Home post #2: Christmassy dining and living room

Snowy but already warmer greetings from my wintry hometown!
Christmas holiday is over and small New Year's vacation is already auspiciously welcoming us. It's four saving days before practically endless wait strikes again but I have firmly decided not to rest before my birthday in the middle of June. Wish me luck. Anyhow, this post is finally about our fresh-fallen dining and living room and slightly about Christmas too. By the way, if you haven't seen the first my home series post, check it out here, it's about our master bedroom.

But first and foremost a few words concerning the recently bygone Christmas.
On Christmas Eve I and my fiancé hosted a festive dinner at our place together with my grandparents, brother and parents. In addition to feasting and chatting we naturally swapped presents but when it comes to those I'm not going to showcase everything here. I will leave you with one teaser though ;) Oh and we still haven't got the chance to hand over E.'s parents' and sisters' gifts so we definitely want to do that in the near future.

Now, the first five photos are totally Christmas themed and you can see a few snippets of the Christmas table, our lovely Christmas tree with all the presents, some shiny decorations and even my very simple but still festive Christmas Eve outfit (the Barbie pink dress is an oldie from boohoo.com). What did you, my dear readers, wear that day?

But now about our dining and living room! My small collage of the before photos consists of four snapshots deriving from March and June and I frankly believe the transformation has been more than obvious. All electric wires have been replaced, every single layer of old wallpaper was removed, the former open fireplace was entirely pulled down and replaced by a brand-new beauty created by E. himself, the floor was polished and varnished over again, even the shape of the ceiling has been completely modified. Indeed, the whole thing from beginning to end has been changed beyond all recognition. And let me tell you that everything was executed by my fiancé who is a natural-born constructor (all right, sometimes his helpful dad gave a hand ;)

Unfortunately I currently don't have too many good photos because this season truly offers the worst daylight ever. But I will share more pictures, for example after finding the right folding corner sofa that is capacious enough (the ones in Estonian stores have been unsuitable/too small so far). My Estonian readers can share some hints or suggestions at this point when they have any. Thank you! :)

Anyhow, at least you can explore my favourite fireplace in the whole wide world, posing with its modest accessories, a proud elk antler given us by E.'s grandfather (the little sky-blue birdie is a gift from my father), cinnamon rolls baked by me, some more decorations and a swift peek into the only cupboard inside that room. And just in case I repeat: I'm going to show more photographs when I run into decent sunlight one day (hopefully soon). For the time being I hope you enjoy these photos. And be sure to let me know what you think :)


The awkward moment when Santa accidentally leaves the price tag on your present - Eddy Sims

Long time no see. Once again life has been immeasurably intense and on top of that I have had no inspiration/motivation whatsoever to work on a decent blog post. Nevertheless I pulled myself together because eventually a girl (and at this point I mean me, myself and I) has to blog again, right? So this is a miscellaneous publication about one and a half outfits, my order from sweet Estonian online store müüü (www.muuu.ee) and simply a few wintry life lately snapshots.

First of all, müüü is an online store where practically everything costs 9.99 and number 9 equals "üheksa" in Estonian language wherefrom derives this "triple ü". I have to recognize it's a very smart and memorable name choice. Their service is faultless and warm-hearted - something you don't meet every day in Estonian (e-)commerce.

My order included a few Christmas presents besides "highly needed" gifts for myself ;) Naturally I can't display the Christmas presents here but my own goodies are parrot shaped earrings and lizard ear cuff made by talented Jane Meriloo, a vintage style statement ring and cute turquoise bow belt. Since my fiancé has four lizards at our home I of course sported my lizard ear cuff in the first place last weekend. You will see those (freezing) outfit shots in my next post which will hopefully show up in the near future. My dear Estonian readers, have you had any experience with müüü?

Secondly I attended a 20% off sale at our local department store on Wednesday evening and am now allowed to proudly say our Christmas gift list is finally complete! And as a nice bonus I conjointly gathered a few fine things for myself too but I'm in great need of proper daylight to take photos of those goods and dozens of others. For example I should post my very newest Oriflame haul from last weekend. However, spending time at work from 8:00 am till 5:00 pm every weekday leaves me absolutely no well-lighted moments at home. Luckily there are entirely 5 free days waiting for us, Estonians, and shortly after that additional 4 free days to correctly celebrate the arrival of New Year. 9 days in total - that sounds especially well!

Lindex neon rhinestone earrings & hair bow | thrifted sweater | thrifted Pinky blouse | Cubus pants | Joe Sanchez cowboy boots.

Talking about luck and good things I have some incredible news...
I have won 4 lovely blog giveaways lately and to be honest still can't believe my recent windfall in that department. Simply unbelievable!
Naturally I'm going to showcase my prizes when I receive something (I found out about two winnings only yesterday and did a nice happy dance in my mind). Therefore, at least now you are aware of the fact I have much interesting stuff to post about. But for the time being I highly hope you enjoy my current photos and collages and always let me know what you think because I really love hearing from you :)

thrifted GAP button-up blouse | Seppälä necklace |  
Oriflame earrings | thrifted rise dress | Monton waistbelt.

May the good times and treasures of the present become the golden memories of tomorrow. Wish you lots of love, joy and happiness. 
Merry Christmas!


