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As the title actually indicates, it's one very wide-ranging post and I'm going to divide everything into three separate topics + a bonus, i.e. the sneak peek of my next outfit post. By the way, do not let all that misleading snow get under your skin. Today it's finally practically gone and long-awaited spring has found Estonia! Better very late than never, right?

Anyway, as promised, first of all those five thrift store treasures I mentioned already in my post before last. The first two quite classic black and white tops are both from H&M. The fierce black one with silver beads cost 4.50 euros and the casual white one was 2 euros and I can actually wear it even as an airy summer dress or tunic. I already can't wait to style both of them and I suspect I soon will.

Now, the other three items were all purchased together during a -50% sale and I love them all. The classic black skirt with cool button embellishments is from Pepe Jeans and it cost me 2.50 euros while looking practically new. The imitation leather jacket from att. was 5 euros while once again looking like new and I can't seem to take it off these days. Besides, I have several exciting ideas how to style it in very different ways in near future. Just wait and see because already in my next outfit post you're going to see the first variant whose sneak peek is at the end of this post. And now I even am in possession of variant no. 2 (from April 20) which is absolutely different from the first one while still having entirely two items in common.

Anyhow, today's last thrifted item is a cool cosy hoodie from Primp. Celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton and Vanessa Hudgens have sported their Primp hoodies and sweaters again and again and now I got mine with merry motorbike print for wonderful 1.75 euros. So that's a definite yay! By the way, I already gathered six fresh findings in addition and my thrift shop treasure radar is working like a charm these days ;)

But now the second topic, i.e. a delicious schnitzel salad recipe (the one on the left; on the right is my random workday dinner with a different, simpler salad). It's my new favourite salad and I definitely recommend it to you too so give it a shot! The quantities are recommended for around 2-3 (hungry) people (the original recipe derives from an Estonian food magazine Oma Maitse (April 2013); mine is somewhat customized).

(2) breaded (pork) schnitzels (but why not to try it with chicken fillet schnitzels!)
(2) oranges
(2) avocados
(1) red onion
a couple of big handfuls of green salad, rucola etc. (I used the homegrown green stuff from my window-sill)

(4 tablespoons of) olive oil
juice from one lemon or lime (prepacked lemon juice goes well too)
(2 teaspoons of) balsamic vinegar or red wine vinegar
(1/2 or 1-2) crushed garlic gloves (we love garlic so we used more)
(generously) black pepper

Peel and cut up oranges, avocados and red onion. Fry and slice (slightly cooled off) schnitzels. Mix everything with green salad and rucola and prepare the sauce by once again mixing all ingredients mentioned. Add sauce to everything else and stir properly. And voilà! Let me know if you have already tried it or will try it :)
Do you have a favourite salad? Which one?

Last but not least enjoy my vivid flower photography! Those early-spring window-sill tulips are my fiancé's babies and I took the photos already on April 6 that is now more than two weeks ago. You can also marvel one of my dearest orchids (and in addition it's the only perfumed individual in my collection). Smells absolutely heavenly! Anyway, I hope you like the photos and that you stand by for my next colourful outfit (and haul) post (from April 13 when we still had plenty of snow)!
Take care, sweeties!


  1. You always find such amazing items during your thrifting adventures! And that salad looks so delicious.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  2. Love the details on that first top, and the salad looks amazing! Happy Monday :)

  3. just enne mõtlesin, et kevad kipub viimastel aastatel küll liiga hilja end ilmutama, aga kui ta ükskord tulla kavatseb, siis vähemalt tuleb ta kiiresti :)

    salatid maitsevad ilmselgelt ja ma ise teen ka igast erinevaid kogu aeg, aga minu meelest ei asenda küll miski päris värskelt pressitud sidrunimahla, pigem juba üldse ära jätta. aga maitse asi vist. ma ei ole suutnud vaimustuda ka sellest nii-öelda soolase ja magusa kooslusest: a'la maasikad + rukkola jne. äkki kunagi hakkab meeldima :) aga tegelt tuli praegu tahtmine üks mõnus salat meisterdada küll...

