Tidal Wave

Hello, my sweeties! In all probability you can't imagine what a huge struggle and trouble it was for me to kick off (and also finish) the present post.
Wise people state that we should consult with our pillow when we're tangled in our lives but it doesn't always work that way in reality. The freshly gone week was tiring, stressful and simply heavy on my mind but also on my inspiration and will level. Altogether it felt (and still slightly feels) like the shortest month of the year put me to the test for some reason or other. And it has been tough but on the other hand everything happens for a reason and I honestly believe in this saying. Besides, this simple idea always gives me power to stay strong, move forward and make a bigger effort. Thumbs up, you know!

Hilfiger Denim beanie | Accessorize bow earrings | pieces tube scarf | O'Neill jacket | mittens made by E.'s mother | Cubus pants | Valentino bag.

But all right, the actual goal of this post was to share a few brief sentences about our trip to the wilderness called Kõmmaste village in Harju County (you can browse my previous Kõmmaste posts from autumn 2010 here and here if you're interested. I personally suspect that autumn tends to be a bit nicer than winter...). Anyhow, on the 9th of February I and my fiancé took an early morning train to Tartu, walked several many kilometres in heavy snowfall and eventually came across E.'s family to start our practically endless journey to E.'s grandparents' place in far-off Kõmmaste (picture that: more than 250 km, frantic traffic (jams), excessively wintry and slushy weather...).

In spite of everything we finally landed in the middle of the picturesque pine forest I was hinting at in my last post more than a week ago. And then it was all about E.'s grandmother's birthday celebrations with heaps of delicious home-cooked meals like chops, blood sausage (a big no-no for me)+bacon, different salads, swiss roll and so on. When all was said and done I felt exhausted and only desired to bump into a bed or at least something equivalent.

The next day started off with a pleasant wintry stroll in the wonderful pine grove (my favourite type of forest by the way) that was widely surrounding us. Followed by aimless wandering around the household. Time ticked away rather quickly and shortly we began driving back. I love road trips, I really do but nothing beats the feeling of sleeping in your own comfy bed at your own sweet home. Don't you agree?

*The first 9 photos were taken on the 9th and 10th of February in Tartu (my outfit) and Kõmmaste (everything else).

Last but certainly not least I'm going to share another 10 snapshots with you, all taken in February. And here come the exact dates and my tiny clarifying remarks:
1-11.02-my home alone dinner;
2-17.02-the very first and self-made (by my fiancé) shashlik of year 2013. Was yummy!;
3-4-24.02-my oh so sweet consolation;
5-5.02-visited my childhood hairdresser, that conjointly meant heaps of catching up and a beautiful braid;
6-16.02-7-17.02-Valentine's Day treats;
8-9-10-23.02-thrifted war stripe tee from Emilio, from men's section, 2 maybe?

So, I hope you enjoyed all the photos and my jabber too.
See you soon, my favourite readers!


  1. Love the jacket! And omg so much snow!


    Check my newest post!


  2. wow wow wow, sinu pildid suudavad minu suule naeratuse tuua ja tohutu inspiratsioonibuusti süstida, nii hea meel, et sinu blogi leidsin :)

    roadtripid on vägevad, ma ei jaksa meie esimest ära oodata tänavu

    1. üks maailmasuur aitäh nende imetoredate sõnade eest!
      totally made my day :)
      ja tegelikult samad sõnad sinu blogi kohta. ja nende õigete soojade suviste roadtrippide kohta ;)

  3. Anonymous26/2/13 21:28

    Trees in the snow, is there anything more beautiful than that? Also love the braid!


  4. Ow, hope you are okay. The pillow consult never works for me as I cannot sleep when stressed out.
    Rooster. I love roosters <3
    You have a wonderful hair!!!!!! And make the best thrift store spottings O.o !

  5. Maasikad ja kakao.. issand, poleks pidanud peale pikka tööpäeva neid pilte vaatama :D

    1. pigem pead esimesel võimalusel Maximasse suunduma, sest nii maasikad kui ka kakao ja vahukommid on just sealt pärit ;)

  6. Loved this post, the food looks soo good!xx

  7. ma seekord kuidagi endamisi mhmhitasin pea iga teise lause järel selles postituses :D alustades sellega, et everything happens for a reason (ja sinna juurde tuleb ka minu usk sellesse, et what goes around, comes around), jõudes selleni, et männimets on ka minu lemmikmets ja lõpetades sellega, et tore on küll käia ja olla, aga oma voodis ärkamisest paremat pole :)

    1. no näed sa siis. suure eneseületamise peale tuli täitsa palju tarkust mu peast välja. aega võttis, aga sai vähemalt asja :D ja oma voodi mainimine selle kommentaari lõpus vist murdis mu maha, sest nagu magnetiga tõmbab sinnapoole :) või siis on asi mu vaestes väsinud kopsudes, kes tahavad ka puhata..

