Another trip to Viljandi

On the last day of June we decided to take a breezy trip to Viljandi where we started off with an appetizing early lunch (the big plateful of meat belongs to E. of course; mine was the warm salad). We also did some sightseeing and discovered Viljandi old water tower.

Viljandi was one of the first towns in Estonia that in addition to the street lighting, paved streets for cars and pedestrians and sewerage also owned waterworks and a water tower. It has been the symbol of Viljandi through the years.
In autumn, 1911 the water entered from the tank of the water tower into the town's pipes: the water tower started its work and the waterworks of Viljandi were born. But since the completion of the new water tower in '60s, the old one lost its importance as a part of town's waterworks. New and modern water treatment plant with respective appliances was built up in 2003.

Viljandi old water tower was restored in spring 2001 and was opened for tourists as a sightseeing tower (look at my photos of the postcard to see the restored Viljandi old water tower). Obviously we loved the beautiful view on the town, the lake and the hilly landscape of the town's neighbourhood.

I was wearing: denim vest - Gilty Trend Point /thrifted/; belted dress - DIVIDED by H&M; feather necklace - Seppälä; wedges - Adelante /thrifted/.
And lastly a few words about shopping in Viljandi. I purchased three things which were all sold at a discount: firstly a pair of Emporio Armani half-price sunglasses (used to cost 125.- euros at that store and even 154.- euros on their web but I paid 62,50.- euros and I had been waiting for so long to finally purchase a fresh pair of sunnies for myself and those Armani babies are so comfortable!). And I like stores where the shop assistant keeps her/his distance and isn't getting on my nerves. Anyhow, I also bought a pair of bright pink gloves (14,95.- euros 5,98.- euros) for autumn and a Rut m. fl. summery strawberry print top (22,90.- euros 10.- euros).

Cool trips like that are the main reason why I love my weekends because after all that work I just need to put my feet up at least for one day a week. So, I hope you like my photos (taken on the 30th of June and on the 1st of July... yeah, I'm vastly behind my blogging schedule!), and be sure to let me know what you think because I appreciate it very much and love hearing from you!


  1. Vest on ülikena!


  2. Love your outfit hun, the all one colour look is hot! This looks like a beautiful place to take pictures. How lucky you are! Love the last dog pic as well, so cute.

    Couture Caddy

  3. Of course I love the photos, that denim vest is perfect! Also, I know how it is with pesky shop assistance -_- Great purchases and great bargain! The flying doggy-ball is too cute :D

  4. Great photos! I absolutely love Viljandi's landscapes. I'm so excited about going to Eesti as one of my trips around Latvia :D

  5. Hey babe! Beautiful landscapes and weather too.
    That photo with you with glass windows, fab! totally fab! right posture, great outfit, good expression. Gets me looking at you a second or maybe a third time ;)

    Viljandi...never heard before but will definitely enjoy such sceneries if i have a chance. I believe anywhere in Estonia is beautiful and has a great history behind.

    Super love those pink gloves! You're already thinking of Autumn? That's quick!
    Half a price for shades...dont we all love sale :)

    Above all, hope all things are well for you :)
    With love,

  6. Love that pink dress on you! I love taking fun trips on the weekends too, it makes the work week more bearable :)

  7. You look great in pink! This sounds like a great trip and you found some good bargains!

  8. You are pretty in pink!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  9. Cute town! :) And really nice pink / fuchsia look on you. Lovely necklace!

    Oh Rut m.fl is one of my new found favourites, your top seems the cutest ! ^^

    Thank you for the comment & I hope you have a nice weekend! :)

    Indie by heart

  10. ...and another beautiful photos to share!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  11. Wow, such a nice place to see!
    And girl, I am loving your pink outfit, the vest is such a nice touch :)
    Haha, and the dog! So adorable ^^

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  12. LOve This Dear! i enjoyed seeing it, Thanks For Posting ! ♥


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    Blow a Rainbow

  13. Your ideas inspire others because you do things with passion, keep on!

  14. beautiful pictures!
    you go on a trip a lot! how nice~~
    your pinky-ish outfit is so pretty! love the vest a lot :)

    Pinkbow Icecream

  15. love the entire outfit! I just moved to a new blog please check it out and if you like it, please follow me on Google Friend Connect and Bloglovin, I promise to do the same for you! xx

  16. Wow, from the pictures of the massive houses and the general look of the place it seems as though it's a very wealthy place and the houses probably cost a lot of money! I love your dress and the look of the sunglasses you bought! It's nice when shop assistants keep their distance too, although sometimes it's not always they're fault and they're conscious that they're pestering you. When I worked in a shop a few years ago my manager would make me approach customers and ask them whether they were ok. xx


  17. The food looks so good!! I really love your dress with that vest. You look fab!


  18. I just love that pink dress on you with the feather necklace and those pnk gloves will be so great in the colder months! Looks like a great town to explore and how adorable is the jumping pic of your dog :)

  19. maiken, you have truly gorgeous hair. the coral & pink of your outfit look spectacular on you. aren't new sunglasses fun? stylish new gloves. elvis is so cute! he makes me smile. :)

  20. i loved your hair and the vest is really pretty!

