A tropical getaway: part 1

I promised to share our third orchid exhibition visit with you and I'm going to do this in two separate posts. Mainly because I have heaps of lovely photos to publish: numerous photos of the exhibition(s), my outfit of the day, my glorious purchases and additionally a couple of splendid essential newcomers in our dining and living room. So, this time you can see various beautiful orchids, a cute red-eared slider, a newcomer in my Orchidaceae family and also those fresh pieces of furniture.

Without further ado, on the 16th of March we started our sunny but still crisp day at the exhibition that took place in the Botanical Garden of the University of Tartu. Which, by the way, was founded as early as in 1803 and is the oldest permanently working botanical garden in the Baltic countries and at the same time one of the easternmost botanical gardens in the European Union.

What I love the most about visiting that specific botanical garden in the middle of Estonian chilly and snowy March is the tropical climate. This warm humid getaway calls astonishing Crete to my mind and besides gives hope and energy to hold on as long as the actual summertime arrives. Additionally I of course love orchids and all other plants and adorable creatures such as their red-eared sliders. It indeed was a lovely forenoon!

Inspired by the first exhibition I purchased a sophisticated Ludisia Jasper Velvet from the second one of the day which, by the way, took place in a gardening centre called Jardin and offered more than one hundred different species of beautiful orchids. However, my fresh orchid leads to our day by day developing household and the last subject of today's post - the newcomers in our dining and living room.

Therefore we finally came across and naturally bought a fine folding corner sofa consisting of dark leather and wood and brown polka dot fabric. Looks proud and conjointly goes very well with my vintage working table. That table used to be a sewing machine from a well-known company called Singer but E. skilfully restored the entire thing and the outcome is now in front of you. I know I sure love it!

I also hope you enjoyed my very floral photographs and that you like orchids even in the least if not in heaps ;) My next post will bring you my outfit (which for one thing contains something from the little boys' section) from March 16 and moreover a few bargains so be prepared!


  1. ma ei jõudnudki selle talve jooksul kordagi kuskile botaanikaaeda... ju siis polnud talv nii pikk, külm ja tüütu, et oleks vaja olnud põgeneda. kuigi praegu täitsa võiks, aga samas on vähemalt ilus päikeseline olnud ja suur lootus on ikkagi juba õige pea näha kuiva asfalti :)

    1. sõiduteedel on seda kuiva asfalti juba piisavalt näha saanud, aga vot muutuks kõik kõnniteed ja üleüldse kõik-kõik põllud, muruplatsid ja muud haljasalad juba kuivaks ja lumevabaks, vot see oleks küll tore! unistada ju võib :P

  2. Wow I never knew that there was such a variety in orchids! Your macro shots are so gorgeous, especially the ones where you can see the dew. And the table?! Seriously smart crafting right there :)

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  3. Woooow, those are the most gorgeous flowers.You have a really talented eye for photography, you manage to capture the intense beauty of these flowers so perfectly. (They're so beautiful, they make me want summer to come! And seriously, you should be a flower photographer or something, I can actually see the texture on some of these flowers and they are just the most beautiful shots.)
    It had to of been such a delight for you to visit this beautiful botanical garden and get away from the snow and the cold for a while, it almost seems like it's in another world! I really adore that picture of the turtle, turtles are the best! We had one when I was young that we named Speedy and he was such a character, he would climb up on his log every morning when dad was getting ready for work and he would leap off of his log into the water below, just over and over again. That picture makes me really miss the little guy.
    And on my gosh, an Singer sewing machine! that is a really gorgeous one, your man did such an amazing job restoring it. I just love it next to your couch, you have such a beautiful sense of decoration!
    I want to say thank you so much for your kind and sweet comments, I always look forward to hearing from you and reading your posts every week, you are just the sweetest person! (And it's always fun to chat with almost lady who lives in a snowy climate. Misery loves company!) :)

  4. What a fantastic revamp of the Singer sewing table. And, such stunning and impressive photos of the florals, makes me feel spring. Hope you enjoy your week. xx/Madison

  5. I showed this post to my mom - we both love orchids sooo much. Favorite flower ever! <3

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  6. Love the singer table! Orchids are so pretty, but my fave thing here is the tortoise :)

  7. It must be such a wonderful and strange experience to walk in from the snowy Estonian weather and find yourself in a tropical paradise full of orchids! The photos you took are just wonderful, I'm already anxious for more :) When it comes to getting dressed, I stay away from floral print, but I love fresh flowers!