    1. tegelikult sai kasutatud rohelise sidruni mahla, kui nüüd päris täpne olla, aga tahan kindlasti laimimahlaga ka katsetada. ja olles proovinud nii värskelt pressitud kui ka pudelimahla, julgen väita, et vähemalt minu maitsemeelele sobivad mõlemad. nii-et ilmselgelt maitse asi ;) maasikaid rukolaga proovinud pole, aga kõlab millegipärast veidramalt kui apelsin sibulaga, haha, või siis ka mitte, aga vahet polegi, igaühele oma. ja nii see kõht mul tühjaks läkski :P

  4. Those leather items and first top look really great ! :) Nice finds. And that dish sounds lovely as well.. Mmmm fooood.... :D

    Indie by heart

  5. I can't believe how cheap you get all the nice things! Finland is still overpriced! I wish my plants could stay alive (the orchid is still okay, on the very uppest shelf so DJ cannot reach). I love room plants and flowers. Well DJ loves them too but a lil bit too roughly.
    I should eat more salads (I like feta salad with olives but eat too rarely :P
    Have a great week ^^

  6. I'm so happy that winter has finally given way to spring for you, we still have a bit to go before our snow is gone but at least it's nice to see patches of bare dirt! I'm delighted that you've been having so much luck thrifting lately as well, you found some really killer items! (That motorcycle jacket is stunning and the sparkly hm top is gorgeous. Way to go!)

    I LOVE when you show off your flower pictures, you have such an eye for photography! Your flower pictures really show off the vibrant colors and the beauty of the flowers, these could be published in a book or magazine!

  7. You always find some awesome items! Love the floral shots too, your photography is spectacular :)

    Trendy Teal

  8. You always make the best thrift finds, Maiken! In fact, you've inspired me - I've been wanting a denim jacket and now I'm determined to find one in a thrift store. Wish me luck! And I have to say thank-you for sharing the schnitzel salad recipe, too; I know my husband will love it and I think I will surprise him one night coming up and cook it for him. That will be a big surprise as I normally don't cook at all ;) Can't wait to see your next outfit post, I love the sneak peek shot!

  9. really love those leather gamrents ive seen!!
    so so cool!


  10. it's no doubt that you're a really good shopper!! i LOVE how you photographed each creatively!!

    czarina :)
    paint it stripes

  11. Cute pieces dear! Loved your blog and will come back for sure!

    Oh, I just started following you by the way! Hope you come by my blog! Would love to know what you think about it, and maybe follow me back if you like it?

    These are my links hun <3:
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  12. Anonymous23/4/13 21:46

    You do have a great style! I loved the top, embroidered, I love embroidery! Then the leather skirt, with the buttons detail, sooo beautiful! Actually I am inspired now, and will copy a bit :) But just a bit :) The salad seems to be excellent - I love avocado - I will just leave the chicken out... I don't eat chicken :) I am sure you will look amazing showing us the outfit on you!

  13. Anonymous23/4/13 21:46

    Such cute stuff you found! Love the black top!


    The Blonde Squad

  14. I always enjoy your beautiful flower photos. The embellished top is really cute, and I do love that jacket as well. Thrifty treasures indeed. :-) xx/Madison

  15. Happy to hear spring has finally reached you,theres nothing better than beautiful weather,and the warm sun!
    I cant believe the price of those pepe jeans,what a thrift! Loving the hoodie too,what a steal especially as its been seen on all the celebs,your wardrobe must be busting at the seams with amazing thrifted finds!
    My boyfried loves to cook and make food,so Im asking him to make me this :D it looks scrumpcious and super healthy! though my favourite salad is ceasar salad,even though Ive heard its not that healthy because of the sauce,but I dont care its so good!
    I can only imagine how lovely that orchid must smell.Look forward to your colourful outfit post.

  16. I am with you when it comes to taking pictures with flower--you are good, very artistic. This post is full of inspiration.

