Vacation tales: part 3

I had an evil tick tightly attached to one of my birthmarks on my back and the bastard even dropped dead before letting go so I had to pull it out by myself. But hey, this doesn't stop me from telling you about October 10, our day in Latvia where we discovered Valmiera city (Wikipedia says city but I'm sure it's actually town).

Anyhow, Valmiera is the center of Valmiera District and it lies at the crossroads of several important roads, 100 km to the north-east from Riga, the capital of Latvia, and 50 km south of the border with my homeland Estonia. It is situated on both banks of the Gauja River.

Valmiera was first mentioned as a town in a chronicle dating back to 1323 (the actual founding of the town probably occured at least 40 years earlier - 1283). Nowadays it's twinned with one of my favourite towns in Estonia - Viljandi. Though my fiancé says Viljandi is considerably cooler than Valmiera. I'm not arguing but unfortunately Viljandi (nor Estonia overall) doesn't have a Cubus store. However, before telling you about my purchases from Cubus I have a few more things to share.

Since the weather was freezing we swiftly walked through the Old Town that was in all its yellowish autumnal glory. Our stroll ended behind Valleta shopping centre but before rushing in we admired the most ravishing fountain I've seen in a long time. It's surrounded by Dzirnavu lake that was once a part of the defensive system of the town. During the celebration of Valmiera's 725th anniversary in 2008 the reconstructed promenade of Dzirnavu lake was opened and I know I want to go back when the weather is significantly warmer and more enjoyable because I'm curious to see the paved labyrinth. And we also missed the medieval street fragment that was built from the end of the 16th century to the beginning of the 17th century.

thrifted Teen-Look coat | thrifted belt | thrifted handbag | thrifted scarf | Seppälä necklace | Monton earrings | thrifted Quelle blouse | thrifted Connect by Lindex sweater | Amisu faux leather skirt | H&M tights.

But let's move on to my adventures in Cubus store which was a little maddening but heaps of fun. So I took 50 Latvian lats in cash with me but the bill naturally displayed something bigger and I had to ask extra from E. because I simply could not let go of anything and I didn't want to use my debit card. That's just me when I'm overwhelmed. And of course I didn't notably follow my wishlist... I got the collar clips and Gemma pants but not in mint because my fiancé stated that burgundy is more beautiful. Besides I picked and chose a set of Bella undergarment in burgundy again, Thea tee, stud earrings, a neon yellow statement necklace and something striped for E. And I love everything I got.

Of course we purchased some articles of food and local beer (which is truly good-tasting by the way) and gosh, it felt good to be home after such a long day. The length of our journey through all three days (October 8 until October 10) was nearly 600 kilometres and as usual, I love road trips! What about you? Are you a fan or not and what was your latest road trip? Oh and I hope you enjoyed the all autumnal vivid photographs!


  1. ohh kust ma nüüd alustan? :D see oli üks mõnus postitus! esiteks, nii mõnus linnake! need majad ja trepid ja purskkaev... veits nagu muinasjutust või midagi. hästi armas! teiseks, kiidan burgundy pükse, juba lihtsalt kuna need seda värvi on. ja selles suhtes olen Erikuga nõus - tops mint anytime mu jaoks! kolmandaks, ma nii-öelda suurele ringile esitatud küsimuse üle arutlema ei hakka, see vastus sind ilmselt ei üllata või õigupoolest on see piisavalt pika aja jooksul ilmselt selgeks saanud :) neljandaks, mulle tundub, et mul on vist samasugused sukkpüksid, nagu sul jalas on... vist on samad. a ma ei ole neid vist kunagi kandnud, aga nad on mingist sajanditagusest ajast. vot. nüüd sai vist kõik öeldud :D

    1. jah, need ongi sajanditagusest ajast ja ka mina polnud neid varem kordagi jalga pannud, see oli esimene kord :D kunagi sai odavalt ostetud ja no iseenesest on ju täitsa toredad tegelased ;)
      ning Valmiera on tõesti armas :) ma tahan kindlasti sinna tagasi minna suvel või kevadel, et siis näiteks uurida, kas sekkareid ka leidub.. praegu oli nii külm, et ei suutnud eriti pikalt seal tsillida ja uudistada. no ja see Cubuse pood on päris kihvt, ma polnud varem üheski käinud. jah, mõnus vaheldus :)

    2. udupea, praegu vaatan, et sul on ju pildi alla kirjutatud ka kõik ära, kust miski pärineb :D ma ei loe neid pea kunagi. igatahes jah - kindlasti on siis samad, kui sinu omad H&M'st on :) Cubuse poes pole ma ka kunagi käinud, asjad on ainult kaltsukatest tulnud. ma pole isegi kodukat tsekkinud, missugust kaupa nad pakuvad... täitsa peaks vist, teinekord hea teada.

