The awkward moment when Santa accidentally leaves the price tag on your present - Eddy Sims

Long time no see. Once again life has been immeasurably intense and on top of that I have had no inspiration/motivation whatsoever to work on a decent blog post. Nevertheless I pulled myself together because eventually a girl (and at this point I mean me, myself and I) has to blog again, right? So this is a miscellaneous publication about one and a half outfits, my order from sweet Estonian online store müüü (www.muuu.ee) and simply a few wintry life lately snapshots.

First of all, müüü is an online store where practically everything costs 9.99 and number 9 equals "üheksa" in Estonian language wherefrom derives this "triple ü". I have to recognize it's a very smart and memorable name choice. Their service is faultless and warm-hearted - something you don't meet every day in Estonian (e-)commerce.

My order included a few Christmas presents besides "highly needed" gifts for myself ;) Naturally I can't display the Christmas presents here but my own goodies are parrot shaped earrings and lizard ear cuff made by talented Jane Meriloo, a vintage style statement ring and cute turquoise bow belt. Since my fiancé has four lizards at our home I of course sported my lizard ear cuff in the first place last weekend. You will see those (freezing) outfit shots in my next post which will hopefully show up in the near future. My dear Estonian readers, have you had any experience with müüü?

Secondly I attended a 20% off sale at our local department store on Wednesday evening and am now allowed to proudly say our Christmas gift list is finally complete! And as a nice bonus I conjointly gathered a few fine things for myself too but I'm in great need of proper daylight to take photos of those goods and dozens of others. For example I should post my very newest Oriflame haul from last weekend. However, spending time at work from 8:00 am till 5:00 pm every weekday leaves me absolutely no well-lighted moments at home. Luckily there are entirely 5 free days waiting for us, Estonians, and shortly after that additional 4 free days to correctly celebrate the arrival of New Year. 9 days in total - that sounds especially well!

Lindex neon rhinestone earrings & hair bow | thrifted sweater | thrifted Pinky blouse | Cubus pants | Joe Sanchez cowboy boots.

Talking about luck and good things I have some incredible news...
I have won 4 lovely blog giveaways lately and to be honest still can't believe my recent windfall in that department. Simply unbelievable!
Naturally I'm going to showcase my prizes when I receive something (I found out about two winnings only yesterday and did a nice happy dance in my mind). Therefore, at least now you are aware of the fact I have much interesting stuff to post about. But for the time being I highly hope you enjoy my current photos and collages and always let me know what you think because I really love hearing from you :)

thrifted GAP button-up blouse | Seppälä necklace |  
Oriflame earrings | thrifted rise dress | Monton waistbelt.

May the good times and treasures of the present become the golden memories of tomorrow. Wish you lots of love, joy and happiness. 
Merry Christmas!


  1. Wow, 4 giveaways?? Haha, that's awesome!
    And there's that lovely print bow I remember - it adds a perfect touch to your fun outfit. :)

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  2. Yayy now you're as lucky as I've been lately ! (with giveaways) ^^

    Lovely dress you're wearing on the 2nd outfit.. Gorgeous really. And müüü seems like a really lovely shop.

    Thank you for all the nice words. :) Too bad we weren't able to visit Malta this year, but maybe some day !

    I wish you a Merry Christmas, and thank you for the past year; you've been one of the best blog friends girl can dream of. So virtual hug from my way ! :)

    Indie by heart

  3. It looks like you got some really great jewellery pieces from the shop. I like the gorgeous (last) shots as well. Wishing you a beautiful Christmas as well. xo/Madison

  4. GORGEOUS photos!!!! LOVE your outfit! The dress with red accents is gorgeous.

    Do you want to follow each other???


  5. loving your hairbow and all your wonderful accessories..salivating on your second outfit:)

  6. Hey! How have you been? It's nice to hear from you again! I enjoy reading your post, of course! I'm glad that you're done with your x-mas shopping. I am too! I also love your ear cuff. I want one! :)

    P.S. Merry Christmas to you too, darling!

    - B
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  7. I love your new things and the thrifted sweater is beautiful! I really love it!! I also love your dress! I will be finishing my shopping on Sunday. That's the latest I've ever waited due to too much work! I also took 10 days off work so enjoy your time off!!! Merry Christmas dear!!!

  8. I love all the new pieces! I also understand how difficult it is to take photos when you spend all of daylight inside working. love your outfits, they feel perfect for this time of year! xx sylvie

  9. Maiken- you look so pretty in both of these looks! I love the bow belt that you got from the Muuu store- it seems like they have great things! And the bow in your hair is great as well! And I can't believe that you won 4 giveaways! That is awesome! I can't wait to see your new goodies!!

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  10. Your are so beautiful and I love the pieces (:

  11. Maiken sweetie I have been away from so long been busy all time and now I'm back checking out your blog you look so lovely love your sweater is so cozy and I can see you have snow now over there I wish I have snow over here as well but unfortunately we gonna get rain ;( wishing you a wonderful Merry Christmas already hun happy holidays <3


  12. Wow 4 giveaways lucky you! I love those pictures aww I'm dreaming of snow :)
    Those pants are nice and your bun is super cute too :)
    Merry Christmas Maiken :)

  13. Lovely look and photos!!!You look great!!!!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  14. Those are absolutely beautiful! You look gorgeous too, I love your outfit with the sweater-so cute!

  15. maiken, you look like a christmas angel of loveliness in the first photos, and a beautiful christmas party doll all dressed up with yummy food to eat too. your nature photos are exquisite, and your purchases remind me of antique jewelry. someday i want to see photos of those lizards. have a fantastic christmas! :)

  16. Merry Christmas!
    and the gifts look stunning

    Inside and Outside Blog

  17. Your hair is so pretty! I really like that black and red lacy dress as well. You have a nice blog!


  18. Those pants are absolutely stunning!

  19. I love your sweater and that gorgeous dress! You look great :)

  20. 1) that online store sees so nice, I like the cute ackagong too!
    2) I love both outfits, especially the sweater in the first. The dot sleeves are sooooo cool and that bow is amazing :)
    3) congratulations on winning the giveaways!

