Neon splashes meet modest metallic

Hey You!
Last Friday, March 8 was a double important day and I even canceled my highly addictive and essential 90210 marathon over the weekend to start writing this post for you, my dear readers. So, for one thing it obviously was IWD (International Women's Day) that is quite significantly celebrated here in Estonia. Our ever so practical men go crazy that day and empty all the flower shops to please their demanding female friends, acquaintances and loved ones. Even my otherwise busy workday in the office started with beautiful, fragrant flowers, my favourite chocolate buttons, delicate champagne and a modest slice of high-calorie yummy cake. Additionally my Phalaenopsis collection increased thanks to IWD and it simply was a lovely day but do see for yourself because I have compiled a sunny and colourful IWD collage for you. By the way, how was your IWD, ladies?

But now about the second, even more important event: it was our Elvis's third birthday, yay! We got our tiny muffin on the 16th of April, in 2010 when he was younger than two months and today he already is a little older than three years. Time does fly fast, doesn't it? And at this point I seriously recommend you to steal a glance at this nostalgic post to see my first photos of Elvis. You will not regret ;)

Anyhow, Elvis can occasionally be a (cute) little devil but I still love him to pieces and his loyal, sincere eyes are the most beautiful ones out there. Oh and for your information, my biggest and most complicated tattoo is partially (i.e. his paw and letter "E") dedicated to Elvis. And well, just look at him, what is there not to love? :)

Prada sunnies | Lindex neon rhinestone earrings | Cubus necklace | pieces tube scarf | thrifted Reflex faux fur coat | H&M cardigan+belt | thrifted Hennes Collection sheer top | H&M pants | Bronx boots.

And finally a bit about the majority of today's photos that were taken on the 2nd of March when we performed a swift trip to Tartu. My important goals there were to purchase a new good old reliable mascara and my second external hard drive. So, already for the hundredth time I chose Clinique's high impact mascara and the noted high impact favourites set. If you're interested in my all-time favourite mascara, browse this post and this post from 2011.

By the way, as you can see I already put the violet make-up bag into practice as a hard drive bag (2 in 1!). And when it comes to my fresh 500 GB Samsung external hard drive I vandalized (i.e. brought down for at least three times... third time is a charm, you know) my previous one from Apacer a long ago. Luckily the freshman is a tiny (only 8x11cm) cutie pie and I will take good care of it.

Anyway, I finally purchased myself a new (Dove men+care extra fresh) deodorant too because I had been using my fiancé's products already for too long. And yes, I do use manly deodorants because those are long-lasting, non-irritating, smell great and into the bargain cost ridiculously little (mine was 1.29!!). Have you, ladies, tried your other half's deodorant(s)?

Oh, as you can see we also stopped by McDonald's wherefrom I got myself an adorable fluffy red squirrel called Chewoo and totally enjoyed my favourite McRoyal burger.
So, once again I hope you like my (finally!) sunny photos and of course let me know what you think. See You! :)


  1. Oh Maiken, these images are (as always) so beautiful. The flowers are just gorgeous! This outfit is probably one of my favourite of yours too - the neutral palette with just a touch of neon is absolutely genius ... so impossibly chic and modern at the same time. Love love love!!

    Have a perfect week darling,

    <3 Mandy xx

  2. I'm not usually a big fan of snake prints but gosh I love your pants just because of the color and that neon necklace too! This year my IWD has not been very interesting, nothing special happened. Elvis looks like my teddy bear Titi ( pronunced TeeTee) that my bf gave me, he's my cuddle friend haha I wish I had a cute puppy like Elvis, hopefully this year I'll adopt one :).
    Have a nice week Maiken.

  3. ahhh Elvis is such a cutie!! Love your neon necklace, the shape and cut of it makes it so bold :) The squirrel is too adorable. It reminds me of when I was a kid :)

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  4. Hahaha, I won't lie, I totally used Speed men's deodorant for a while. Its true! They're better.
    Anyway, LOVE those amazing skinnies you're wearing. I don't even know how you'd describe them. Metallic, shimmery, snakeskin?
    Haha, and happy birthday to Elvis! What a little cutie :)
    Also, thanks for the advise. I definitely agree with what you're saying.

