No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn - Hal Borland

Hi! How's it going? I hope it's significantly warmer where you are because here in Estonia it still is all about the low degrees of frost (every morning I see at least -20°C(=-4°F) reveling on the screen of my car computer. How "awesome" is this!). Therefore I'm acting like a complete dreamer for a change and starting this post with a few unseen outfit photos and mouthwatering barbecue snapshots taken on ancient May 15, 2012. And yes, I'm fully aware of the harsh fact it's not May 2013 yet but I just miss the truly warm sunshine, beautiful green surroundings, lightweight clothes and by all means - barbecues (just look at our classical barbecue evening meal!). Besides, we always barbecue when we can in order to save electric energy. How clever and tasty at the same time, right? ;) Do you, my readers, try to cut down your (electricity, water etc.) consumption (even occasionally)?

Seppälä wing earrings | thrifted xoxo blazer | thrifted Planet Excess by Luhta tunic | thrifted Cherokee jeans.

By the way, I was wearing a common workday outfit, a fully thrifted one, to be more specific and the asymmetrical hemline tunic is actually a children's dress which, luckily for me, fits like a glove.

On the other hand the rest of my photos derive from wintry February and March but at least still are sunny and kind of hopeful. And you have probably noticed how little Elvis has been my favourite model throughout the cold winter. Oh and I'm not sharing these old photographs with you because I don't have anything newer. I certainly do have particularly fresh and colourful stuff waiting for you since I and my fiancé visited our third (and even a tiny fourth) orchid exhibition on the 16th of March.

So, keep your eyes open and meanwhile enjoy today's photo assortment and of course let me know what you think because I love reading your thoughts and opinions.

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  1. Uuh, ma ootasin seda postitust :) Ja süüa teiselpool ekraani kuivanud pitsarulle ei ole eriti mõnus kui lugeda mahlasest grillimisest :D

    Olles "roheliseks kasvamas" jälgin elektri kasutamist pingsalt. Käin pidevalt teistel järgi ja kustutan tulesid. Ma ei suuda aga otsustada, kas säästupirni pidev kustutamine on kasulikum kui lasta sel pidevalt põleda (väidetavalt pidi klõpsimine kahjulik olema?)
    Vett ma tarbin mõõdukalt kuid dušhi all käimist naudin.

    1. mina olen ka kuulnud, et mida tihemini säästupirniga lampe sisse-välja klõpsida, seda rohkem need elektrit tarbivad (neil võtab täisvõimsuse saavutamine ju tükk aega). ja samuti seda, et säästupirni soovitatakse kasutada ruumides, kus ei peagi pidevalt klõpsima, st näiteks tualettruumi pole mõtet seda panna, aga samas elutuppa täitsa on.

      muide, ma alati mõtlen, et prooviks seekord 2 korda nädalas kirjutada, aga no üldse ei õnnestu. jätkan proovimist siiski, sest öeldakse ju, et järjekindlus viib sihile :D ja alati on tore ja inspireeriv selliseid sõnu kuulda :)

  2. I like the way the tunic fits, and the natural colouring of it. The textured jacket looks amazing! Stay warm and enjoy your week dear. I can't wait until the season of barbecue! xx/Madison

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  4. Great pics...beautiful jacket!
    I love your blog, if you want we can follow each other...it would be great...tell me what do you think!

  5. aa miks sa seda tegiiid!? ma juba hetkeks mõtlesin, et misasja, nii roheline, kui dashboardil pilti nägin, aga vot siis! ma vaatasin ka millalgi kevad-suviseid pilte ja mõtlesin, et nii mõusad, teen postituse, aga nagu näha, pole seda siiski-siiski sündinud

    1. :D sinu sünnipäeva auks. see on ju kevadel ja kevad peabki roheline olema ;) okei, tegelikult oli nii, et otsisin mälupulgalt 21 pilti, mida sain tasuta ilmutada (täna sain kätte ka juba, jei). ja siis sattusin selle kausta peale, kus need avaldamata pildid peitusid, ning mõtlesin, et miks mitte?!