  21. such a beautiful sweater! :D the sleeves are so cute! :D
    Happy Holidays!! <3


  22. Happy Holidays Maiken! You look great in all these looks and I def know the whole issue with pricetags! I've left a few tags on their when it is a gift to my Mom, this happens when the store boxes the gift and forgets to put a sticker over the price. haha.

  23. Hello! :) I'm obsess with your blog now, so glad i found it. :). I am following. I hope you can check out my site: http://theproverbs.net and follow, if you haven't. Thanks for your time. I will definitely be back to see more. Merry Christmas !

    steven brown

  24. Christmas shopping can be so stressful can't it?! I was so glad when I got that done :) Hope your holiday was lovely! Can't wait to see what you've won, you must be a lucky charm!

    The House of Shoes

  25. What a beautiful dress, you look stunning! Tomorrow your giveaway from me will be shipped :) Happy holidays!

    E from Helsinki

  26. ma arvasin, et kui ma vist tõesti pärast peaaegu ligi kuu aja möödumist Bloglovinisse sisse login, ootab mind miljon postitust erinevatelt blogijatelt, aga tegelt on mul ühest küljest hea meel näha, et detsember on jätkuvalt detsember ja ma pole ainus, kellelt see aega, energiat ja muud seesugust ammutab :) ehk teisisõnu, ma ei tunne end siis lihtsalt nii halvasti või midagi. aga kui teemasse süveneda, siis ma olen seda müüüd ka ise vaadanud ja tundub nii-nii armas netipood olevat, aga pole sealt veel midagi tellinud. ma pole üldse midagi ammu netist tellinud, aga tahaks, sest pakki on jätkuvalt kuidagi nii tore saada! eriti kui viitsitakse vaeva näha, nagu siin müüü puhul paistab - sellised personaalsed pöördumised on harvad nähtused, aga toob nii sooja tunde kohe :)

    1. minul on blogimisega nii, et kui mul postituse tegemiseks ja pühendumiseks aega pole, siis jätan parem tegemata, aga midagi suvalist siia ka tekitada ei taha. vahel on nii raske olla perfektsionist :D
      muide, ma pole seda postitust unustanud, mille sa veel sel aastal tegema pidid. või no põhimõtteliselt pidid :D ja paki saamine meeldib mulle ka, kuigi seda juhtub üpris harva. müüül olen aga silma peal hoidnud ikka nii igaks juhuks :P

  27. What a wonderful stuff! I like how you did your hair! With the little scarf (if it's a scarf ;)
    You have a great sense of style! x

  28. haha I like the title on this post.. great photos, looks like winter's been treating you well.. the snow in the pic seems just lovely.. and cool looks embracing the burgundy shade.. merry xmas

  29. Great post and blog. Lets follow each other. Kisses.

  30. Amazing pics!! :)
    Would you like to follow each other? :)



  31. Wow, look at all of that snow! (Your outfit in the snow is so pretty and fun, I love how the dark colored pants look with your black boots and the sweater, it's so pretty and the bow is adorable. I always love to see how other cold-weather ladies dress stylish in the snow, you look fantastic. And your party dress is stunning.) I hope you got to have a delightful Christmas, how nice about getting that time off! Happy New Year dear!

  32. Dear Maiken, first of all Merry Christmas and thank you so, so much for all your sweet comments and inspiration you give to me;)
    These photos of yours are super beautiful. the last outfit is amazing, you do look absolutely stunning! The burgundy dress suits you perfectly and the necklace is so eye-catchy.
    I also love your previous outfit and how you added a little colour/playful touch into your hair.
    The jewellery you've bought are super cute and I'm looking forward to more outfit posts featuring them.




  33. hey baby! merry belated christmas! i love your sweater <3

  34. Thanks ♥

    I loooove the accessories that you bought, so cute ♥♥

  35. Happy Holidays doll and hope you're enjoying the most wonderful time of the year with your love ones. Much love always.

    <3 Marina

  36. happy holidays :)
    you look lovely in this post!
    i especially love the second dress!

    City Laundry
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  39. That second outfit is especially gorgeous. I love the rich color scheme. I hope you had a lovely Christmas!

    May the force be with you.

  40. I love your sweater and the scarf tied in your hair. the scarf looks beautiful!

  41. I was just looking at some of your other posts and really enjoyed looking through your blog! Come by mine and let's follow each other!

    Stay in touch ;)

  42. Darling youre gorgeous! That Box hairtie is super duper cute!!!
    Congratualtions on all of your winnings! Lucky you! :) Cant wait to see what you got!

    I adore the last 4 photos. SImply no words, they are fantastic! I can't even decide which is my favorite! Love them all!

  43. You've got lots of new trinkets. Cute! I love your dinner dress, it's so vintage-y :)

  44. Fabulous style, I love your sweater !! :)

  45. Beautiful outfit! Love your style.

    Joined on GFC :)

    xx Katherine

  46. armas Maiken,

    leidsin päris juhuslikult Su postituse - pea aasta aega hiljem - ning saadan müüü poolt soojad-soojad tervitused! :)
    aitäh Sulle heade sõnade ja vinge blogi eest - jagasme seda ka oma fb lehel :)


    1. oi, see on nüüd küll eriti tore üllatus :) ja ühtlasi hea võimalus mulle jõuda lõpuks ka müüü fb koduni. aitäh-aitäh! :)