The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 (2012)

The epic finale that will live forever.

It's that time of the year again...
Obviously I mean The Twilight Saga time at this point, not Christmas time, and I'm a sucker for this particular notorious book and film series. I can't remember what happened in 2008 when Twilight came to light because I didn't write my blog then but since 2009 I and my fiancé have seen New Moon (2009), Eclipse (2010), Breaking Dawn - Part 1 (2011) and Breaking Dawn - Part 2 (2012) together in theatre. It has been such a lovely tradition for us and now it's completely over, no more Twilight books and films. This little fact made me quite emotional for a moment, to be honest but naturally I managed to stay strong in the cinema, surrounded by hundreds of strangers. But I know at least my fiancé can breathe easier now, no more Edward and Bella, no more almost 2 hours long mandatory cinema visits. That burden has finally vanished!

Anyhow, a little general information about Breaking Dawn - Part 2 ahead of my opinions and thoughts.
Breaking Dawn - Part 2 is 2012 romantic fantasy film directed by Bill Condon (who is also the talented director of Breaking Dawn - Part 1) and it's based on the novel Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer.

Bella (Kristen Stewart) has given birth to a special baby girl she names Renesmee after her mother Renée and Edward's adopted mother Esme (Elizabeth Reaser). Jacob (Taylor Lautner) bonds with Renesmee and helps the recent parents keep their daughter safe from his former wolf pack. But Renesmee is growing at fearfully accelerated rate. And when the Volturi hear about the child then they assume the Cullens have broken vampire laws and have created a newborn by turning a human child into a vampire.

Alice (Ashley Greene) has a vision showing her that the Volturi are coming to kill them all and no explanation will be good enough for them. The Cullens summon their vampire friends from all around the wide world to get to know Renesmee so they can prove she's actually a human/vampire hybrid. But as soon as Alice and Jasper (Jackson Rathbone) suddenly disappear, the Cullens fear the worst and try to prepare themselves for an all-out war.

So, for me it was all about the tiny details and grand visual effects this time, from the very beginning until the end. And since it was the final portion of the Twilight Saga then I'm not going to remarkably complain about the fact how the beginning seemed to be slightly slow. It simply didn't matter and the film grew more interesting, intriguing and pleasing to the eye with every minute half term! For example the cottage that Alice gifted to Bella and Edward (Robert Pattinson) was wonderful and the dressing-room inside that cottage was highly delightful. Too bad Bella didn't appreciate all those beautiful pieces inside that wardrobe and practically all the time picked a rather boring pair of jeans.

But now about the part that was my utmost favourite.
It was the finale - Alice's tragic vision. I had read the book which is why I supposedly knew everything but then I truly wondered what the hell was going on? For once I even believed they had used a punch line! Anyway, it was super intense - clearly the perfect closing for the Twilight Saga. And I'll be missing you sincerely, dear Twilight Saga. 10/10


A quick day trip to Tallinn

In my last post I promised to tell the news about my recent purchases from Tallinn. Everything I bought is from Stockmann or Kaubamaja and actually I didn't purchase much at all. Majority of the things was preplanned anyway so I'm even making progress following my own shopping rules fairly well.
Therefore, most of our time ticked away while we were making our moves at Stockmann, not only shopping but additionally munching on giant local pancakes. Yet I bought three very different things from Stockmann:
  • a nude pink Ted Baker two tone small bowler bag (129 76) which looks supremely adorable and as a bonus doesn't let me pile up irrelevant stuff (catalogues, magazines, newsletters, too many lipsticks and lipglosses... yeah, like I already said - irrelevant stuff).
  • "A home without a dog is just a house" sign (6,90) because I simply think that way and I'm starting to fancy all those witty signs overall. And I hope you all value your four-legged friends widely :)
  • Eleco mini sewing machine (39,90) since I have a decent pile of clothes waiting for little DIY projects. My sewing machine contains double thread, straight stitch and "Z" stitch, forward and reverse sewing, automatic thread rewind, adjustable stitch width and built-in sewing light. My first assignment was fixing a thrifted blouse and I did it! Now I really hope I will have enough time in my hands to complete all those DIY projects.

On a completely different note I purchased two new hair care products from LaCoupe's Brazilian Keratin Line and received additional two as a free gift. Brazilian Keratin Line is specifically designed for curly, wavy and frizz prone hair. It's infused with an exclusive complex of oils and keratin protein to give your hair a mega watt shine, keep it straighter longer, leave you with soft, smooth and touchable hair. Their shampoo and conditioner are sulfate and paraben free and I am beyond thrilled to put those two to the test!

My bonus products are LaCoupe Colour Rescue colour care shampoo and LaCoupe Colour Rescue colour quench conditioner from their Colour Rescue Line. Those tiny (in fact decent 60 ml) individuals are ideal for travelling which will hopefully and according to plan take place again next year. Have you tried something from LaCoupe hair care lines (firstly created in 1983)?

