Potential farewell to winter

Hello there :)
I'm fully aware of the fact I kindly promised to showcase my five most recent thrift shop treasures with you but actually I'm going to bend my promise a bit ;) In other words I'm presenting somewhat older but still ridiculously inexpensive thrifted finds from Zara (Basic) and The Shirt Factory (Design Linnéa Braun). The latter, by the way, is one of Sweden's leading makers of designer shirts for men and women. And their talented designer Linnéa Braun won the prestigious "Golden Button" Swedish fashion design award in 1985.

Can you believe each piece cost merely 1 euro and actually I got myself an entire outfit for 2 little euros? Pretty awesome, right? What can I say, must love thrifting! Besides, I honestly think paying full price for clothes is pointless when we have sales and of course our beloved thrift stores. Well and naturally there always are some exceptions concerning the things we can't get from thrift shops (undies, socks etc.) or during sales.. or just cases when we want/need to reward ourselves with something more expensive and special. And I guess we all have those days. But what is YOUR opinion on this matter? Do you even think about stuff like that?

Seppälä hair bow clip and necklace | thrifted The Shirt Factory shirt | Kids by Lindex wolves' print top | thrifted Zara pants | Joe Sanchez cowboy boots.

Anyway, I wore this casual bluish outfit (don't mind the snowstorm) on March 30 to Tartu where we were scouting around for a wicker laundry chest or basket but the perfect one was way too expensive for a quite plain chest. Therefore we are waiting for sales or just must find something more reasonable.
Update: we already did on Saturday in Rakvere, yay!

In other news I rediscovered those particularly piercing (and high - 15 cm!) tricolour wedges from Simple & Chic. They used to cost 59.99 euros when I last saw them but now I paid half of the original price and was oh so happy because these are truly comfortable and surprisingly lightweight (and once again - very high! :D). This is why I'm currently keeping a close watch on the weather forecast to detect dry and warm days (that are probably practically here).

I also bought the Golden Highlights shampoo (1.20 euros) and a conditioner of the same name (1.20 euros) from Timotei, a nostalgic brand I remember already from my childhood. I quite like the shampoo since it lathers well (my shampoo simply has to lather properly), looks goldenly iridescent, smells nice and cleans my long occasionally highlighted hair.

But I'm afraid the conditioner is a let-down, at least after the first use I must say so because it just didn't make my hair smooth enough. On the other hand it made my hair glossier and even a colleague said it's pretty fabulous. And you shouldn't expect a 1.20 euros worth product to be miraculous anyway. Besides, I can always give it to my fiancé who is very skilful when it comes to using the products or actually mainly the "ends" of the few shampoos and conditioners (and even a mask!) I have abandoned. As they say - don't waste anything!

To tie up loose ends I'm additionally going to share a few wintry photographs taken mainly on March 29 but partially also in April. Let's say it's my farewell to winter because on Saturday I wore my leather jacket and biker boots for the first time this year and finally everything (I mean the annoying white stuff) is melting and fading.

I hope you enjoy my photos and of course let me know what you think.
See you next time, dear readers! :)


  1. An entire outfit for 2 Euros?! Nicely done! I feel the same way, I love thrifting but there are some things I refuse to thrift (bathing suits, undies, socks, etc) and sometimes it's fun to reward myself with a new item by going to the mall or ordering something online. Especially something I've tried to thrift without luck (trendier items, etc). Hope you have a great Monday :)

  2. You look so cute! I can't believe the great thrifting finds you get, it really is pretty awesome.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. wow love that wolf top on you and the gorgeous blues of your outfit, so wintery. It looks like you really belong in that snowy forest! So dreamy.

    Couture Caddy x
    twitter / instagram / facebook

  4. Tunnen hindade suhtes sama. Ehk siis, et ei raatsi kunagi täishinnaga tooteid osta ja pigem tõmbavad poodi erinevad allahindlused kui uued kollektsioonid. Eriti meeldivad mulle näiteks Lindexi pesuosakonna ja Triumphi allahindlused. Saab omale soodsa hinnaga ilusat pesu, muidu on pesu hinnad poodides ikka suhteliselt kallid.