    3. mõelda vaid, mis siis toimuma hakkab, kui H&M järgmisel aastal Eestisse jõuab.. kõigil on samad (ülitrendikad) riided seljas. ma ilmselt hakkan siis H&M-i pigem vältima :P aga Cubus on selline hea alternatiiv, kui tahad vahepeal midagi täiesti uut, aga samas mitte H&M-i vms kaubamärki. Cubus hoiab veidi kindlamat joont minu meelest. ei ole nii seinast seina nagu H&M, Gina Tricot ja misiganes muud sarnased.

  2. Oh my gosh,that tick sounds awful,Ive never had one before,but my boyfriend had one,half his face went paralysed and had been left with this strange scar on his side,he had a horrible little one! Hope your ok.
    These pictures are wonderful,latvia looks beautiful,the colourful buildings are wonderful.
    I can imagine on a warmer day you could spend hours there,having a good walk around,picnic and relax and soak up those stunning views.
    Your black and white photography is beautiful,love the cupcake necklace here,remeber it from your last post.
    Hope your having a wonderful and relaxing weekend x

  3. It sounds like you had another amazing road trip and 600 KM? That is certainly a lot of driving in the span of 2 days. I love the items you purchased from Cubos, I can't wait to see you wear that necklace and the burgandy skinny jeans!

  4. What a great trip! Beautiful place and I love everything you got at Cubus....no stores in the US :-( I also love your outfit--the tights look amazing and I love all that color! Have a great weekend!

  5. Hello Maiken! Lovely photos and what a beautiful place to live! I love the houses!

    Zoe xxx

  6. maiken, so sorry about that tick. it sounds painful. :( your photos are picturesque! :) houses look so charming. i like the royal purple color on you & those pattern tights are such fun. nice pairing of the colors together with the belt & coat. i prefer smaller road trips over long ones.

  7. Dang girl, sounds like a lot of driving squeezed in! But I love road trips too, so we can enjoy them at least :)
    Haha, and honestly, who sticks to the wish list perfectly anyway? Can't wait to see what you got!
    Love the bright trench you're rocking and that brown leather skirt ♥

    Trendy Teal

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  9. What a beautiful place that looks like.

  10. i loveeee that first photo! and your outfit is so gorgeous! the colors are amazing <3 and you look so very pretty!

  11. Looks like you have great Cubus finds. The black and white shots are nice. I love that lime green coat!

  12. From the photos you published, I would very much like to visit that town someday, looks like it stopped in time, but in a good way =)
    Also, love the B&W photos! Oh, and the food in the last post looks absolutely delicious ;p

    My Own Project

  13. Maiken!:) looks like a comfortable, homey vacation, you look stunning as always, and your purchases are lovely, loving the cottage <3

  14. These are some really nice pictures! Oh and the outfit is cool, simple but classy, love it! Your blog is very interesting, keep it up! And please check out my new post :)

  15. OMG I have such a fear of ticks!! ahhhhh scary!!! Moving on....everything looks so amazing!! I love the story and all of the items you picked up! You always find the best things! And that yellow coat you're wearing--LOVE it.
    AND PS, please don't forget to enter my 1500 follower GIVEAWAY here! :)
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  16. looks so lovely!! :)


  17. oh my goodness....what a cute little town! Those houses are beautiful. Love your gorgeous lime overcoat, it looks amazing on you! I also have a soft spot for ducks, haha weird I know. BUT I adore that duck picture!