    Trendy Teal

  5. Happy belated International Women's Day! We don't celebrate the holiday in Canada, but now living in Europe I'm beginning to understand a bit more what it's all about - although I didn't notice that all of the flower shops were empty here in Paris :) I have to say a belated happy birthday to Elvis, too; he is just too cute in that playing in the snow picture! I've never had a pet besides a goldfish, but I always love other people's pets. And speaking of loving, your neon necklace caught my eye right away... What a stunning colour!

  6. Anonymous12/3/13 11:34

    love the necklace - neon really is the coolest trend. :) *checking ebay for similar ones*

  7. No, I have never tried it but I did consider it.
    Happy to read that you had an awseome IWD. Wish
    men in the Netherlands walked like crazy to buy us
    flowers ;) Before I forget, I really really like your
    yellow statement necklace!



  8. I love snow!!!!!!
    your pictures are fantastic!!

    I am now following your blog and new escape would love if you followed back! :)


  9. Maiken,

    Your photos are always breath-taking!! I saw Elvis additonal photos and they are amazing. He was/still is such a cutie. He was so tiny!! Wow how great it is it got flowers for IWD I guess that's our version of Valentine's Day?? HA HA. You look great in all your phots those jeans I love, I want, I need and your shoes are a different story I REALLY Like them. That Clinque Mascara thanks to you I am hooked on it!! So thank you Ms. Maiken!!

  10. I'm in love with your dog!!!!!!! (and your pants of course) Silver meets snake print? That's what I call PERFECTION! ;)


  11. those jeans are soooo cool! i love them. and the necklace is fab too. Happy Birthday, Elvis!!!


  12. you look charming here! it so very full of spring!

    Inside and Outside Blog
    P.S. I'm hosting an international 2 friendship bracelets giveaway on my blog here check it out!

  13. Those pants are so fun! Definitely something I couldn't pull off but you make it look effortless :) Your dog is darling!

  14. Hello! Just discovered you blog that I have been enjoying reading . The photos are beautiful! I really like your awesome pants and necklace. Your dog is so cute!!
    Take care

  15. Love those pants on you and the neon necklace. You look amazing!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  16. Thank you! Great outfit!

    xx Marije

  17. naljakas mõelda, et väike nupp juba kolmene on - alles oli beebi ja kartis pastakat :)

    aga kui palju praegu high impact meie poodides maksab üldsegi? ma pole seda ma ei tea mitu aastat Eestist ostnud, et enam üldse ei teagi. mul kulub teda nii vähe, et kui aastas kord-kaks eemale saab, õnnestub soodsam variant muretseda st siiani on vähemalt õnnestunud

    1. hah, ma ei mäleta pastakate kartuse kohta küll mitte midagi.. aga nüüd ta kardab näiteks iseenda varju, nii-et areng missugune, eksole :D
      ripsmekas, st see komplekt tegelikult, sest ripsmekas üksi on tunduvalt kallim (mis loogika?), maksis umbes 27 eurot, mis on põhimõtteliselt samal tasemel näiteks netipoodide odavaimate pakkumistega.
      viimati ostsin muidu eelmise aasta mais (2-paki), kui Prahasse sõitsime, aga nüüd ei vedanud enam kuidagi välja järgmise lennujaamakülastuseni, nii-et tuli see ost ikka ära teha siit kodumaalt.

    2. eh mul sai ka mais ostetud :) nii et clearly, ma ei pea lugu sellest nii-öelda kolme kuu reeglist... aga mul peaks isegi vist kuskil testreid olema, nii et kui ka juhtub midagi, siis ikka ei juhtu ka väga :D õnneks tuleb loodetavasti varsti juba suvi (ma õige ajast ees, jaa :D).

      aga pastakate kartus vist polnudki üldine. kui me päris alguses Elvist ükskord nii-öelda hoidsime terve päeva, siis ta kartis jubedalt üht punast pastakat millegipärast ja see oli ühtviisi nii jube armas kui ka jube naljakas. lõpuks ta vist võttis julguse kokku ja näris selle lihtsalt puru - pole pastakat, pole hirmu :D

    3. ja jaiiks @27 euri - ma mäletan, kui see krooniajal veel 214.- maksis... ja siis tuli euro

