Burgundy meets dip dyed

Lately it has been all about our dining and living room in-process. Only a few relevant steps left and we can seriously start looking for a new (folding) corner sofa, a fresh tv table and possibly some more furnishings when we happen to feel like it.

We already have a sofa table and a matching cupboard but the existing dining table and the chairs need a makeover from white to brown(ish) if we eventually decide to keep those. Yes, there is a lot on our plate nowadays but at the same time I know we can handle it and there is no need to rush if something is meant to be anyway.

So, on the 2nd of September we decided to go to Rakvere which is one of our basic shopping destinations in Estonia. We are always successful there and that trip wasn't an exception. We got everything we were searching for and even more. "More", by the way, means many things I wasn't (or we weren't) planning on buying but did it anyway. For example E. bought me two utterly cool signs which will probably equip my dressing room, and also a set of 20 scented tea lights (2 different fragrances: cranberry-orange and coffee-vanilla). We love burning candles during dark and chilly seasons and I especially fancy the scented ones.

Additionally I purchased a pair of biker boots by DETOX and what a bargain that was! My leather boots used to cost 74,99.- euros but I paid incredible 22,50.- euros which is 70% less than the original price. I also bought beautiful feather earrings (4,95.- euros 2.- euros) from Seppälä and The September Issue of Teen Vogue with Selena Gomez on the cover. And I can't wait to get my hands on it already!

After finishing it up in Rakvere but before heading home we decided to have a look at Kiltsi Manor in Väike-Maarja Parish, present day Lääne-Viru County.
In the 14th or 15th century the manor was called Kiltsi Castle but back then the building was destroyed in the Livonian War.

The present manor house was built in the 1790s on top of the ruins of a fortification and it's currently (and since 1920) housing Kiltsi elementary school. After being derelict for almost a century, Kiltsi Manor was renovated when in 2007 the municipality was awarded a 1.1 million grant from Norway to its 1.36 million project aimed at restoring the building to its former glory.

sweater - thrifted frk.; pants - H&M; shamrock print shirt - thrifted Lab Industries; wedges - Pearlz; backpack - thrifted Medici; big earrings - Guess; small insect earrings - random; sunnies - Emporio Armani.

Unfortunately some parts of the building are showing slight signs of aging again but I hope it gets fixed before any bigger issues appear. It's really a delightful site with a manor park that is pretty as a picture! And therefore I hope you like my photos which were mainly taken while exploring the manor. Definitely let me know what you, guys, think.

ps. The photos of my findings are taken with my fresh precious Zuiko Digital 35mm F3.5 Macro lens which I received on the 11th of September. Expect more trial photos in time!


  1. Hee Maiken,
    Thank you for you for comment. I am happy that you also liked the cobinations of colours.Your photos turned out nice. Btw, have you changed your lay-out?


  2. That manor park looks amazing - I love manors! They're so romantic!
    Your burgundy sweater looks great on you - I'm sure it's as comfortable as my own is!
    I'm happy to hear that you like the Finnish brand Seppälä as well :)
    Thank you for leaving such sweet comments on my blog!
    I would love to see what kind of spider prints you use.

    E from Helsinki

  3. lovely lovely pictures as usual. I love the colors of your skinnies with that cable-knit sweater! and that collar underneath? so cute. It's like rocker meets school girl it's wonderful :)

    The House of Shoes

  4. Like those boots that you bought. Also, very nice photos.

  5. The manor looks beautiful and I really like your thrifted red sweater! It sounds like E has many of your interests, that must be so nice! My husband does not enjoy shopping with me, although we do enjoy eating together!

  6. you rock the sweater and shoes, you look stunning! <3

    Letters To Juliet

  7. You look so cool! love so much your trousers! :)

  8. You look great and estonia is beautiful! I'll post something about Tallinn soon :D

  9. The photography here is beautiful
    I absolutely love that in blogs ♥

  10. It sounds like you had an eventful weekend! I am glad to hear your shopping trip was successful, and also the estate looks absolutely gorgeous! It's hard to find an estate in the city, you have to go north, and I've passed homes that don't look like homes...they look like monuments/castles.

  11. Maiken,

    I am loving your outfit you look great!! You and E always find amazing deals!! I am loving your new finds the boots are amazing!!