    Couture Caddy x

  18. wow I can't believe the town was founded in the 1200s! That is so cool, in the US, any building over 100 years old is considered super old. And I love the houses there too, the pictures are so nice. I especially love the house in the first photo :)

    Your outfit: LOVE LOVE LOVE the gorgeous coat and the floral legggings. The leggings are such a statement :)

  19. Oh my God! It looks like a fairy tale town! I couldn't believe my eyes how beautiful it is! I can't understand why all film makers haven't gone to Estonia yet. It seems to me to be such a wonderful, incredibly beautiful place and absolutely picturesque for all the historical or fantasy movies!
    And I absolutely love your outfit. So bright and colourful. And the combo of pink tights with the purple sweater is super beautiful




    1. it's actually Valmiera town in Estonia's adjoining state Latvia and you can read about it from this post if you're interested :)

  20. you always are traveling to beautiful places!!! this one is magical! All green and colorful!! I feel like travelling right now...

    and you look lovely as always! :D


  21. You always do the most fun and interesting travel posts, I am a bit embarassed to admit that I don't know much about the part of the world where you live and you've really opened my eyes to how many beautiful and interesting things there are to see there - not to mention the fabulous shopping! Cubus is new to me, too, but the things you found there look wonderful, particularly those burgundy pants! Can't wait to see you wearing those :)

  22. I love you in that jacket, the color is just so cute and fun. And your tights are amazing. You always seem to be having so much fun on your trips!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  23. Nice haul! :) Love the collar clips! I recently got neon pink studded ones from Glitter, haven't had the chance to photograph them yet ^^
    I think burgundy is better for Autumn/Winter, too. You hubby has great sense of style ^^

    Indie by heart

  24. What a beautiful city and I love your lime green coat! That is so scary about the tick... eeek :(

  25. that coat is spectacular! :) such a beautiful color :) love the photos! such a beautiful cityc :)


  26. Wow amazing photos again! You're such a talented photographer!
    Love all that color on you!
    The burgundy jeans from Cubus look super nice!
    I love roadtrips- you can read all about my latest in my earlier blog post here http://dragonflyelisabeth.blogspot.fi/2012/06/mans-heart-away-from-nature-becomes.html and here http://dragonflyelisabeth.blogspot.fi/2012/06/courage-is-not-towering-oak-that-sees.html.

    E from Helsinki

  27. What a dreamy place, those houses look like dolls houses ! Great purchases, too =) Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies
    Fashion and Cookies on Facebook

  28. Great photos! I love your green coat, too! You could totally work that for my Style Imitating Art challenge this week! Anyway, I also wanted to tell you I agree about how important work is to life- I definitely consider my job an important golf ball and not just a little marble or a bunch of sand!!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  29. What inspiring locations. I really love how well you bring your travels, daily life, and fashion into your posts.

    <3 hayley

  30. i used to love road trips. we took them a lot when we were kids. i love seeing all the wonderful places you travel too. you look lovely as always. i love all the bright colors you're wearing! and yucky about that tick!!!


  31. looks like very much fun! love your coat!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  32. Great post. Nice blog. Follow each other?

  33. that place looks like heaven!!!! beautiful pictures!


  34. Everything is beautiful! I love your outfit. All of the bright colors are so pretty. I would love to have a jacket in that same green color! Plus ALL of the pictures are AMAZINGLY beautiful. Beautiful homes, beautiful landscapes, and a beautiful duck.

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    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  35. That is definitely one dreamy town or city whatever Wikipedia wants to call it!

    It's so dreamy .. the houses, the trees, just beautiful!

    And so are you!

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  36. I love the color combination of this outfit! You look great! And the necklace looks delicious:)


  37. Such a beautiful place - pretty as a picture! x

  38. Yikes, ticks are such stubborn creatures, glad you got him off eventually! That green house is so adorable as is your lime green jacket! Plus your photography skills are amazing, the pic of the duck is beautiful.

  39. it looks beautiful outthere! oh and we love your coat!


  40. Beautiful pictures!

    xo Sootjeelina

  41. Beautiful pictures! Love your leather skirt.

  42. wow! I love the place...i loved how you photograph it...:)


  43. first of all, the location is amazing! i love the color of the houses. and second, i love that green coat (and your whole outfit too!). so darling!

    lindsey louise


  44. The houses with the little garden at the window was so vibrant and full of colors. Nice little town!
    And then came to ur colorful outfit. Thats quite a daring take but u worked it together! U always do :)
    I see u like to explore new places all the time. Wish there were more places to go here...

    Do check out my new post on MMM x H&M!

  45. Darn ticks, I live in the woods so I know all about those little blood suckers. I love your detailed roadtrips. Rob and I go on them more often now since it's Fall. You and E are perfect together for this. Great statement necklace. That town is so beautiful with the colorful homes and stone walls...just gorgeous. Dawn suitcase vignettes xo