    4. ah, keda need reeglid ikka huvitavad? st mind pole kunagi huvitanud. toimetan alati tunde/lõhna järgi ;) aga jah, selle hind tõusis tõesti jõhkralt, kui armas euro Eestimaale saabus. kui komplekti poleks saanud, siis seda üksikut ma ostnud poleks (sest mida hinda?! loogikavastane).

      aga hmm, kuna punast värvi ta näha ei saanud, siis kartis ikka lihtsalt pastakat vist :D kunagi ta vihkas alkohoolsete jookide pudeleid ka. urises ja haukus nende peale. nüüd küsib õlut endale. ajad muutuvad järelikult :D

    5. no see kolme kuu reegel on ilmselgelt üle pakutud - ma kujutan ette, et ka igapäevaselt ripsmeid paksult värviv inimene ei kasuta normaalsuuruses tuši kolme kuuga täiesti ära. kuigi kes teab, aga mulle tundub see võimatu lihtsalt. ja samuti küünelakkidega - mul on tõsimeeli mitmeid-mitmeid aastaid vanu lakke. kui paksuks pole läinud, siis pole mõtet ära visata.

      kartiski pastakat :D ja tõsi, ajad muutuvad - ma pidasin ka kunagi alkoholilõhna jube vastikuks, vein maitses kibedalt jne :D

    6. alkoholilõhn võib siiani vastik olla ja vein võib endiselt kibedalt maitseda. true story :D
      aga jah, olen ka huvi pärast lugenud mõnda artiklit nende nii-öelda säilivusaegade kohta ning usun, et inimestel, kes neid aegu väga täpselt jälgivad, peab oma raha vastu ikka tõsine vimm olema. ma ei kujutaks küll ette, et viskan näiteks küünelaki ära sellepärast, et kuskil on nii kirjas. kui asi ikka toimib, on ajuvaba selle asemele näiteks samasugune uus osta.

  18. Beautiful outfit, I love your boots and your dog is adorable :)

  19. I'm so happy to hear that IWD is celebrated in Estonia and I love that men buy the fabulous women in their lives flowers! Your green necklace is so funky, I love it! Awww I looked at the photos of Elvis as a puppy, what a cutie!

  20. Your pants are so cool, I love how it is shiny and has a cool pattern! Double awesome:) And your lace up boots are really cute, you have so cute cold weather outfits. International Women's Day sounds like a lot of fun in Estonia, we don't celebrate it as much in the US. Happy Birthday to Elvis too, he is really is adorable.

  21. Aw I love it when you post photos of Elvis,he is so incredibly adorable,looks so cheeky and full of character.
    Thats wonderful International womens day is celebrated so beautifully,ladies being appreciated and respected,nothing special happend in the UK,not that I know of.I love the orchis,the colourings on it are beautiful and very unusual.
    Happy Birthday to little Elvis :D I do love your tattoos,never realised you had a dedication to Elvis incorpoarted,thats so lovely.
    I use my boyfriends products,when I stay there,not that he knows it,to him they just mysteriously run out really quick :D
    Fab post and hope you have a good week...I cant resist going to check out that old post of elvis!

  22. BRR looks cold! But I've always wanted a white winter, so I'm kind of jealous! You look great, those pants are so cool! xx

  23. That little Elvis--he is just such a cutie!! I love your pants in this outfit!! And that bright necklace is just perfect!

    A's Fashion Files
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  24. Beautiful flowers! Love your pants and the necklace is stunning! Great look dear!


  25. Hah, I laughed so hard over that last little bit! I've been stealing my husband's "man" shampoo because it has this ridiculously wonderful "clean" smell, no perfumes or anything and I keep feeling silly for using a man's shampoo when we girls are suppose to be all about those fruity, perfume laden shampoos. (Hahaha, the men's deodorants are nice as well, way cheaper and not perfumed.)

    I think that it just so amazing that you have an International Women's day, I don't think we really have anything like that here in the US. (The closest we have is mother's day and it is always really sweet to see all of the young men in the grocery stores buying their mamas flowers.) It sounds really like an amazing day and how cool to see it celebrated.
    Can I just say that you look like such a rock and roll godess in your metallic jeans? Oh my goodness, those look amazing on you and I love them paired with those amazing boots! (Those have got to be the most gorgeous boots ever, I love the heel and how they lace up in the front.) You have such an amazing sense of style, Im just in love with those jeans and your boots!

