You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming - Pablo Neruda

It's Saturday morning. I wake up and shortly discover my phone/alarm clock is not next to me on the nightstand. Then I quickly jump out of the bed and rush to another room in order to find out the time. It is 7.20 or even a little more and I'm slightly panicked because normally I wake up at 7.03. I already hurry downstairs and suddenly realize it's SATURDAY and I don't work on Saturdays. I breathe a lot easier and go back to bed to wake up normally after a while. Oh well, I guess these are the "perks" of working like a madwoman and resting way too little (my last vacation was in October 2012 and the next one will hopefully arrive merely 8 months later, in June 2013. Exciting!).

thrifted att. imitation leather jacket | Fornarina necklace | Fishbone denim vest | Holly & Whyte by Lindex shirt | Fishbone men's pants | Detox biker boots.

Anyway, I actually promised to demonstrate my first proper (and colourful!) this year's spring outfit from April 13 when I and E. took another trip to Rakvere. Once again we were after several home related goodies and found just about everything from a dark brown wicker basket for the hallway to snow white paint for the balcony. Of course I additionally took advantage of some sales and purchased myself very affordable jewellery from CROPP and New Yorker. So, the crosses set (3.95 1.95 euros) is from New Yorker and the studded bracelet (5.99 2.99 euros) and earrings 3 pack (4.49 2.99 euros) from CROPP's Chillin accessories collection. By the way, this means entirely five fresh pairs of earrings for one hopeless earring addict.

So, in addition to all those deep baubles and my not so deep Barbie pink socks you can also see a nice gift from TopModa. It's an Occhiblu Dog cosmetic bag that perfectly matches my shopping bag with the same name. You can see my photo and the reference to my Occhiblu Dog blog post via their Facebook page here. Besides, my Estonian readers have got a wonderful chance to win the exact same thing already on May 1 so take the bull by the horns, ladies, and check out their Facebook page right away!

I'm going to finish up with a bunch of sunny spring photos mostly from April 21 when I photographed my grandparents' new billy goats for the first time. Those guys are hilarious and I love their crazy cool eyes! Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the photos and leave me your lovely notes because I always love reading those and you, who always speak up, are obviously my favourites ;)

ps. I will give my very best to post my freshest Dermosil and Oriflame beauty purchases next time so be on your guard. But for the time being enjoy spring and start planning your holidays! ;)


This and that

As the title actually indicates, it's one very wide-ranging post and I'm going to divide everything into three separate topics + a bonus, i.e. the sneak peek of my next outfit post. By the way, do not let all that misleading snow get under your skin. Today it's finally practically gone and long-awaited spring has found Estonia! Better very late than never, right?

Anyway, as promised, first of all those five thrift store treasures I mentioned already in my post before last. The first two quite classic black and white tops are both from H&M. The fierce black one with silver beads cost 4.50 euros and the casual white one was 2 euros and I can actually wear it even as an airy summer dress or tunic. I already can't wait to style both of them and I suspect I soon will.

Now, the other three items were all purchased together during a -50% sale and I love them all. The classic black skirt with cool button embellishments is from Pepe Jeans and it cost me 2.50 euros while looking practically new. The imitation leather jacket from att. was 5 euros while once again looking like new and I can't seem to take it off these days. Besides, I have several exciting ideas how to style it in very different ways in near future. Just wait and see because already in my next outfit post you're going to see the first variant whose sneak peek is at the end of this post. And now I even am in possession of variant no. 2 (from April 20) which is absolutely different from the first one while still having entirely two items in common.

Anyhow, today's last thrifted item is a cool cosy hoodie from Primp. Celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton and Vanessa Hudgens have sported their Primp hoodies and sweaters again and again and now I got mine with merry motorbike print for wonderful 1.75 euros. So that's a definite yay! By the way, I already gathered six fresh findings in addition and my thrift shop treasure radar is working like a charm these days ;)

But now the second topic, i.e. a delicious schnitzel salad recipe (the one on the left; on the right is my random workday dinner with a different, simpler salad). It's my new favourite salad and I definitely recommend it to you too so give it a shot! The quantities are recommended for around 2-3 (hungry) people (the original recipe derives from an Estonian food magazine Oma Maitse (April 2013); mine is somewhat customized).

(2) breaded (pork) schnitzels (but why not to try it with chicken fillet schnitzels!)
(2) oranges
(2) avocados
(1) red onion
a couple of big handfuls of green salad, rucola etc. (I used the homegrown green stuff from my window-sill)

(4 tablespoons of) olive oil
juice from one lemon or lime (prepacked lemon juice goes well too)
(2 teaspoons of) balsamic vinegar or red wine vinegar
(1/2 or 1-2) crushed garlic gloves (we love garlic so we used more)
(generously) black pepper

Peel and cut up oranges, avocados and red onion. Fry and slice (slightly cooled off) schnitzels. Mix everything with green salad and rucola and prepare the sauce by once again mixing all ingredients mentioned. Add sauce to everything else and stir properly. And voilà! Let me know if you have already tried it or will try it :)
Do you have a favourite salad? Which one?