Bastion coat | thrifted scarf | Cubus stud earrings | Seppälä necklace | thrifted H&M crop sweater | Guess (under) sweater | thrifted belt | Cubus pants | Detox boots | Occhiblu (shopping) bag.

Like I said I didn't buy much but I'm very pleased with my findings and the shopping day in general. A quick meal (my Greek salad was delicious!) and we were prepared to confront the clearly overcrowded and rather slow train.
By the way, taking photos was not very simple since it was highly chilly outside but I still hope you like what we have managed to produce!


New in: thrifted and non-thrifted bits and pieces

A few days ago we took an early train to Tallinn, our capital town but before telling you about that day and my precious findings I'm eager to share a simple outfit and four sophisticated newcomers in my bottomless wardrobe.
Therefore, in the first place comes my outfit which dates back to November 4 (equally November 3). It was drizzling outside and the weather was miserable but to be entirely fair I'm surprisingly pleased with the photos my fiancé took.

We were just coming from Tartu where E.'s mother's birthday took place on the 3rd of November. My father's b-day event took place on the 2nd of November by the way so we had a particularly dense timetable. Tartu also stood for a late-night pitch dark hike with E.'s sister E. and our very excited Elvis across a muddy field to buy two ice cream cones from McDonald's. It was totally worth it though!

Lindex (children's department) crop vest | thrifted Sonia Rykiel top | thrifted H&M pants | Rocawear boots | Cubus necklace | D&G wrist watch.

But when it comes to shopping I spent nothing else but 2 and got a snake print bangle (4,95) and a fairly well matching statement necklace (12,95) and saved entirely 15,9 (Seppälä had a very good offer that weekend!). By the way, I already wore the necklace to Tallinn and felt a little sad since it had to be in ambush under my massive scarf for most of the day.

However, those two brilliant pairs of footwear below are thrifted from my favourite local thrift store!! The burgundy red vintage leather pumps cost laughable 1 and are made in Italy. Their label is Lady Carlotta and I discovered a vintage online shop that sells those pumps but the price is approximately 30 times higher (29.90)!

And the other pair is Versace for H&M high-heeled lace-up suede boots which are fundamentally new but I paid only 8 for those elegant darlings. The full price was $149 (117) so quite a catch, right?
The highly anticipated Versace for H&M collection debuted in select stores in the end of 2011 but back then I could only daydream about it since H&M will come to Estonia not until autumn 2013 (with even three (!!!) stores then). In some ways I think it's good but at the same time there are dark sides of course. For instance I can totally imagine dozens of Estonian girls going slightly crazy over long-awaited H&M, haha.

Anyway, I'm going to stop now and as always - I hope you like the photos. By the way, what kind of experiences have you had when it comes to thrifting footwear? Any magnificent discoveries?


Substitutional Sunshine

Get the logo!

Hello again, Y'all!
As early as dozens of weeks ago, on the 11th of October awesome Vivienne of Thrifted Shift nominated me for the Sunshine Award. And I'm not exaggerating when I say it really made my day joyful. Thank you very much!
Conjointly I promised to answer all her 10 questions and here it comes, the collection of my ideas and reactions (better late than never, right?)...
and of course before everything - the rules:

I How often do you get new items and get rid of old ones?
I can't be thoroughly certain what do you mean by new items but when it comes to thrifted goods (generally clothes, more seldom footwear), then more or less once a week and fully new things (including household goods but generally not clothes) perhaps once or twice a month. On the other hand I can get rid of old ones even every week, depending on my mood and possible desire to tidy up.

II Do you wear shoes that hurt?
Naturally I have done that and I'm afraid I also will in the future but only temporarily - self-torture is usually not my goal.

III What are your shopping rules?
1. Thrift shop as much as possible!
2. Full prices at regular stores are pointlessly high so try not to leave your money there!
3. Wait for seasonal discounts!
4. Be determined and don't reward yourself with nonsense!

IV Do you keep clothes that don't fit for sentimental value?
For sentimental value? Clearly not since I'm too far from being sentimental.

V Name three things you think will be obsolete in ten years.
Hopefully all that i-crap (pad, phone, whatever), bad case fashion madness and electric cars.

VI Would you rather be rich or famous?
Definitely rich since there are ridiculously many famous people anyway and to be honest I don't believe in fame - it's too shallow. But even for the time being I'm not actually complaining about anything significant.

VII What's your favourite way to celebrate?
Decent champagne (or beer) + delicious snack. Though celebrating is something I don't do very often.

VIII What are you thankful for today?
Today I'm thankful for the fact that Christmas holiday will be 5 sequential days long. Like a much needed mini vacation!

IX What can you always be found with?
That's a tough one! I guess the correct answer would be "a random pair of earrings" because I always wear at least one pair, even when I'm washing or sleeping.

X So you win a pet monkey at a fair but this isn't just any old monkey. It can do one trick for you whenever you want... from getting a beverage out of the fridge to washing your hair. What would be the trick?
That's so easy! The trick would be perfectly cleaning my whole house: first floor + second floor + basement floor!