  8. Your little red bowtie earrings are adorable! And I have to say that I love your pink highlights. I haven't really seen that before, and I think it's a really subtle way of having colored hair without being "OMG IN YOUR FACE." The food looks soo yummy. Glad you had a nice time in the village :)

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  9. Hey, hope you've been okay! Sounds like it was a rough month for you. Keep your pretty head up, and remember, we're starting fresh with a new month soon! :)
    Love the pretty bowtie earrings and pictures out in that gorgeous forest <3

    Trendy Teal

  10. I love reading this post I agree I love road trips but noting compares to sleeping in your own bed!! I totally missed you are engaged Congrats pretty girl!!!!! Strange question but what are blood sausage?!! Sounds scary lol!! I love love love love your hair in the braid its beautiful. I enjoyed looking at all your pictures as always :):):)

  11. Hi Maikin!

    Looking super gorgeous as per usual. It's Barbie, and I'm back from my blogging hiatus with my brand new blog, The Blonde Silhouette. I would love for us to follow each other on bloglovin and Facebook! I'll wait for you on my blog!

    Love Ashleigh (Professor Barbie now The Blonde Silhouette ;))

  12. It sounds like it was quite the trip to get to Kommaste village, but worth it for the good company, good food and beautiful surroundings. The pine forest looks absolutely stunning in these photos! I also have to compliment your pretty red bow earrings, and your braid in the outfit shots {as well as the one done by your hairdresser, both are lovely.} It looks to me like you put a little bit of red in your hair, too - my eyes might be tricking me but I think I see it there and the effect is wonderful.

    Sorry to hear that February has been such a tough month for you, thinking back on my previous work life I can definitely sympathise. The good news is, today is the last day!

  13. Oh, so many delicious foodies....drool..O_O
    Absolutely agree, I love roadtrips too, but my bed is with a priority. Home means throwing junk around the house and not giving a damn :D
    The forest is amazing, almost looks like not from this planet!
    Your bow earrings are to die for ^_^

  14. I hear you on this being a rough month, I think February is for most people. (Or maybe it''s just us, but it always feels so long, even for being the shortest month, its like winter just drags on and on and everything feel so depressing.) At least we're on the downward slide towards spring now!. :)
    You take the most beautiful photos, you have such an eye for photography! It might not have been much fun but the photos of the long walk through the woods are just stunning. (And the food pictures! Yum!) I love seeing the pictures of the little bits and pieces of your life, that braid is stunning and it's fun to hear about your family and the surrounding area that you live in.
    You look so tried of all of that snow in your outfit pictures, I recognized that look from my own face. (grrr, the snow that won't go away.) I just noticed it, but do you have red streaks in your hair now? It's really pretty and I love how little strands of red show up in your braid.

  15. GREAT BLOG! :)
    I invite you to observe yourself?

  16. yep dove is really works in my skin, too bad it doesn't work in weather on Estonia. :( btw nice thrifted!

  17. Wow, maiken, your photos look amazing as always. I love the camou jacket and also the food looks delicious. Your hair in the braid looks gorgeous! Very talented hairstylist.

  18. I love your cute red bow earrings. All the food looks so delicious. And that braid is amazing!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  19. Love your bow earrings and that pretty braid in your hair! Also, that strawberry toast looks amazzzingggg

  20. cute little bow earrings!


  21. Anonymous28/2/13 10:46

    lovely photos!

  22. Great shots. Love the cool jacket <3


  23. Look at those spectacular trees!!! WOW!
    Your camo jacket is fitting of your situation then. This is what I call taking inspiration from your experiences. Great job! :)

  24. Hiya Maiken,hope your well and thanks so much for your sweet comment :)
    This month had flown by for me too,cant believe its almost the 3rd month of the year already! Sounds like you've had a tough month,hope your well.
    On another note I love those sweet little bow earrings and the gorgeous colour in your hair!
    Kómmaste village looks and sounds beautiful,your photos are incredible!
    I love your snapshots youve taken in february,your braid is amazing! I love it,wish my hair was long enough and wish I was capable to do this!
    I hope your well and are having a lovely week x :)

  25. Wow that braid you friend did is so gorgeous, I love! Love the food too and I'm craving right now well like every time I read your posts haha.The bow earrings are super cute and have you dyed your hair? I can see some red/pink highlights. This year is not being the best I ever had, lots of bad things keep happening and I love to read inspirational words, it's kind of motivating so I understand, I hope things will get better for us. There are 10 more months left :)

  26. It sounds and looks like you had an amazing trip! I love how you guys always go on adventures! And that braid is amazing!!