    You got a new lens!! Your photography skills are amazing and I really enjoy looking at your photos! Amazing as always!

  12. those house are beautiful, and your new boots are so nice, can't wait to see you wearing that!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  13. wow love your sweater!
    very nice blog by the way ;)

    kisses from Russia,


  14. Girl, this outfit is incredible! I absolutely LOOOOVE those skinnies - they're so awesome :D And then the boots...oh man, don't get me started. Haha, just amazing outfit overall!

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    Trendy Teal

  15. wow I love this outfit, those metallic jeans are so cool! I love how you wore it with the cozy burgundy sweater. The mix is really cool, if only I had something metallic in my closet, I would be copying this :D And the manor looks so amazing, I really like these pictures you took of it.

  16. Those pants, those pants, those pants!!! (Can you tell I'm in love with them??!) For a second I thought that first picture was your house and I was going to say HOLY! Love the snail photo, your nature photography is stunning!

  17. wow! i love your outfit! very nice combination!
    Anyway, i hope you could visit my blog too and follow :)

    Raellarina- The Ballerina on Fire

  18. Your photos are always amazing! I especially like your pants and heels. Every time you post you're always living the good life, it makes me so jealous!

  19. 5 reasons why women drink silt on lihtsalt puhas kuld :D ma olen seda päris mitu korda erinevates kohtades näinud ka ja no igakord ajab see mind veits naerma. uued saapad paistavad ka igati ägedad olevat!

    1. mina nägin seal esimest korda seda silti ja tegelikult ütlust üldse. ja kuna tahan niikuinii oma garderoobi natuke pimpida, siis ei saanud seda poodi jätta. odav oli ka teine :P
      ja need saapad.. siiamaani olen saabaste kandmise alustamist muudkui edasi lükanud. alateadlikult võib-olla. aga neid uusi nunnusid võiks kandma juba hakata küll! :)

  20. One of the best outfits Maiken! Love everything about this outfit. Especially the backpack and sweater. Btw your new boots are stunning! Love them too:)


  21. Anonymous17/9/12 13:32

    Gosh your looking fine girl! I love your hair and red certainly suits you! Beautiful as ever! Check out my newest outfit post! Love Barbie xxx

  22. Cute! Love the red and mint together :)

  23. Pretty knitwear!! LOVE


  24. Wow, i swear it was pure coincidence that we both did dipdye..:)very smart of you to have guessed that my post wud come after FB. :) i spend most times on FB btw. many said the bleached one was nicer..you too..hmm..
    I wish i had your hair color...so much easier to bring out those colors. Love it more than mine :(
    Im in love with that printed collar shirt you wore. Photos are super sharp, vibrant and tells alot of that manor you were xploring. Pics always say a thousand words.

    Hope the week's going well for you... :)

  25. Love your burgundy sweater. The estate looks just gorgeous!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  26. Anonymous17/9/12 19:20

    You LIVE THERE?! It is STUNNING, can't believe how beautiful your home is!!! Want to visit. And I love your wine sweater with bluish leggings, makes a great colour pair.

    <3 Cambria

  27. You are rocking this outfit. I love everything about it from head to toe. Count me in on that burgundy trend!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  28. Those pants and shoes are amazing I can see the cold time is almost there.

  29. Nice, your mine visit must have been very exciting as well!
    Wow it seems you don't eat that much. I learned how to eat in Italy I think :D I love good food!

    E from Helsinki

  30. Great look! :) Your pants are really cool, and love the comfy looking sweater too. Adorable, autumny colour! Cute feather earrings as well; I had to buy two new ones from Glitter last week heh.^^ There's just something about them that I can't resist. They're so pretty, and light weighted. :)

    OH and cool boots <3

    Indie by heart

  31. Those boots are the best! I love the pants, daring and a great textured print. Hope your week is starting off well. The printed shirt underneath. Good luck with finishing up and finding furnishings. xx

  32. Hiya Maiken,Hope your well.
    Your dip dye hair looks fab,what a gorgeous colour and such an on trend colour for this autumn too.
    That Manor House looks incredibly beautiful,what a gorgeous back drop for your photos.Your photography is incredible,as I say alot :D that last photo of the close up snail,is amazing love all the detail,even though its just a snail :D wish I had a fab camera,and photography skills :D
    As always you have shopped some amazing bargains,those boots are so cool,and those feather earrings are gorgeous.
    I hope you are well and thanks so much for your lovely comment too x
    almost forgot,love your jumper and shirt combo,such a cute preppy look,and gorgeous colours together!