    Sul on väga ilusad pildid. Mis kaamera ja objektiiviga sa klõpsid? :)

    1. aitäh :) kasutan juba pikki aastaid (kuskil alates 2009 algusest vast..) Olympus E-520 DSLR kaamerat ja kõik selle postituse pildid peaks olema tehtud Zuiko Digital 35mm F3.5 Macro objektiiviga. lisaks kasutan ED 14-42mm 1:3.5-5.6 ja ED 40-150mm 1:4.0-5.6 objektiive, teist muidugi rohkem kui esimest alates mainitud makroobjektiivi soetamisest.

      ja pesu koha pealt olen ka väga nõus. ma ei suuda põhimõtteliselt kunagi seda täishinnaga osta. tundub lihtsalt röövimisena päise päeva ajal. pealegi pole allahinnatud asjad ju sugugi kehvemad.

  5. Oooh you're so lucky to have thrift shop ! I wasn't ever in my life in such a shop, I dream about !
    Maybe in London ? I hope so!

    Btw I looove your T-shirt & wedges they are awesome..
    When I see so much snow I just want to send you the sun ♥

    (Love your little doggy)

  6. Ostan riideid peamiselt kaltsukatest, pesu ja jalanõusid tavapoodidest. Jalanõusid üritan välismaalt tellida, sest kodumaine valik on tohutult ülehinnatud ja on harv juhus kui leian paari mis üle ühe talve ka vastu peab. Tavapoodidest ostan peamiselt soodukate ajal, ma olen alati seda meelt olnud, et pigem oodata ja siis osta kui kohe tormata ja rahakott tühjana väljuda. Olen tõeliselt häid leide saanud (a la 150 eesti krooni eest talvemantli ja 5 krooni eest pükse jne.) Pesu ostan kusjuures odavatest poodidest (muidugi normaalsest materjalist) ma ei näe vahet osta lukspoest või mõnest odavast. Minu ostud on täpselt sama kaua vastu pidanud ja peavad veel lisakski...

    Kaaslasele ostan peamiselt soodukate ajal, sest kaltsukatest meestele eriti häid leide ei ole näinud. Ta mul suurem kaa, seda enam on raske :P Oleks meestele sama hea valik riideid kaltsukas, siis poleks vaja kaubamajades enam käiagi :)

    PS! See lumepalliga pilt teie koerast on niiiiii lahe :P

    1. meestele on tõesti üpris keeruline kaltsukatest midagi head leida. jah, võib leida, aga seda väga harva. tihti on muidu kihvtid asjad lihtsalt liiga kulunud ja topilised (kui kaltsukast midagi ostan, ei tohi ühtegi nii-öelda toppi kuskil laiutada :P). oma elukaaslasele olen tegelikult nii mõndagi head leidnud, just selliseid korralikke nimesid nagu GAP, YSL, Element.. ja muide, kaltsuka-usku suutsin alles mina ta pöörata, enne mind ta seda varianti ei tunnistanud väga. nii-et olen juba selle saavutusegagi rahul ;)

  7. Thirst of all it's cheap, second - you reuse the clothes,so it's eco friendly:)Third - love to make DIY projects from thrifted clothes. So.. I love thrifting;)
    Love your outfit. I would never say your outfit is worth less than 2 euros!! You did great job!;)
    Love the last pics with your dog! He is so amazing and fuuny and cute!;)
    So finaly spring is coming to Estonia too? I was desperately waiting for spring. Finaly it came and I've got a flu!! But the spring weather is amazing... :)

    Love, Egle G. {HideInSugar}

    1. I've forgoten to say, that I love to buy new clothes too. Love thrifting, but the new items makes my day. You are the first owner, it's totaly yours and it's brand new.. ;)

  8. Oh my goodness, buuuunies! Oh man, they are just the cutest little guys, all curled up together like that. (Your dog is such a adorable girl, she's so cute bounding through the snow like that and is she carrying a snow ball in that third to last picture? What a character!.)

    I so agree with you about thrifting, it actually reminded me of a conversation I overheard last time I was at the thrift shop. A woman and her daughter were talking and the mom said: "Lets go back over the Sears, they've got a $3.99 sales rack and it's brand new stuff." The daughter agreed and started complaining about how gross old clothes were. It made me think about just what you were talking about, yes, the clothes are older and while you can buy some brand new clothes for the same price, they aren't really NICE clothes. With thrifting, you can find used clothes that normally retailed at hundreds of dollars and are so much nicer than anything you'll find at a mall store. (Like your shirt! Oh wow, that is fabulous and what a crazy good find.)