A Thousand Years

Oh dear! Again a brief weekend has faded to someplace unknown but on a positive note there is less than two weeks to hold on and then will already arrive holy Christmas time - 5 (!!!!!) long-awaited free days in a row! Sounds like pure paradise, doesn't it? Well, at least to me it totally does :)

However, for the time being my first-rate Christmas keywords have been Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992), Mariah Carey "All I Want for Christmas Is You", Tanel Padar and Kaunas Bigband "Frank Sinatra show" at Vanemuine Concert Hall in Tartu. I enjoyed the magnificent Frank Sinatra show followed by delicious late dinner party at Eduard Vilde restaurant with my colleagues on the 6th of December when we celebrated Christmas together. Naturally I can show you some snapshots of my festive outfit but not today whereas I want to share a wintry ensemble from the 1st of December first and foremost.

thrifted Tissavel faux fur coat | thrifted H&M top | Blend She sweater | thrifted belt | Guess Premium jeans | Oriflame earrings | Seppälä scarf | Joe Sanchez cowboy boots (ancient).

I and E. had several important errands to run in Tartu that day, some of those associated with our presently as well as complete dining and living room. Not to mention that on last Friday, the 7th of December we finally got the right dining table and six chairs. However, we haven't found the perfect folding corner sofa yet so we are using the available wicker furniture from our veranda. It's an emergency measure but works very well! Also I really hope our wall decorations will be ready in proper time (for example we picked some of my nature photographs in size A3 and now have to frame those photos). Although I find even the current outcome highly fabulous! I know I should show you some before and after photos as soon as possible.

Anyway, a little mandatory shopping talk before I draw the line at this wide-ranging post.
Recently I've discovered Lindex for myself. Yes, majority of their goods unfortunately are overpriced in my book but now and then I come across some pleasant surprises such as those 3-pack earrings in different colours (I'm in love with the neon pink rhinestones!) and the scarf print hair bow. All together cost 10,11 since Lindex had some nice offers that weekend. But additionally I tracked down a gold card holder (9,95) from their Holly & Whyte collection and when I happen to visit a Lindex store in the near future I will probably purchase it. I've been scouting around for something like that practically forever. What about you? Do you use a card holder?

Last but not least I would like to present two of my freshest beauty products: Emendo Birch Tar Soap and Aloe Protecting Hand & Nail Cream Chhabria.
The birch tar soap was a part of the sauna set (Birch Sauna Aroma 500 ml + Birch Tar Soap 100 g + a sponge = all together around 3,99). I have used it for a couple of times so far and mainly on my face. I like the peculiar scent and I believe it works really well for me. It's cold enough outside but I haven't experienced any flaking nor dryness. And it is said birch tar soap has an ability to reduce inflammation, itching and flaking, of course it also moisturizes. The soap is made of natural Finnish tar and birch oil. Have you had experience with tar soap(s)?

Aloe Protecting Hand & Nail Cream Chhabria (100 ml) was brought to me from Spain by my mother and it originates from Canary Islands (Gran Canaria, I suppose). It's a moisturizing and nutritious (vitamins A, C, E) paraben free cream that lasts throughout the day and night but I've mostly used it after sauna and before going to sleep at night. Protective wax forms a layer over the skin and that layer acts as a barrier against cold, wind and other extreme conditions (dryness for instance). Its consistency reminds me of a lightweight gel and it absorbs easily. My first impression is positive in every possible way.

Phew! What an extra long story! I hope you like the photos and thank you very much to all of you who also took the time to read the text :) I appreciate it.


Deep beneath the cover of another perfect wonder where it's so white as snow

I would like to say Happy December to all my dear followers and other readers too!
Estonia is coated with a whole lot of snow which, as always, showed up out of the blue. I like slightly snowy Christmas but I don't enjoy icy weather, annoying slipperiness, getting rid of the snow around our house and from top of my Saab.

My outfit photos, on the other hand, originate from the ancient 17th of November when I and E. went to the cinema in Tartu and ...
surprise surprise!
saw The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 about what you can read from my previous blog post here if you haven't got the chance yet. Additionally I took part in a Facebook competition and won an extra cool set of Breaking Dawn - Part 2 earrings and bracelets. I will show those when I have them in my arms at some time.

thrifted Master-Coat coat | Ted Baker bag | Detox boots | thrifted scarf | thrifted Dorothy Perkins blazer | Lindex children's tee | thrifted H&M skirt | random leopard tights | Seppälä necklace | Monton earrings | two thrifted bracelets below and one random bracelet above.

Anyhow, Tartu also involved lightsome shopping and I purchased a few cute things including one very lovely top (19,95 €9,99) from Reserved. And not just very lovely but it has beautiful orchid blossoms all over the front side! Some of you may already know about my boundless love for orchids which is why I didn't even care about the fact it was size M since it's quite loose anyway. It simply was love at first sight! I also found those Heart 2 Heart butter bath fizzers (0,90) that I use on my feet because we don't own a bathtub yet.

In other news life lately has included another trip to Tallinn where I and my current boss participated in an information day about water economics that took place at the four-star Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel. I already told my fiancé we should use that luxurious hotel one day in the future because when I saw their Aqua Spa I instantly fell in love with its innovative design!

But before I call it a day I want to share a few snapshots taken in our just about finished grand dining and living room. You will probably see the entire room after Christmas because on Christmas Eve my parents, grandparents, brother and his girlfriend will celebrate holidays at our place and photos of a Christmassy room are definitely more pleasing to the eye. Besides, here and now we still have plenty of setting to do. Therefore I hope you enjoy the photos and always let me know what you think :)

ps. I got myself a SpongeBob SquarePants advent calendar! I love having those tiny special chocs in the morning and I honestly believe a person can't be too old for a sweet tradition like this. Do you agree?