Livin' my life like it's golden

So, another sort of old outfit from me, descending from the 17th of March but I promised to introduce you my freshest golden item from Mac Scott. I think next time I'm going to wear that blouse (or a light jacket, as I already called it here) without shoulder pads to see and feel the difference. Personally I don't mind wearing blazers or blouses with shoulder pads but I know there are some girls who rather dislike those soft pillow-like figures. Ladies, how do you feel about shoulder pads? What are your experiences so far?

Additionally you can see some of my most recent purchases. Those black leather-like pants from Lindex are thrifted and cost 2.- euros. Together with the pants I snatched a pair of vintage Diorella Ultra tights (colour: rosso) from Christian Dior which cost only 0,50.- euros (ridiculous, right?). The gorgeous green tank top is from Kids by Lindex and it was less than 4.- euros though it's not thrifted.

I also ordered from Dermoshop several weeks ago and you can see what I got:
* Gift Kit Sauna (Facial Mask, 60 ml + Hair Mask, 125 ml + Gift package);
* Moisturizing Hair Treatment, 200 ml;
* Leave-in Spray Conditioner, 150 ml - I forgot to photograph it this time but my review in Estonian and photo from the last time are located here;
* Skin Comfort Firming Mask, 60 ml;
* mini Aloe Gel, 40 ml;
+ free bonus products:
* Deo Roll-On Red Orange, 75 ml;
* Hand Cream Walnut, 50 ml.

If you're interested in any of those products, just let me know and I can write some reviews and share my opinion. For the time being I have to report my two bonus products for example are really efficient! I'm in love with that hand cream. The cream contains walnut extract that supports skin's natural protective functions and is working actively to protect against skin's premature aging and the onset of wrinkles. The other active ingredients of the cream include glycerine, vitamin E, allantoin and ginger extract. I love the smell and the texture, also that cute little tube.
During cold rainy windy autumn and freezing icy snowy winter I use my hand cream(s) almost every single day, so it's really important to own some effective little helpers to keep my hands silky smooth and healthy.

All in all I hope you like the photos, and as always, be sure to let me know what do you think because I love hearing from you!

I was wearing: golden blouse - Mac Scott; white top - Guess; DIY shorts - vintage Armani Jeans /thrifted/; heart tights - Lindex; boots - Tamaris; necklace - O'Neill.

ps. One of my best blogger friends Emmanuella has featured me in her awesome blog It's an ordinary girl's life. To check that post and Emma's blog out, click here!


Glambox: märts

Hey! This is one of the rare occasions when I write in Estonian because it's time for another glambox review, my third one so far. I hope you, my dear foreign readers, enjoy the photos and additionally I have a pretty important question/request. Please tell me if there are any mascaras which run off with just warm water, don't irritate my eyes and leave NO smudges on my face, i. e. something as perfect as Clinique High Impact Mascara which I reviewed here. I would love to get to know some nice alternatives.

Sain oma kolmanda glamboxi kätte 21. märtsil ja mõtlesin tükk aega, kas kirjutada ülevaade või mitte. Põhjus on siinkohal väga lihtne. Nimelt ei tekkinud minus sellist vaimustust nagu kahe eelmise boxi puhul. Avades valgus karbikesest välja küll mõnusalt magusat aroomi, aga selle sisu ei olnud kahjuks nii vinge kui näiteks veebruari glamboxi puhul (hind oli aga märtsis kõrgem...). Täistooteks sel korral siis (lisaks lõhnaküünlale?) Lavali Pucker Up! huuleläige, kuigi ka eelmise glamboxiga sain mini-huuleläike. Praeguseks olen katsetanud viit toodet ning siit tulebki täpsem teave mulle saadetud testeritest/toodetest:

1. Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Mask (Face Pack), 15 ml -
olen saunas käies korra proovinud ja esimese katsega jäin igati rahule, sest näole just tol päeval tekkinud kaks pisikest punnikest kuivatas kõnealune mask edukalt ära. Lõhn ei ole küll vaimustav, aga minu kogemuste põhjal lõhnavadki taolise konsistentsi ja värvusega maskid pigem veidralt, isegi mudaselt. Kasutan maski kindlasti lõpuni ja kui tulevikus täistoodet vaja peaks minema, siis on pretendent vähemalt olemas.

