Still wintry but already slightly warmer greetings from a true Winter Wonderland called Estonia!

Better notably late than never so a few weeks ago I and E. took a seemingly brief but actually surprisingly lengthy trip to Rakvere together with my grandparents. Mainly because we were in great need of several home related gadgets and they planned to go anyway. So, we found pretty much everything we were looking for and this is always a perk of going to good old Rakvere.

But besides the previously mentioned necessities I and E. shopped ourselves some super cheap (2.95 euros per pair!) pants from ever so popular New Yorker. And picture that: my fabulous teal coloured Fishbone skinnies were once again hiding in men's section, between the discounted heaps of guys' pants. I'm not sure a normal, masculine guy would actually wear those extremely skinny jeans but who am I to judge very skinny dudes. And I sure have seen random guys in the streets wearing even something as skinny as ladies' leggings. To tell you the truth, it was kinky and hideous, at least to my strict way of thinking. But ladies, how do YOU feel about the combination of dudes and (very) skinny pants? Yay or nay?

granny's pendant | Link sweater | Marat tunic | Guess leggings | Moschino watch | Sempre boots.

Anyway, I also spotted this very cheap (silly 1 euro :) tube scarf with bluish abstract pattern and neon pink accents. I immediately knew I had to have it and besides, I've lately started to really fancy tube scarves, their cosiness and the fact they don't slip away like a few of my sleeker classic scarves do.

Eventually we were all starving and decided to stop by at one of my favourite eateries, Brezza. I had their Caesar Salad for the first time and am still able to lucidly remember the heavenly droolworthy flavour.. Yumyum!

On a completely unrelated topic: many of you, my dear readers, wanted to steal a glance at the content of our chocolate eggs from Easter so here it finally is, taken only the day before yesterday which, by the way, was one incredibly hectic and urgent April Sunday. But on Saturday I even managed to photograph five of my freshest awesome thrift store treasures that I totally love and can't wait to share with you! For the time being stay awesome and enjoy the colourful photos!
See you, sweeties!


  1. Lovely look<3


  2. issand mul on samasugune tuunika! aint ma ei kujuta praegu ettegi, kus see mul olla võiks.. kui ta isegi ära antud pole. vast mitte. kunagi sõbranna leidis selle mulle kaltsukast, arvas, et meeldiks. tegelt meeldiski, aga ma millegi pärast ei hakanud teda kandma rohkem kui paar korda kodustes tingimustes... vot siis :)

    1. ma tean, et sul on ;) kunagi ammu sai räägitud sellest mingil põhjusel.. ja ega mina enda omagi just kümneid kordi kandnud pole, kui nüüd päris aus olla :P aga värvi lisamiseks töötab küll!

  3. 1st, OMG, what eggs have those Star Wars guys ;0 ?! We don't have those in Finland.
    Then, you always make great bargains!
    I love the skinny teal pants. IMO skinny pants look fine on guys too! Yup, some dudes do actually wear leggings, actually "meggings" as men's leggings. They were wearing them in Japan already few years ago and last summer I made the 1st spotting in Helsinki :D :D :D

    1. the answer to your question is good old Kinder Surprise :) we bought two and got those two dudes.
      and let me tell you the "meggings" part totally made me laugh! :D I just can't take those guys seriously because leggings simply are so feminine and you know... tight! :D

  4. Skinny püksid on mõnusad, leidsin viimati sirge lõikega teksad Humanast ja kuigi esmapilgul tundusid need tõeliselt mõnusad, siis nüüd peale päevast kandmist on ikka väga raske harjuda. Jään ilmselt lõpuni skinnyde peale truuks :P

    Meeste jalas on nad ilusad VAID siis kui mehel on ikka lihasmassi kintsul. Ja ta reaalselt need välja kanda suudab. Väga paljud skeiterid nt. näevad skinnides väga seksikad välja kuid nad on ka üldjuhul lihases. Sellised kõrendid ja poole kannini liibukad, on väga väga kole vaatepilt!