  26. Love the neon touch! X


  27. Those pants, I cannot get over how great they look on you. Aww, that Elvis is adorable. Sounds like you enjoyed yourself. Have a fantastic weekend dear. xx/Madison

  28. Really lovely flowers! :) I spent the day at work, so didn't celebrate it much. But Samuli said that there were loads of men on line at florists, hehe. (And because all places were that jammed I didn't receive flowers. But that's ok, it's never been highly celebrated day here/for me at least)

    Cool neon necklace! Love it. And Happy belated Birthday wishes to Elvis. :)

    I'll get back to you if I see something to reply on your comments, just wanted to let you know I'm still / back here, & I've read everything :) Have a lovely weekend! ♥

    Indie by heart
    ps.NINJ & NINJ -print giveaway

  29. wow wow wow your pants are so gorgeous!! i loveeee the finishing on them :D


  30. That is such an interesting jean design! Iridescent snakeskin...cool :)


    ps. I need to find a neon necklace like that: wow!

  31. Happy birthday to your darling puppy! Oh my goodness, he is so cute. Oh my gosh, your necklace needs to teleport itself into my closet now. I am so picky with jewelry, but I'm crazy about that piece. I also adore the snakeskin print jeans in that icy blue color.

    May the force be with you.

  32. Anonymous16/3/13 22:08

    Beautiful photos! I love your trousers.


  33. lovely photos and I like your cardigan!

  34. WHY HELLO HELLO!! Those jeans are divine and look amazing on you, I love the texture and colour! Also, I love the pic of your puppy. I'm 3 and I'm badass, too funny. You are awesome as always.

    Couture Caddy x
    twitter / instagram / facebook

  35. Happy Birthday Puppy!!!! On IWD I went to this march which was in celebration it :) It was loads of fun...no flowers for me! nice outfit!

  36. Oh Elvis is just super cute! I wish I had a dog, I long for one so much! If I only could get my better half to want one too...how did you convince him?
    I still had a flu during the IWD but I received some light red roses from my bf, I thought that was the best part of it, the flower lover as I am.
    Thank you for your hint Maiken concerning the ballet outfit! I ended up wearing a pink dress to the ballet.
    Thank you for your kind feedback about my header! I will always keep the dragonfly since it's my power "animal"! That's why I even have it tattooed on me!

    E from Helsinki

  37. Happy Birthday Elvis!!! and OMG Happy IWD, too!!! The celebration there isn't that big here... i wish it was!! and of course you look amazing <3 I miss you and hope that your weekend is going well, babe!

    xx james

  38. Really like your outfit. Love your pnats and shoes. Photos are beautiful. Looking Fab xx
    You have a new follower:)

  39. I love your pants from H&M! I was so closed to buy them in pink, but there were'nt in my size:(

  40. Time flies with kids esp when u hardly see them. They shoot tall very fast! Ur PANTS OMG, its the most gorgeous pair ive seen skinny jeans. Very very nice!! and of cos u own this look.

    Issa x

  41. :) Now the replies:
    smoothie: the lettuce didn't taste at all but you get vitamins (and fibre?) from it. :)
    Bear-tea "Sleepy time" we got from Netherlands: it's really good before going to bed. There's chamomile etc. :) I actually saw it at local super market the other day - so I guess it's not that uncommon around Europe ?

    And thanks again for all the comments & for joining the art giveaway ! ^^


  42. Love this one. You have such a fantastic blog!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  43. Fabulous outfit!


  44. incredible pants. you look great!


  45. I'm happy to hear that you've enjoyed your IWD dear Maiken. In Russia where I come from it's a really big day too. though here, in the Netherlands where I live nobody celebrates it...I love your outfit and how you've spiced it up with the pop of neon jewellery. Great look hun




  46. your hair looks awesome :)

  47. I LOOOOOVE your pants ♥_♥

  48. such a beautiful flowers! :)

    greetings from Poland ;)