2. Escada Rockin' Rio Limited Edition EDT, 2 ml -
pudelikese kork ei olnud täielikult kinni vajutatud, nii-et lisaks lõhnaküünla aroomile möllab minu karbikeses ka veidi Rockin' Riot (umbes 1/4 testerist oli pudelist haihtunud). Lõhn on kerge ja suvine, aga soetada seda plaanis ei ole, kuna minu poolt soovitavate parfüümide nimekirja esiotsas paikneb juba näiteks Elie Saab Le Parfum.

3. Dr. Scheller Thistle Oil & Chia Seeds, 1,5 g -
pole kahjuks jõudnud veel katsetada.

4. 4U Naturals Scented Candle -
minu kui üliagara lõhnaküünalde fänni jaoks täiuslik väike küünlake (edaspidi soetamiseks siiski kahjuks veidi liiga kulukas).

5. Philip Martin's Antioxidant Skin Cream, 3 ml-
olen mõned päevad hommikuti ja õhtuti kasutanud, aga kahjuks mitte midagi erilist. Minu üpris normaalse näonaha jaoks tundub kohati liiga täidlane/rasvasevõitu (esimesel päeval mitte, aga järgmistel juba küll).

6. Rimmel Lasting Finish 16 hour Renew & Lift regenerating, firming foundation, 15 ml -
tutvustaval lehekesel on mulle saadetud testeri nimi valesti kirjutatud, aga see selleks. Ma ei ole kunagi jumestuskreemi kasutanud ning see on niisiis mu esimene ja ega ma ei oskagi sellega kohe midagi tarka peale hakata. Katsetasin käeseljal ja väikesel osal näost ning minu nahatooniga sulandus tegelikult kenasti, nii-et eks näis, võib-olla juhtub pisike ime ja jõuab toode mu näole või vähemalt mõnele osale sellest, kui midagi olulist katta vaja peaks olema.

7. Decléor Harmonie Calm Soothing Milky Cream, 5 ml -
Decléori tooteid kasutasin kunagi igapäevaselt (elasin siis veel oma vanemate juures ja mu ema fännas Decléori), seega kõnealuse testeri proovimist ootan juba suure huviga. Võib-olla võtan mais reisile kaasa, et võõrsil viibides tuubikesele lõpp peale teha (tagasi tulles on kohver ju selle võrra rohkem avatud uutele ostudele ;)

8. Laval Pucker Up! plumping gloss for sexy lips, 14 ml -
huuleläiked ei ole minu suurim armastus ning nagu juba enne mainisin, olen neid kahe järjestikuse glamboxiga saanud. Tundub huultel igati okei olevat, aga mitte midagi vaimustavat. Lõhn on ka veider huuleläike kohta, meenutab mulle arstimeid. Käekotis pesitsedes leiab vast ikka kasutust, kui pole viitsimist huulepulga järele haarata.

9. John Frieda Collection Frizz-Ease shampoo (8 ml), conditioner (8 ml) & serum (5 ml) -
pole veel otsustanud, kas proovin kodus ära või panen kõrvale kuskile kaasa võtmiseks.

Nagu näha, on nii mõnusaid ja vajalikke kui ka vähem mõnusaid ning ebavajalikke tooteid, aga üldmulje pole nii entusiastlik kui eelnevatel kordadel. Sellest tulenevalt ei ole ma endale aprillikuu glamboxi tellinud. Pole lihtsalt suutnud otsustada, kas ei või jaa, kuigi meeldiv on asjaolu, et hind langetati taas 7,99.- euro peale. Madalama hinnaga glamboxid on siiani parimad olnud, nii-et mõtlemisainet jagub ning tegelikult on mul veel aega otsustada. Millised on/olid teie emotsioonid pärast märtsi glamboxiga tutvumist?

Ja veel üks iluteemaline küsimus/palve: soovitage mulle ripsmetušše, mis jooksevad sooja veega maha, ei lähe sealjuures tükki ning ei ärrita silmi. Mind lihtsalt huvitab väga, kas üldse leidub vääriline alternatiiv Clinique High Impact ripsmetušile, mille ülevaade asub siin.


New in: bunnies and clothes

Happy spring, everybody!

This post is mainly about bunnies and clothes, also a little about food. Versatile, I know. Anyhow, my outfit originates from the 10th of March when I and E. were on a mission. Our assignment was to purchase some new bunnies and we absolutely succeeded. The cheeky one on the left is a male French Lop and the two on the right are the ladies: the light one is a Californian and the dark one is a hybrid. My grandmother was tickled pink when we arrived at their place but enough of rabbits now!