  6. Elvis is just an adorable little model ;) I love seeing him on the blog!
    Also...that thrifted tunic? Gahrrr, I love (want) it! Haha, it looks fantastic on you.
    And thanks...hopefully my bad luck turns around sometime...till then, I can't help but laugh at it though. Gotta have a sense of humor about my situations! ^^

    Trendy Teal

  7. Same here with the weather, still -20 at worst.
    I'm constantly trying to consume less (energy included) but since I like shopping I may fail at times :P
    That tunic you are wearing is super cool :)
    Oh, and my blog moved URL again, due to an uncomfy incident.

  8. amazing blog!!! i follow you now ;)
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  9. The picture of your dog with it's whiskers in frost is SO adorable. There's a blizzard on my end, so doesn't look like it's getting warmer anytime soon.

    P.S. would you like to follow each other on bloglovin and such?


  10. maiken, i like your entirely thrifted and neutral workday outfit! your wintery photos delight me too. my husband bought me an orchid the other day. i know i will eventually kill it, though NOT on purpose. can't wait to see the pics of the exhibit you went to. :)

  11. Yikes, the cold is really holding on over there, I'll try to send some warm weather on over your way! I love your flash back to bbq season, we actually broke our bbq out in February and started cooking in the snow. (There's something ridiculously delightful about bbq-ing in the snow!) We try really hard during the winter to cut down on our electricity usage since our bills goes up so much due to plugging the cars in and during the summer it stays light all night so we never need to turn lights on. (Oh, talking about it makes me miss summer so much, I hope it hurries up for all of us!)
    I love seeing your summer outfit, I didn't realize you had a tattoo! (It's quite a cool one, I really like arm bands!) that third to last photo is just precious, your little doggie is so adorable and he's so cute with the snow on his nose.

  12. love this photos and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  13. Oh yeah, we try cutting our electricity bill during winter more often than I would like to :D We try to use the air conditioner less, and I carry around a huge woolen blanket so I don't die from the cold :D Nice!
    Your work outfit is so pretty, most work outfits consist of the same old white shirt and boring skirt.

  14. Where I grew up, the temperature was often -20 well into March or April - I can completely sympathise with you wishing for spring and wanting to relive a sunny May day! It's not that cold in Paris right now in comparison, but it's still not spring here either and I'm just longing for a bit of sun :) I love that dress you're wearing in these shots, how fun that it's from the kids department - I find some of my best things there!

  15. I love looking at your pictures of food!!! Your dress is one of a kind, very very nice! While it's snowing htere, summer has already arrived here :)

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  17. Beautiful pictures!! And your dress is really nice!! We're now following you via GFC :)

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  18. I love your jacket! It's so pretty and looks a little like tweed! And that Elvis! Everytime I see him I smile! :)

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  19. Elvis!! He is so cute! And he is a real model here! :)
    We have here real spring in Vilnius: about -5 C, a lot of snow, and besides everything it's snowing now and cool wind is blowing! Brrr.... real spring.. yay!
    Your last year, as you wrote "ancient", pics looks amazing, a lot of green. mmm... ;) By the way, love your outfit :)

    With love, Egle Ge {HideInSugar}

  20. Id love to say I do more for the enviroment,as we all need to,I do recycle though.
    I love your flashback photos from last year,so warm and summery and yummy food,my boyfried and I love nothing more than to bbq in the summer and chill outside,so simple yet so relaxing and perfect.
    I love the tunic,and wow its a childs dress! I love the assymetric details,gives it a very sophisticated look.
    Elvis! the perfect model,if I had a dog as cute as elvis,my blog would be full of photos :)
    Look forward to pictures of orchids from the exhibition.

  21. My husband is very good at conserving energy (aka saving money on our electric and water bills!) and he always makes sure we have the thermostat set at a reasonable temp and aren't wasting water.

    Your dog is so cute!!!

  22. Oh you dog is the cutest! I love that dress you were wearing and as usual beautiful pictures :)

  23. I'm happy that you share my love for yellow Maiken! Oh yes, Kinder eggs are a must! Have you tried Finnish Mignon though? They are also a must! Oh you're so lucky to have a dog, I envy you!

