Türi Flower Fair

On the 19th of May I visited Türi Flower Fair together with my grandparents. It was already the 35th Flower Fair in the spring capital of Estonia and I truly enjoyed my stroll at the fair (as long as there weren't too many slow people in my way). For your information: Türi Flower Fair has been held at the prime of spring gardening time for the last three decades. Plant and handicraft merchants from all over Estonia but also from Latvia and Lithuania come to the fair whereby the total number of stalls/merchants is around 800.
The last event, 34th in line, saw around 32 000 visitors in three days. By the way, I was one of the 32 000 people last year and you can explore that post from here.

Anyhow, now about some of my purchases. I got the Estonian jutebag called "Paws". The slogan says: "Take me with you!" and remembers you to take your jutebag with you every morning. Jutebag is laminated (waterproof) and heat-resistant - perfect for packing heat sensitive items because all vegetables and fruits from groceries remain fresh. It cost 12.- euros at the fair, otherwise it's 14.- euros + delivery charge. Do check out their homepage to see all the delightful jutebags.

I also bought a strawberry lip balm by another Estonian brand called Moshi, a pair of Estonian Etnosocks, a brilliant (b'day) gift for E., sea-buckthorn muesli, highly delicious Estonian strawberries and so on. Oh, and after the fair we had lunch at Adavere Tuulik ("tuulik" in Estonian = "windmill" in English) restaurant. I ate chicken fillet with blue cheese (chicken, tomato, blue cheese, pineapple, rice + orange sauce) and honestly loved it. I'm pretty sure I want to go back together with E. as well.

Altogether it was an eventful day and I hope you like my photos. By the way, it's conjointly the last post before our journey to Prague (we leave today for 5 days!). Obviously I'm not taking my laptop with me, so I'll get back to you, your blogs and comments when we're back in Estonia. So far let me know about your fair experiences and all other lovely thoughts!

I was wearing: sunnies - Prada; foulard - Guess; studded jacket - Amisu; vest - Fishbone Denim; leather belt - Lindex; asymmetrical tank top - Lindex children's department; pants - Reserved; flats - Jeffrey Campbell.


Thrilling thrift finds: Lanvin ♥ Acne and Miu Miu

So, in the fullness of time I and E. took up the long-awaited trip to Viljandi. Our purpose there? Patently to thrift shop. The actual outcome? A fireplace core for our (hopefully) soon to be dining and living room, a non-thrifted etnies tee for E. and surprise, surprise - a thrifted pair of gorgeous (rather vintage) Miu Miu slide loafers which were only 4.- euros. How supremely awesome is this? And now I'm pretty much in love with Miuccia Prada's Miu Miu shoes (the name of the collection is taken from her nickname by the way). Therefore I put together a collage of my up-to-date Top 5 starting with place nr 5:

5. Patent leather flat flip-flop sandal, coral, 290.00;
4. Ayers embossed calf leather platform pump, orchid pink, 460.00;
3. Glitter "starfish" flat flip-flop sandal, silver+anise, 490.00;
2. Patent leather platform sandal, aquamarine, 430.00;
1. Naplak sneaker, pale pink, 330.00.
A girl can at least dream, right? By the way, I'm curious, do you own something from Miu Miu? If yes, is it thrifted or non-thrifted?

Anyhow, now about my Lanvin ♥ Acne denim belted shirt dress which is also thrifted (already in February) but had all the price tags still attached and cost probably 6.- or 8.- euros whereby the initial price was around 560.- euros, so a massive yay!
The Alber Elbaz Lanvin-Acne denim collection originates from the end of year 2008 and my dress has short sleeves, a round neck, two breast pockets, brass button details and two large zipped pockets. The denim belted shirt dress is knee-length and the belt has a brass buckle.

Oh, and the matching necklace is a beautiful gift from my dear blog friend Mongs. She also sent me a lovely hand-made bird brooch but you'll see this one someday in the future with another outfit. But enough of clothes and fashion now! All in all we had an exciting and successful day with a touch of some yummy food (I kind of miss those french fries!). I hope you like my photos and of course be sure to share your thoughts because I love hearing from you.

I was wearing: sunnies - Haga Eyewear; necklace - a gift from Mongs; blazer - H&M; dress - Lanvin Acne /thrifted/; heart tights - Lindex;  flats - Amisu; slide loafers - Miu Miu /thrifted/.


The most recent blog awards

Today I feel like I should finally say thank you to two awesome bloggers who have forwarded me two splendid awards. For a start, Emma (her blog Nuellasource) gave me the Awesome Blogger Award already on the 24th of April, and secondly, Kaitlyn (her blog Pinkbow Icecream) handed over the Versatile Blogger Award on the 30th of April. Both awards hold the same rules, so I'm not going to duplicate anything and here come the principles:

1) Nominate 7 fellow bloggers for the awards;
2) Add images of the awards;
3) Thank the bloggers who nominated you in a post with links to their sites;
4) Share 7 completely random facts about yourself Honestly I don't feel like writing the facts, so I'm going to share 7 random photos/collages instead of the facts;
5) Include this set of rules;
6) Inform each nominated blogger about their nominations.