We also visited a thrift store owned by one of E.'s friends and I found two suitable items: American Eagle Outfitters knitwear (1,60.- euros) and Elisabeth Shannon sheer jacket (0,60.- euros). I also got one non-thrifted piece of clothing - Mac Scott blouse (2.- euros) which I wear as a light jacket and I already have an outfit with that blouse waiting for being published.

Actually I remember I used to almost hate golden clothes many years ago but now I find those edgy and fierce - perfect to spice up an outfit. By the way, my inspiration for this blouse came from the popular H&M pattern-knit jumper with a print gold surface which is awesome in my opinion. And to be honest I have several golden clothes at home (one of those worn here). What is your opinion when it comes to golden clothes?

Additionally I received my International Women's Day gift from E. and it was a classic foulard from Guess, my favourite and so perfect for spring!
Before I finish up I must mention all the food is made by me, E. only slightly helped with the cinnamon rolls. So, I hope you like the photos, and always be sure to let me know what you think! :)

I was wearing: jacket - Ermisoky /thrifted/; button-up blouse - /thrifted/; leggings - Guess; belt - /thrifted/; boots - /thrifted/; earrings - unknown; brooch - a gift from my mother, made with Swarovski crystals.


Questions & Answers: part three + Oriflame haul

Finally I gave answers to the remaining questions, to be specific, fourteen questions in all. So, I hope everyone got their answers now and you find something interesting from the post.

I'm also posting rather old (from the end of February) photos of my latest Oriflame haul. I got:
* Milk & Honey Gold Shampoo and Milk & Honey Gold Conditioner - my review about those two is located here. By the way, I repurchase only the best products, so this was a direct hint ;)
* Pure Colour Floral Nail Polish in Cherry Red - I haven't tried this yet but it's for my toenails;
* My very first apron in perfect colour;
* Alexa Earrings - love those;
* Triple Core Lipstick Trend Edition in Coral Trend - inspired by wild flowers in nature and graphic petals on the catwalk alike, the limited edition of unique Triple Core Lipstick embraces spring trends with 5 new bold shades, each encased in an exclusively created floral design.
I haven't used it very often but I love the stylish package and the Coral Trend shade as well. In my opinion the lipstick could be slightly more moisturizing though. I guess we'll see what kind of relationship this precisely will be. By the way, I was wearing my Triple Core Lipstick Trend Edition and Alexa Earrings in the latest outfit post and I'm adding a photo here as well.
* Very Me Heartbreaker Eye Pencil in Turquoise Rocks - pencil in three gorgeous shades and packaging with attitude. Perfect for your inner and outer lash lines. It's too soon to say anything reliable about this since I've tryed it only twice but I do love the fierce colour.

Anyway, here are my answers to your questions, so jump right in!

How do I get a stomach like that?
I guess the correct answer is "crunch exercises" which are the most common abdominal exercises to tone your rectus abdominis muscle.
My so called training programme also contains a running machine, an elliptical trainer and exercises with dumbbells. When I don't feel like working out inside the house I'll take a long walk together with my mother and Elvis or with only one of them (+crunch exercises afterwards). Mostly in summer I roller-skate and run as well.

The most important thing is I work out when I want to, not because I have to! And I'm happy with my toned body and strength. I also enjoy manual work. By the way, I love good food as well!

Where do you find so affordable pieces?
I find affordable pieces from everywhere I shop, i.e. from completely random stores, online, outlets, shopping centres, thrift stores and so on. I have set rather strong borderlines and don't spend my money mindlessly. For example by rule of thumb I don't purchase full priced clothes from Lindex, New Yorker, Seppälä... it's just pointless in my opinion. Majority of my clothes are thrifted and from time to time I reward myself with something expensive and high-quality, something from Guess for an example. (Seasonal) discounts and thrift stores are my favourites though.

Would like to know more about where you live.
Jõgeva is a small town in Estonia, with a population of around 6000 people. It is the administrative centre of Jõgeva County and it's situated on the right shore of Pedja River which flows through the city from north to south. Parallel with the river is the Tallinn-Tartu railway line.