    1. nõus ja nõus. esiteks, kui ikka skinnydega ära harjuda, siis tundub kõik muu lihtsalt ebamugavalt lai ja kuidagi.. vale. kuigi tegelikult ei pruugi asi üldse nii hull ollagi reaalselt. no ja üldjuhul polegi, aga skinnyd on ju nii mõnusad!

      teiseks, jälle väga õige tähelepanek. need tuleb tõesti välja kanda, aga siinkohal isegi ei saa reeglit luua ja öelda, et kõik skeiterid neis head välja näevad, sest näiteks väljaveninud või lihtsalt räpakate skinnydega tüübid on lihtsalt nõmedad. eks lõpuks ongi kõik konkreetses tüübis kinni. ta kas kannab need välja või mitte. ja vahet isegi pole, kas ta on skeiter või (lihases) maletaja :D

  5. Love your necklaces & new pants ! I think skinny jeans do suit to some thin guys, especially with loose sweater or top. But I prefer chinos or tight but not skin licking pants on mine :D
    Oh your nails look so beautiful ! And yummyy, food again. We must drive each other crazy with all these food images, heh :) At the moment I'm superduper hungry and must prepare a sandwich or something now.

    Indie by heart

  6. my guy says nay to wearing skinny jeans. yay to your shades of blue pretty outfit dear maiken! i don't own a tube scarf if you can believe it. your new one will match many things. that salad does look good. what fun toys. have a wonderful week! :)

  7. Maiken I love when you get sweet deals you have always been a great shopper!! I love everything you got esp the skinny jeans they are truly amazing and I cannot wait to see the different ways you rocked it!

  8. i love love love your cardigan! :) i love the placement of all the detailing on it! :)


  9. You are a bargain hunter master! Those pants and scarfs are awesome finds :) And your nails are so cool!

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  10. Looking so gorgeous as always, Maiken! I think that cobalt blue is so perfect against your complexion.

    Haha it's so funny that you love visiting my blog because it reminds you of summer, yet I always long to visit you and your more arctic conditions! It's just lovely. I love your use of accessories too - so very uniquely you. <3


    <3 Mandy xx

  11. I love those teal skinny jeans on you! On a guy, however, I'm not so sure... I like men in skinny jeans, but not coloured skinny jeans; to me, that would seem like they were trying too hard getting dressed, and I really prefer guys to appear a bit more effortless, whether it's intentional or not :) Your shopping look is lovely, too; blues are such a great colour on you, and the combination of layers and textures works so well! Although I think my favourite part of this post has to be the last shot... your Easter egg presents are just too cute!

  12. Love the jeans too and your boots! The studded details on your sweater is pretty! ^◡^

    P.S. How about following each other? ^◡^


  13. You look really great! Love the whole outfit! :)

  14. You look great! Love your nail polish :) And I do not like it when guys wear super skinny jeans, it looks weird to me.

  15. You look so pretty in your outfit! I love your tunic. I'm not a fan of men in really skinny jeans personally, but hey, whatever they want to wear right?

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  16. Oh I can't beleive it's still so white and cold over there! I hope spring will come very soon! But in spite of cold you look absolutely stunning! I love your new electric blue denim. And your manicure is a perfection!




  17. I love those blue jeans! And thanks for showing the content of the eggs!
    And to answer your question: I guess every guy has his own personal style :) At least they should!
    Concerning your comment on my blog: it would be wonderful to hear more about how your values have changed and the life lessons you've learned.
    I'm happy you liked the brochure+map, it was meant to be a surprise for you, heheh. Thank you for your super kind words concerning the brochure!

    E from Helsinki

  18. What a beautiful outfit, love ur jacket and the nails are so pretty! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style Delights Blog

  19. I don't have a problem with guys wearing extremely skinny pants but my boyfriend is allergic to it lol. I love your pants color, makes me think that I want more colored pants. Your nails look perfect and I love that studded jacket!

  20. i love the accesorries, you look great!

    Delightful Ideas

  21. You look freakin' adorable. Those boots are amazing. I also love how you combined different shades of blue. Your watch is ridiculously cute too.

    May the force be with you.

  22. Teal skinnies, yay! Haha, that's one awesome price too :)
    And oooh, I'm loving the dark skinnies you wore with blue layers. What a pretty necklace as well!

    Trendy Teal

  23. I love how you layered the necklaces and your pink watch is so pretty:) I like how it looks like a bracelet because it doesn't have straps but that it's actually a watch--way cool. oooo so fun to see what was in the eggs, looks like quite an assortment of toys! And that is such a good idea to look for skinny jeans in the men's section. Your teal ones are so awesome! Although yeah, I don't love how super super jeggings like skinny jeans look on guys but ehhh i mean, if they are happy about it, then I guess I shouldn't judge hahah, I wear weird clothes all the time.

