Black and Orange

Greetings! On the 22nd of September we wrapped up Elvis and drove to Tartu where we conjointly stayed overnight.
Besides barbecuing the sunny Saturday produced us some pitch black curtain rods and fair curtains. Those curtain rods go well with the dark, partially flame shaped, partially devil shaped fireplace element and the bright curtains match nicely with a white wall. Those curtains, by the way, contain a little touch of brown and the white wall includes some brick shaped tiles. But let's not rush, the due date for our grand dining and living room is still peacefully situated in December.

coat - thrifted (made in England); shirt - Holly & Whyte by Lindex; leggings - Guess; boots - DETOX; handbag - thrifted; earrings - Seppälä; necklace - unknown; sunnies - Emporio Armani.

Therefore I'm going to share some different, even slightly insignificant news with you: in the fullness of time I came across an adorable mint blouse in a reuse center called Sõbralt Sõbrale. My button up blouse still had the label on and it was originally from Quelle online catalogue. I paid nominal 1.80 euros and was utterly pleased. When it comes to the lovely mint it's better late than never, right? What kind of relationship do you have with mint clothing/accessories?

Anyway, I also grabbed two cheap nail polishes from Seppälä: one is yellow Golden Rose Graffiti nail art varnish (2,00) and the other is glitter bluish Miss Selene varnish (0,50). Currently I'm even planning on doing a pedicure using both colours. I'll share photos with you if I succeed and of course if I like the outcome. Unfortunately I'm quite lazy when it comes to decent pedicure but I'll try my best!

For the time being I hope you like my photos from last Saturday and I also own quite large quantities from last Sunday: outfit photos and nature snaps. However, those you're going to see in my next post, so beware!


Orange Autumn

Hello, guys!
Autumn formally starts today, on the 22nd of September but practically it has been camping here in Estonia already for a long time.

On the 14th of September, as soon as my workday was over, I and E. drove to Tartu. We officially launched the sofa hunt on that day and I can already sense how difficult the task will eventually be. My favourites are rather fancy (one even held a few slightly glossy snakeskin details) but he prefers the classical black leather for instance. We have one thing in common though: both of us are obliged to take a decision ultimately and we have nowhere to hide. Any helping suggestions or tips?

By the way, since scouting around for a new and perfect corner sofa was surprisingly tiring, I refreshed myself with the help of some shopping. I wholeheartedly favoured orange and purchased a delightful orange shirt (32,95.- eur 16,45.- eur) from Lindex. It's asymmetrical and vivid, therefore flawless in my eyes and I didn't even try it on before buying.

Moving on with orange, there was a -20% customer event at The Body Shop and for 8.- euros I got three products: the Special Edition Vineyard Peach shower gel (I adore that scent and peaches overall), an (surprise-surprise!) orange bath lily and a 50 ml Olive body butter which I haven't tried yet but have always wanted to. So now I have the opportunity. After all it was a free gift (and the subtle scent is divine again) so yay!

top - thrifted Fransa; pants - thrifted Lab Industries; belt - thrifted; coat - thrifted (made in England); shoes - Bullboxer; socks - H&M; earrings - New Yorker; sunnies - Emporio Armani.

On a different note, I found my brown Reserved sequin skirt from a random shop in Rakvere on the 15th of September. The price was ridiculous 2.- euros even though sequin skirts are highly IN nowadays. I believe I would wear that skirt together with my fresh orange cutesy for example but we'll see.

Anyhow, we had a quite fascinating evening filled with sofas, discussions, orange and McDonald's after a very long time. It was great since I needed diversity anyway. By the by, on Thursday I made reservations in medical spa hotel Tervis and a short relaxation in Pärnu is now ahead of us in October. And I still want to discover Valmiera in Latvia! But enough of that, today I hope you like the photos and the obvious autumnal sense. I love reading your thoughts, guys!


Burgundy meets dip dyed

Lately it has been all about our dining and living room in-process. Only a few relevant steps left and we can seriously start looking for a new (folding) corner sofa, a fresh tv table and possibly some more furnishings when we happen to feel like it.

We already have a sofa table and a matching cupboard but the existing dining table and the chairs need a makeover from white to brown(ish) if we eventually decide to keep those. Yes, there is a lot on our plate nowadays but at the same time I know we can handle it and there is no need to rush if something is meant to be anyway.