Now I want to pass on this award to some of the ladies whose blogs and feedback always stand for warm sunshine in my eyes and thoughts:

- Allison of A's Fashion Files;
- Elisabeth of Dragonfly;
- Joyce of Joyful Outfits;
- Kayleigh Jean of Kayleigh Jean;
- Linda of trendy teal;
- Norah of cococherry;
- Satu of . Indie by heart;
- Teddi of Honeybee Lane.

And here are my questions for you, ladies!
I Are you pleased with your current job and/or studies? If not, what would you change?
II How important is fashion to you?
III How many blogs do you read regularly?
IV How often do you use your ID (Identity) Card?
V Name the last piece of clothing or accessory you bought.
VI Name three of your best thrift finds.
VII What is your favourite holiday?
VIII Which group(s) and/or singer(s) do you like?
IX Which TV shows do you watch on a regular basis?
X You and junk food. What kind of relationship do you have?

I really, really hope Y'all (Norah, you too, hehe ;) can find the time to answer because I worked so hard to create those 10 questions. And to illustrate this otherwise text-rich post I've chosen some nice examples of my photography, everything taken only in October. As you can see we experienced bright sunshine, decent rainfalls, winter fog and even our first, exciting snow here in Estonia. I hope you enjoy my creation, dear readers, and let me know what you think :)

ps. I additionally participated in Style Imitating Art challenge where you imitate a painting by using your outfit - whether it's the sortment of colours, textures or lines. The painting was Jeune fille en vert (Young Girl in Green Dress) by Tamara de Lempicka and to see my outfit and many other shades of green, click here.


One outfit and three things I recommend

thrifted scarf | thrifted Davida Korea blazer | thrifted Woolworths blouse | Cubus pants | leather belt from my grandmother | Rocawear boots from 2009 | earrings from Tbilisi, Georgia.

Happy early November!
A long long time ago, on the 14th of October the fiancé and I visited Tartu because we were in need of some specific baseboards beside and around the brand new fireplace. We got those with particularly good price and furthermore I felt like taking advantage of the discount that was going on at a local department store called Tartu Kaubamaja. For that reason I'm going to introduce and recommend you three of my bargains and those three are brilliant - my current treasures!

I Macadamia Natural Oil No Tangle Styler Brush

It's my very first Macadamia product and I'm more than pleased.
According to Macadamia Natural Oil website the No Tangle brush utilizes a unique "flex bristle" design that gently diffuses tangles and knots, painlessly and safely detangling your hair. The remarkable bristles eliminate pulling, split-ends and breakage.
The No Tangle brush is so gentle that cuticle damage is minimized, helping protect the vibrancy, shine and longevity of colour treated hair.

The brush works on all hair types and can be used on wet or dry hair. My hair is long, thick and wavy - definitely not the easiest combination and I always brush it after washing (which happens twice or thrice a week), therefore I urgently needed something like the No Tangle brush, something appropriate for combing wet, occasionally cranky hair. As a bonus it's painless and stress-free - a true life saver!
On Macadamia's website it costs $15.00 and I paid 11.40 which was fortunately a fair price.

II Joik Creme brulee scented soy wax candle, 5.20

Another very first when it comes to me but almost every modern Estonian person and for instance several Finnish bloggers are aware of Joik products, especially their soy wax candles. Joik is the first manufacturer of soy wax candles in Estonia and their scented candles are handmade in small batches from eco-friendly soy wax and the finest fragrance oils. Soy wax is completely biodegradable, soy wax candles burn cleaner and due to their lower melting point last longer than comparable paraffin candles.
My creme brulee candle smells like rich vanilla custard with just the right touch of caramelized sugar on top. It's yummy!

If you're not from Estonia but are interested in purchasing something lovely from Joik, for example check out an online store called Salongipood which also ships internationally to 14 foreign countries. By the way, nelly.com offers Joik products too but their prices are insanely high, even multiple. Altogether I know this will not be my last Joik candle and I'm going to keep you posted on the progress.

III Joik quick absorbing hand & foot lotion with aloe and emu oils, 3.70

Hand lotion or cream is my must-have product and I use it every single day. Presently I'm in possession of two different hand lotions: one (Alessandro International HANDS!UP nice day all-over hand lotion - see my post about it here!) at my workplace and another (conjointly my newest) at home.

Anyhow, at first I found the scent of my Joik lotion odd (it's a familiar but still unidentified scent) but a little later it became addictive and it lasts for long hours. And of course my hands are silky soft and moisturized. Haven't tried it on my feet yet because I already have at least three foot creams or lotions in addition to this.

When it comes to Joik hand & foot lotion under discussion I additionally wanted to share those characteristics that describe some of the useful ingredients:
* aloe soothes and helps to restore dry and damaged skin;
* emu oil and shea butter soften and nurture rough skin;
* safflower oil helps to minimize moisture loss and maintain skin's elasticity.

But enough about my three treasures, let's talk about you! What are your three present day favourites? I'm highly curious to know and naturally I hope you like the photos!