  24. Maiken <3 I love your necklace, that's so cute :D

  25. Anonymous11/4/13 18:04

    Dear you're so gorgeous!
    Outfit blended well withthe weather.
    Riza of Pour L'Instant

  26. Amazing blog !
    Kisses from Poland;*


  27. I love the blue cardigan!

    Join my international giveaway

  28. I love your outfit, amazing colors, the blouse is so nice ! To me guys wearing extremely skinny jeans look weird...I do not like it much, especially if they are older than 20 years old ! Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies
    Fashion and Cookies on Facebook

  29. Oh yes it was cold !
    OMG still snowing ? I can't see snow anymore, I hope it wouldn't be back still next winter ! (or never..)
    i hope it will be sunny soon for you ♥

    Btw I love the color combination of this outfit, makes me think about spring even if it snows ! ♥

  30. Thank you for your comment on my tropical blog post! Wow, I would love to see your sequin skirt + sneakers combo!

    E from Helsinki

  31. I love that you found those trousers in the mens section,not that youd know it,they fit perfectly and such a gorgeous colour.I like that guys can have style and enjoy fashion,but sometimes when they have jeans so tight they look sprayed on,Im not to keen on that,especially when they have them hangign down their bottom :D
    First of all,Love your nails! as you know I love nail art,and funky nails,so love yours,so cute and unique.
    That ceasar salad looks incredible,I love ceasar salad so yummy! Sounds like you had a lovely time with your grandparents,and as always got some good buys.
    Cute little toys :D so sweet,did you get these in your easter egg?
    Hope youve had a lovely week and have a wonderful weekend x

  32. Anonymous13/4/13 15:25

    Hi, Maiken! I see you're still taking trips and stuff. Awesome! I'm loving the teal jeans. By the way, super skinny jeans and boys are not a good combo for me at all!

    P.S. Thanks for checking out my ootd post. I'm always grateful for some feedback!

    - B

  33. i love the layering of your necklaces! i always seem to forget i can wear more than one at once!

    lindsey louise


  34. Hi there! I saw that you wrote on Shea's blog that you liked the bib necklace and blue loafers from my store Layered Muse. So I just wanted to come by your blog and say hello!

    Love your blue color combo in this outfit! Feel free to check out my shop and my blog.


  35. I really like the shades of blue in this post!
    I'm a blue lover and the food looks yummy ;)

    Have a happy week.


  36. Such a lovely post, I like these pictures so much! :)

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (http://missbeatrix.blogspot.com)

  37. You look so pretty in blue and you have fabulous nails as per usual. Your accessories are great also and your new tube scarf is gorgeous, can't wait to see how you style it! Men and skinny pants, not something I like the looks of personallY!

  38. Anonymous15/4/13 15:13

    Sorry for commenting "so late"! I mean, I had to leave my notebook for repair for a whole week... I was on scheduled posts! Wow, how do you spot these amazing bargains? Very nice color pants for that price? Wow! I saw some guys wearing skinny jeans, but I think the guys were realy so thin, that the jeans were OK then. But as I said, very few guys wearing them. I don't know how I feel about it... I think if they like... OK.
    I must say I loved your studded cardi and nails and watch and necklaces - I like your style! Hope you are fine!

  39. Ummmm you missy are so skinny! Always love your layering - the patterns and the colours! Just fabulous.

    Couture Caddy x
    twitter / instagram / facebook

  40. OH where do I begin? You always have phenomenal finds dear. I adore the shoes and your whole 3 Euro outfit! Only a great fashion eye can do that! I am with you and never pay full price for anything anymore. The tube scarf print is also gorgeous. And, thanks for your lovely comment. :) xx Madison

  41. Haha, well, I'm of the option only David Bowie gets to wear extremely skin-tight pants so noooo, most dudes really need to stay away from those. I've seen so many teenage boys around town with just the skinniest pants on, so tight that they cant pull them up over their butts so all other people see is skinny legs, underwear. It's a little weird. (And it looks cold!) I'm shocked you found those gorgeous teal pants in the men's section, I need to start doing a better job of looking through the men's section. (They do always have the best tee shirts!)
    I just love your whole look, you put together the cutest winter outfits! The skinny pants with the tunic-y top and the cute little zip-up jacket is just such a perfect, effortless outfit and it looks so easy to run around in! (Functional and cute, now that's hard to do!) Mmmm, all of those pictures are making me terribly hungry!

  42. You mean, those skinny trousers were specially made for men? Wow, their legs are way skinnier than mine!!! I used to watch Scooby Doo when I was so much younger. It's good to see Velma again :)