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    Shop Kawaii Kitsch by A on Etsy, and get free domestic shipping with code FREESHIP

  27. I'm so happy that you have such a positive attitude!!! Wow you always visit such lovely places...I'm super jealous!!! The forest looks so breath-taking!! And that braid is really nice! Your photos are always so gorgeous, what camera do you use?
    Much Love
    Chari T (deep fried stilettos)xoxo

  28. These photos are beautiful. All of the snow is amazing. The red bow earrings are adorable. The food looks delicious.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  29. aw your earrings are sooo cute! and i love yoru braid :) so pretty!!! amazing photos as always :)


  30. Wow you never cease to amaze me with your amazing finds! I love the photo of the roosters, the beautiful braid and your adorable earrings. here's to hoping March is more enjoyable!

  31. the scenery is very beautiful and your parka (coat?) is amazing!
    very cute earrings as well

  32. That coat is such a great piece as well as the bow earrings. I also love your attitude, yes, stay strong, things will brighten up. Wishing you the most wonderfully filled weekend dear. xx/Madison

  33. Awesome look,very cute ;) stunning girl.i love your blog post
    very inspiring...

    followed you via gfc,can we follow each other ?
    keep in touch,cheers from jakarta


  34. amazing pics!Love the last one

  35. Lovely outfit :)


  36. Anonymous1/3/13 18:14

    Lovely pictures! I love those red bow earrings.


  37. oh darling maiken, i hope you have a good weekend after your stressful week! i prefer autumn to winter too. i would be exhausted from all that walking and social activity. yes, i prefer my own bed too. your hair really does look quite fantastic in braids. i like your wintery outfit, and the striped tee. my fave small photo was the hot chocolate with marshmallows and strawberries. all your food looks exceptional. how nice of your sweetie to cook and bring you flowers. :)

  38. Oh Maiken, I'm glad you survived February! I hope March is less challenging for you and that you find your creative spirit within yourself! :)

    These images are so gorgeous - the forest is just so magical, I honestly can't even begin to imagine living in such a whimsical setting. And good on you for walking all those kilometres! :)

    You look lovely too. Your cheeks are so perfectly rouge in the chilly weather and your blonde locks makes you look like a perfect snow queen. I love.

    Happy March to you too, beautiful lady!

    <3 Mandy xx

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  40. Anonymous2/3/13 00:01

    Wow beautiful photos. The snow looks beautiful on photos but i'm glad that it already left over here! Love the strawberries.



  41. Your bow earrings are so cute! And wow, those winter photos are so gorgeous! That's the best way to experience winter for me- to look at pictures, but not actually being in the frozen blizzard!


  42. Beautiful pictures, your outfit is very cute :)

  43. This is a cool place to be at! Your blog is pretty awesome! I was just looking at some of your other posts and think it's really entertaining! I think you'll see some more of me here;)!

    Come by mine, and let me know if you like it too! We could follow each other on GFC, Bloglovin, and Instagram too!

    Stay in touch;)


  44. I Love your Jackett and your pictures !!! Nice blog - do you want to follow each other? Let ne know. :)
    Best wishes from Austria DK

  45. hi sweetie! miss you!!! it sounds like you've been busy <3 i hope that everything is going just fine with you. and here's another trip i'm envious of ;) you look dashing and i really like your jacket, too!


  46. I see u colored ur hair pink did u? Nice touch. Bloody sausage???! not for me too. And of cos nothing beat the bed at home. No matter where u've travelled to. In fact u sleep alot better in ur own bed compared to say Hotel beds..must be so cold in Tartu! Those strawberries looook so divine too...Jealous!

    ISSA x
    New post is up!

  47. Is it still that cold over there? Oh my! I hope that the weather will change soon! But you as always manage to stay warm and stylish. I love your jacket and the beanie. And the pink strands of your hair add a spring feel to the look
    Stay warm dear Maiken




  48. Awesome pics! Have a nice weekend:)


  49. I definitely love how you made the military jacket very feminine! So androgyny chic!

    All the best,
    The Boyfriend Project

  50. Absolutely! Nothing sleeps better than your own bed.
    The little bow earrings are cute and I hope that you feel
    better soon. Oh btw, do you have a pink or red highlight in
    your hair? It looked like it on the photo.


  51. it is always such a relief to return home after a trip and sleep in my own bed. just feels soooooo good. i love your earrings and the camo jacket!


  52. All I can say is that it looks cold and yet you still manage to look so fabulous! I would look like a giant marshmellow monster in that snow.

    Couture Caddy x
    twitter / instagram / facebook