  21. You look cute in this pink dress, I love the cropped denim jacket. Great summer look. Lovely pictures as always, you make food look so divine! Your holiday sounds really wonderful...I think I need another trip too. Elvis looks super adorable, I like the leaping picture....so well captured!


  22. Very nice :-) looks like u had an eventful time! Love those gloves and your pink dress and vest!

    It's also nice u give a little history w each place u visit... Your pup is soooo darling lol. I love that photo of him running! Elvis, rite?

    Well hope u hv a lovely weekend!!

  23. I always like to read your travelling posts. You write so nicely that I get a feeling that I've been there myself;)
    And your look was absolutely beautiful! I like your natural hair and how you've combined two bright colours in your outfit. The vest is super cute (Im actually looking for a piece like this)
    And your purchases! I don't even know what to choose. The Armani sunnies are beyond gorgeous, but I also really like a pair of fuchsia gloves (I'm a softy for gloves) and the fabulous (and yammy:) strawberry top!
    And how cute is your dog! the last photo is hilarious and amazing at the same time;)

    have a good weekend dear Maiken!




  24. Such good buy!!! I love the gloves and the dress that you bought and love reading your travelling diary!


  25. ohhhh!!!! as always, you look lovely, i like so much your pink vest!!! just nice!!!!! and the last pic of your dog, perfect!!!!!!

    xoxoxo dear!!!

  26. WOW! Viljandi looks like a great city and I always love to learn the history behind it so I am glad you provided us some insight. What a great photo of your dog! And you certainly got some great purchases. I hate pushy sales people too.

  27. awww the dog is the cutest ever!!! and love your outfit, you look great in pink and red :)


  28. Love your gloves and your outfit, stunning as usual!
    Aaah the food is making me hungry, the scenery is perfect. :-)

  29. This city looks so beautiful! And it has a very interesting history.
    You made such a great bargains, I love the sunnies and the top. And I want to know the name of this little creature! (The doggie I mean :)))) I'm a real dog person, I love them all, and this is one really cute little fellow! :)
    P.S. I would love if someday you manage to come to Bulgaria and we could see each other! It would be a priceless experience for me to meet you :)



  30. I can see why you visited this town.
    It's pretty! The view.. so peaceful!
    Not a fan of pink, but I like your new
    gloves :)


  31. omagah those dishes are so yummy, cute puppy on the last picture! major love on your vest and dress, you look stunning and beautiful =) xx

    Letters To Juliet

  32. Great pictures! I love the colored denim vest over the dress! You look great!



  34. Hey :)

    Lovely pictures. I love the pink and orange together in your outfit, that pink is the same colour as my new skirt! So vibrant and Summery! also, MAN! those pink gloves are AMAZING!! You are always visiting such exciting places! and finding such discounted designer stuff. Like your Miu Miu loafers! <3


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  35. Great pictures! and such a cute dog :)

  36. I love your tatoo ! I'm crazy about tatoos !
    Cute dog.


  37. Anonymous16/7/12 01:54

    your outfit is amazing!love the combination!
    *the last pic is really cute!

  38. ooh i LOVE your vest!! the color is absolutely perfect! :D


  39. Of all the photos in this post, the hover dog wins. (: I like the color combination you rocked, though!

  40. I am so in love with your new strawberry print top! I can't wait to see you wear it:) Those pink gloves are awesome too! Have a great day!


  41. I love your outfit, is so sweet!

  42. tüüpiline elvise pilt :D ja alati ajavad mind naerma sellised temast. ja väga fierce'd kindad!! mul olid kunagi ammu sarnased Armani päikeseprillid, aga ma suutsin nad kuskile proovikabiini unustada üks viieks-kümneks minutiks vist ja läinud nad olidki... väga mugavad olid ja ma olin ikka väga-väga kurb siis, tol ajal täielikud lemmikud kindlasti. vot mis koledaid mälestusi su blogipostitus praegu üles kaevas :D aga väga hea bargain igatahes!

    1. niuks niuks.. kujutan tegelikult ette, mis tunne sul olla võis, kuna olen näiteks oma Prada päiksekaid korduvalt igale poole unustanud/toppinud/kaotanud (jne). mitmel korral olen täiesti kindel (ja masenduses) olnud, et enam ma neid ei näe.. aga joppas sellel tüübil, kes sinu omad leidis. kujutan ta eufooriat ette :D

  43. Loved the pink outfit:)
    and the doggie picture...its so beautiful!


    Shubhi's Revels!

  44. Viljandi looks and sounds so beautiful.And of course on every trip,there has to be time for shopping,and as always you've hunted down the bargains,I cant believe the discount you got on those gorgeous bright pink gloves and those sunglasses!
    I love how you make the most of your time off,by going on trips and seeing new places,definately the best way to enjoy your time off especially after working so hard.

    And of course Elvis looks so cute and adorable,love that shot of your dog jumping in the air :D

  45. Oh my, how I'm so envious with you for being there! and of course the food <3 u dress as chic as usual!

  46. Anonymous16/7/12 18:27

    wonderful photosss <3
    love the blog! <3


  47. Hehe, the picture of a cute dog jumping in mid-air pretty much made my day.
    Oh my, those pictures of the landscape are so gorgeous! I really love European architecture- you just don't see things like that in Canada.


