(Thrift) shopping again

Hey Ya! Time flies way too fast lately and I barely notice it evaporating because I'm insanely swamped with work right now and the weekends are always too brief anyway. This is as well the reason why I have at least two untold stories waiting to be shared with you. Both are about spending a Saturday (oops! one of those days was actually a Sunday) in Tartu and I'm going to start with the older trip that took place on the 20th of January. Not too long ago at all if I look into the smart calendar in front of me but it sure feels like far-away history!

Seppälä necklace | thrifted Carling cardigan | Fishbone waist-belt | boohoo.com dress | Guess leggings | Pertti Palmroth boots.

Anyway, what was our goal in Tartu? To shop, of course but not randomly. Our sublime purpose was to find me the right pair of winter boots and a flawless robe. And we were absolutely successful! My brand-new winter boots are from Sempre. The top material and the furry inner material is leather like I wanted and the heels are exactly right for slippy snowy Estonian winter. They are comfortable (even after 9 hours of walking!) and the sale price was 62.37 (the original price - 103.95 so I saved approximately 42). I'll leave you with a sneak peek photo that conjointly reveals a piece of my next outfit.

Now, my ideal robe comes from Change. It's fluffy, gentle, snow white and soft and I love it a lot! Besides, it was a complete bargain - 14.99 (the original price was wholly 49.95!).
I also purchased a pair of military print Fishbone jeans with low (but fortunately not too low) waist and skinny legs. Those were a bargain too: original price 39.95 but I paid only 9.95. Now I clearly must style them as soon as possible.

In addition I would like to show you four fresh (two of them are especially fresh i.e. brand-new) thrift store finds. The brand-new pieces still with tags are a beautiful airy orange (or tangerine) 365 Sunshine Bente strap top (2.50 whereby the original price was circa 23) and Imagio by Connection burgundy pencil skirt (2) that is just perfect when it comes to classy office clothes. Anyway, I also got a black polka dot cici che bone skirt (4) and a soft furry scarf (1.50) that I had been already looking for several months.

Those four are not my only recent thrifted pieces by the way. I have many more (at least 10, I think!) waiting to see the daylight and those cost me exactly 0.00 but this is already a future story. Just wait and see ;) For the time being try to enjoy my photos (I don't like those dark dull days with absolutely no real light!). Still let me know what you think because your comments are simply the best! See you soon, sweeties!


One wintry day in Tallinn

Multiple ice-cold greetings from my hometown Jõgeva that is persistently keeping the cold record in Estonia. The weather station of Jõgeva measured my country's new cold record for this winter at minus 28,7 degrees Celsius in the early hours of last Saturday. Therefore I'm bringing a wintry trip story from the Saturday before last to you. And at the same time it was my very first trip of 2013.

It was a cosy train trip to Tallinn and the majority of our nearly six hours there was spent at Stockmann, my favourite shopping plaza in our capital town. As usual, we started with a lightsome breakfast and then dived in enthusiastically but believe it or not, all in all my fiancé was even more successful than I was. This proves that miracles do happen. I made only one purchase at Stockmann and it was an elegant hat from etcetera (31.90 14.70).

By the way, according to etcetera's home page the spring 2013 colours are fuchsia, tangerine, rose, poppy, bluebird, khaki, café, basil, periwinkle and black+white. This list certainly brings me joy whereas I adore most of the colours mentioned and for example I have thrifted myself something tangerine already twice this year (and one of those spunky items can be seen somewhere below).

Anyhow, since I already was on the wavelength of violet shades I also found a few suitable bargains from Seppälä: purple earrings (3.95 1.58), a purple/periwinkle+black lingerie set (16.95 8.48 + 6.95 3.48) and besides an orange/tangerine+dalmatian pattern lingerie set (9.95 4.98 + 5.95 2.98). Altogether I saved nearly 40 that makes more than 52% from the original number (i.e. 75.65). Nice job, even though I didn't actually find what we were scouting around for in the first place, and those were decent, good-looking and warm (all at the same time of course) winter boots. Therefore yesterday the hunt continued in Tartu and ended successfully in every way but that's already a future story.

So, we completed our day off in Tallinn with a delicious lunch at Travel Restaurant. I enjoyed my Caesar salad with roasted chicken fillet and Parmesan cheese and my fiancé enjoyed his Estonian pork roast with fried potatoes, fried sauerkraut and mustard sauce. We ate there together for the second time and we both love the place.

Guess by Marciano hat | silver dragonfly earrings from local department store and silver ball pendant earrings - a Christmas gift from E. | orange scarf gotten via my workplace | thrifted ICON coat | Mithio mittens | Ted Baker bag | Amisu leggings | Pertti Palmroth boots | thrifted knitted jacket.

Anyway, on a completely different note I would like to introduce two of my quite recent thrift store treasures to you: a bouncy top (2.30) with asymmetrical hemline and cute little pocket from Atmosphere and a vintage flavoured dress (3.00) with an adorable bow in front from TU (sold only at Sainsbury's). Both are utterly springlike so I'm waiting for spring (and obviously summer) like crazy! Oh and I already have three new thrift store findings to share but for the time being I hope you enjoy the mainly sunny photos and don't forget to let me know what you think because I really love hearing from you!