    I think those wedge heels are pretty fabulous as well, I understand why you're waiting to wear them! I hate wearing my nicer shoes in winter, the snow and the rock salt is so hard on them. But it gets so boring wearing boots all of the time. :P

    1. Hey dear, I just wanted to come over and say thank you SO much for your kind words. It has been such a pleasure to get to know you through the blogs and I really wish I knew you in real life, you are such a sweet and cool lady! (You always have the kindest words and you always make me laugh!)
      Heh, speaking of laughing, I kept trying to remember if your handsome little guy was a guy or girl! I guess I defaulted to the girl mode! (My mom keeps calling our little pony a "she" because she thinks he's too cute to be a little guy.) He is such a cute little guy, little dogs are so funny when they play in the snow, it's always so deep to them and they're so cute bounding around like that.
      Anyways, I just really wanted to say thank you. Your words really meant a lot. :)

  9. I like your top and those light blue pants. Those wedge boots are awesome! It's good to know that spring is coming in Estonia like almost everywhere actually I've noticed it on the blogosphere maybe you guys will stop complaining now :P. Have a nice week!

  10. Maiken,

    I love when you do your thrifting adventures!! I am going to call you thrifting Queen because my dear you are great at it. Please one day share some tips on what to look for and when to go I would love this. You look great in everything you put on. Loving the blue pants I want some now :)

    p.s. I always enjoy your photos!! Elvis is too cute and the bunnies precious!!

    1. I forgot to add your shoes are adorable!! Sweet deal can't wait to see you rock them!!

  11. Such beautiful snow pictures! Love the printed top u r wearing! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style Delights Blog

  12. I wish I know where to find good bargains just like you! I can just imagine all the goody loots to take home from an afternoon of thrift shopping. The wolf on your top is very fitting of the weather there. And those wedges are sooooo pretty!!! :)

  13. I honestly can't bring myself to pay full price for clothes when I know I can thrift something similar for less than half the cost! Haha, and omgsh, I just love that print tee <3
    Also, bunnies and an adorable dog? Squeee! ^^

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    Trendy Teal

  14. You already know my thoughts about thrifting and that is an awesome outfit. Love those wedges as well, wonder why Seppälä over doesn't seem to have the same stuff as your Seppälä.
    I used to like Timotei shampoo and conditioner when they were available over here btw (feels like many nice things are not available any more) and I feel my hubby is much more picky about hair / bath products than me. For example he agrees to buy only one specific body wash :D

    1. Did Seppälä have some range named Simple&Chic or something similar like 10 or 15 years ago or how did I make that association..? Lol :)

  15. päris hästi sulandud kogu lumetormi teemasse oma sinise kostüümiga :) mul on ka selle talve jooksul kuidagi nii palju jalanõusid soetatud, mis ootavad pikisilmi kuiva ilma, mis õnneks ei ole enam mägede taga jee

    1. ma vist ei saa siiski öelda, et mul neid selle talve jooksul palju oleks juurde tulnud.. pigem šokeerivalt vähe ehk siis need siin ja lisaks ühed talvesaapad. kui mälu just alt ei vea nüüd :D

  16. Your thrifting skills never cease to amaze me, Maiken - a whole outfit for 2 euros?! You just can't beat that, especially when it comes in shades that suit you so well :) I couldn't help but smile when seeing you bought Timotei shampoo and conditioner, also, because I got the same feeling you did; although I haven't seen the brand for years, there is something about it that is nostalgic and reminds me of my childhood. If I saw Pert Plus, I think I'd feel the same!
    PS: Your little pup is just too cute, I love the photos of him playing in the snow!

  17. Man 2 euros is a bargain!!! Really! The shirt is pretty cool!
    Well...most of the clothes, seem too pricey for me, and I know they are cut and sewn in the most cheap possible way, but because of a "brand" they cost so much. So I would always prefer thrifting, even if I can afford a more pricey purchase :)
    Can't wait to see you with those kick ass shoes!

  18. great shoes! you look lovely dear!

    I hope you didn't freeze too much during the shoot

    great wolf

    Inside and Outside Blog

  19. oh my cutie pie animal pics! maiken, i feel the same way about thrifting. i adore you bluish outfit. hooray for the snow disappearing. :)

  20. loving the blue ensemble. the striped shirt is fab and love the wolves. i'm also crazy about those wedges. sooo cute!