    The Boyfriend Project

  17. i wish i could smell the orchid. such pretty flower photos. those veggies look yum. maiken, you really found some fab things. i can't decide my faves. it's gonna be cool to see how you'll wear them. i am envious of your gorgeous hair.

  18. Oh I am so hungry now!

    PixelHazard | Bright Green Laces |

  19. Oh I do love your leather jacket!!! So cool!!!!!


  20. That Primp hoodie is such a great buy! I want one too:) And my fave salad is probably plain old Ceasar's :)
    Happy Wednesday!

  21. yayyy no snow anymore!!! ;) the spring has come to NYC too :D
    And your food looks extremely yummy (and healthy)!!
    muaaaaah xx


  22. What lovely tops you've found! And I'm happy to hear that you are also finally enjoying spring weather! The flowers are beautiful, as always <3
    My favorite salad is with pineapple, blue cheese and sunflower seeds, yummy! Your salad looks good as well!
    Concerning your comment on my blog, it's great if you have accepted yourself the way you are!
    It would be interesting to know more about how time has changed you..
    It's wonderful that you share the clothes you don't use anymore! Well done Maiken!

    E from Helsinki

  23. Wow, the flower photos are so sharp! Beautiful.
    The salade looks very yummy and thank you for sharing
    the recipe with us. Regarding your comment on my blog
    I hope that everything is better now and that you have
    found solutions to your worries. I agree to your words
    that you and I and everybody will give their best to keep
    the worries away from us.

    xoxo Bree

  24. I seriously wish I had your thrift shop radar! Such great pieces at such amazing prices. The colors in the macro shots of the flowers are beautiful :)


  25. Lovely new purchases :) I really like the detail on that first top :)

    Away From Blue

  26. i love all these stuff... i miss your blog! :)

  27. Beautiful Pics! You got a great Blog. Would you like to follow each other?
    Just let me know ;)

  28. I love the way you talk in your blog posts :) are you a writer? wow that salad looks absolutely Yummingly amazing. I am such an unhealthy eater I didn't even know there could be such a thing as a favorite salad hahaha! You've got my mouth watering now though. and those flowers! its like out of a painting.

    The House of Shoes

  29. Anonymous26/4/13 06:16

    I'm so jealous of those new clothes! I especially like the shirt on the top with the beading.
    Hugs & Kisses,

  30. Wow the rad hoodie for 1.75 that´s a steal. Love your haul and the pretty flower photos <3


  31. I like this sort of mixed posts! I can have a gimps at your daily life and a lot of different stuff;) I like it! Your purchases are wonderful but especially I like the leather jacket! and how cute is that flower?!




  32. Oh love your blog!!! Those thrift finds are awesome and that food looks so good!!!

  33. U guys spent a lot of love and time on ur baby orchids n tulips..they look like they've been very well taken care to look this beautiful. That salad portion looks good enough for dinner. And its appetising and a good amount. Very nicely presented too :) colors are great. I almost tot it was still snowing until u said its gone :)) u must be so happy that its getting warmer.

  34. omg i love the wrap skirt with the buttons going down and around! such an interesting placement of buttons!! love it :D


  35. Thank you for your kind words concerning my new haircut and haircolor! :)

    E from Helsinki

  36. Lovely post :)
    Wanna follow each other?

    JS photography

  37. The schnitzel salad look so colorful, easy, and delicious! I'll have to try it sometime. I always love eating salads in the summer since it's so refreshing. And wow I love the leather jacket, even more great purchases! those flowers are really gorgeous. I absolutely love the vivid colors and how you focused it at just the right place. It looks wonderful:)

  38. thanks for sharing the recipe. I LOVE schnitzel!!


  39. that salad looks amazing! i love your thrift finds. really good ones. the HM shirt is so cute and that sweatshirt is nice as well!


  40. WOW I looove the tops, so great!
    Please tell me that know you don't have any snow ?

    Btw the food looks delicious, & the flower are amazing! ♥