History. Jõgeva became a town in 1938 but during the Second World War nearly 60% of the town was destroyed. During the Soviet occupation in Estonia Jõgeva became an important administrative centre with several big industries. Many new administrative, commercial and residential buildings were erected at that time.

Interesting facts. Jõgeva is also known as the coldest place in Estonia with the lowest temperature of -43,5°C.
Jõgevatreff, an annual bikers reunion, takes place in July and the culmination of the event is the parade of the bikers through the town. In August, the annual Garlic Festival is held. Jõgeva is also regarded as the head quarters of the Estonian Santa Claus.
Jõgeva is twinned with Kaarina and Keuruu in Finland and Karlstad in Sweden.

What does a project manager do?
I wrote about my job here but one of the most important obligations is the lead-through of public procurements and all other types of procurements. Also putting together procurement plans and dealing with payments and accounting. I have to participate in various meetings as well. Honestly it is impossible to list everything I have to do.

What kind of camera do you use?
I use Olympus E-520 for my photos.

What's the craziest thing you ever done? Or would like to do?
I guess the craziest thing was getting my first tattoo in 2006 and also flying to Crete island for the first time in 2009 although I promised not to fly anywhere in my whole life (because the plane could fall down, you know).

Name a designer/brand you would never ever wear and why?
There is no such designer/brand I would never ever wear. Never say never... for an example look what happened with my promise not to fly even once in my whole life!

What's your guilty pleasure?
My guilty pleasures are all things gorgeous, delicious food, photography, pleasurable workout, road trips, strawberries, sun, thrifting, travelling...

Who are your inspirations of blogging?
My inspirations of blogging are almost everybody whose blog I'm reading and enjoying. No-one specific.

What are your pet peeves?
My pet peeves are babblers, lack of education and annoying people.

A place where you would live if you had the opportunity to?
I honestly can't name such place right now because my home is here in Jõgeva, I have a car and the opportunities to travel and drive wherever I want to. I have lived elsewhere but it didn't actually work for me and I didn't enjoy the apartment life. It's just not meant for me.

Which products do you use to keep your hair in such a perfect condition?
I photographed the products I use to keep my hair in such condition. Don't know how perfect the condition is but mostly I'm quite happy with it.
So, I have two sets of products for washing my hair: one for the sauna and the other for using in the shower. The third photo stands for the products I use after washing my hair. I don't use hair-driers!! By the way, I comb my hair only after washing them, i.e. usually after every two days and while it's still moist.

What fashion decade is your favourite and why?
I don't have a certain favourite fashion decade, I don't follow trends and I wear absolutely everything I want to, whenever I want to. I'm sure every decade has something interesting and timeless to offer.

What is The Lying Game like?
You can read about The Lying Game here. Unfortunately the first season ended and ABC Family hasn't announced anything specific about starting the second one. I really wish there will be a second season as well. You should definitely give The Lying Game a try because it's enchanting!


The early-spring orchid exhibition

Now more than a week ago, on the 3rd of March, I and E. visited the orchid exhibition together with my grandparents. The exposition took place in The Botanical Garden of the University of Tartu and we also attended last year (you can browse that post here).
This time there were more than 120 species displayed and 20 of those were exhibited for the first time ever. A gardening company was also selling plenty of smashingly beautiful orchids there and I got the most ravishing neon-coloured and perfumed Phalaenopsis. I definitely am addicted to orchids. The two window-sills of a whole room in our house are already covered with my gorgeous darlings and I receive more and more but obviously don't mind at all.

Anyway, we also stopped by at some shops and shopping centres and I got three fabulous tops from Lindex. Two of those used to cost 22,95.- euros each (slightly crazy, right?) but they were 6,89.- euros each on sale. The grey one in the middle used to be 17,95.- euros but I got it for 5,39.- euros. I saved almost 45.- euros and I think the original prices were simply senseless but all three tops are absolutely perfect for spring and for summer as well, so I'm really happy with those purchases and can't wait to showcase them.
Oh, additionally I and E. discovered a modernly cool dark-coloured kitchen furniture which we'll keep in mind for the future.