* My latest order from Oriflame: Feet Up Aromatic Summer Foot Spray (Energising foot spray combines stimulating Peppermint essential oil and ingredients with antiseptic and deodorising benefits to keep your feet fresh and odour-free. Lightly scented with Neroli and Frangipani for a luxurious spa experience. 150 ml) and sailor themed summerly jewellery (got to wear those soon!).

Anyhow, I would like to nominate the following blogs for both awards:
. Indie by Heart .
Hailes Hearts Fashion
Honeybee Lane
Miss Kasia
my thrifty closet
The Blonde Squad
Tinfoil Tiaras
Congratulations, lovely ladies!

Oh and my next post will be an outfit post again. I made an utterly exciting thrift find and I'm going to share it the next time, so be ready and meanwhile enjoy the photos! By the way, who is your favourite animal? Do you have any pets?


From Rakvere to Simuna

For a fairly long time I have been wanting to thrift-shop in Viljandi but this didn't happen yet on the 5th of May and we drove to Rakvere instead of the cultural capital of Estonia (i.e. Viljandi). Now, when it comes to thrifting we only got two things: a pair of greyish Dr.Denim pants for E. and the most adorable lilac dinosaur for me (of course as a furnishing element into my wardrobe)... which reminds me I should make a home post #2 about my wardrobe (home post #1: the master bedroom is situated here).

Anyway, since we were both starving we decided to search for an eatery and discovered Laada Café where the food was highly delicious and serving really neat as well. Both of us ate pasta: mine was with smoked chicken and E.'s was with chanterelles. And I already know we will visit the place again in the future. This certainly is the power of first impressions!

I also bought a book about Czech Republic since it contains quite much essential information about their capital town Prague. And then we visited Milanfashionfreaks for the first time and to carry on with Prague thematic I found a lovely pair of fuchsia-coloured flats which is going to come with me and E. already on the 28th. By the way, my mom brought me a beige belted H&M cardigan and a Lancôme Déodorant Pureté (gentle roll-on anti-perspirant) from Finland not much time ago and the cardigan is another item which has booked a spot into my suitcase. Actually pretty soon I'm going to start packing because I don't want to panic at the eleventh hour like I've always done so far. But still keep your fingers crossed for me!

And now about the photos: the first part of those was taken in Rakvere town and the second part in Simuna boroughtown wherefrom we discovered an almost ancient gas station which looked like the perfect location. Forsaken places are my favourites by the way. I love the old-time flavour and values. How do you feel about abandoned buildings? Do you have any gripping stories to tell? And last but not least: enjoy the photos and be sure to tell me what you think.

I was wearing: silk scarf - Guess; jewellery - unknown; crop vest - Lindex children's department; top - doo good /thrifted/; jeans - Tommy Hilfiger Girls; sneakers - Baby Phat.

Happy weekend!


Elistvere Animal Park (for at least the 4th time)

Nineteen days left until my first vacation this year and twenty one days left till our Prague voyage, so I'm pretty sure meanwhile I can keep my head above water. But to ease my still slightly agonizing wait, I and E. visited Elistvere Animal Park on May Day (previous visits with more photos here, here and here). Elistvere Animal Park is situated in central Estonia and was established in 1997 as an animal shelter: wild animals with injuries were brought there to be healed and held in the most natural environment possible.

From the photos taken by me this time you can see a degu (Octodon degus), a pair of foxy foxes (Vulpes vulpes), a striped and adorable wild boar's piglet, a sleepy lynx (Lynx lynx), a pine marten named Nuki and a brown bear named Karuliina. If you're interested in more knowledge, do check out their homepage! I and E. both love the place and obviously this is the main reason for our repetitious visits.

By the way, we would also like to visit Prague Zoo which was opened already in 1931 and recently presented their new logo. The logo contains colourful footprints of an amphibian, a reptile, a bird and two mammals - a beast and an ungulate. They also opened an educational Geotrail, so I'm definitely looking forward to seeing absolutely everything and I'm sure E. wants to observe all the lizards existing there.
Anyhow, I hope you, my readers, like animals as much as I do and you enjoy my photos as well. Of course be sure to let me know how do you feel about zoos and animal parks?

I was wearing: denim jacket - Lee Cooper /thrifted/; under-top - /thrifted/; pearls - /thrifted/; belt - Diesel; pants - PHARD coolture; loafers - Alexandria /thrifted/; sunnies - Prada; bag - Guess.