Vacation tales: part 3

I had an evil tick tightly attached to one of my birthmarks on my back and the bastard even dropped dead before letting go so I had to pull it out by myself. But hey, this doesn't stop me from telling you about October 10, our day in Latvia where we discovered Valmiera city (Wikipedia says city but I'm sure it's actually town).

Anyhow, Valmiera is the center of Valmiera District and it lies at the crossroads of several important roads, 100 km to the north-east from Riga, the capital of Latvia, and 50 km south of the border with my homeland Estonia. It is situated on both banks of the Gauja River.

Valmiera was first mentioned as a town in a chronicle dating back to 1323 (the actual founding of the town probably occured at least 40 years earlier - 1283). Nowadays it's twinned with one of my favourite towns in Estonia - Viljandi. Though my fiancé says Viljandi is considerably cooler than Valmiera. I'm not arguing but unfortunately Viljandi (nor Estonia overall) doesn't have a Cubus store. However, before telling you about my purchases from Cubus I have a few more things to share.

Since the weather was freezing we swiftly walked through the Old Town that was in all its yellowish autumnal glory. Our stroll ended behind Valleta shopping centre but before rushing in we admired the most ravishing fountain I've seen in a long time. It's surrounded by Dzirnavu lake that was once a part of the defensive system of the town. During the celebration of Valmiera's 725th anniversary in 2008 the reconstructed promenade of Dzirnavu lake was opened and I know I want to go back when the weather is significantly warmer and more enjoyable because I'm curious to see the paved labyrinth. And we also missed the medieval street fragment that was built from the end of the 16th century to the beginning of the 17th century.

thrifted Teen-Look coat | thrifted belt | thrifted handbag | thrifted scarf | Seppälä necklace | Monton earrings | thrifted Quelle blouse | thrifted Connect by Lindex sweater | Amisu faux leather skirt | H&M tights.

But let's move on to my adventures in Cubus store which was a little maddening but heaps of fun. So I took 50 Latvian lats in cash with me but the bill naturally displayed something bigger and I had to ask extra from E. because I simply could not let go of anything and I didn't want to use my debit card. That's just me when I'm overwhelmed. And of course I didn't notably follow my wishlist... I got the collar clips and Gemma pants but not in mint because my fiancé stated that burgundy is more beautiful. Besides I picked and chose a set of Bella undergarment in burgundy again, Thea tee, stud earrings, a neon yellow statement necklace and something striped for E. And I love everything I got.

Of course we purchased some articles of food and local beer (which is truly good-tasting by the way) and gosh, it felt good to be home after such a long day. The length of our journey through all three days (October 8 until October 10) was nearly 600 kilometres and as usual, I love road trips! What about you? Are you a fan or not and what was your latest road trip? Oh and I hope you enjoyed the all autumnal vivid photographs!


Vacation tales: part 2

Hello again! It's exactly the right time to carry on with my pending holiday stories and this post tells all about the Tuesday before last, October 9 in Pärnu. Honestly, it was a crappy (i.e. too rainy and wet) day but somehow we managed to have a good time anyway. For instance we bought some books and a popular Estonian board/quiz game called "Eesti" and relaxed in a cosy café called Cafe Piano inside the bookstore. Gosh, how wonderful their fresh cocktails are! I think mine was made of strawberries, peaches and kiwifruits but my memory may make a few mistakes.

Anyway, we also did some regular shopping and thrift shopping. Regular stores produced me Pierre René Precision Ink Eyeliner from Rosalind and a cupcake necklace (2.- euros) from Seppälä.
I have used the eyeliner for a couple of times and must point out it's definitely user-friendly. Conjointly it was my very first time to hold a liquid eyeliner in my hands and I believe I was quite successful. Pierre René Precision Ink Eyeliner comes in an ink-pot and in six different shades. The consistency is right as well: not too liquid and not too thick. Oh and the brush is very comfortable for a shaky hand beginner like me. It's also totally affordable (only 5,29.- euros) so I would definitely recommend it!