In the end of the day we visited a farm and picked four rabbits for my grandmother. I had the honour to run around in the big byre and catch the rabbits. By the way, I had to grab at least ten bunnies before granny made up her mind. Was a lot of fun actually!
So, I'll leave you with the photos now (the ones in the beginning are randomly taken inside the botanical garden before entering the exhibition) and hope you like the ones I've chosen to show you. Be sure to let me know what you think because your feedback matters the most to me. Enjoy your week! :)

I was wearing: blazer - Trendy Look /thrifted/; jeans - edc by Esprit /thrifted/; button-up blouse - Martinelli /thrifted/; wedge boots - Sempre; leather belt - from my grandmother; sunnies - Ray-Ban replica; earrings - Oriflame.


Questions & Answers: part two

This time you have the chance to read my answers to entirely fourteen questions. Advancement, I know. So, I hope you find this post at least somewhat interesting.
The photos, by the way, descend from last weekend and are highly random (I still have to write a non-random post about last weekend which was quite gripping actually). And there will be a part three to answer the remaining questions.

But before you start reading my answers I want to thank lovely Marianne who has featured me and my blog in her recent blog post. Click here to read the post and browse her fashion blog Lure of the dark side.

Now go ahead and start exploring my answers.
Tiffany's or Pandora?
Neither. Right now I don't own anything from Tiffany's nor Pandora but I would definitely love to, someday.

Who inspires your current look this season?/Who is your fashion role model?
No-one specific. I scoop my inspiration from my own head and it gets there from everything around me: blogs, nature, people, (thrift) stores, TV series etc.

If you could live any celebrity's life for one day, who would you be?
I would be Nina Dobrev and meet Ian Somerhalder meanwhile, as a bonus, haha.

Your favourite hair trend/style?
I don't have one certain favourite hair trend/style. I like braids, buns, loose wavy hair, ponytails...

What is your old faithful accessory that spruces up any outfit?
My once upon a time thrifted Rolex wrist watch and also a Diesel belt which I got from my grandfather many years ago.

Louis Vuitton or Chanel?
I have a surprisingly high-quality Louis Vuitton replica bag (my one and only replica bag at the same time) but to be honest I would love to own an original Chanel bag one day (there is no such thing here in Estonia though).

Icicles (and Elvis) around our home. I like icicles by the way, at least as long as they're not attached to our house.
 Something delicious I baked last Sunday - brownies.
 My tiny early-spring agriculture.
Latest TV addiction?
My latest TV addiction is definitely The Lying Game.

Your ultimate dream job?
I don't have an ultimate dream job. What matters to me is the fact I have to be satisfied with my current being and I don't do things that are unpleasant. I have to be the owner of my own happiness and I'm not a dreamer anyway.

5 bloggers who have inspired your work?
I think it's not accurate to name only 5 bloggers because it's possible to detect inspiration from almost every blog I follow/read.

5 words that best describe you?
Dangerous (often to myself because for an example some days ago I fell off the stairs (again!) and got a scratched hip and leg - not great..), intelligent, responsible, straightforward, strict.

What cities have you visited in Europe?
I guess it's easier to also name what countries I have visited in Europe because I can't remember the names of all the cities in any case, so the countries and some of the cities are Greece (Chania, Heraklion, Rethymno), Finland (Helsinki, Kuopio, Oulu, Rovaniemi, Tampere, Turku), Latvia (Riga), Norway (Alta, Tromsø), Russia, Sweden (Stockholm). The seventh country will be added in the end of May.

Do you have a thrift store nearby, or where do you find these gorgeous things?
I have many thrift stores in my hometown Jõgeva and I actually visit thrift stores here, there and everywhere while taking road trips in my country. I also have a wonderful opportunity to free-thrift now and then thanks to a family friend. Thrifting definitely is an addiction!

I see you're a project manager and I would love to know what this includes in terms of projects.
In these terms this includes the projects which are financed from the Cohesion Fund through Environmental Investment Centre in Estonia. The current Cohesion Fund project in my hometown concerns wastewater treatment and conformity of drinking water.

In the area of wastewater treatment are supported activities to bring the existing sewerage systems into conformity with applicable requirements and to cover all wastewater collection areas with sewerage systems.

In connection with ensuring drinking water supply that meets the relevant requirements are supported activities to reconstruct and construct new drinking water systems with drinking water purification equipment and to maintain the good condition of ground water.

A pile of my freshest free-thrifted items. Rather gentle colours for the presently arriving spring.
My fresh-fallen thrifted winter coats - the faux fur one was 10.- euros and the woollen one cost nothing. You'll see the colours when I start wearing my new beauties, so maybe next winter?