Last but not least enjoy my vivid flower photography! Those early-spring window-sill tulips are my fiancé's babies and I took the photos already on April 6 that is now more than two weeks ago. You can also marvel one of my dearest orchids (and in addition it's the only perfumed individual in my collection). Smells absolutely heavenly! Anyway, I hope you like the photos and that you stand by for my next colourful outfit (and haul) post (from April 13 when we still had plenty of snow)!
Take care, sweeties!


Potential farewell to winter

Hello there :)
I'm fully aware of the fact I kindly promised to showcase my five most recent thrift shop treasures with you but actually I'm going to bend my promise a bit ;) In other words I'm presenting somewhat older but still ridiculously inexpensive thrifted finds from Zara (Basic) and The Shirt Factory (Design Linnéa Braun). The latter, by the way, is one of Sweden's leading makers of designer shirts for men and women. And their talented designer Linnéa Braun won the prestigious "Golden Button" Swedish fashion design award in 1985.

Can you believe each piece cost merely 1 euro and actually I got myself an entire outfit for 2 little euros? Pretty awesome, right? What can I say, must love thrifting! Besides, I honestly think paying full price for clothes is pointless when we have sales and of course our beloved thrift stores. Well and naturally there always are some exceptions concerning the things we can't get from thrift shops (undies, socks etc.) or during sales.. or just cases when we want/need to reward ourselves with something more expensive and special. And I guess we all have those days. But what is YOUR opinion on this matter? Do you even think about stuff like that?

Seppälä hair bow clip and necklace | thrifted The Shirt Factory shirt | Kids by Lindex wolves' print top | thrifted Zara pants | Joe Sanchez cowboy boots.

Anyway, I wore this casual bluish outfit (don't mind the snowstorm) on March 30 to Tartu where we were scouting around for a wicker laundry chest or basket but the perfect one was way too expensive for a quite plain chest. Therefore we are waiting for sales or just must find something more reasonable.
Update: we already did on Saturday in Rakvere, yay!

In other news I rediscovered those particularly piercing (and high - 15 cm!) tricolour wedges from Simple & Chic. They used to cost 59.99 euros when I last saw them but now I paid half of the original price and was oh so happy because these are truly comfortable and surprisingly lightweight (and once again - very high! :D). This is why I'm currently keeping a close watch on the weather forecast to detect dry and warm days (that are probably practically here).

I also bought the Golden Highlights shampoo (1.20 euros) and a conditioner of the same name (1.20 euros) from Timotei, a nostalgic brand I remember already from my childhood. I quite like the shampoo since it lathers well (my shampoo simply has to lather properly), looks goldenly iridescent, smells nice and cleans my long occasionally highlighted hair.

But I'm afraid the conditioner is a let-down, at least after the first use I must say so because it just didn't make my hair smooth enough. On the other hand it made my hair glossier and even a colleague said it's pretty fabulous. And you shouldn't expect a 1.20 euros worth product to be miraculous anyway. Besides, I can always give it to my fiancé who is very skilful when it comes to using the products or actually mainly the "ends" of the few shampoos and conditioners (and even a mask!) I have abandoned. As they say - don't waste anything!

To tie up loose ends I'm additionally going to share a few wintry photographs taken mainly on March 29 but partially also in April. Let's say it's my farewell to winter because on Saturday I wore my leather jacket and biker boots for the first time this year and finally everything (I mean the annoying white stuff) is melting and fading.

I hope you enjoy my photos and of course let me know what you think.
See you next time, dear readers! :)



Still wintry but already slightly warmer greetings from a true Winter Wonderland called Estonia!

Better notably late than never so a few weeks ago I and E. took a seemingly brief but actually surprisingly lengthy trip to Rakvere together with my grandparents. Mainly because we were in great need of several home related gadgets and they planned to go anyway. So, we found pretty much everything we were looking for and this is always a perk of going to good old Rakvere.

But besides the previously mentioned necessities I and E. shopped ourselves some super cheap (2.95 euros per pair!) pants from ever so popular New Yorker. And picture that: my fabulous teal coloured Fishbone skinnies were once again hiding in men's section, between the discounted heaps of guys' pants. I'm not sure a normal, masculine guy would actually wear those extremely skinny jeans but who am I to judge very skinny dudes. And I sure have seen random guys in the streets wearing even something as skinny as ladies' leggings. To tell you the truth, it was kinky and hideous, at least to my strict way of thinking. But ladies, how do YOU feel about the combination of dudes and (very) skinny pants? Yay or nay?

granny's pendant | Link sweater | Marat tunic | Guess leggings | Moschino watch | Sempre boots.

Anyway, I also spotted this very cheap (silly 1 euro :) tube scarf with bluish abstract pattern and neon pink accents. I immediately knew I had to have it and besides, I've lately started to really fancy tube scarves, their cosiness and the fact they don't slip away like a few of my sleeker classic scarves do.

Eventually we were all starving and decided to stop by at one of my favourite eateries, Brezza. I had their Caesar Salad for the first time and am still able to lucidly remember the heavenly droolworthy flavour.. Yumyum!

On a completely unrelated topic: many of you, my dear readers, wanted to steal a glance at the content of our chocolate eggs from Easter so here it finally is, taken only the day before yesterday which, by the way, was one incredibly hectic and urgent April Sunday. But on Saturday I even managed to photograph five of my freshest awesome thrift store treasures that I totally love and can't wait to share with you! For the time being stay awesome and enjoy the colourful photos!
See you, sweeties!