  33. Well first of all good luck with renovation dear! It always takes time and powers to find something what you like, but we you find it it all what matters!;)I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of your new furniture.
    You look absolutely wonderful, this deep berry red colour looks fantastic on you!and I can't believe that it's already fall...though it seems that there is a wonderful Indian summer in Estonia;)




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  35. Oh, you're redecorating your place? That sounds great! I bet it's just like shopping for clothes. Love your outfit! The color of your sweater is so eye catching :)

  36. LOOOVE your pants!! I think you put together every piece in a very smart way. Also the photography is great!

    I follow your blog, love all the content you post :) i invite you to follow mine to if you want, xx!


  37. maiken, you look like a knock out! your outfit and photos speak autumn to me. best wishes on your next photography expedition. ;)

  38. I love your color combos of the red and turquoise! You have the BESSST HAIR!!! And those shoes are killer hot!
    xo Beckerman Girls


  39. You look so amazing in that outfit, sweetie! I've been looking for the perfect burgundy sweater for weeks, and yours is just fabulous! I always love to read about your shopping trips, you always seem to find the best deals!

    xx Ivana
    Macarons and Pearls

  40. ooh ive never thought about putting mint and red together! i love the color combo!!! such an amazing look :)


  41. Anonymous19/9/12 13:01

    First of all, cute outfit! I love the mint and red combo. And I'm jealous of your knapsack! I've been wanting one for so long. As for the manor, I think it's lovely even though it's old. :)

    P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking out my posts! For an eyeliner, I recommend an NYC brand liquid eyeliner. They work great!

    Lots of love, B
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  42. love it all..nice blog btw :)

  43. beautiful photos! love the blog, follow each other?! <3

  44. Nice to hear about your family tradition with the exhibitions, one should never give up on those! Thank you for the compliment!

    E from Helsinki

  45. beautiful place, undoubtedly worth to be saved!
    love burgundy!! <3
    I'm following you also via bloglovin' now. I'm 32.

    Greetings from Berlin


  46. Awesome sweater! That color is lovely :)


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  48. Gorgeous !

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  49. what's the first building????? don't tell me is your house or I will get suuuper jealous :P
    and btw no worries I will publish soon the post with the graffiti hehe just wanted to keep it for future posts ;P

    PS. LOOOOVE the sweater!! I have a similar one (knitted by my mom of course) hahaa

  50. congrats on home improvements!and great deals for buying!
    oh, and you pants are so stunning that I want them to be mine

    Inside and Outside Blog

  51. Beautiful photos! Love the sweater! check out my latest posts if you've got time :)

    Scarr xx

  52. You have such great fun shopping. Its like an adventure every trip. Love the tips of your gorgeous hair. Dawn suitcase vignettes

  53. Love the bit of glitter on the jean!
    I seriously envy your hair!!! :) :) :)
    Came here blog hopping and liked your blog!
    Do drop by my blog sometime.
    And do follow if you like! :)

  54. Eeeeeee, your little bug earrings are so cute! That teeny little spider is precious. And I love those new boots of yours! Too freakin' cool. And don't even get me started on those pants. The subtle print is genius, and they're such a pretty color.

    May the force be with you.

  55. Nice look! I love your jeans. That is so awesome.
    Followed your blog! Hope you follow back :)


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    Have a nice day sweety :)

  57. Hiya Maiken,Hope your well,stopped by to see if you had a new post :) as I have some time to catch on blogs :) Look forward to your new post and I hope you have a lovely weekend x

  58. All that sounds great! I'll pay attention if you upload some pics about your dining and living room! I love decoration so this will be great (I'm sure)!

    On a different topic...your patterned trouser is just dazzling!!


  59. The building is so pretty!! I love the photos- your new camera is doing amazing!! And what a great deal on those boots- they are awesome!! And lastly- LOVE your hair!!

    A's Fashion Files
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