    E from Helsinki

  24. Loving the tunic and the dog ^.^ so cute!

    My Own Project

  25. Looking at these pictures you took last year makes me really wish summer could just come already haha! bbqing is such a great way to save on energy and it is super yummy! My family and I usually only bbq once a year during Indepndance Day since we don't have a bbq thing but it's always so fun when we do :) Can't believe that tunic is actually a dress for kids, it looks amazing and it's so creative! And awww Elvis is adorable, I especially love that last picture.

  26. It seems you had a great day. Beautiful jacket! Love it:)


  27. I love your tunic, you look beautiful and so chic! I love the asymmetry and I love that it's a children's dress!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  28. Really lovely photos!

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  29. Hi Sweetie your looks beautiful
    wonderful photographs.
    Now I´m following you in Bloglovin´
    I hope your follow me back there!



  30. Ahh those photos from May make me want summer even more now! We're stuck in chilly weather, too :(

    And Elvis is SUCH a cutie! :)

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  31. oh my gosh your dog is adorable! I absolutely adore dogs (;


  32. Aw how cute that we had similar thoughts with posts! Me with my midsummer-dreams and you with May, heh ^^ Lovely images. Elvis is always the one who "steals the spotlight" in the end, adorable! :)

    Love your blazer by the way. (Still haven't used mine, the over-sized with houndstooth print. It's too cold to wear it outside, and too warm to wear at work.. But spring will arrive soon!)

    Happy weekend wishes !
    Indie by heart

  33. The food looks so yummy!!! what's in the green stuff is the bowl in the third photo?? It's always summer here, I want to see snow so badly!!!! :)

  34. ahhh negative degrees?! that's crazy!! I hope it warms up for you soon so you can wear that pretty dress again :)

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  35. wow over here in arizona it's almost to the 90's already! I'm dreading the thick of summer....it gets about 115 here. but you enjoy the layering while you can! and what's this about GFC going away I just started hearing about it?!

    The House of Shoes

  36. okay, I have to compliment this by order:
    1/ Super cute dog
    2/ Awesome tunic
    3/ yummy food!!!!

  37. you look so chic! I love your top! and your do is soooo cute!

  38. you are soo pretty!!*-*
    wanna follow each other?:)
    Love, Luise (germany)


  39. Oh my! It seems like there it is also one big drama with weather! the same story here! I'm getting crazy from the cold, wind and rain/snow. I hope you right with your blog title...I'm starting doubting:)But you dear Maiken manage to stay incredibly stylish in spite of any weather conditions! I love that beige top - it's so elegant and posh. It reminds me Victoria Beckham designs




  40. Wow! Such beautiful pictures!


  41. wow thats a childrens dress?!? i wouldve never known haha! you look so beautiful in it :D


  42. -20 celcius degrees is so cold! Looking at these pictures of May last year makes me more eager for the warmer weather. But I bet that you are even more eager than me ;)

    Have a nice week!

  43. Wow it's even colder in Estonia than it is in Canada (although we are still about -5'C). I can't wait for the spring to arrive, we also love BBQing in the spring and summer (grilled pineapple with melted dark chocolate is my favourite treat!) I love your silver tunic and Elvis looks adorable with snow on his whiskers!

  44. Your photos are getting better and better.
    If it makes you feel any better, there's no sign of spring here either. In fact, there's more snow to come.

  45. WOW that sepia picture of your dog is adorable, I want to make it my screensaver! haha. I must say I've been trying to cut down recently...but its so hard! We're such a wasteful society. I'm much better at turning off powerpoints and lights now though....especially since Aus has a carbon tax now!

    Couture Caddy x
    twitter / instagram / facebook

  46. I loved that you are wearing a child's tunic and it looks great on you!!! I love the cut and the color is awesome! You look great as always!! I hate that you have cold weather but soon you will have warm weather maybe :/

    Happy Monday Pretty girl!!

  47. Muy bonito el vestido!

  48. pretty post, you have beautiful hair ;)

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  50. OMG I need that amazing dress in my life.....so much!!! YOU ARE AMAZINGGGGG!

    Couture Caddy x
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