in Estonia that in addition to the street lighting, paved streets for cars and pedestrians and sewerage also owned waterworks and a water tower. It has been the symbol of Viljandi through the years.
In autumn, 1911 the water entered from the tank of the water tower into the town's pipes: the water tower started its work and the waterworks of Viljandi were born. But since the completion of the new water tower in '60s, the old one lost its importance as a part of town's waterworks. New and modern water treatment plant with respective appliances was built up in 2003.

Viljandi old water tower was restored in spring 2001 and was opened for tourists as a sightseeing tower (look at my photos of the postcard to see the restored Viljandi old water tower). Obviously we loved the beautiful view on the town, the lake and the hilly landscape of the town's neighbourhood.

I was wearing: denim vest - Gilty Trend Point /thrifted/; belted dress - DIVIDED by H&M; feather necklace - Seppälä; wedges - Adelante /thrifted/.
And lastly a few words about shopping in Viljandi. I purchased three things which were all sold at a discount: firstly a pair of Emporio Armani half-price sunglasses (used to cost 125.- euros at that store and even 154.- euros on their web but I paid 62,50.- euros and I had been waiting for so long to finally purchase a fresh pair of sunnies for myself and those Armani babies are so comfortable!). And I like stores where the shop assistant keeps her/his distance and isn't getting on my nerves. Anyhow, I also bought a pair of bright pink gloves (14,95.- euros 5,98.- euros) for autumn and a Rut m. fl. summery strawberry print top (22,90.- euros 10.- euros).

Cool trips like that are the main reason why I love my weekends because after all that work I just need to put my feet up at least for one day a week. So, I hope you like my photos (taken on the 30th of June and on the 1st of July... yeah, I'm vastly behind my blogging schedule!), and be sure to let me know what you think because I appreciate it very much and love hearing from you!



I know it's quite late for that but I am still eager to quickly share my Midsummer events (and a few recent Midsummer purchases) with you.
So, on the 23rd of June I and E. attended Avinurme Barrel Fair with my grandparents but since there was this typical (i.e. showery) Estonian summer weather that day, we were not too ravished about the handicrafts, wood products and garden goods. Therefore we rushed through the fair and drove to Rakvere where we had lunch at Brezza Café and I filled myself with pizza Fattoria (chicken+paprika+pineapple+tomato+mozzarella) which is my utmost favourite. And I should definitely make my own Fattoria presently!

I was wearing: tunic - KappAhl /thrifted/; waist-belt - Sisters Point; bermuda pants - Pimkie /thrifted/; wedges - Pearlz; bag - Lacoste; pendant - Club Monaco.

Anyhow, we did some pre-Midsummer Eve shopping and I purchased three things: a pair of denim ballerinas (15,95.- EUR), a truly wonderful floral print dress (34,95.- EUR 17,48.- EUR) and a summery headband (3,95.- EUR 1,98.- EUR). (Sidenote: I'm oh so happy with all three!)

By the way, when it comes to ballerinas or flats I generally have to buy several pairs of new ones every single year because I have this bad habit to wear my decent flats absolutely everywhere which is why my shoes become worn out and look jaded. But it's so convenient to pop outside without changing the shoes (I actually have old and shabby shoes for gardening, work in the woods etc.). Is this only happening to me (I bet it is but I still must ask...)?

And finally, our Midsummer Eve ("Jaaniõhtu" in Estonian)!
Estonians celebrate "Jaaniõhtu" on the eve of the Summer Solstice (June 23) with bonfires, and this is exactly what we did. I, E., my parents and grandparents got together at my grandparents' place where we ate (a lot) and naturally built a grand bonfire.
Since 1934, June 23 is also national Victory Day of Estonia and both 23rd and 24th are holidays and flag days.

So, as you can see, it was an eventful day and in spite of the annoying rain I still managed to take some totally non-sunny photos. Enjoy and let me know what you think!



Happy July, guys! I am going to start my July here in this blog with a swift summary post about my birthday. And to be spot-on, I celebrated the important event on three different days: on the 14th of June which was the actual day but also on the 16th of June and on the 27th of June, so it was pretty crazy but I truly enjoyed all three parties.

Therefore, on the 14th of June I and my colleagues celebrated together at our workplace. The night before the 14th I cooked chicken-cheese sponge cake and a rhubarb cake for the occasion and happily everybody loved the outcome. Oh, and I should definitely make that sponge cake again some time soon because it only got better and better in time!

I was wearing (on the 14th of June): dress - H&M /thrifted/; waist-belt - Reserved; slide loafers - Miu Miu /thrifted/; sunnies - Prada; earrings - Seppälä.

my dinner on the 14th of June

The second and at the same time the biggest feast took place on the 16th of June because it was finally Saturday and I had more time in my hands to spend on cooking, so I prepared chicken salad, pleasantly onion-rich gammon quiche and a cheese cake with coconut flakes and chocolate. As always, I baked my own bread and since it was an outdoor party, we barbecued some meat and sausages. By the way, besides I and E. there were nine other people (my relatives, to be precise) but only the strongest ones made it into the house at the end of the day. So, I, E., my brother and his girlfriend completed the day with a couple of beers and a lot of catching up. Was great, and when it comes to my bro and his girl, they gave me my first Club Monaco goodie: this slightly native themed key- or whatever chain thingie which I'm already wearing attached to my new Lacoste bag. (Sidenote: I didn't feel the need to photograph all my presents because after all the most important thing was the presence of everyone I had invited.)

 my birthday present to myself: a Lancôme cosmetic bag including the feature product RÉNERGIE MICROLIFT Active Redefining Treatment and LE ROUGE ABSOLU Reshaping & Replenishing LipColour in Rose Crystal, COLOUR FOCUS PALETTE 4 OMBRES Exceptional Wear EyeColour Quad in 4Radiance and DÉFINICILS High Definition Mascara in black.

So, let's move on to the last party which was held on the 27th of June, not long time ago at all, and then we celebrated together with E.'s parents and sisters. The menu was following: blue cheese muffins, strawberry cake with a slightly chocolate-y base made by me and a sandwich cake made by E.'s mom and two sisters. I think it was the second time in my life when I actually ate a sandwich cake, so it had to be delicious! By the way, if you're interested in any of the recipes I used, definitely let me know and we can work something out!

All in all I was so glad I had the opportunity to celebrate with everyone who is important because not all people can do that. And of course I hope you like my pictures. I didn't have much time to take photos but at least I got something captured.

Actually I have SO many things to post about but SO little time to do that. Therefore I hope my incoming vacation (18 days left to wait!!) will help me do some necessary stuff and this way I could spend more time on my blog. Can't be sure though but let's keep our fingers crossed and eyes observantly opened!