So, on the 2nd of September we decided to go to Rakvere which is one of our basic shopping destinations in Estonia. We are always successful there and that trip wasn't an exception. We got everything we were searching for and even more. "More", by the way, means many things I wasn't (or we weren't) planning on buying but did it anyway. For example E. bought me two utterly cool signs which will probably equip my dressing room, and also a set of 20 scented tea lights (2 different fragrances: cranberry-orange and coffee-vanilla). We love burning candles during dark and chilly seasons and I especially fancy the scented ones.

Additionally I purchased a pair of biker boots by DETOX and what a bargain that was! My leather boots used to cost 74,99.- euros but I paid incredible 22,50.- euros which is 70% less than the original price. I also bought beautiful feather earrings (4,95.- euros 2.- euros) from Seppälä and The September Issue of Teen Vogue with Selena Gomez on the cover. And I can't wait to get my hands on it already!

After finishing it up in Rakvere but before heading home we decided to have a look at Kiltsi Manor in Väike-Maarja Parish, present day Lääne-Viru County.
In the 14th or 15th century the manor was called Kiltsi Castle but back then the building was destroyed in the Livonian War.

The present manor house was built in the 1790s on top of the ruins of a fortification and it's currently (and since 1920) housing Kiltsi elementary school. After being derelict for almost a century, Kiltsi Manor was renovated when in 2007 the municipality was awarded a 1.1 million grant from Norway to its 1.36 million project aimed at restoring the building to its former glory.

sweater - thrifted frk.; pants - H&M; shamrock print shirt - thrifted Lab Industries; wedges - Pearlz; backpack - thrifted Medici; big earrings - Guess; small insect earrings - random; sunnies - Emporio Armani.

Unfortunately some parts of the building are showing slight signs of aging again but I hope it gets fixed before any bigger issues appear. It's really a delightful site with a manor park that is pretty as a picture! And therefore I hope you like my photos which were mainly taken while exploring the manor. Definitely let me know what you, guys, think.

ps. The photos of my findings are taken with my fresh precious Zuiko Digital 35mm F3.5 Macro lens which I received on the 11th of September. Expect more trial photos in time!


Back in the glass capital of Estonia

Hey, cool people!
I finally got the chance to deal with the photos from our second mutual one-day trip to Järvakandi, a little borough in central Estonia. The occasion was E.'s paternal grandmother's birthday and the date of our trip and also the photographs (the first five were taken shortly before Järvakandi) was the 18th of August. We were also there last year and back then I made two separate blog posts about it. So, if you're interested, explore those from here and here... and why not notice the possible differences.

crop top - Lindex; asymmetrical belted skirt - Tally Weijl; pearls - from a department store in Tartu; sunnies - Emporio Armani; wedges - thrifted odeon.

However, before arriving in Järvakandi we quickly stopped by at Rapla town, visited a local department store and did some shopping which led me to a fresh pair of autumn boots from Pearlz. Fortunately it was a bargain: those high heel boots used to cost 34,99.- euros but I paid ridiculous 7.- euros! And I will probably wear my new sweeties already soon whereas autumn has fundamentally arrived in Estonia anyway.

But now about my adventures (besides the b-day) in Järvakandi:
I and P. (E.'s younger sister) had two exciting photo hunts and a lot of fun as a bonus.
Our first expedition contained the search of a mysterious river (and not finding it), talking about hidden dead bodies, cars, photography and so on, some magical sand hills, a creepy old caterpillar tractor, a few abandoned buildings, a colossal deserted swimming pool and a big rock lizard. By the way, now abandoned Järvakandi swimming pool was built in the end of the 1950s and it used to be popular in whole Soviet Union. Swimming schools held their training camps there and lots of competitions took place. Such a piercing place indeed!

Anyway, our second and slightly shorter wilderness hunt included beautiful evening sun, catching the exactly right bright light behind almost every single herb, swinging, losing my coins in the middle of a meadow and plainly having a lovely time.

On the whole it was such a blast and photo hunts on a wonderful day like that make an ideal way to enjoy early autumn. Therefore I truly hope you like the outcome and enjoy my photos. And certainly let me know what you think because I love reading all your thoughts!