  21. Your puppies are so adorable!! I wish I could play with them in the snow. And those are some ridiculously good finds. I agree on not buying things full price, since everything I buy is on sale! But recently I have been trying to convince myself to splurge on items if I really really really love them and can wear them a lot haha

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  22. Chic ensemble!! and those tricolour wedges are to-die-for! i LOVE :)

    ps: thanks for stopping by on my blog!

    czarina :)
    paint it stripes

  23. Anonymous17/4/13 18:29

    Amazing, an outfit for 2 euros? You are a magician, I never saw that, and it sounds so good! I also know the Timotei shampoo, and it's good! No, I dont' believe anybody is bored now, your pictures are so nice and you look so beautiful and sweet! I loved the dogs running too!!!!

    1. Anonymous17/4/13 18:31

      Guess what, I was writing a post where I said "I hope you are not bored with my pics" and mixed with your ending saying "I hope you enjoy my pictures!" Sorry for that! What I wanted to say is that I totally enjoyed your pictures!

  24. Dear Maiken I always love your photos but OMG those piles of snow make me shiver . I really hope that winter will be over for your soon! I love your casual look and that shirt is amazing! Great purchases btw;)




  25. It's a pitty the conditionner didn't work out the way you hoped but the bottle is pretty awsome :p The touch of blue on your wedges is awesome too and completely unexpected. I like how you did your hair.


  26. Oh Maiken, those platform wedges are absolutely amazing! Would love to see them on you!

    I also love your outfit! I adore your eclectic style - you always execute a different look, whereas I am a slave to the same aesthetic all the time! ;)

    Hope you are staying warm!

    <3 Mandy xx

  27. OMG is still snowing in there??? :O
    Love the wolf tee btw, really cool!!


  28. ooh i loveeee your top!!! hehe the wolf graphic is awesome!!! and i love love love your wedges!! so chic :D


  29. I am so sick of winter. It snowed a little today and I almost cried. Anyway, I adore your wolf shirt. Wolves are so majestic! And those colorblock wedges are totally hot and so playful too!

    May the force be with you.

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  31. ehhhhh... i was writing you a comment and then it disappeared.

    i never want to pay full price or regular price on anything. i even got my car at an extremely low price. so low, i paid it off in a year, haha :) and yes, we need to and we should always reward ourselves. whether it be something nice, a pat on the back, or new shoes.. we must always reward ourselves! it pushes us and reminds us to go on <3

    xx james

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  33. love that wolf tee! loving the whole vibe of this outfit too! :)


  34. oh god dear those boots with the bright blue details on the platform is totally gorgeous!! they'll really add a lot of excitement to ordinary outfits!

    P.S. it'll be awesome if you'd like to check out my outfit at Fashion Week Sydney!

  35. Fantastic boots!xx

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  37. Here in Helsinki we've had a wonderfully sunny weekend, so spring is finally catching up on us! I love second hand stores and flea markets! And I'm a believer in first selling off things to buy new ones, do you sell your used clothes somewhere?
    To answer your comment on my blog, well of course regular eating is something completely different than eating in the dark, but it was a nice and unique experience and it gives you perspective to things :)
    Your values sound interesting, and it's particulary interesting that they have changed over time. Age does that, right?
    We all meet the wrong persons sometimes, and they might hurt us, but we survive it and come out stronger, right?

    E from Helsinki

  38. Amazing pictures as always. You look so nice with that amazing white winter around you :)


  39. I love your pics, so beautiful ! The sweatshirt with wolves is so cool =)

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  40. i love your outfit :)

  41. I love your blue outfit, the wolf tee looks so awesome and the unbuttoned shirt makes this outfit have a cool laid-back vibe. And wow those wedges are so tall but oh so pretty. Such a great find! Can't wait to see how you wear it:)

    Awww those bunnies are so cute all snuggled up with each other like a huge ball of fur! I can't believe it's still looks so winter-y where you live. Does it usually stay that snowy past April or is this abnormal? But the snow is beautiful so maybe it's a good thing? :)

  42. ure the queen of thrifts!!! 2 euros??? no way that t-shirt cost 1 euro. ITS A SUPERB DEAL and only you are so lucky.

  43. Great pictures! And I love thrifting (& sales) too - always a sense of satisfaction when I score an amazing deal :)

    x Gi

  44. Awww,Elvis! too cute,I love when you post photos of Elvis,so cheeky and playful.
    I cant believe you got an outfit for 2 euros? incredible.
    I love the top,I love mystical animal T's like this one.

  45. Amazing photos, the dog is so cute! And I love how you styled the animal print top :)


  46. Love your boots!And doggy od course))

    Will follow each other?)http://fanojournal.blogspot.com/