Very Me Clickit brown Eye Liner and Nature Secrets Shower Gel with Moisturising Aloe Vera & Watermelon originate from my latest, yet untried Oriflame order.

I thrifted the two bracelets from my favourite local thrift store and each cost 0,50.- euros.

But now something about thrifting in Pärnu...
I detected a few goodies from exclusively one thrift store where I gladly left 2.- euros and walked out with even 3 nice pieces: a leopard shirt, a Fransa skirt and a vintage leather purse. When it comes to the bag, I discovered some traces which refer to year 1959 so it's possibly 53 years old - a genuine oldie! Also, perhaps you remember my leaf pattern Fransa top from the post "Orange Autumn"? Completely randomly I came across the second half of my lovely top - the same label, pattern, size, as a matter of fact the perfect match! My fiancé suggested me to take it and so I did. Awesome sauce!

Anyhow, before heading back to our accommodation and the spa and sauna centre at Tervis Medical Spa we decided to dine at a local restaurant. It was an Argentinian steak house called La Boca and we both loved the place. My Caesar salad was wonderful and E. enjoyed his steak, particularly the horseradish salad. Great experience and special atmosphere for sure!

Additionally I promised to tell you more about the spa and sauna centre which was supremely relaxing. For example we ordered some beer and gin from the bar and laid cosily in wicker beds, watching the rainy and gloomy surroundings behind the massive glass wall. Such a divine pastime and I already desperately long for more.

Earlier I mentioned hot Japanese bath which is 41°C so the warmth from the water will stay in your body for quite a while after leaving the bath. Right next to the Japanese bath was the partially quite chilly but very refreshing massage shower. Besides steam bath (also hamam or the Turkish bath) we enjoyed the eucalyptus aroma sauna where the temperature can rise to 70-80°C. It improves your health with natural essential oils made from plants and herbs. And then there was the salt sauna where your entire body is rubbed down with sea salt. But I'm going to stop now because otherwise I'm making myself jealous and maybe you too, my readers.

thrifted H&M blazer | thrifted Ralph Lauren polo shirt | Guess leggings | thrifted Pertti Palmroth shoes | pearl jewellery bought in 2009.

All in all even a rainy day can turn out great and October 9 was a perfect example of that. We completed the day playing the previously purchased board game and it was hilarious because most of the quiz questions were crazy difficult and we could just laugh and wonder about our answers.
So after all that talk I hope you enjoyed the snapshots too!


Vacation tales: part 1

Hello, my dear readers!
The beginning of something is always thorny but I promised to tell you about our recent holidays, and promises are naturally made to be kept. Therefore, before arriving at Tervis Medical Spa in Pärnu we made a prompt stop in Tori, a small borough in Pärnu County.

The first six photographs were taken over there but if you want to see a few more, check out a past post dating back to year 2009. That place has been known as Tori Hell and there are many folk stories and legends about it. The river by the side of Tori Hell is The Pärnu River and it has also been called "the Estonian Mississippi" as it is one of the longest rivers in Estonia and like the true Mississippi, is remarkable for its great floods. All in all I believe it's a delightful background for my photos!

But now about Tervis Medical Spa in Pärnu, the official summer capital of Estonia for many years. Our relaxation package was called "Bring time to a standstill!" and it included various enjoyable sauna pleasures in the spa and sauna centre, tasty buffet breakfast and dinner, accommodation in a comfortable double room, even highly essential Wi-Fi - in fact all you need for a pleasant holiday.

Feeling cosy and warm at the spa and sauna centre after the fairly long and tiring drive was exactly what we needed. I and also my fiancé loved steam bath and Japanese bath the most but I think I will tell you more about the spa and sauna centre in my next vacation post. By the way, when was the last time you visited a spa and how was it?

Last but not least I hope you like the photos I've chosen from that day, October 8. It was a beautiful but uncommonly freezing autumn day.