  48. Lossimägedest polegi pilte.. ülla-ülla. :D

    1. no vot, neid pead siis ise vaatama minema, kui igatsus väga suur on :D

  49. You look great in pink! Excellent! Funny and cute dog!))))

  50. nice pics!!nice blog

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  51. Anonymous17/7/12 00:05

    SUCH gorgeous scenery...and you look amazing in those pink shades! Looks great styled together too.

    <3 CAMBRIA

  52. Lovely photos! really like your blog!

    Following you now! I have a new outfit post up if you get a chance to take a look! Eimear x


  53. Love these pictures, your outfit looks great :)


  54. love the color of your outfit! :)

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    and if you like it, feel free to click that follow button pretty! ^^)

  55. Oh my gosh this last photo is just the cutest! Love the action shot. Love the outfit you have on too, I really like the color combo.

    xo erica

  56. oh, how i'd love to visit that town in estonia. :) sounds like you guys had an amazing time, and i really love these photos. you look beautiful in that pink and orange. great colorblocking. :)

    hope you're well, and wishing you a great rest of the week. :)


  57. Beautiful outfit, beautiful photos! X

  58. Viljandi seems to be amazingly beautiful place, I'd love to visit it one day :) My roots are partly from Estonia actually so I've visited your country many times! Anyhow, your outfit looks so great on you and I adore the colors! Have a great day<3

    xoxo Eeva

  59. I love your blog! This post is awesome!
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  60. Gosh beautiful place dear Maiken you look so beautiful in that dress and love how you style it with the vest it looks stunning dear love your blog cause you show always new places to visit love ya xXX thanks so much for your sweet comment at my blog always made my day.
    Ps: I love those red gloves dear so chic looking forward to see you wearing them and your dog isso cute such a sweet pictures

  61. Another great day trip! Love it! And you are wearing my favourite colour and wearing it SO WELL! Love the dress & denim vest and how you styled. I'm very excited for your bargain too...congrats on scoring the sale! Helllllooooo to Elvis!
    Dressology HQ

  62. This looks like such an amazing trip! Makes me wish to jump on a plane / train / bike and go away from Graz, to visit new and unexpected places :) Your photos are always so beautiful!

    xx Ivana
    Macarons and Pearls

  63. Viljandi looks so peaceful :) I love the photos of the food and scenery.

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  64. i love your outfit! i'm really coveting that vest you thrifted!!! and thank you for always posting about these wonderful places and giving us history on them. i truly feel like i've "traveled" and learned so much from your blog!!!


  65. Wow the water tower has a lot of history, your trips all look so fun! I really like the two different shades of pink in your outfit, the coral denim vest is such a great alternative to the regular blue denim vest :) And wow such great finds, the strawberry print top is so cute.

  66. Everything just looks gorgeous!! I love your vest!


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  67. Viljandi looks like such a lovely, picturesque place - particularly from the top of the water tower! I know just what you mean about weekends, too. Usually on the first day of the weekend, I can't think of anything but relaxing :) Oh, and I can't forget your pretty summer outfit. I just love the coral shade of your denim vest, I've never seen one like it!

  68. very nice and summery bright denim vest and dress xoxo
    would you like to follow each other?

  69. so lovely outfit :-) great pictures :-) I love your necklace :-)
    great blog. I am your new follower :-)

  70. awesome vacation photos!
    love the outfit too

    style frontier

  71. I love your photos doll. You always take the most amazing photos!!

    I love the history that you shared. One day I hope to travel like you. ;)

    Your sunnies are precious whenever you're tired of them please send them to me.

  72. Wow..lovely photos! This places is so beautiful..And love your pink dress and cool jacket! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog

  73. ahh! i really love all of your items <3 and im so jealous of your trips! your doggie is way too cute, too!

  74. Anonymous19/7/12 13:41

    You seriously have so many adventures! I like reading all your posts. I learn so much! The sunnies are a great investment. :]

    P.S. Thank you for checking out both of my IMATS posts. I had lots of fun! I will be doing an IMATS haul so you can see the stuff I bought! Nothing too bold though lol.

    Lots of love, B
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  75. Loving the photos from the trip and the dog is so cute!


  76. I love the scenery there! I wonder where you were standing on while taking those photos from an eagle's eyeview :) Oh dear, lucky you, your body seems to cooperate well. I've been ditching rice and trying to do sit ups but they're not yet showing any progress. Haha!

  77. Beautiful photos :)


  78. Hello! Great blog! The last post is very interesting and beautiful! Let's follow each other, if you agree, then let me know!)))

  79. The trip to the water tower looks like so much fun! What a beautiful view, and im totally loving the sunny photos!!

    i love your dress! it's soo pretty! and fantastic finds, those sunglasses were a bargain and they look amazing! im also really feeling the gloves ! lovely!

    and the picture of your dog jumping. i died a little bit. in the best way possible! he is soo cute!!! :))