Born under a lucky star, i.e. my prizes

HELLO! As usual, long time no see. I gave my best but life unexpectedly appeared and once again put a spoke in my wheel. Still, as promised today's post is finally about the prizes and awards I won in the end of last year but in the first place I definitely want to thank you, my responsive readers who kindly shared their exciting and witty stories about peeping between security gates. I was truly surprised by the amount of those "lucky" ladies who felt my so-called pain.

However, my awards! I'm starting with my fangirlish set of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 bracelets and earrings I won once in November 2012 through a Facebook competition. The 3 pack of earrings is called "Edward" and those bracelets are Cullen Crest jelly bangles. I'm pleased with the quality and even my mom loved the earrings (those pretty blue hearts in particular).

Moving on, Liis (her blog Beauty from Liz) held Small & Sweet giveaway in her blog and on the 10th of December 2012 I won The Body Shop Limited Edition Vanilla Bliss lip balm.
+ It's just enough shimmering, its rich vanilla scent is heavenly and the limited-edition dome is very comfortable to use.
- It's not moisturizing enough for my lips (at least during cold and decently drying winter time) and its flavour is slightly too artificial.
All in all an average product: I quite like it because of the smell but the taste is aggravating and I can't help it.

Anyway, Liis hosted another giveaway that was called Warm & Soft giveaway. Believe it or not but on the 20th of December 2012 I found out I had won again! A pair of bright pink mittens from fresh Estonian knitwear brand Mithio. I wore those cuties for the first time last Saturday and of course I have photos waiting to be posted since it was an exceptionally sunny day in our capital Tallinn. By the way, my new mittens were warm enough in Tallinn but my hometown Jõgeva (also the capital of cold) was a tough nut to crack. After all Jõgeva is known as the coldest place in Estonia with the lowest temperature of -43,5°C (-46°F). It's quite crazy, isn't it?

But now about two international giveaways that produced me entirely FIVE special bracelets. For a start on the 16th of December 2012 I won a giveaway held by dear Kayleigh Jean (her blog Kayleigh Jean) who is one very talented fashion designer and jewellery maker. Check out her asos marketplace! 
My prize - a set of 4 precious stone charm bracelets made of amethyst, howlite, quartz and sodalite natural stones and refined with Eiffel Tower, leaf and owl charms. All four look flawless together and I already can't wait for spring to come to show them off properly!

Secondly and last but certainly not least I won a delightful Digidi bracelet through Elisabeth's (her blog Dragonfly) bracelet competition (in conjunction with Finnish web shop Shopista) again on the 20th of December 2012. I didn't own too many bracelets before all those splendid winnings but now I sense an ideal arm party because the vastly blue Digidi bracelet clubs perfectly together with the foursome created by Kayleigh Jean.

It sure was an odd and unexpected (I had practically never won any giveaways before) burst of luck in the end of 2012. What about your luck when it comes to blog giveaways, lotto, anything like that?
Additionally I hope you enjoyed the photos and certainly let me know what you think because I love hearing from you :)


Sweet Nothing

Howdy, Everyone!
First of all wishing you a very Happy New Year! I honestly can't believe it's already 2013 and for your information I didn't make any New Year's resolutions because I know I must give my very best through the whole year anyway. Besides, year 2013 will probably change my life quite a lot, even drastically, and one important chapter is going to end. But as they say, when one door closes, another opens, and I already feel anticipation, without any unnecessary regrets. And after all it's relatively remote future so let's not get recklessly carried away. Everything that's meant to be will happen anyway. All in good time.

Now, my first blog post of 2013 demonstrates you an outfit from last year, December 15. Seems so distant, doesn't it? Estonian weather was freezing back then and I practically grew numb while taking those few hasty photos outside. Brr, I feel cold already thinking about it!

However, I would like to present you a complete first in my accessories' family - this goldish card holder from Lindex (€9,95). It holds entirely 16 cards and my wallet has turned so much lighter (it used to be like one heavy and bulging brick before!). By the way, when it comes to wallets and specifically my wallet I have a story to tell. An instructive one.

On the last day of 2012 I and my fiancé quickly visited a shopping centre in Tartu and we had visited approximately 3 different stores before I began peeping between the security gates in the 4th shop already while entering.
After tiny confusion and a few staring but reasonable faces we found out the cause was my more than a year old Guess wallet from 2011. The same wallet that has been to so many shopping centres in different cities and towns, even at least three different countries!

The strange shop assistant at Seppälä recommended that I should hold my wallet higher than the gates when we leave ("brilliant", isn't it?). Oh and the original issue? The hidden security symbol of my wallet had activated out of the blue. Anyway, a lovely sales girl at Lindex deactivated my wallet without further ado and explained that similar strangeness can actually happen to anyone and it has no direct or logical reason. So lucky me, I guess. Has anything like that ever happened to you? (Probably not, haha)

Guess by Marciano short coat | thrifted Lacoste sweater (men's) | thrifted Ralph Lauren button-up blouse | Cubus collar clips | thrifted Levi's "Patty Anne" jeans | thrifted boots | golden earrings from muuu.ee.

Last but not least I hope you enjoy the photos. As always, dearies, let me know what you think :)

ps. Yesterday I received my last giveaway prize and the next post will probably be about all the wonderful awards so keep your eyes open!