    And I just have to mention that old Singer sewing machine and the way you revamped it - it looks amazing in your living room! My parents have something similar that belonged to my grandmother, a seamstress, and I've always wanted one of my own, so I can't help admiring yours :)

  8. Wow E did a good job doing up that old singer sewing machine,table,I have to say I love the old fashioned singer sewing machines,look so beauifully made,but I love what you have done to it,and looks wonderfully in your room!
    Gosh I cant believe how old that botanical garden has been running for,I love orchids,and your photos are incredibly beautiful,I didnt realise there were so many different species of orchid.
    Ive been to a botanical garden in tenerife which featured a few beautiful orchids,and can remember the heavy humid wet air in there,and loved it,summer! but the humidity did get a bit much especially as it was the height of summer.
    look forward to seeing your outfit and bargains! x and thank you for checking out my country post,though I know country music isnt everyones cup of tea,I appreciate you checking it out anyway x

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  10. WOW these pictures make me dream, & the pink one is simply wonderful ♥
    You know how to handle them !

  11. The photos which you took are absolutely wonderful and so inspiring, I just can imagine how wonderful would look they in some fabric. It's such a great escape from freezing weather.
    Your DIY project is fantastic!

    xoxo Ra


  12. love your photos !

    following you now, hope you follow back ;)


  13. The flowers are amazing! (but I always love the pictures you take of flowers) ;)
    And let me tell you that I'm loving the idea of the table!! Looks super cute!!! Good job!!


  14. Such a lovely post, I like these pictures so much! :)

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  15. I absolutely love that sewing table turned into a desk! What a cute idea. It looks great.

    Those flowers are gorgeous! And hello turtle :)

  16. The flowers are all beautiful. And I LOVE what you did with that sewing table. It looks amazing. I love the vintage feel of it.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  17. You definetely have a eye for detail.
    Nice photos.


  18. goodness i love orchids. though every time i get one i seem to kill it :( looks like you are enjoying your travels!


  19. Such beautiful photos..thanks for sharing! xo

  20. Love your all photos. Amazing!
    I follow you, follow back ? :)



  21. All those flowers could be dresses. Love the spread of photos. Thanks for posting and feel free to drop by me too when you have time.

  22. LOVE the before and after picture of the sewing machine, it looks way cool as a table :) And all these flower pictures are so gorgeous. It must have been so fun to walk in the warm climate of the garden compared to the outside snowy weather. And ahhh all these photos are really dreamy, I really like how you did the lighting :) And the photo with the water droplet is really cool and so clear :O And dang, it was founded in 1803?! Glad to hear it's still running!

  23. OMG it looks like you had an amazing time!! All of those flowers are so beautiful and that turtle is the cutest thing ever!! And that sewing machine- OMG it looks amazing after!

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  24. Wow, those range of flowers are so gorgeous! I really enjoyed these photos!

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  25. woow!!very interesting!!!

  26. Those pictures are so pretty, I love looking at beautiful and colorful flowers. You did a very good job with the sewing machine table, I often do that, give life to old/unused objects to use them.

  27. Beautiful flowers!

  28. wow maiken, i LOVED your orchid photos! i knew i would. :) you really did make that table look exceptional. your house looks so nicely decorated too.

  29. wow such beautiful photos as always! you really captured the flowers stunningly :) i really love how you revamped the old sewing machine table! its looks really great :)


  30. Those are some gorgeous floral images. such detail from the stemming and texture of the leaves :) Beautiful!

  31. What lovely orchids and the table is stunning, well done! I love the Botanic Garden in Helsinki as well, have you been there?
    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog!

    E from Helsinki

  32. amazing photos! would you like to check out my blog too maybe we can follow each other?


  33. these are great pictures! i love those flowers :)

  34. Great photos!

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  35. Just found your blog and loving it. Maybe we can follow each other on GFC or bloglovin? Please feel free to stop by my blog and let me know. XO


  36. Oh wow, these photos are fantastic! I got indeed a very tropical feeling! I love orchids and I have a few at home. Such beautiful flowers. And the colours of those at your photos are perfect for Easter! Happy Easter dear Maiken!




  37. Anonymous31/3/13 08:41

    Hi, girl! Long time no visit. I'm so sorry I haven't been around. Life is just crazy. Good thing I'm already on Spring Break! How are you? I've missed your posts!

    I adore orchids. I want lots and lots of them in my future home. As for the sewing machine, I LOVE IT!!! E did a good job. I kinda want one for myself. ;)

    P.S. Thanks for the continues support!

    - B

  38. I love going to orchidariums!!! I like looking at those precious flowers :)

  39. wow fantastic transformatioN!


  40. Lovely photos and beautiful flowers!


  41. Hey your table is just amazing! I've seen few similar, some with glass top.. This looks really great, nice job E! :) Hmm where did the old sewing machine go..? ;)

    Thank you thank you for all the comments ! I wish I could sort out my comment box problem.
    I sure have got loads of great new things, free and purchased.. And that means that I HAVE to do a spring clean :D

    Also, now I've posted about my trip to Tallinn. Sadly we never seem to have take photos out in the town, just walk around in a hurry & shop.. :)

    Indie by heart

  42. You really do take the most beautiful nature photos, you should have a website selling desktop backgrounds or an exhibition for you photos. WOW lady.

    Couture Caddy x
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