Emporio Armani sunnies | earrings - a recent gift from Tbilisi, Georgia | thrifted brooch | thrifted Teen-Look coat | thrifted Elisabeth Shannon sheer jacket | Reserved sequin skirt | Vision Street Wear leopard sneakers | thrifted belt | Seppälä gloves.

ps1. Sweet Vivienne (her blog Thrifted Shift) nominated me for the Sunshine Award and asked ten interesting questions so an award post must arrive in time. Thank you, Vivienne!

ps2. Several of you were interested in my new header. The brief story behind it is following: Emma (her blog Nuellasource) ran a giveaway and decided to gift something for every participator. My prize is the new header, whereby I got to choose the photos, the roundish design, the font and the pastel shades. Emma transformed all my wishes and ideas into a classy result which is now decorating my blog. Thanks, sweetie!


It's always a good time

Hello! Long time no see, my dear readers.
Our holidays have flown by not far from supersonically but before telling you vacation stories I have one other post to share. It's about a working Saturday in small Vändra borough which is the birthplace of the highly noted Estonian poet Lydia Koidula.

My holy mission there was handling the bulky lawn mower and I did it boldly even through the rainfall. The grass of that place was superhigh by the way and partially reminded me of a meadow. However, I enjoy decent challenges!

thrifted Tommy Hilfiger sweater | thrifted Quelle blouse | thrifted H&M leggings | Pearlz boots | Lindex birdie earrings | unknown insect earrings.

Of course I also found time for photography and some snapshots which are now displayed here in my blog. Besides you can see my simple outfit from that day (29/09/2012). I wore different clothes while working... obviously, because who would do gardening in high heels, right?
I have been there and done that, haha.

Anyway, we will be in Vändra next weekend as well since a trailer is waiting for my precious Saab there and we have to transport it to my hometown in order to start using it. But now some hints about the once arriving holiday posts:
scenic Tori borough, Tervis Medical Spa in Pärnu, lightsome thrifting, an interesting stroke of luck in a thrift store, Valmiera in Latvia, going slightly crazy in a Cubus store, three outfits and a whole lot more! For the time being I'm going to leave you with my photos and hope you'll enjoy!

ps. The long-awaited season premiere of The Vampire Diaries strikes tonight! I'll probably watch it tomorrow but what about you, guys? Do you love The Vampire Diaries as much as I do?


Like frozen sky in October night

Happy October, sweeties!
Practically two more days to go and my (but also my fiancé's) mini vacation will begin. Obviously I'm oh so happy about it because both of us are in massive need of breezy relaxing and taking some time off. From the other side of that matter there additionally is so much to do at home which is why our arriving vacation is divided into two categories:

1. from the 8th of October until the 10th of October lasts "the holiday part" that is again splitted between Pärnu in our homeland Estonia and Valmiera in adjoining state Latvia (remember my Cubus' wishlist?);

tee - thrifted Marni at H&M; sweater - thrifted H&M; pants - Reserved; belt - Seppälä; boots - DETOX; jacket - Amisu (New Yorker); necklace - New Yorker; earrings - unknown.

2. the remaining days should be hopefully spent doing domestic business like current repairs, seeding a few herbs for autumn and winter, fertilizing my precious orchids but also assorting and tidying up my clothes, footwear, every single accessory, just bits and pieces.. The list goes on and on and on and on, as usual but I'm always so excited about the whole vacation aspect in general! Guys, when will your next vacation show up and is it preplanned already?

Anyhow, now about the photographs I promised to share with you. The first six were taken close to Tartu, in front of a gardening center last Sunday when we were diligently investigating black heart cherry trees for our garden. We're not going to purchase one before next spring though.

The rest of the photos were taken at my grandparents' place on the very same day. I love after rain photography, especially now when I finally own a 35mm macro lens which is so much fun! Tiny iridescent raindrops, otherwise hidden or out of sight details and textures, small objects and images being significantly enlarged - in my eyes that's all highly fascinating and compelling. For that reason I truly hope you like my pictures, and be sure to tell me what you think :)

ps. I'm scouting around for a decent (liquid) eyeliner and would love to read your recommendations. Which one do you suggest? It should be well-known, otherwise I will probably not find it from Estonian stores.
Thank you in advance!